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"We Face Death Here In this Grease Bowl." That is a rever
Tue Apr 17, 2018 10:25

"We Face Death Here In this Grease Bowl."

That is a reverse facial speech from a non-Judah speaker.

Extraterrestrials doing all they can to convince Americans to stop destroying ourselves. Must we not STOP THE WAR?

Our food supply being burned out in the fields. Might it be because Judah knows that hunger hurts?

"If we do not end war - war will end us. Everybody says that, millions of people believe it, and nobody does anything. (H.G. Wells 1866-1946)

H.G. Wells, a man that tried to tell us we have been set to be destroyed in a nuclear war. Millions believe it, and nobody does anything.

Our children from this time forward facing being born with a range of congenital disabilities, mutations due to mother inhaling hot radioactive brimstone waste particles.

Americans warned thousands of times by the highest authority in our existence, our good God Almighty who is our Father in heaven which is located in the Galactic Federation of Light, to stop the war.

Warned thousands of times to STOP THE WAR.

And yet we fund our own die. What can explain it? Better yet what might bring Labor to close the dangerous war pest out?

200 million dollars worth of missiles hurled at Syria the other day.

All paid for on the backs of American Labor.

Judah holds the people by calling Bitch a "Forger."

That is false, Bitch is not a forger but has Judee not always held Druid with his vowels? Yes, regrettably he claims he has always held Druid by the vowels.

Bitch deeply imperfect with a fault of stupid committed the sin of insult so he is a big part of the reason that we are being destroyed so easily.

Bitch fault a big part of the fail, though do we recall that Judah analysis said that "whiskey" was the main reason for why he has so easily destroyed us here?

Has Judee not proven to be a big chemical warfare guy against us? From whiskey and beer to brimstone waste and beyond to poison us with.

The day our baby is born he injects mercury into the baby and then when the child is five years old he sends his grandfather to give us brain damage chewing gum.

Now he has roadside sobriety checks where his bench has given him the authorization to draw blood.

But is checking for drunk drivers not to protect us?

After attacking us all out with 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of atomic bombs in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, should that fact not be enough to prove to us that he is not doing anything to protect us?

"I just shoot you in with hydrogen, I core make you Judah. For my cat pussy molest I'm a past guy. I just roll you up Korean for my truth. I was always wrenchous, I stole your peaceful. We just set people to fall as our main rob. I just kept the Christian out of contact for my will, when they get it they'll throw me away," Judee say.

The Christian pacifists, those who follow Jesus Christ's path of peace. If only we would have been apprised of the fact that Jesus was sent by an advanced extraterrestrial civilization to help us become our higher level selves, the extraterrestrial Beings that we are becoming now, might we have demanded peace long ago?

Judah, knowing all the time that we are creations of an extraterrestrial society did all that he could to keep that significant fact from us.

Plague, famine, nuclear war fighting weap Judah who took over the best chance for the children of God on earth the United States of America on our wondrous Bill of Rights.

Will American workers not help us to close the nuclear war fighting hobbyists out of our nation right? Will Labor not put our sacred God-given human rights in again?

The great atrocities committed by Japanese medical researchers upon captives of the Jewish war machine that still holds our family hostage in Japan today.

After the war, they returned to academia, not a one prosecuted for the gross war crimes they perpetrated against the captive civilian population.

How could that happen?

Might it have been because international Jewry won the second world war, so all the Jewish Fornian look alike hybrid transplant shells were allowed to carry on as if they did nothing wrong?

Inside Unit 731, World War II Japan’s Sickening Human Experiments Program
By Richard Stockton
Published November 2, 2017
Updated December 18, 2017
Unit 731 personnel conduct a bacteriological trial upon a test subject in Nongan County of northeast China’s Jilin Province. November 1940.

Unit 731 Experiments: Frostbite Testing
The frostbitten hands of a Chinese person who was taken outside in winter by Unit 731 personnel for an experiment on how best to treat frostbite.

Vivisection Of Conscious Prisoners
Xinhua via Getty Images
A Unit 731 doctor operates on a patient that is part of a bacteriological experiment.

Weapons Tests Bayonet Practice
Associated Press/LIFE via Wikimedia Commons
A Japanese soldier uses a Chinese man’s body for bayonet practice near Tianjin, China. September 1937.

Biological Warfare Tests
Japanese personnel in protective suits carry a stretcher through Yiwu, China during Unit 731’s germ warfare tests. June 1942.

The Commander of Unit 731
General Shiro Ishii, the commander of Unit 731.

Might we recognize the Judah hybrid transplant Fornian look alike shells as the perpetrators of the hideous human experimentation they did on captives in Asia during world war II?

That none of them were called upon after the war to explain their atrocious medical experiments during the war, might that have encouraged them to carry forward with the nuclear war the hybrid transplant look alike shell Fornians are waging against us from Hitachi-GE now?

The two world wars that Jewish needed to take over planet earth. Will Americans not accept responsibility for America being the people that gave them the Labor cash to stage their continuous world wars?

The top minds, such a H.G. Wells that tried to warn us of our passing in war. Will American people not get real serious as our life forms are being washed out in permanent Jewish sport war?

Judah with his racing. How about this picture from the 1950s?

And what do we notice there?

Can we only wonder how much that neon sign cost to construct? Looks pretty costly, doesn't it?

Whatever the price tag, are we understanding that it cost Judah nothing because he gets to issue as many checks as he wants for free?

"Druid has ever failed to save himself. Druid is not dutiful," Judee say.

The all white Missouri jury that set a black slave free in 1854 only to have the corrupt bribed Jewish supreme court re-enslave him in 1859 making the claim that whites never wanted blacks free.

Can we only wonder how they could get away with saying that after an all-white jury set a black man free?

With our good God Almighty speaking to white people, giving whites thousands of warnings to STOP THE WAR what might explain why whites walk on out of life form now funding war?

"They've completely ignored me," Father said.

Boris and Hansel, Bert and Ernie and Pierre, Stosh and Mickey. Are we not aware that we are facing death in this highly technical international East mild people fighting West mild people?

Will mild people not spend the forty minutes needed to understand that the Jew has exterminated us and our children too?

"Minutiae" is how elders from the Federation describe what Judah claims he has on Bitch.

And even the "minutiae" would not have happened if Judah did not have Maxwell kidnap Bitch so they could break his back in the lockup to put him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Are we getting some idea of the terror Jewish inspire by committing acts such as that when they get hold of the authority to issue our money? Are we understanding what they might do to anyone who demands peace?

Might the civics lesson that Bitch learned from his experience with the criminal intelligence unit of the Chicago Police Department at Maxwell street, be the sort of thing that creates what Judee says he gave us, Henheimers disease?

"Why invite calamity in?"

Might that answer the question that H.G. Wells posed, we all know war must be stopped or we are done, but we just don't want to invite calamity in?

Will we not end being frightened of Judah so much and just challenge them as to who will issue our money from now on?

Might the sorts of atrocities committed by Jewish police in America give some explanation to what H.G. Wells pointed out?

"If we do not end war - war will end us. Everybody says that, millions of people believe it, and nobody does anything. (H.G. Wells 1866-1946)

Might the deadly civics lessons that Jewish officials give to us be what is holding Labor from challenging them to issue our money? Might that explain why nobody does anything? Might what they do be so horrific as to why nobody does anything?

What have Jewish done in Europe other than assault us with walls?

The white orange jails they run in America. Will Labor not take some good advice, GET SMART, and try to save ourselves from radiation sickness and a deathblow now?

The fighting in the South Carolina prison the other day that left seven prisoners dead. Can we only wonder might Judah have put aggression chemicals into the prisoners' food? Isn't that one of the ways he likes to sport human beings?

Of those seven dead can we only wonder how many of them may have had nice insurance packages on them?

Bitchie who generates no complaints in his life and somehow falser, liar Judah has got Labor people turned against one of the few people that has informed working people just how Judah is dying us.

Will workers not reject Jewish lies about Bitch?

To correct things and get the truth will we not put our own rules in, grand juries to hear everybody tell what they know about things?

Will workers not reject Jewish lies especially when the sickness and death of us and our children is on us now?

The constant war that we fund. The snipers that Judah has working our streets.

Might these be the reasons why nobody does anything about stopping the war though we know if we don't it will destroy us all?

Bitch is a mostly quiet pacifist who refuses to remain quiet when his money is being used to harm his family anywhere.

For those who were around in 1974 in the last days of Richard Nixon in the Presidential mansion do some of us recall thinking that Dick was going to trigger a nuclear war with Russia to hold himself in office?

Will American Labor not put our grand juries in to check out the sanctimonious side of our war hobbyists?

Only one insurance sports collection contract die for hire in the lockup. Might an offender not go off the public payroll?

Will American Labor not start treating these politicians as what they are, public employees and do proper and thorough background checks on them all?

The poisoning of the fishbowl we are in while Judah has some clucking minutiae about Bitch.

Our rights are failed by Jewish, and we've done nothing about it yet. And those that have tried to help us, molested, abused, framed up, imprisoned and many shot dead.

While Jew continues to issue our money and so he continues to push us out of life form. Could it be Bitch insult to Druid that is holding in war? If so might we think about the operator's rules that are found in our Bibles?

Proverbs 12:16 Losing your temper is foolish; ignoring an insult is smart.

The poisoning of a third of the human race out of life form and it is happening with two thousand years warning. Will Labor not be smart and ignore Bitch accidental rude?

Will American Labor not show us the right stuff and take over the Organizing Principle of Society, the concession to issue our money?

The 9 million more years that our life form will exist until we grow old and pass out of existence.

Can we not grow old in peace?

Must American Labor not STOP THE WAR?

Just a little job driving up and down the street delivering those packages door to door for the store. The day that Labor all walk out will be the day that the war will stop in our world.


Jew pressing every button to get the fight between East and West underway big time now. His last chance to die the mild people out of life form.

Bitch, deeply imperfect with a fault of stupid but is there any doubt that he has not blown the horn on Jewish right enough that they will never again arise and control the Organizing Principle of Society in any country of our world?

And how did Bitch blown the horn on them but by revealing what they did in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

The Mercury report that Bitch passed on that revealed the mortal sin of Judah against us all. The report that blew the horn on Judah thermonuclear attack against us.

Do some people not believe that Judah pressed the button on us?

If so why then don't Americans put our grand juries in to ask the shipyard workers about it who noticed the missiles were gone when the submarines returned to base after their attempt of June 11, 2011?

What about the checks to buy more new nuclear-tipped missiles after Sir Casper stole all of Judah's missiles out of the sky that he launched at us?

When Labor has the authority to issue our money in Labors hands, do we see that we will know what weapons of mass destruction are purchased by our bourse? If so might Labor not choose to not build such Jewish devices to commit genocide against anybody?

The one thousand nuclear-tipped missiles that Judah attacked us with. Now in a museum inside of Mars.

1% of our population that doubled their number so they would have more children to assault us with.

Planet earth one of 1,300 nurseries of the Galactic Federation of Light. Everything that goes on here known to our elders from outer space.

Might we think of Judah's basic strategy is to use our money to put violence on others and for those who don't like it then Judah uses our money to put violence on us?

And yet as our extraterrestrial elders describe Judah pattern of deception and lethal, they say Judah is "rare" as life forms go.

And so far Judah with minutiae and lies and some dirty pictures to give eyesores, he has held himself in to spin out our beautiful nation and us.

Bitch mentions Proverbs 12:16 as a way to remove the failure of the commision of the deathly sin of insult.

So what do we have left but minutiae, lies and sore eyes?

Are we seeing our extraterrestrial elders in the Federation knew Bitch would insult you's two thousand years ago? Do we see why they put in our Bibles that a wise, prudent, sensible and smart person ignores an insult? How is that for a knowledge base?

Should we not have our extraterrestrial elders' knowledge base in with us here to save our lives?

After repeatedly pushing the button to extinct us must we not end Jewish being the only authorized issuers of our money?

"We always pulverize a chicken," Judee say.

Will Labor not look to our good God above and try to see the forgiving, merciful God that loves us all and have faith in God to see us through to close the Jewish genocide war machine out of our land and world?

The false patriotism that marches boys off to war. Might we think of Samuel Johnson who said: "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel?"

Washington, Paris, and London who attacked Syria. Might we understand they are all nations that are controlled by the same breed, Jewish on false, genocide and war?

France loaded with Jewish electricity plants. Might they be positioned to poison everyone out when it is time for false Jewish to go?

Continues at:

France and England that joined in to attack Syria the other day. After machine gunning, 130 French kids down at a dance hall in France might their good intentions to help Syrians not be suspect?

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