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Let's Add this to INVESTiGATING Mueller
Sat May 5, 2018 23:23

Extreme efforts have been made to wipe out the House of David/ House of Stuart the following explains why:
Here is some peraonal history that just might tie in a lot of information, at this time is called 'Top Secret' by the NSA.

What you really want to know is WHY call it top secret?

As a youth, Dick Thornburgh [1] just happened to befriend my family. He and his first wife Ginny had John and the identical twin boys. When going to a Lutheran campout/meeting in idaho at a location east of Spokane. Ginny was killed in a head on collision with a one ton box truck on Dead Mans Pass just outside of Spokane. Dick Thornburgh's family and my family were traveling together back to the Seattle Area. Just before the 'accident' both cars stopped to stretch and wake up, though my seat was in the Thornburgh car it seemed expedient to me to switch back to my parents car. Which proved an excellent choice since the son sitting in the same seat was skelped in the 'accident' and with my height it would have meant my beheading.

Dick remarried very shortly after getting out of the hospital to once again a person by the name of Ginny (Virginia WALTON Judson). Who for some reason was at the hospital were Dick was recovering.

It looks as though Dick was at that time, part of the Preston Gates and Ellis Law Firm**** [2] now called K&L Law Firm. The Thornburgh's were visiting back and forth with my family but nothing was said as to Dick's occupation. All that was said was he worked in Seattle. Ginny was very sweet personality, and certainly must have known a lot of people because her funeral procession was huge, the longest one ever seen by me.

Shortly after that the Thornburgh's went back to the East Coast. Due to a very prestigeous job offer for Mr. Thornburgh? In 1969 he was made US Attorney for Western PA, he also was the Attorney General for PA, two terms as Govenor of PA and worked with George J.Terwiliger III some time before or in between. Terwilliger was US Attorney of the District of Columbia, United States Deputy Attorney General and at one time acting United States Attorney General . Terwilliger was even considered for the head of the FBI.

Just what did Terwilliger know, that put him in such prestigious positions? Or what did Thornburgh share with him, that put both ot them into top jobs. Thornburgh went on to be not only the Attorney General and Governor of Pennsylivania and but US Attorney General. Look at the type of cases and success rate of both Terwilliger and Thornburgh.

Keep in mind that my family respresented the heir apparent to the Covenent Blessing of the House of David /House of Stuart. In others words my family held the exclusive right as the DIRECT HEIR of King James VI & I issue. Not to mention my connection to the Roswell Crash.

What you should also know is Terwilliger is the surname of the fiancee one of my sons, until she ran off with a millionaire. To this day her sisters try to keep tabs on whatever is going on with my family.

What does this have to do with Mueller? Everything, is the answer. Take a look at his 'career' and you will start to put together the pieces of history you are NOT supposed to know. For one thing who was the one heading up the investigation of Robert Hanssen the former Chicago FBI who with his crew stopped the Y2k FROM HAPPENING. Then Robert Hanssen was set up, by the Gambino Crime family along with Peter Sikov the head of the RUSSIAN mafia in Seattle at the time. Who was in close knowledge of the Gambino family, Mueller.

Who set me up to take all assets again?

Peter Sikov and his bunch working with the then authorities in Seattle. And you might want to know that Gregoire (former Attorney General/Former Governor of State of Washington) took my courtcase CV98 35303 as her own case to 'answer' exclusive right. Gregoire knows all to well what was allowed to go on. Keep Locke (former Attorney General/ Former Governor State of Washington) in mind for the coordination with the Seattle mayor and 'leaders' like Dave Reichert (who was made Sheriff of King County after he so called arrested the fall guy Gary Ridgeway for the Green River Killings in the State of Washington). Then along with, Sue Rahr who was Internal Affairs when the GRK (Green River Killer) investigation' was supposedly happening. Then, Sue Rahr became Seattle Area, King County Sheriff after Reichert was put into the Congress taking the place of Jennifer Dunn ( which just by coincidence happens to be the same last name of Officer Dunn who was there when Captain Pompeo, the head of the Green River Task force, had his scuba 'accident').
Does this have to do with why Locke was promoted to a top position in D.C.?

Yes, folks this ties into the REAL Green River Killers (not the fall guy Gary Ridgeway). Also to US Attorney Tom Wales murder and much more.

About the time that the real ZODIAC killer's identity (which is NOT the one that is being flaunted currently as the Zodiac Killer. The REAL ZODIAC KILLeR was- Marmaduke Victor Holm - who went by Duke Victor Holm was the main REAL Zodiac Killer. BTW the REAL GRK murderer is his son) when this was coming out Mueller was assigned to California of course the Zodiac murders were in California. But not just that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals just also happens to be centered in California and my court case CV98 35303 just happened to go to the the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Well you can guess what the outcome of the California events were, can't you?

With Mueller (being from New York where my family Estate/Trusts are centered) working hand in hand with the Clintons, Mueller was repeatedly assigned to clean up matters like September 11, 2001.

Think of the items that should have been investigated on Mueller's time as head of the FBI for 12 years?

Hillary Clinton dealt to Russia control of 20 percent of the uranium capacity inside the U.S. Mueller going to Russia to present the uranium sample?

The IRS deliberately targeted Christian and conservative organiations to cause them trouble. Which kept them so busy they could do much more than deal with the IEs.

Fast and Furious saw the government traffic guns into the hands of Mexican cartel criminals. Doesn't this sound like Iran Contra?

The Department of Justice spied on AP reporters.

Some $12 billion in $100 bills was dispatched to the Iraq war theater, and vanished.

Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation got millions for speeches while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

Of course, there was Hillary Clinton’s private email server, and all the government records, including classified, that ended up there.

The HSBC money-laundering scandal.

FBI now admits that the 2001 anthrax attacks were
carried out by one or more U.S. government scientists, Senior FBI official says that the FBI was actually told to blame the Anthrax attacks on Al Qaeda by White House officials

Similarly, the U.S. falsely blamed Iraq for playing a role in the 9/11 attacks – as shown by a memo from the defense secretary – as one of the main justifications

(Additionally, the same judge who has shielded the Saudis for any liability for funding 9/11 has awarded a default judgment against Iran for $10.5 billion for carrying out 9/11 …)

Former Department of Justice lawyer John Yoo suggested in 2005 that the US should go on the offensive against al-Qaeda, having “our intelligence agencies create a false terrorist organization.

(A 2008 US Army special operations field manual recommends that the U.S. military use surrogate non-state groups such as “paramilitary forces **** [3], individuals, businesses, foreign political organizations, resistant or insurgent organizations, expatriates,

Denver police admitted that uniformed officers deployed in 2008 to an area where alleged “anarchists” had planned to wreak havoc outside the Democratic National Convention ended up getting into a melee with two undercover policemen. The uniformed officers didn’t know the undercover officers were cops.

Austin police admit that 3 officers infiltrated the Occupy protests in that city. Prosecutors admit that one of the undercover officers purchased and constructed illegal “lock boxes” which ended up getting many protesters arrested.

CIA has admitted that it uses viruses and malware from Russia and other countries to carry out cyberattacks and blame other countries.

Similarly, police frame innocent people for crimes they didn’t commit. The practice is so well-known that the New York Times noted in 1981: In police jargon, a throwdown is a weapon planted on a victim.

Florida nightclub shooting, Vegas Massacre, School shootings such as:

Ask Robert Mueller only two questions about Sandy Hook.

Question One: How come the alleged “massacre” at Sandy Hook Elementary School was able to occur in a building that had been closed for several years in Newtown, Connecticut due to toxins such as asbestos being present?

Question Two: If, indeed, the alleged “massacre” did occur on December 14, 2012 at the site for Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, why, during your watch as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, were no homicides ever recorded for Newtown or Monroe in the FBI Crime Report Records for 2012, which was compiled by the FBI?'

Did Mueller get the top spot in the FBI for so long, because he knew just what was NOT supposed to come to light in the Public Arena?

These are just highlights of what could be brought out. So you decide what you think about the above information.­­ Don't forget to read the appendix additions to the information.


[1] Dick Thornburgh former Governor of Pennsylvania the location of the Original Capitol of the Colonies. You will find a house across the street was built by my fifth Great Grandfather Bonnie Prince Charlie (who according to 'official' history never lived in the Colonies, but was a woundering drunk in Europe with no issue. Died in the Vatican Basilica Chapel and to this day a big monument indicates he is buried there.)

[2] Preston Gates and Ellis (now called K&L Law Firm, of Bill Gates' (Microsoft fame) father William Gates Sr. This firm seemed to have to change the name after the truth was brought out about the connection of Jack Abramoff's to not only the firm but the kidnapping of one of my identical twin boys.

See [4] And the name Gates alone is key to the Virginia Charters 1606,9 & 12 (written by my ninth Great Grandfather King James the VI & I (KJV Bible) The Charters (to this day are used for tremendous power and wealth just by the Wrong ones) stressed that King James' issue must be in charge of the Charters . However, the 'Crown' maintains my family does not exist and 'they' have exclusive right to that Wealth and Control of not only the Charters but also the Estate of the House of Stuart/ House of David or Treasure of Solomon etc. .

[3] Like Blackwater (name change to XE) founded by Eric Prince, brother of the now US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos (wife of Amway co founder)


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