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[ jared kushner APPARENTLY IS AN orthodox jew ]
Fri Apr 13, 2018 05:49

[ jared kushner is an orthodox jew ]

Because jared kushner is an orthodox jew, I have a tendency to automatically suspect some type of a jewish scheme in the "leaked" tapes Mohammed bin Salman, similar to all the jews involved in the jewish 9/11 crime spree.

Before being elected, Donald Trump probably heard the b.s. story about the 9/11 event from the jewish controlled news media, and no one probably told Donald Trump about all the jews controlling the mainstream news media.

And before being elected, Donald Trump presumably associated with some jews without being told about all the american/international bolshevik communist gpysy jews involved in the 9/11 crime spree.

And before Donald Trump was elected, jew jared kushner married the Daughter of Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump;


According to the following links, the jewish jared kushner is an orthodox jew, and Ivanka Trump had to convert to jewish Judaism to appease the orthodox jewish family of the orthodox jew jared kushner

"Jared Kushner once broke up with Ivanka Trump because she wasn’t Jewish"

That article says in part...

"Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump *** once separated, three years into their relationship, because Ivanka was not a member of the tribe at the time."

" *** the power couple, who met in 2005, briefly broke up in 2008 over religious differences, with Kushner, who is Modern Orthodox, pulling the plug."

“The lingering issue was religion,” the article said of the rupture. “The Kushners hoped that Jared would marry a Jewish woman… Donald Trump is Presbyterian, and Ivanka — who in the documentary ‘Born Rich’ appears wearing a necklace with a silver cross — was not what they’d had in mind.”


That article says in part...

"As it happens, Jared and Ivanka are Jewish. Kushner was brought up in the Modern Orthodox tradition, a strain of Judaism that integrates strict observance of religious law and custom with a life in the secular world. Ivanka converted to Judaism, and the couple’s three children are being brought up in the religion."


And because orthodox jew jared kushner is a jew, it is not surprising that orthodox jew jared kushner has been convicted of 18 felonies, according to the following link...


That article says in part...

( *** Kushner pleaded guilty to all 18 felonious counts against him *** )

"Charles Kushner seemed to have an insatiable appetite for money and power and recognized the role politics played at the nexus of both. To maximize his influence, Kushner circumvented federal campaign finance laws by funneling money to candidates and elected officials with donations made in the names of other people and through the more than 100 separate real-estate development partnerships he controlled. In one of this already absurd campaign’s more novelistic ironies, Kushner’s dirty dealings caught the attention of a young, ambitious federal prosecutor named Chris Christie, who opened up an investigation that called Kushner’s sister, Esther, and brother-in-law, Billy, as witnesses. Determined to prevent Billy from testifying, Charles set up a honey trap for his brother-in-law in a motel room—fully equipped with video cameras—and paid a prostitute $10,000. Kushner then sent a tape of the assignation to his sister, who promptly turned her brother’s attempt at blackmail over to the authorities.

Now charged with obstruction of justice and witness tampering in addition to campaign finance violations, Kushner pleaded guilty to all 18 felonious counts against him. He was sentenced to two years in federal prison and had to pay one of the highest-ever fines levied by the Federal Election Commission—all of which amounted to a slap on the wrist given the nature of his conduct, the mountains of incontrovertible evidence against him, and his lack of any evident remorse, despite pleading guilty. “What is truly extraordinary is that Charles Kushner has failed to accept full responsibility for his outrageous criminal conduct,” said Christie, who today is one of Trump’s closest advisers, alongside the son of the man he had arrested.

Kushner was also implicated in the simultaneous downfall of his political protégé McGreevy, who became infamous for a live televised resignation during which he announced to the world that he was “a gay American.” Thanks to this cynical deflection, most today remember McGreevy as having done nothing worse than commit marital infidelity under the duress of his decision to marry a woman and live his life in the closet. But the main reason McGreevy was forced to step down from his post was that his former lover, an Israeli man named Golan Cipel whom he had put on the state payroll in a make-work job, was threatening to sue him for sexual harassment.

So, who was Golan Cipel? McGreevy had met Cipel several years earlier in Israel, and it was Charles Kushner who sponsored the young Israeli’s work visa to the United States and then generously employed Cipel in one of his companies before the governor hired him. Some speculated that Kushner, recognizing the blackmail potential of this arrangement, persuaded Cipel to threaten McGreevy with exposure. That would explain why, 10 minutes before McGreevy’s tearful confession, a lawyer representing Cipel called McGreevy’s office conveying the message that the jilted lover would keep their affair secret if the governor fulfilled an odd request: grant a charter to Touro College allowing it to open a medical school in New Jersey—a medical school for which Charles Kushner had raised money and hoped to name after his late mother. (At the time, Kushner, through his lawyer, denied any involvement.)"


Apparently, the orthodox jew jared kushner does not have any qualms about doing felonies against the "gentiles", because the talmud of the orthodox jews apparently says that the decisions of "gentile" courts are non-binding...

"Invalidity of gentile courts"

"The Non-Jew in Jewish Law"

Also, jewish israel does not extradite any jew from jewish israel, to be tried in a non-jewish court, and there is evidence that many many many many many many jews have fled to jewish israel to avoid felony prosecution by the "gentiles".


And then Donald Trump is elected President of the usa, and it puts Donald Trump into a predicament when dealing with all those jews doing the 9/11 crime spree.

And Donald Trump may be in a predicament if Donald Trump has any large outstanding loans from jewish banks, because if any of those jewish banks do not extend their loans to Donald Trump, would that bankrupt Donald Trump ?

And their is no telling if any of the jews are blackmailing any of the family members in the entire family of Donald Trump and thereby putting Donald Trump into a predicament.

And now therefore, Donald Trump is in a predicament when dealing with the orthodox jew jared kushner, because the orthodox jew jared kushner is married to the Daughter of Donald Trump.

And then, as an employee of Donald Trump, orthodox jew jared kushner just happens to bring some (forged?) tape recordings to Mohammed bin Salman out of jewish generosity ?

Because jared kushner is a jew, I have a tendency to suspect a jewish criminal scheme, similar to the communist bolshevic gypsy jew 9/11 crime spree.

Also, no telling if Mohammed bin Salman is a jewish cia imposter, or a manipulated puppet ?



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