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"I Got Your Big Farm Industries. We're scoring You Desertly.
Tue May 15, 2018 10:10

"I Got Your Big Farm Industries. We're scoring You Desertly. Your Great Ride's Now Been Spiced Out. Our Broken Arrow Prevents Us From Taking Your Race Out, Now You're Beginning to See it,"Judee say.

Can we not say a prayer of thanks to our precious sweet Father for sending His angels in from Mars to give Judah a fair and proper broken arrow?

How fair was it to let Judah build one hundred and fifty thousand atomic bombs and then let him try to extinct our race with a three-hour shot and the entire time our extraterrestrial elders never shot Judah or his nuclear war fighting industry once?

Might there not be some agreement that Father was more than fair with giving Judah as much of an opportunity as he needed to exterminate us and then letting Judah catch his own witty self?

"Give them enough rope, and they'll hang themselves," budget Judee said.

"Patrick, please don't embarrass us," beautiful big sister Juliet said when Patrick suggested that's what the Federation did, give Judah enough rope to hang himself.

To "demonstrate the magnitude of the deception, magnify their imperfections," Juliet said was why elders dropped one of their spacecraft at Roswell in 1947.

The integrated circuitry found in that extraterrestrial spacecraft that was given to American industry in 1970 to duplicate.

Most of our circuitry that we use today was designed, built and on the shelf by 1978.

Might we not want to say a prayer of thanks to Father for having His angels gift us with the advanced technology that we have in our hands now?

"Unix," Judah says as to why he lost his place with us.

The multi-user multi-tasking computer software that is the style of operating system that we use to power the internet today. Free Linux the backbone of the Internet.

The external aggression, the self-destructive behavior of the 'Deuce, the 2% that made it their mission in life, their raison d'Ítre to molest, abuse and extinct our race using every tool that they could get their hands on.

The human race preserved due only to the love of God for His simian children on earth. Even with unlimited free money from the mild race and the most skillful of technologists Judah could buy, with one hundred and fifty thousand atomic bombs Judah failed to destroy us because God willed that we should not die in a nuclear blast war.

"With a grease bum we always cheat for numerals," Judee say.

Judah, with his focused wit, understands the root of power and rule is to be found in who it is that holds the concession to issue the receipts of Labor.

And so he makes up a fable about gold, creates bank panics bribes Congress, the courts' and executive and uses all of those to get a hold of the private authority to issue money.

"I'm pestatory; I completely occupied the United States. I fouled the Martian with my goose, I just make gold out of you," Judee say.

Might we recognize that the choke point of our society is who it is that holds the authority to issue our Labor receipts? Might we understand that gold as money is part of their ruse to keep us from identifying the real root of all wealth that is to be found in Labor?

The "Abstract Receipts of Labor," the thing we call "cash, money, bourse." Little colored pieces of paper with symbols and numbers that we use to register and record transactions.

Judah, with his bright wits, set himself up to be the only authorized legal distributor of these little-colored pieces of paper.

Elders from the Federation see how we are being fooled and so give us some clear thoughts to help us get rid of the rude.

"Organizing Principle of Society. Abstract receipts of Labor," elders inform us as to what money and the authority to issue it is.

Words organized that spell it out to give us clear thoughts gifted to us by the angels our good God sent in to save us from total ruin.

Might we understand that when those words that explain basic economic facts are understood by all workers, we will act and take the authority to issue our money into the hands of a Labor Committee of the Whole?

They pace us monkey and assign us skunk. And those that don't like it they monkey with a fist.

Will the majority of Americans perish in the near years ahead or will Labor act and STOP THE WAR?

Might we try to understand the answer to that question will be found in who it is that is issuing our money?

"I won because you believe a liar," Judee say.

And so another day goes by funding war where we expire.

"I'm making pollution for red necks. I died a whore in one day, Los Angeles," Judee say.

Might we understand that because of the ways Judah structures his law in our land it makes it easy for Judah to kill a sex worker in a day?

And while he is killing a sex worker in one day, simultaneously he is polluting red necks out.

Might we not realize the collective interests that we have and get together to close his foul ways up?

The people who produce all of our goods and services, Labor, but have no say so in how our money's spent, only Judah does.

Will ordinary everyday workers not try to perceive that God is good and wants us to survive this destroyer of all mankind weap Judah on unlimited free mild peoples bourse?

Have we not repeatedly heard him tell us from his subconscious that he set his face to destroy the mild people most of all because his extension was firmest in our lands? Yes, we have.

Will Labor not try to perceive the danger we are in because American Labor is holding this errant Judah deadly life form in?

"My full Irish side never fights," Judee say.

"Terrain consciousness," elders share as to the variations in behavior that appear in us.

Might we recognize that abundance turns the aggression switches off in us? Yes, it does.

With Judah understanding that might, we perceive why he does all he can go to put us into economic recessions and depressions when he can?

"Privation induced aggression," elders share as to what Judah puts in when he gets private hold of the Organizing Principle of Society, the authority to issue our cash.

Might we see why it is so important for Labor to take the concession to issue our money away from Jewish an end the tight to us and our children especially when they are growing up?

To re-sight ourselves in peace are we seeing we must first end putting American youngsters into privation induced aggression?

"Thou shalt not kill," Moses was informed by the head of our house at that time, kind, sweet Father Baldec.

3,500 years since Moses have gone by and Judah continues to blow off the commandment of our good God above and make us die.

Will ordinary people try to perceive that the Federation's quarantine of planet earth applies only to the Jewish war disease?

Respect and honor to dignity. The requirement to travel with our extraterrestrial family.

Sure, Bitch failed respect and honor to his fellow human beings with his deathly sin of insult. But might Labor try to perceive that was not intentional, it was caused by a mental breakdown from the stress induced by Jewish kidnap disease?

Bitchie atheist boy ever since he saw war first hand in 1966.

Because he did not believe, there was a God above he did not have the counsel of the good book, the Bible.

He saw the preachers that were using the Bible to fool the people to accept war makers in political office.

If only the preachers would have informed the mild people that brimstone in the Bible is nuclear waste from Hitachi-GE. Might the mild people have acted to save ourselves?

If only Bitchie did not talk harsh and insult might the mild people have tried to save our lives?

Our extraterrestrial elders with 87 million years combined knowledge base knew Bitchie would insult you's 2,000 years ago and so they put it in our Bibles.

Proverbs 12:16 Fools show their annoyance at once, but the prudent overlook an insult.

While they could have deleted Bitchie's insult to give him an edge against Judee, they didn't. Might we understand there is only truth in elders world?

Do some recall Bitch mentioned he pulled, "Tuesday" out of several Judah reverse facial speech over a period of about a week?

He has been looking for signs of an attack opp somewhere and has not detected it yet. So why did so many of them say "Tuesday?"

One said yesterday Monday, "sewer bomb."

But have our extraterrestrial family not shut down every single atomic bomb that Judah has installed in the sewers of our cities?

Yes, they have shut every atomic bomb down that is planted in our sewers.

So what could "Tuesday" indicate as so many of them had it in their minds that it showed up in reverse speech?

Could it be a "Tuesday" they are planning for their shuttle flights to get away and into the safety of their undergrounds?

Is Labor understanding they already have a new world for themselves inside of the mountains? Are we not aware they are still opping us out?

Comments regarding Michael Salm Jr.
Lindsay Shuman
Mike... Starella and I will never forget you! Thank you for loving us! You taught me SO much! Youíve blessed my life more than I could ever imagine! Iím so sad! Youíre loved beyond words! Your legacy of Ďliving-life-bush-styleí will always live on! I wish I could have spoken to you at least one more time!
Kevin Carlson
He was a great man, an amazing and caring soul. It was an honor to call him a friend. Rest easy my brother, I will always think of you fondly in my heart. The world has lost a truly genuine and kind person.

Coroner rules death of man struck by train in Conestoga Township accidental
CARTER WALKER | Staff Writer May 14, 2018

The death of a man struck by a Norfolk Southern train while walking on tracks in Conestoga Township early Sunday was ruled accidental, according to Lancaster County Coroner Dr. Stephen Diamantoni.

Michael Eugene Salm Jr., 38, of Manor Township, was walking westbound on the tracks just before 5 a.m. when the train struck him from behind, Diamantoni said.

His death was caused by multiple traumatic injuries, Diamantoni said Monday.

Norfolk Southern spokesman Jonathan Glass said Sunday the train was traveling from Reybold, Delaware, to Enola in Cumberland County.

The trainís crew sounded its whistle and bells at 4:55 a.m. and applied the brakes, Glass said, but it can take a mile or more for a freight train to stop after braking.

The 5,961-foot-long train was transporting 98 rail cars, including 95 empties.

State police Corporal Todd McCurdy is investigating the events and circumstances that led up to Salm's death.

"There is no investigative information that would indicate that the train should not have been heard," McCurdy said Monday.

The investigation is ongoing, he said.

Lindsay Shuman
Mike... Starella and I will never forget you! Thank you for loving us! You taught me SO much! Youíve blessed my life more than I could ever imagine! Iím so sad! Youíre loved beyond words!

Can we only wonder who this man Michael Salm Jr. was that he generates such wonderful comments like that?

If only we had American Law in instead of Jewish insurance sports law might we understand that a coroner could not declare the manner of death without first having a grand jury hear all the facts and see the evidence and then make the decision of how he died?

"You got all of my cult out and God's children stayed stoned," Judee said at 5.35 a.m.

And our good God almighty who warned us thousands of times to STOP THE WAR said:

"They've ignored me completely."

Can we only wonder if Bitch did not have a fault that insulted might he have been able to convince the mild people to act and STOP THE WAR and try to save ourselves before we're perished out forevermore?

Bitch now follows Papa's rules so close now he even said a prayer for the weap Judee who was at the controls when he shot Bitch with his satellite beam the other day.

To save your lives and the lives of your children will Americans not turn to our good God Almighty to hear His words of love for us all?

"I will never harm you," Father said.

While Father will never harm us are we understanding that if we stay stoned and flunk Darwin and fund assaulting our selves Father may not save our lives?

"The hamsters died faulty." 5.56 a.m.

"You're ineligible to be anything other than property."

Might we understand that if we will not put our rights in then we have no rights and that makes us ineligible to be anything other than somebody's property to be disposed of as they wish?

The question of "Tuesday," that Judah top level people have been saying from their subconscious rises again.

They also have said, "shuttle" from their subconscious for years. They mention they don't want to be here when the "rush" begins.

Might we understand the "shuttle' is not escaping into outer space on the space shuttle, rather it is the shuttle of airplanes that are ready to move in quickly and shuttle them away to the safety of their well prepared underground?

As we know now, the Federation will not let them escape planet earth and go into outer space at this time. They are quarantined to stay earthbound due to their weakness, their inability to accommodate others.

God, our Father, is dying their weap cipher off with tunnel death. In a thousand years their descendants will come out and journey into outer space in peace and join with the Galactic Federation of Light then.

So might we conjecture they have figured out when the Druid will RISE and they know that they will flee the surface of our planet on a Tuesday?

"The dog I used to fail you with my ruse, it worked fine," Judee say.

When we realize that our children are sterilized and will not reproduce our line, might that be the day that their dog ruse will no longer work fine?

Could Judee have figured the truth will break through on a Monday, and so they conjecture they will flee on a Tuesday to avoid the rush?

Bitch has been looking through notes to find the reverse facial speech where Judah said that he has wiped our big farm industries out now.

He found it and included it in the title of today's post.

"I got your big farm industries," Judee say.

"Buddha I put in. Druid I castarated you fissile. We lose our grease, and we're all done," Judee say.

The fissile atomic pollution that Judah has poisoned out America with. Judah scientists telling him by June our wits will be declining from being subjected to high radiation levels.

Could it be that Americans are just not aware how deadly radioactive waste is?

The understanding that Free energy is a here and now thing, as it was when Dr. Henry Moray demonstrated it in 1928, does that not show that Jewish electricity is nothing more than a trojan horse nuclear war-fighting weapon to assault, sicken and die us out with?

Might we think of how God warned His children and only Noah listened? Do we recall what happened to those who ignored Noah's words of warning to them?

Does it not appear that with over 6 and a half years warning of our coming demise Americans by and large are not aware of it?

"We're holding you still to get all the marshmallows done. A tumor is a fair way to leave you my shit," Judee say.

Nuclear technology that first arrived about a century ago that held the promise for Judah to wipe the life-sustaining environment of our entire planet out. And he went for it.

Might we who study the Bible not recognize that we are in the early era of the abomination of desolation, the time of the rapture now?

The understanding from this shill is that if Americans hold the Jewish war genocide machine in, God Almighty will have his righteous children out of here by next March as we die away great.

Continues at:

Is there an understanding yet that weap Judah has the majority of Americans set to perish in the next five years due to inhali

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