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Brown's Gas, Hydroxy Gas, Hydrogen-Oxygen, Heals the Body.
Tue May 15, 2018 09:12

May 15, 2018 - Brown's Gas, Hydroxy Gas, Hydrogen-Oxygen, Heals the Body. - - C4I - May 22, Richfield and Wiseman on Health!! - - - Brown's Gas, Hydroxy Gas, Hydrogen, Heals the Body, George Wiseman - - Plants Don't Lie By George Wiseman, Sat, 2016-11-26 04:28 Categories: Brown's Gas Health Enhancement Plants Don't Lie Full document click here for PDF Download - - - George Wiseman Brown's Gas -'s+Gas&oq=George+Wiseman+Brown's+Gas - , - Steve Richfield, - - - Call4Investigation, Seattle Community Media, Don Grahn, Patricia JHS, Production and Hosting, with support from Will P. Wilson. Call 4 Investigation - - - Call 4 Investigation - Steven Richfield and George Wiseman on Health!! - - - - C4I - April 17, Brown's Gas, George Wisemanby Patricia Shupe, Donald T. Grahn, Co-Hosts, 206-420-7790 - - 20121025 - Presentation by George Wiseman - - - - - - wiseman - Brown's Gas for Health 5 of 5 ~ Programming Water -'s%20gas%20for%20health%205%20of%205%20~%20programming%20water - Eagle-Research BrochureUploaded by George Wiseman - - - Browns Gas(sometimes called HHO or 2HO or Hydroxy) - - - -
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May 10, 2018 To Edward Swaim, Arkansas Natural Resources Commission, -, from (Dr.) Will P. Wilson, concerning the linked on-line posted news reports (Below) that were sent to the Arkansas State Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin, and to Ben Gilmore, the Deputy Chief of Staff and Communications Director, Office of the Arkansas State Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin, and to David Ray.

These reports explain the potential for the development of Plasma Water Technological Applications concerning Nuclear Decontamination and increased agricultural output, and safer water and air policies as to what can be applied to these future architectures and industries, thus that can then be looked into for future industrial and agricultural sector developments herein the State of Arkansas.

Agriculture and Industrial Development Sectors that then can possibly be further explored here in the State of Arkansasthat pertain to future Aqua Farming Research and Development projects and that will expand statewide commerce, and to future expanded agricultural areas of R & D, involving plasma nuclear decontamination, water and air filtration, and irrigation treatment technologies and to local manufacturing of this technology.

This future and expanding commerce sector will involve Plasma Water and Air Technological Research and Development thatwill lead to effective future county and state legislative and administrative infrastructures, laws, ordinances, protocols, and district and regional codes and guidelines that will then further lead to other states and counties nationwide following the architectures being put together here in the state of Arkansas that will also lead to an expected increase in statewide employment and revenue.
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Steve Richfield - On Call4Investigation, Savant AI Management — willpwilson 908, Sun Apr 22 -;article=158971;title=APFN;pagemark=20


What more can I say? Hit ANYTHING with a high-temperature torch for a while and it will go away - radiation and all. What seems to be needed is SOME sort of demonstration that Brown's gas does ANYTHING real for nuclear decontamination. So far, I have seen absolutely NOTHING to seriously suggest that Brown's gas or other chemical means will decontaminate radioactivity, though there seems to be prospects for high-energy X-rays.

You can send lots of emails, and only succeed in blowing your own credibility for other real-world technologies.

If you really want to get something going, you need at least one of the following two things:
1. A really good airtight story that will convince almost any expert that a technology absolutely WILL work, and/or
2. A really good airtight demo that will convince almost any expert that a technology definitely DOES work.

You now have neither of these for Brown's gas decontamination, AND the Chinese are working on something much better than Brown's gas even promises, namely, Thorium, that captures the latent energy.

I suggest you stop beating this horse, quickly, before everyone realizes it is DOA.

= = = = = = =
Steve Richfield -


In Mike's paper you referenced, He clearly stated that he does NOT understand what is happening. The demos are intriguing, but are a loooong way from demonstrating anything useful.

Complicating this are the MANY ways that experiments can be inadvertently corrupted. For example, heating a sample will cause surface oxidation that will absorb some of the soft radiation, so a sample will APPEAR to have been decontaminated. Then, over following weeks, some of the oxygen will migrate into the sample - all of which would work together to show the observed phenomena of variable radioactivity WITHOUT any actual decontamination.

Did you ever hear the story of Stasny's ghost detector that he could control with his mind?!!! Another case of wishful acceptance of the incredible - without considering real-world explanations. This incident taught me to look VERY carefully at claims of success at doing the incredible.

Will P. Wilson -
May 12, 2018 Thank you Steve for this analysis. But in the mean time, the global extinction event is still a serious matter and no one is literally trying to do anything to address this worldwide suicide matter, and at least I am trying to awaken the thinking processes of this state's leadership here to even to get their knowing that it is even occurring.

It is hard to believe that this is going on let alone that they don't even know that it is happening.

You think that just simply sitting back and to let it keep happening just because something is not scientifically considered status quo accepted and or that it is not fully understood and or that the knowledge of plasma physics is not yet known or that it has been suppressed by the globalist's is the best way to let the entire world fall into an extinction event thereof, that this is the best way to go?

Regardless if something is and or that it is not yet tried and true and or that the scientific realm of it is not yet proven, and or accepted as a way
of thinking and knowing that oh, well, I guess that we just sit back and do absolutely nothing to try to address this insanely disregarded worldwide extinction circumstance of mankind right now spiraling into the abyss of nuclear annihilation?

When at least I am trying to do something, and I am trying to get our community to at least wake up to this let alone to try to do something to survive this.

The entire survival of the human race upon this planet is at stake right now. Will
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George Wiseman - Will and Steve,

A quick review of this correspondence shows me that:

1. Will is unaware that some of his Brown’s Gas facts are incorrect. More on that below.

2. Steve hasn’t seen my radioactive neutralization information package, which contains more than adequate proof of independent tests by qualified entities of the efficacy of using Brown’s Gas to neutralize radioactive waste… Quickly and Inexpensively.

A $10,000 investment will buy a BG machine capable of neutralizing ALL the radioactive waste from any given nuclear power plant. No need to transport or store radioactive material.

This is science FACT, already proven multiple times… And brushed under the carpet, NOT because it doesn’t work but because the nuclear industry does NOT want to neutralize the waste.

It still has energy that can be utilized in various ways, like Paul Brown’s nuclear battery technology. Here’s a typical expert saying ‘it’s useful’…
It’s just politically incorrect to SAY they want to KEEP the waste, so it’s simpler to just ignore simple neutralization technologies like Brown’s Gas.

Will, FYI, listening to Todd is going to lead you astray. He likes to talk and be center of attention but really is spouting what he THINKS to be true, not what is true. I’ve done the actual research and experiments. I had him in my shop for a few weeks and it turned out to be a fiasco. Personally I would NOT use him as a reference.

That said, even Yull Brown allowed certain ‘myths’ about Brown’s Gas to propagate unaddressed. I’m now trying to address them.

BG does NOT sublimate tungsten. The tungsten liquifies, vaporizes and burns. It’s SMOKE you are seeing (oxidized tungsten) not sublimated tungsten. I got really dark lenses so I could observe the actual interaction and I could see the liquid puddle with the vapors coming off and burning. Sublimation is vaporization directly from solid, no liquid… Thus NO sublimation.

BG does NOT implode. In it’s ‘pure’ form it will ALWAYS explode first, then (if in an enclosed container that withstood the explosion) a vacuum will form as the gasses combine to form water (and take up 1800 times less room). Thus a vacuum is formed, but NOT by implosion.

When the BG is burned in open air, it has a long ‘laser-like’ flame, due to the ‘net vacuum’ combustion. The flame is actually making a ’tunnel’ in the air (because of the ’net vacuum’), and the air acts to ‘contain’ the burn, so it’s long and thin.

That said, there IS one component of BG that WILL implode. The Electrically Expanded Water (ExW, a plasma form of water) that is still water but in a gaseous form that is not water vapor or steam (if you cool it, it will not condense). Since this ExW is water is a gaseous form, it will ‘implode’ when it loses the extra electrons that are causing it to be a plasma.
But separating out this single component of BG has been a challenge.

The ExW is the component that contains the ‘energy’ that people note ‘electric shock’.

Brown’s Gas changes temperature depending on which material it’s directed against.

Brown’s Gas never changes it’s combustion characteristics when directed against any material. It’s the MATERIAL that reacts differently. BG is a ‘cool’ flame in that it radiates very little thermal energy… But it’s a HIGH energy flame. Most of it’s energy is electrons (electrical in nature) so it directs this ‘electricity’ into the molecular structure of the material, so the material reacts to this electrical energy input and thus shows different results than when presented to a thermal flame.

NOTE: BG does not ‘cut cleanly through wood’ It will bore a hole through wood, but the edges are charcoal, not ‘clean’. It does do better than a thermal flame but I wouldn’t call the result ‘clean’.

I’m not sure what your chart means by ‘adheres to matter’

Those were some of my thoughts as I pursued your email.
BG has some amazing applications that are real and practical.

Here are a few more ‘myths’
We do not need to propagate myths to promote BG.
Myths ultimately undermine the BG’s credibility.

May the blessings be
= = = = = =
Will P. Wilson -
May 12, 2018 To Steve Richfield - - -
and to George Wiseman, - from (Dr.) Will P. Wilson.

Thank you George for this information (Below.) especially concerning what Steve Richfield has mentioned about the Chinese research on Thorium and
in part related to here - Is Nuclear Waste Really Waste? -

Yet, in the mean time, how does a state like Arkansas thus, be able to focus on developing research and development and to be able to build
and architect a supporting aqua farming industry that in part will help to also pay for the research when most of this field of development is not even
yet mapped out and or even fully understood yet?

Therefor, because this matter is a beginning scientific phase and an extremely important endeavor, and that just because it

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