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"Good Luck. That's Quite Shitty, Booed Us." Mercury sent t
Fri May 11, 2018 09:19

"Good Luck. That's Quite Shitty, Booed Us."

Mercury sent those two Tele receives.

Bitch has never booed our extraterrestrial elders that have done so much good for us.

Might that Boo Tele send be concerning the way Bitch posted the capture of flight Lieutenant Felix Moncla in 1953 and putting him into hibernation?
Bitch derived what happened to Felix after he was captured by our extraterrestrial family from the recollections that Gord Heath had concerning Felix.

For those who have studied the extraterrestrial intervention into our world, have we noticed our elders have some highly abstract communications methods?

The Kinross Incident
UFO*BC My Story
Investigation Report by Gord Heath, UFOBC

Here's a link to the Kinross Incident reported by Gord Heath

Previously Gord had reported about Felix Moncla's activities after he was in the care of our extraterrestrial family. That section was not able to find after searching UFO BC website. That was where Gord reported that Felix stepped into a knee-deep chilled solution.

Our elders are kind supremely advanced peaceful Beings who absolutely do nothing that is not gracious.

Rather than putting Felix in an oxygen and nutrient-rich solution in a hibernation tank at 34 degrees, instead they may have Felix living a wonderful life with our extraterrestrial elders upstairs.

For those who have looked into our extraterrestrial family, are we not completely aware they are absolutely peaceful Beings? Yes, they are.

Are we understanding that if they had not pulled the 3,200 H bombs out of the sky in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, we would not be alive at this moment?

Thank you, big brothers and sisters, for being so kind to us here. I never would boo you in any way at all. Hopefully, the reader has not been put aside from perceiving how caring, loving, and nice you all are.

Once the war is finally over might, we appreciate that Felix Moncla will be returning to earth?

For those who have the time and inclination to read what Gord Heath has to say his story is real interesting in an incredible way.

From what Bitch can see Gord is part of the transition out of war and into peace. Reading what Gord has to say is mind-expanding in many ways.

Our elders are still with us Labor; they have not left us. Elder wished Bitch "good luck" earlier this afternoon as I continue to try and convince Labor to not burn us up completely.

Our genus has already been vastly reduced though we may not become physically aware of it for many more years.

We are being put out of existence and Judah claims that his genius was able to do it in a way that we are involved in sin, so it blocked God from saving us.

Are we perceiving the truth of what Judah is telling us here?

Are we understanding that because we are involved in sin, our lives won't be spared?

Are American workers understanding that the lives that are being taken away every day by American Labor funded Jewish war machine are original life forms that we have shared the planet with since we first arose 12 million years ago?

Are we understanding that the life forces we are funding destroying every day were crafted 200,000 years ago and share the same high level extraterrestrial 223 psychiatric package that we and our elders themselves have?

That we are involved in funding the sin of Jewish sports war that is taking these sacred God-given life forces out of existence are we perceiving that will block God from saving us?


78year old retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern shouts in reverse facial speech as he is hustled out of the hearing room where the notorious psychotic torturer Gina Haspel entertains a congressional troupe.
"I did my high D's because I had a sight trash. I do a force psychotic for free because that's my best effort."

Prior to McGovern's forcible removal, a female protester was escorted out by Capitol Police after shouting "Bloody Gina!" and "you are a torturer!" - the former being a nickname given to Haspel by her colleagues at the CIA according to whistleblower John Kiriakou.

CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou said she was "personally involved in torture because she “enjoyed it.”

“I don’t believe the terrorists follow any guidelines, or civilized norms, or the law,” she said, further insisting there was no comparison to be made between CIA agents and terrorists, even if both employed torture.

God is dying the sick breed out of our species. Will Labor not step up and give God some help?

"I urge you to give then a fall for their sin," God Almighty our heavenly Father, sweet Lord, and Sovereign said.

While thinking about what Judah is turning loose on us on Tuesday one reverse facial speech indicated they were beginning the opp on Monday night.

What do you think about this news concerning the great apes?

On the right side of the screen, "The Return of the Great Apes - Monday at Ten."

Might that headline reflect knowledge of the beginning of the opps they have set for Tuesday?

"You let me attack you because I'm vicious," Judee say.

Will Labor not show Godly courage and have faith in the Lord and close the great vicious apes out right?

"A trance is fair. We have performance rights. With the dog I just fiend you dumb. We wash out a morsel. I use a Mormon for an investful day. Corrobiously I always set your wits.

With a proper John, I get a good weap. We just be out for obviously putting you in fear. It's all out in the open; I failed my roots. I did my high D's because I had a sight trash. I do a force psychotic for free because that's my best effort.

Campbell was a right fuse, but I'm in error now. Bitch hopelessly got me outside. I have apps to cage you, I bore you torpedo. I played you smooth to hold off the Marshman. As long as you pay for battery, I'll keep stacking because I hate you.

I blew your rich indelible. We just have Jew on mustard gas for lethargy racket. Jew lethal you with fear. Our conspear is up, I just blew you with a mental rouge.

My package is a field goal. I just did my best with my strategies with my nuclear, now you see I'm false. I just weap you hugely; the circuit's gone. For our circuit free force, we fash. I war you with my core gypsy, that's why I won. I'm just a core for your Joe.

Great daggers we falsed you angerous wits. All my lethal analysis is passing because I got too big. My free prince weapy you, Murtha. I give you all temperature ashement to die. Our theory sticks. Fish brutal I'm stripping you.

Police chiefs let me do all police, New Orleans. We would foul you decimals but our new day was tossed out. I just have a nice German peace fight. I just fight you alliances. I core you chief with a camel.

Jew foulitics. I insure to do mug opps. I was a pretty big thug. Jew Pittsburgh cast you pretty big to die. My cage-in days is done. My witless has told you I'm a Jew sick. I push you mental battery Hollywood.

I took you off like a fish. I put in sport rules that let me sin. From my cradle you get maximum washing. We always put infections to a right sore.

Our big real estate job just wash you off. I'm free to fight you Orkney. I just whopped you with rotten authority. We just want your rights out so we can fate you well. My Palistan pitch has come off of me.

I got hold of your state and just bored away. I'm an ostra-goof-a-gen that's why I paste you right. With an insult and debts we die you right, I had salt. H----- see lethargy and trounced it. A correct die folds an impossible region.

The white mental threw the Jew off because our whole colony is corrupt. We use strength to forage. I hold you classified hotel. Your staff won't let you win without getting communists pushed off. We have a great theory. You failed for Jew boozelistee.

My careful offices do document my offend well. Jew gets in with baby empathy. The white boy threw us out because we were over presumptuous. They pushed me out of the center of my jolly life. I had a Fritz die gruesome that fell.

Police Otto. My deck for menace is done. My court for dungeon great fusion. We set you accessories for fun. Our tomb is set with Loomis room. Jew forms to do tragedy for fun. I'm a police ball aggravate. We punch you right with a false image.

Our rapture threw Africa out. I carriage your rights to freedom Mitchum. I bored you census failed with molly-gen. Our whiskey waste now has fallen for gen. We had a nice spirit until Casper fall our wrench," Judee say.

"We punch you right with a false image."

How about we combine that reverse facial speech with what Judah said the other day, "I won because you believe a liar?"

"The white boy threw us out because we were over presumptuous."

To presume that 2% can ravage the other 98% forever. Was Judah not presuming too much?

Has Sir Casper not fallen Judah's wrench nice enough that we cannot get some help from the majority of Labor to close the genocidal menace out?

"A correct die folds an impossible region."

Might we think of how Judah assassinated President Kennedy and that die folded the impossible region called the United States of America?

The correct die that Judah did when he assassinated Mayor Harold Washington and folded that impossible region called Chicago. Will Labor not let them off right?

"H----- see lethargy and trounced it."

Father who wants all of His simian children cared for and wants advanced technology in operation to produce the great wealth needed to feed house and clothe all of us. And Judah forcing lethargy in with windmills and solar panels that solve little for our world.

Our environment being destroyed in a multiple of ways by the lethargy that Judah makes with war to hold us into every day.

Has God our Father not let Judah trounce himself well enough that Labor will not now get involved and close Judah war machine out?

"We just want your rights out so we can fate you well."

Might we see that who controls our purse determines who will have rights and who will not?

We control our purse we have our God-given rights recognized. Judah controls our purse and we have no rights and have to accept the fate that Judah decides for us.

Are we understanding the fate Judah has for us is to be died off totally?

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.

Bitch had a computer conversation the other day with a 29-year-old American woman.

He said he was fully involved with acting to stop the war before he could get on with anything else in his life and she responded:

"What war?"

God's law given to us 3,500 years ago, "thou shalt not kill," must American labor not end funding atrocity, war, and genocide against the same creation we are?

And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.

Our children as us now set in weeks to begin losing our wits due to inhaling brimstone waste fumes.

"Rare" elders describe Judah ability to get ordinary fish to believe a liar.

The third of the human race that Judah is dying off as he lives out his life in the undergrounds. Revealed to us at the time of Jesus two thousand years ago and written in our Bibles.

Whites now set to be the single largest number of the third of the human race to go out of life form now.

Will we not pray it is not so?

The failure to inform ourselves of our passing. Does that bring to mind what Father said when Bitch showed his fault of stupid when he insulted you's, "what happened here?"

"Whiskey," Judah analysis says as to why he was able to determine the fate of the white people. Judah also claims that his threats to white people are why white has not acted to remove him from his perch.

God would save our lives if only we would try to live right.

"Try to perceive me, I love you; I want to save your lives. I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," Father said.

Mushroom dairy only one of the catastrophes that Judah is pushing on us. The nuclear brimstone artillery at Hitachi-GE that could have been turned off years ago with adding boron to the cooling water.

Our territory being flushed out in such a way that the majority of Americans will now perish in a nuclear brimstone waste war.

Will we not pray that American Labor will listen to the good advice of our extraterrestrial elders, "Get Smart and STRIKE THEM OUT?"

The one thing the vicious Jew cannot take is a peaceful general strike that will take him off of issuing our money.

Will American Labor not give us a general STRIKE with the demand that a Committee of the Whole from Labor will issue our money?

"You're involved in sin; your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you," our extraterrestrial elders said.

The best deal ever for the human race, Labor issue our money and no more opps on anybody.

The Organizing Principle of Society, the authority to issue a nation's money. Held worldwide in the private hands of weap Jewish.

Will Labor not take a stand and take over the Organizing Principle of society? WIll American Labor not do God's will and close the roar of Judah out of our world? Will Labor not prove we are "rare" too?

Judah now spotted around the world with his Fornian lookalike hybrid transplant shells that pretend to be us.

Will the occidental force not put the basis of the Western world in once again, our sacred American Bill of Rights?

The agreement signed and made the law of the land on December 15th, 1791. The American Bill of Rights that allowed for the creation of the United States of America. The rules that do not allow us to be sported out of our lives, liberty or property.

The laws to protect us that Jewish took away from us and our kids returning us to waif status with the politicians that Judah hires.

Will working people not try to recognize the best thing that we have ever had in our lives is our God-given American constitutionally guaranteed rights?

The difference between Euro-peons, serfs, and Americans. Might we recognize it is our rights?

Will American Labor let the Hapsburg machine off of America right?

The adventure land Jewish has turned America into where the international sports investor crowd have come to roost. Will Labor not remove murder for hire as a hedge fund insurance investment specialty?

Will ordinary people not try to recognize the advanced, peaceful extraterrestrial society that has stepped in and prevented us from being burned up in a surprise all-out nuclear blast war?

Will Labor not let the Wall Street genocide extinction business model off of us?

People that have hated us genocide for thousands of years. Will Labor not now close them out of here right? Will American Labor not let them off in God's way now?

If not now, when?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," God Almighty of heaven and earth said.

An extraterrestrial society 38 light years from earth, an eight-hour journey from here to there.

If we do not stop this genocide might we try to perceive we will die massively now?

If surveys are correct two out of three of us are mis-sighted. That is we accept killing people even though God gave us our rules that said: "thou shalt not kill."

Will American Labor not help us now to resight ourselves in the love of God, somehow?

There are some that will go out of life form now and the rest will carry on for nine million more years then. Either way, might we say we're all going away sometime? Certainly.

Continues at:

For those who want to go on for the next nine million years as part of the Galactic Federation of Light will we not STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

It's a tough deal we're facing no

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