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"I Urge You to Get the Fistol off That is Making You DIe." 3
Mon Apr 16, 2018 08:17

"I Urge You to Get the Fistol off That is Making You DIe." 3.13 a.m.

Does that Tele receive sound as if it came to us from Father?

The majority of Americans set now to perish with our children over the next five years suffering what Judah calls the "mumps," swelling from the cancerous tumors he has put upon us due to inhaling the radioactive dust from Hitachi-GE and the over 400 other Jewish radioactive waste generating electricity power plants.

Tele receives:

"He's telling you what they are doing here basically. 3.20 p.m.

It was a dog whole win. 3.22 p.m.

Prejudice. 3.23 p.m.

You're a win sullen.

Don't the occidentals see it yet. 4.12 p.m.

They four-siege us. 4.15 p.m.

Patrick, I'm very sad they're abrasing us die. 4.25 p.m.

You failed us lethal Patrick. 4.51 p.m.

Assault in jail was their major play. 6.11 p.m.

Patrick failed their ruse-al.

They genuinely assault pure eggs.

The palace suggested a death virus watch sell for holding us.

They're just having fun in their zoo.

It's all over.

It's goofy to leave a monster mush.

I urge you to get the fistol off that's making you die. 3.13 a.m.

They sewer well, throw their sewer out. 3.24 p.m.

Shut them off for stupid; their stupid principal remains to shut us." 3.32 a.m.

Do we recall Father said, "I urge you to give them a fall for their sin?"

Bitchie, deeply imperfect with a fault of stupid due to enduring prolonged periods of suffering, responds to Father's words and does as best he can to deliver the message to Father's unaware children to "save yourselves."

Judee says that he "perfectly degenerated Bitch."

Bitch put into a war as a teenager knowing little of the world outside of Englewood.

Seeing war first hand caused him to stop saying the prayers he was taught as a child. For it seemed if this thing called war goes on surely there must be no God for if there were a God, he would not let the war go on. And if there is a God he mustn't care about us to let war go on.

And so began Bitchie's atheist days.

Little could he figure that there is a God and God doesn't want the war to go on. So why does war go on if God doesn't want the war to go on? Isn't God all-powerful?

Yes, God is all powerful but with his children, do we recall that God gave us free will?

While God gave us His commandments 3,500 years ago when He flew in from Federation headquarters to share His love with Moses, he gave the Ten Commandments with the stipulation that it is free will we have to do as we wish.

Judah, with his free will, chose to ignore God's words and continued falsing and assaulting the rest of God's children on earth.

And here we find ourselves today having been put to an attempted all-out thermonuclear assault by weap Judah on unlimited free American Labor bourse.

And so why are we still alive if we have suffered an all-out attempted thermonuclear missile attack in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

Could it be any other than the love of God for us? The forgiving and merciful God we have that gave us a second chance to live right.

What might explain why we have failed to take our second chance to survive weap Judah on the atom and unlimited free American bourse?

As Father is all powerful why didn't He have His angels melt pooch pictures? They have the technical capability to do that easily.

Or why didn't He have His angels drop the insult file that Bitch did in April of 2012? Why?

For that matter why won't the angels' craft posts and pass them to Bitch to put up?

Could there be some aspect that if we are not aware enough, bright enough, brave enough, concerned enough to STOP THE WAR then we just go?

The technology of today that if let to run to its fullest is easily able to destroy the entire surface of planet earth and kill all the inhabitants on the surface of our beautiful planet.

Judah, privately holding the most important thing concerning our existence, the Organizing Principle of Society, the authority to issue our money.

Informed by the angels for six and a half years that if we want to survive the brimstone nuclear waste genocide that Judah has sealed in on us, we must take the Organizing Principle of Society, the concession to issue our money away from Jewish.

Judah aware of our extraterrestrial family who contacted Judah and the other centers of power of planet earth in 1350 AD.

The Royals and Vatican, along with weap Judah are the centers of power of planet earth.

After meeting with Sir Maximilian, the emissary of the Galactic Federation of Light in 1350 AD the centers of power of planet earth rejected overtures from The Federation to travel with the Federation on a peaceful path.

87 million years of peaceful wisdom from the Federation available to the centers of power of planet earth for free. And all the centers of power of planet earth had to do was to compromise, and earthlings would have entered into a new peaceful phase of existence as junior partners with the Galactic Federation of Light.

668 years later in 2018 the centers of power of planet earth have us in a brimstone war of extinction.

Thousands of species of high intelligence life forms all living in peaceful cohesion with one another in the Federation.

Human Beings, we earthlings, hybridized by the Galactic Federation of Light 200,000 years ago. 60,000 of us genetically engineered over a ten-year span with the addition of 223 high-level psychiatric genes to give us the vitamins and enzymes we need to THINK BIG.

Our second and third chromosomes welded together to turn us from 48 chromosome life forms into 46 chromosome high intelligence Beings, sealing in our 223 psychiatric genes to be passed only between members of our special creation.

While we take on the physical characteristics of the terrain we find ourselves in, might we appreciate that we are all one species, one race? Certainly.

God, an office as it is, with different Father's occupying the seat of God during their term, has watched us grow from our earliest time.

153,000 years after our hybridization by the Federation, Venus was the first of us to go extraterrestrial.

40,000-years later Jupiter went extraterrestrial.

Then 3,000 years later, 10,000 years ago Atlantis went extraterrestrial and is today Mercury brand.

Venus, known as the goddess of love, is it not curious that was the group of earthling humans that reached our high level extraterrestrial intelligence first?

And now we the last group of earthlings from our special creation 200,000 years ago, set to depart earth on our extraterrestrial journey.

Judah, a self-professed sexual psychopath, "we just came for some foul sex," holding the reigns of power everywhere on earth.

And with that power, the power of the purse hires the big dirty bombs to destroy planet earth.

"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off tunnel death," God Almighty of heaven and earth said.

"We gave you Henheimer's," Judee said as to why West world has failed to throw their false away.

And might we note, sex, healthy as Venus is, first made their way into the universe 47,000 years ago, contrasted with Judah, who is using eye sore sex images to hold West world to a full burn?

Venus, with a healthy sex life, now has 70 billion of us living inside the planet Venus and traveling the universe.

Judah, with a hostile sex life of creating Fornians to carry on with fist, trying to destroy as many of us as he can as he dies out now.

The tens of thousands of people Judah Vatican burned us at the stake in Europe because of our individual particular, peaceful, consenting sexual ways.

God, Almighty in heaven above affording weap Judah the opportunity to toss his vicious loveless self out of here.

And what a toss weap Judah did, attacking God's children in the lower 48 with 64,000 Hiroshima bomb blasts in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.

The humor, the inside joke, of the television program the 64,000 dollar question that came on in 1954.

If only our parents and grandparents knew 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of blast, heat, and radiation was what his Jewish scientists determined was necessary to kill everyone in the United States of America. Might they have had a better appraisal of the 64,000 dollar question?

Bitch only discovered the 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of blast heat and radiation force when he did the mathematics of the 3,200 three hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads that Judee and Berlin attacked with.

Are we getting some idea of Jewish humor as it pertains to the rest of us?

The six million dollar man television show. Have we been informed that was how much was paid to the secret service man that shot JFK from the limousine right behind him? Was the television series the Six Million Dollar man like the 64,000 dollar question more Jewish inside humor?

Our elders from the Federation, with 87 million years of history of life form development precisely understood Judah cipher thousands of years ago.

Might we share in their thinking that they knew at the time of Jesus that when Judah had nuclear weapons in a few thousand years ahead in the future that he would immediately use them to exterminate us with?

And isn't that exactly what Jewish tried to do? Yes, it is.

Is it not something to think about that elders' computer simulations at the time of Jesus calculated Judah rare force would be able to hold the people to fund dying off ourselves?

If not for extraterrestrials shutting over 40 Jewish nuclear electricity plants down in the last few years are we perceiving that Judah would have melted dozens of them like the one dirty bomb he has already melted and is stoking on us from Hitachi-GE?

Only that one dirty bomb set now to die a third of the human race off. Can we only try to imagine the horror of a few dozen Hitachi-GE dirty bombs in our world?

Will we not say prayers of thanks to our good God Almighty for sending His angels in to trip those 45 Jewish electricity plants off of the line?

Our nation now sealed into death and destruction, rightless Americans with nothing to say about it.

The "rare" force of Jewish, will it hold long enough to get the Russian Jews in here?

American Labor funding the vast arms dumps on the borders of Russia. Might we be looking at some real fireworks there?

American military controlled by Jewish bourse, already known for attacking us with thermonuclear bombs and missiles.

Ready to serve their Russan Jewish force. Will we not keep praying that American Labor will take its force out of Jewish control?

Their constant fooling our wits, dulling us and sapping our brains with their staged opps.

Will American Labor not end free funding Jewish sports?

London in the control of Jewish bourse, will American Labor not toss the palace out?

Will American Labor not put American law in once again?

"They eavesdrop on a poor boy right."

That is a reverse facial speech of a Labor leader that was tape recorded by Jewish force.

Is that not how Judah likes to catch us, use our own words against us?

Might we recall that American law says that our own words are not to be used to convict us?

And why?

Might it be because of so many times like this fellow that was just released from jail that they used his coerced 14-year-olds words to imprison him for an arson he did not commit?

Man wrongfully convicted in fatal arson files lawsuit alleging Chicago police coerced his confession.
"What I experienced is excruciating," Adam said.

Adam Gray, who was arrested at just 14 and had been sentenced to mandatory life without parole, was released from prison in May 2017 after Cook County prosecutors decided that advancements in fire science raised too many questions about his conviction for setting a fire in 1993 that killed two people on Chicago's Southwest Side.

The suit alleges police detectives “concocted and coerced” a false confession from Gray after hours of illegal interrogation while refusing to allow him to see his mother and brother, who were at the station trying to talk to him. Instead, detectives told Gray that his mother had told them “she did not care about him and refused to come to the police station altogether,” the suit alleged.

Gray said he became incredibly frustrated over the last two decades, but a piece of advice from his mother kept him going.

"When you forgive someone, it's not for them. It's for you." Gray said. "I let it go, to a degree. Not to absolve them, but for my own piece of mind. To keep me moving forward."

Can we only wonder why there was such a press on the 14-year-old boy to get a confession and conviction?

Might it have been to take away the pressure to find out who really did it?

Can we only wonder what the financial side of that fire looked like?

Peter McGuiness, 54, and his sister, Margaret Mesa, 74, died.

Will American Labor not put our grand juries in so that we can bring the insurance side to our attention to see just what a sort of a game they are playing with us?

"They booted your race." 5.57 a.m.

Will American Labor try to realize the Jewish radioactive waste is still pouring in on us here?

West world that Jewish booted by putting us into a permanent state of war and taking our God-given American Constitutional guaranteed rights away from us.

Are there any who have not heard yet that the majority of the American race are set to be died off over the next five years?

The error crowd that is dying our race off due to their holding the Organizing Principle of Society in their private hands.

Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money away from them, take them out of the American equation and end their sports algebra on us? Must Labor not end them booting our race?

"Submerging truth always wins. My thief's mighty fried. Crescent days admonish you, Chrysler. Shut you in for saleable thief. Perfect cowed helpful. I can't get around psychic he's shown my gross.

I'm just going to fist you out and keep your rising out. Patrick's fouled my claw hammer. South of the Mason I used to roll all off, now I'm interstate. Pabst beer witnesses always claim opp. I just ever force wicked, that's part of our genius.

Battery always wins, that's my truth. I've got a counsel that waste you, fist you out. Fair wages I close savagely because I'm corrupt. I'll fight you Federal. The white fall, I fold you up with my rifle. My rule is all sin, that's why you'll get me away from here.

I use citizen to fight your behavior rules. I pooch out your ways, we losh you in fail. We have a prison we just set you down and screw your rights with a weapon. You haven't heard I've fallen. We're just heretics who roll you in our state.

We have some curious habits, I believe in ricing a man whole. I basalt war. I'm with the Bureau of customs to rag you for my rich. I'm closing my police out for my Maryland sin. We just fist you habeas with our sign.

We're being closed out for our Judee memories. We have a nice ruin terrorist fun. We just fool you desert right. We always set you in Judeous fear. We want more holsters to organize ruin. The defense department made you all die from New Orleans for the squash.

I dynamite the house in my period. I just perp for sport. If we seize your life, we'll take you out in five minutes. We have a room for a nice man, to put him right. We fall you out, it's in our warp, in our heads. The angels made me go.

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I'm a supervisor for wash week. Our analysis is we're going to make all of your babies go. Ein Zwei did some shoot out here so I'm going away, I'm known as foul. I've got the white source right so I can keep holding you

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