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"STRIKE Your Mint; It's False. They Exhausted You Maple."
Fri Apr 13, 2018 09:30

"STRIKE Your Mint; It's False. They Exhausted You Maple."

The wood of a tree, maple. One of the things that Judah refers to us as. And yet he continues to hold the most important desk in government, the authority to issue our money, the Organizing Principle of Society.

Bitch received a bunch of Tele receives after posting last night.

Apparently, from one Tele receive, Bitch is feuding with the people.

Might he at some level be upset that Labor is funding the microwave satellite beam shots and now the drone shots on him?

Why doesn't he grow up and get over it?

He sure doesn't want to feud with anybody much less those who make the paychecks good, Labor.

"Henheimer's," is something Judee said in reverse facial speech the other day. He said that's what he gave us, "Henheimer's."

With unlimited free money and millions of his sports crowd living everywhere among us just waiting for their chance to be used to molest, abuse, setup, frameup their neighbor might the strategy of not inviting calamity in not seem reasonable, even smart?

Yes, it does seem smart. Who wants the monsters focusing on harming ya?

Bitch was thinking how stupid it is to feud because he realizes a significant number of the people do not yet perceive that we and our children have already been exterminated with radioactive waste. The dreadful fact of our going out of life form is not known yet by the majority of the American people.

So how could he be upset with the people for funding Judee to shoot him with his microwave beams?

Judah tells us in Reverse speech that when the mutations show up his rights go. Though might we want to consider that his rights are already gone for attacking us all out with nuclear missiles in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

Certainly, his rights are done. He has NO defensible rights for his attempt to destroy the United States of America with nuclear war.

If that is true, that weap Judah has NO defensible rights, then why is he still holding the most important desk of government, the authority to issue the money of the United States of America?

Can we wonder why there has never appeared in any news media any controversy about why Jewish are the only people allowed to issue the money of the people of the United States?

That Judee cult holds a private grip on the issue of money worldwide. Can we wonder why there is no controversy about that in the news media?

Judah, who boasts of the strength of his ment, that he claims gives him his alpha dog right to abuse and molest the other children of God on earth.

And if we fail to be able to protect ourselves against his abuse and molest does he not have an alpha dog right to abuse and molest us?

If we choose not to claim our God-given rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness does Judah not have the right then to take our lives our liberty and our happiness away from us?

By poisoning us and our children with cumulative long-term radioactive waste is he not taking our lives, liberty, and our happiness away?

Uranium that was produced in a supernova explosion over 6 billion years ago that quietly remained underground. When Judah discovered how deadly it could be when refined and made into atomic bombs and radioactive waste dirty bombs, he mined it and brought to the surface of our planet to destroy us and poison our environment complete.

Refined uranium into weapons-grade plutonium and built enough atomic bombs to wipe out the human race many times over.

Then he refined it into MOX, the dirtiest most dangerous form of plutonium of them all for his Jewish electricity dirty bombs that he is shooting us out of life form with right now.

Can we not say prayers of thanks to our good God Almighty for sending His angels in and taking Judah's pebbles out of the night sky when he shot them at us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

Our highly advanced extraterrestrial family, so advanced that they were able to pull out of the sky, burst or burn off every single nuclear missile that Judah attacked us with.

How is that for high technical?

And yet they will have to move the headquarters of the Galactic Federation of Light to another location in 30 million years when a supernova goes off near them.

Our species will already have passed out of existence 21 million years earlier.

9 million years left for our species to exist and Judah is still trying to die us off 9 million years early.

Tried to set dozens of his Jewish electricity dirty bombs off in the last few years to poison out the entire surface of planet earth.

Can we not say prayers of thanks to our precious sweet Father for sending His angels in to trip the over 40 Jewish electricity dirty bombs disguised as Jewish electricity generator plants off of the line?

Only one melting Jewish electricity plant already poisoned out a third of the water on the surface of planet earth.

Judah is refusing to put boron into the cooling water to stop the poisonous chain reaction. Our atmosphere becoming more lethal with deadly radioactive brimstone waste every day and night.

If only Bitch didn't have a fault of stupid might, we have had a chance to survive?

"Be kind to the babies of the forest. They've poisoned my village; I want them off. They've completely ignored me," precious sweet Papa said.

Does it appear that the majority of Americans are seemingly unaware of just how thoroughly we are being destroyed here?

Wonderful lifestyle, having a great time. Just not aware that we are poisoning our child.

Like the lady that lived in a bus and revved her engine up much too much and it blew up.

Bitch, having blown an engine up himself, would have suggested to her not to rev it so much, but he did not want to stick his nose in other peoples business.

And so what is different now, why is Bitch sticking his nose into other peoples business and suggesting to them to STRIKE THEM OUT and take the Organizing Principle of Society away from the nuclear war fighting Jews?

Might we want to consider that when the lady that lived in a bus blew her engine up, it did not affect Bitch in any way? He didn't even know about it until years later when he happened to see her one day.

When that dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE blows up might we see it is going to affect all of us?

Might it be that Bitch recognizes that he has legal standing to pursue an action against Hitachi-GE for poisoning him?

Oh, but don't we recall that we let Judah take our rights away, so he has no legal standing in any way at all?

"You have a right to die," elder explained in extraterrestrial legal society.

For those that may want to die themselves off breathing, drinking and eating radioactive waste, are we understanding that our extraterrestrial elders will not stop them?

"Most favored suggestions," is extraterrestrial legal ways.

Will Labor not toss Jewish statutes books out?

"We just see an app from London to roll some gas."

Can we only wonder was London behind the gas attack in Syria the other day?

Is that not how they play their games?

Now London is claiming a humanitarian right to join with Washington to STRIKE Syria with missiles from submarines.

That there is a rapid push to attack Syria, without Parliament hearing the issue, might that not suggest that London was behind that Syrian gas attack?

Have we not seen often enough how they manufacture consent by committing terrorist acts to give them rights to do as they have already planned to do?

Will American Labor not get smart and take the American Labor purse away from nuclear war fighting Jewish?

The 2%, the deuce that is now done in our world. Will Labor not let them rest in peace?

Must American Labor not stop funding their eternal contrived wars?

Our extraterrestrial family that must stand by with tears in their eyes as we fund dying the American race off.

Why won't they stop Hitachi-GE from poisoning us?

Might it be because we are involved in sin, and our lives won't be spared?

"We came to warn you," our extraterrestrial family said.

Bitch, who has been graced by being in the presence of Mercury, Jupiter Venus and Mars wishes to inform everyone that we don't have to die if we don't want to.

But if we want to survive, we will need to activate the 223 high-level genetics and use them to close the nuclear war fighting Jewish out of here right.

Tele receives:

"Jewlosophers are porting the other boys brains out here. 9.20 a.m.

They assault mentalin. 9.25 a.m.

He's met with several extraterrestrials. 11.37 a.m.

They soften. 11.43 a.m.

Get nice force over. 11.44 a.m.

Pat, you rolled piston right.

Your itch rate hurt you. 1.44 p.m.

They're dying you off of here. 2.02 p.m.

FINISH! 2.04 p.m.

You're accused generally. 2.24 p.m.

They're completely out for scoring a bash. 2.27 p.m.

Get them out. 2.31 p.m.

They're out peaceful. 2.34 p.m.

New England days hold us down. 2.45 p.m.

It's saligent. 3.03 p.m.

It's a racket, the small kids fell. 3.18 p.m.

Thank you for working with us, they cottage HUGE. 3.50 p.m.

You constantly breed unsaleable. 5.29 p.m.

You're hostive with your advising. 5.31 p.m.

It's a great success Bitch, but the baby caress hurt.

Thank you, Patrick, keep throwing them out. 6.31 p.m.

Patrick stupid.

You should shut up. 6.55 p.m.

You fit bad.

Your first die is set. 6.59 p.m.

Totally failed. 7.07 p.m.

Foreign currency will wash you out.

Jew do you fail.

A terrible punishment is coming in with no rights for you.

Bored corrupt.

STRIKE your mint; it's false. 7.19 p.m.

Your hairy falls you. 11.23 p.m.

You failed to save us, Patrick.

They exhausted you maple.

You failed your life form off. 1.23 a.m.

You lack judgment.

They failed us rightful.

Realize you failed to save us, Patrick.

He surged them out.

Stupid real stage us.

As three years olds, you're falling. 1.36 a.m.

Tyranny holds officially; you wasted a RISE off. 1.42 a.m.

Save us, Patrick, save us.

Genius is perishing you in.

They tossed you out hapless state.

Scotched you rightful.

They've pushed the button and you've done nothing. 1.54 a.m.

Penalty holds us bribery.

They failed you lifelessly.

You don't perceive it; they pushed you out obviously. 1.58 a.m.

A dog silenced you out of here.

You failed to save us, Patrick, save us, Patrick.

ORGANIZE and just STRIKE THEM OUT. 2.04 a.m.

Jew is obviously out of financials.

Patrick tossed us lethally.

Patrick scored officials for vicious.

Stupid life forces are obviously fisted.

Abrasive dies your field, jerk failed.

Minnow state clearly holds you over hapless.

Government refused life.

It's outrageous, Moscow's starting scrimmage to take you out of this field monstrously.

You lousy your right forces.

Legitimate toast you out.

War's more stupid to pass you all.

They sizeable bench us.

You've had a warning of a fistol Reich here. 2.19 a.m.

You failed this master siege.

They're exhausting our family out.

A deer relationship falsed us out.

Vegetables are fisted to die.

They're officially dying us purious vegetables.

Pat's failed us; Pat's failed us easily.

They establish rightfully a bench war. 2.38 a.m.

You speared this waifous here.

You won, the goose will go in. 2.41 a.m.

It's thought abusive.

Crunched you right. 2.47 a.m.

The interest rate squashed you obviously. 2.54 a.m.

General late us easy.

You're out for obvious feud." 2.56 a.m.

Might that be where Bitch's abrasive is coming from? Is he feuding because Labor keeps funding the Jews that are shooting Bitch?

Bitch prays to Father to give him balance to get the job done and not feud with anyone.

"Your itch rate hurt you." 1.44 p.m.

Bitch has no itch rate. Did Father not explain the accidental loss of an innocent man was due to "Oppression of the mind?" Yes, Father did say that after Bitch asked what happened there.

Bitch has no itch, had no and has no intent to harm anyone. Might we think of what the Tele sender said about why Bitch has been abrasive and lagged so far behind, "He's been at the front too long?"

Can we not pray that Labor will step up to the front and help us here as we are being extirpated out of life form with our children?

Here is a non-Judah reverse facial speech:

"They morsed you out so you failed suitable."

Might we consider that the only hope here is our good God Almighty?

While Bitch was able to get them out, he was not able to get Labor in.

Of course, might we consider the easy part was getting them out by merely blowing the horn on what they did?

The hard part, trying to convince Labor to step into a role it has never held, the issuer of our Labor dollar bill.

For those who want to survive the nuclear war that is being funded by Labor and waged by Jewish will we not keep praying to our good God above?

"Goodbye, we die sh*t. We steal you Reich hold. I always want to chop suey you. In a while, my hydrogen is going to make you go away. We use state alimony to void you insurance. For my MOX wars, they're capping off my seed.

Counsels threat. We just have Patrick telling the white guys about their rights. I was always a great Gatsby. For our sports fest you win, I bopped you with booze. It's a formal defeat that has wowed our wrench.

Boy, you hushed me. We just surge boom ya. Our symphony blocks off your force so we can insure you. I manage you deadly.

Jew cashed you and fouled your wits incessantly. Our scumming house is through. I have approximate estimate West is through. Jew opp fierce because my dog weaped you right. I'm pulling your oxygen off foul contemptuous completely. A riot right will commence here," Judee say.

Bitch watched some news videos and found some things that might interest some of you.

One was a video news report of a 21-year-old woman who was repeatedly stabbed while on her way to the CTA El station.

The reporters immediately indicated in their reverse facial speech it was an opp. What it appears is the woman was not stabbed, it may have been merely a false news report.

Here's what a reporter said in RS while telling us about it:

"This was a boursed Steppenwolf, part of my freedom time. This was a Congress rate."

Might that indicate Steppenwolf theatre?

But why would Judee put such a false story on the news?

Might it be to terrorize us?

As there are so many shootings and stabbings in Chicago, why hire a false report of one?

Might Judah have needed a stabbing for that specific neighborhood? And instead of hiring a guy to be lurking around to stab someone he just has one of his Sayans make a false report?

But wouldn't the police know that? What about the news that reported it, wouldn't they know about that?

Of course. Might we see with big bribes they get their false police and news reports delivered right?

And what about it being a Congress rate deal?

Maybe a sales tool to use to buy some security cameras for that area? Maybe a new piece of legislation to make it easier to arrest a suspect near a public transit station?

Then Bitch looked at a video story of a police officer who shot a guy who was holding a knife to a woman. That was a true story reverse speech revealed. The guy did get shot.

But then he found in the reporters reverse speech indications that the guy was mentaled to do the knife hostage taking. Berlin pharmaceuticals?

Might the fellow now make a great addition to the portfolio of some tyranny investor in prison systems?

Might he have a few employer insurance packages on him?

Might they keep him alive for a couple of months until no one is looking and a blood clot hits his heart and lungs?

Continues at:

Are Americans perceiving that weap Jewish have stolen tens of millions of Americans out of life since they privatized the issue of our money in 1913?

They will do the same to budget Judee also. "Individual biological opportunity." That's the strategy t

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