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"We Pace You Monkey and Assign You Skunk. We Mental You Mois
Sun May 13, 2018 07:46

"We Pace You Monkey and Assign You Skunk. We Mental You Moisture to do Jew Breeze, that's how we come out ahead," Judee say.

The monkey business of Jewish militarism that assigns us skunk.

Will Labor not get this torturing Jewish nightmare of a failed rogue nuclear warfighting state off of us?

The falsity of fisting as Jewish pretend we need to do to get the things we need to live. Do we not have overwhelming proof that we do not need to fight to get what we need to live? Certainly.

Has our good God not given us enough proof of His love that we will not now shut the weap violators out of our community of love right?

"I urge you to give them a fall for their sin," God our Father in heaven said.
The three hundred kilotons thermonuclear warhead that was launched from a Russian submarine on January 13th of this year that was seen to safely explode high in the skies 100 miles before reaching its target destination at Honolulu.

Will Labor not listen to our good God Almighty and give them a right fall for their sin?

How does Bitch know the target destination was Honolulu rather than Pearl Harbor naval base this time?

A reverse facial speech he pulled from a Judee revealed the warhead was aimed to explode over Honolulu.

"Honolulu missed my force right. With my congress, I just walk on through," Judee say.

For those who have spent the time researching nuclear ballistic missile attacks against us have we not read of how a nuclear missile launch at Pearl Harbor Naval base was attempted on March 8, 1968?

Did mystery Russian sub K-129 set out to start World War III?
Troy Lennon, History editor, The Daily Telegraph
March 7, 2017

What the Americans heard on their underwater monitoring network SOSUS on March 8, 1968 was a “bang” consistent with the noise of a submarine exploding, or perhaps, imploding.

One theory, set out in American scientist John Craven’s 2001 book The Silent War, was that the submarine had been trying to launch a nuclear strike before the missile exploded and sent it to the bottom of the ocean.

Craven, an expert on naval technology, discovered that one of the nuclear missiles was missing. On that he built a theory involving a rogue crew trying to start World War III.

Kenneth Sewell also wrote a book, Red Star Rogue giving his theory that K-129 exploded and sunk when it attempted to launch a nuclear missile at Pearl Harbor Naval station.

Red Star Rogue & UFO Connection

Red Star Rogue tells the story of the Russian K-129 submarine that attempted a nuclear missile attack upon Pearl Harbor Hawaii to begin a general nuclear war in 1968. Might we not view the event today as a triggering event designed to lead to a general nuclear war?

Bitch theorize that our extraterrestrial family put the missiles on that Jewish controlled Russian submarine into a safety shut down and Judah pressed forward anyway and triggered the rocket engine to start while still in the launch tube that caused a fire and then explosion sinking the K-129.

Mikhail Suslov (1902-1982),
a long time member of the Russian central committee was one of the conspirators who tried to begin a general nuclear war between Russia and the United States by attacking Pearl Harbor naval base with a thermonuclear warhead on that Friday of March 8, 1968.

Might we see Mikhail Suslov was a hybrid transplant look-alike Jewish Fornian in a Russian shell?

The innocent crew members on K-129, might they have been beamed off of that suicide death trap ship when it exploded, and their lives were spared? Bitch theorize they were spared by our extraterrestrial elders.

The Rubin machine works nuclear missile launch specialists bodies were found when the K-129 was retrieved by Howard Hughes Glomar Explorer.

In 1990 Bitch detected Sir Casper in the phone lines with his computer and asked Him what He was doing where Sir Casper responded, "software blocking missiles."

Only learning in more recent years that Sir Casper is a Martian who has done all the missile pulls for the Federation.

Sir Casper also handled the shutdown of the intercontinental ballistic missile equipped with a nine-megaton warhead that was fired at Russia when Judah tried to launch from Damascus Arkansas on September 18th, 1980

Bitch explains at this page how that missile was software controlled by Sir Casper so that it would not launch and instead would safely burn itself up in the launch tube if Judah tried to launch it to begin World War III.

Disaster at Silo 7 & UFO Connection: What really happened that day September 18, 1980, near Damascus Arkansas?
Titan II Missile Explosion

Can we try to imagine what the Russian response would be to a nine-megaton thermonuclear warhead exploding over Moscow that was launched from America?

Might we see how Jewish have abused the mild people of the north both East and West with war?

Mild people that have lived in peace and love together for 30,000 years in the cold lands of the north and Jewish breed in look-alike Fornian Replicons and use them to put us into a fight against each other.

Will we not say prayers of thanks to our good God Almighty in heaven above for sparing us from extinction in the well planned and lavishly financed Jewish war of extinction of the Druid Slav peoples?

Stosh and Bert and Ernie in Europe East and West that came up with grand jury process to protect the peoples' liberty, trial by jury and no cruel treatment anytime.

All made the law of the land in the new and improved United States of America. And thrown in the trash can by Jewish who only want to destroy the white man.

"You let us attack you because we're vicious," Judee say.

Will Labor not put fear aside and help us to bring the peace of our good God in?

Extraterrestrials from the Galactic Federation of Light that were sent in to spare us from nuclear extinction.

Will Labor not awaken to the beautiful love that God has for His simian children on earth and try to save ourselves from being died off by Jewish brimstone waste war?

"I URGE YOU TO GIVE THEM A FALL FOR THEIR SIN," God on high said to His kids in His village on earth.

The gofers, lackeys, vicious hearts and minds Judah installs in office. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

The Labor resource that made available the trillions of dollars that Jewish used to build the hundred and fifty thousand nuclear bombs they filled our planet up with.

Though might we perceive of those trillions of purported 'defense dollars,' many went to build the vast underground shelters where they are hiding as they finish us out of life form now?

Tyranny that is a lifestyle of Jewish on free money and a style of death for the ordinary people.

Our mild brothers and sisters in Russia. How did we ever get sold on building and then pointing genocide Jewish nuclear missiles at them?

The false consciousness that Jewish liars specialize in putting in. Will American Labor not hire only truth from now on?

They claim in reverse facial speech that they have never once failed to fool and then die the Druid people out.

They go to school with our children and find out the best and brightest we have then in high school they have some hired guns from Fort Campbell show up to machine gun our best and brightest down at school.

Machine gun us down on the streets of Las Vegas.

Are the Druid people understanding that if we do not respond to this Jew, they will now kill us like sheep?

Bitchie no perfect boy and he don't claim to be, but he has a facility of mind that sees deep.

Bitchie responding to the love of God trying to convince you to try and save yourselves now.

Our family in Catalonia, Spain was being set up for some Judah sport. They heard about Judah Fornian look alike Replicon hybrid transplant kids and now are tossing them out of office over there.

Will America Labor not do the same in America now?

According to Jewish nuclear war fighting scientists, our wits will begin dimming from the brimstone waste in our air in two weeks from now.

Then we will have an increase in strokes and heart attacks to follow from the high background radiation Jewish electricity waste is subjecting us to.

"Mumps," as they call it will come in after that. It takes a little time to incubate cancer from high radiation levels.

And in 5 years time, if mild people remain supine, we will be dead and gone for all times with our kids.

Genocide is illegal in the Galactic Federation of light. Might we try to perceive that Judah is an outlaw not only on earth but an outlaw in the higher realms above?

"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off tunnel death," God Almighty of heaven and earth said.

Jewish who stood against man and won. Jewish who stood against God and are now gone.

"You're involved in sin your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you," God's angels said.

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4. Try to perceive me, I love you, I want to save your lives. Sooth me. Wake me when they've struck," Papa said.

Father, who sleeps 75% of the time is now in His last time alive.

"I'm dying. I'm dying," Papa said to His Bitch.

And in Father's dying breaths we find he loves his frightened and misguided children on earth and wills us to live.

"Wake me when they've struck, Papa said.

From God's words, might we accept that American Labor is going to STRIKE the Jews out? Certainly.

Their arrogant, violent semen that only seeks to crush the life out of God's mild kids.

The "unique value of cooperation" that Judah observed as to why we were able to produce so much wealth for everyone.

The envy and jealousy due to our cooperative wealth creating abilities that drove jealous Jewish to seek our extinction from existence.

Will American Labor not listen to our good God who has had His angels save us time and time again and STRIKE THEM OUT? Must America Labor not give them a fall for their sin?

Our extraterrestrial space fleet will be here in 30 years from now. Might we recognize that 30 years is but a blink in time?

Our airplanes so advanced and durable now that with the addition of velocity power supplies and some modifications they will be able to travel beyond our world.

Our hybridization with extraterrestrial high intelligence psychiatric genetics 200,000 years ago that accelerated us to go extraterrestrial 2 million years ahead of our natural time.

223 high intelligence psychiatric genetics gifted to us by Father Kirsker because he loved how well we cared for all of our beautiful simian community of love.

All the other hominids around back then, now gone and departed, nothing left but their bones.

And why did we survive when the other 35 hominids all died?

Might we accept the secret to our survival is in the high intelligence genetics we have?

Understanding this critical fact of life, will we not take action to end the war and genocide that is being perpetrated on the American Labor dollar?

"They're no friends of mine. They have NO defensible rights," God Almighty said of weap Judah.

They have NO defensible rights and here we sit letting them hold the critically most important office of government, the Organizing Principle of Society, the concession to issue our cash which they secretly use to insurance mouse us and do catastrophes.

Jewish still attacking us with nuclear missiles hoping to get a shot past Sir Casper.

Our race already largely decimated but we may not know it until we learn years from now that our children are now sterile.

Though that may not be that important for if we fund war and genocide for only a couple weeks more our children and we won't be around that long to even try to breed any more kids.

Our elders' computer simulations from two thousand years ago figured in Judah's rare ability to convince people to keep doing things that would lead to them destroying themselves.

And from those computer simulations, they projected that Judah would destroy a third of the human race when he went out of here.

Might we consider the Federations projections from two thousand years ago are exactly right so far?

A third of the water on the surface of planet earth Judah has already poisoned out as the Federation predicted two thousand years ago.

Now the only part of the prophecy to be fulfilled will be the third of the human race dying off from breathing brimstone waste.

In the face of the love of God for His simian children on earth, Jewish went ahead with the building of the infernal machines to blast shock and awe burn us up directly and poison out the environment so that no life would remain on the surface of the earth.

Will the mild people not put our hearts and minds together and take the authority to issue our money away from these horrific genocidal thieves?

The difference between Judee and Bitch, do some recall that Father said that Bitch would be OK because his thinking is based in love?

For those who say that "Bitch is much too imperfect to listen to to try and convince you to save yourselves," if it is perfection you need for perfection might you not want to pray to our good God above for the instructions on how to save yourselves now?

The Federation has telepathic transceivers that can hear our prayers.

Bitch, not in possession of enough wits to perceive that we even had a God.

"A mythological construct," are the words God used to describe Bitch thoughts about the question of God.

"Faith," Bitch thought was a mental tool to fool one's self when a Jew was not around to fool us in person.

Where in reality faith is an understanding that our good God can do miracles for us because he is all-powerful and good.

Our miracles can arrive if only we will have faith in His goodness and love.

38 light-years away in the direction of the North Star, the home of our precious sweet Father, our good God in heaven above.

Our last chance now to save our lives. Will Labor not act up, STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

"Velocity threw off our vision of racial, if not for that we would have won. Psychology rules my police department with a Jew's head. Our chef lets us do more-lest with our French every day.

Hey Pat, our false forced you out. You're dusted. I score you with a lamppost good with a picture. I bash you right cross. I tomb all your debt. We exhaust you for a great set. Tripled in factory.

The subsidy I found fed my brutal day. We did your air to do more lethal. Our fall paralyzed you. We have a right narrative for a right war. Shag you out. Drew, you famous me," Judee say.

Will Druid not end Judah famous by ending funding and fighting his historical eternal sports war?

Labor leader William Sylvis who explained to us before he was stolen away at 41 years of age in 1869 that Labor needed to be at the table where our money is issued from.

And today what do we have but our good God Almighty, our precious sweet Father from the Galactic Federation of Light expressing His will that Labor issue our money.

149 years ago the most important key to peace and plenty in our world explained to us by the bright wits of Labor leader William Sylvis.

Might we see how Judah has historically focused on stealing our bright wits away?

With that in mind, while researching yesterday happened to come upon a United States ambassador who set things with China to be done peacefully before he was suddenly stolen away in 1870 at 49 years old.
Anson Burlingame (November 14, 1820 – February 23, 1870) was an American lawyer, legislator, and diplomat.

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