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Why are Triangular UFO Sightings in New Jersey increasing? M
Wed May 16, 2018 06:55

Why are Triangular UFO Sightings in New Jersey increasing?
May 5, 2018 LUFOS Latest posts, N. America 0

A UFO that looked like a triangle. The New Jersey witness shares photos of the alleged triangular UFO and short interview with Angry Truthseeker.
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Bigfoot Spotted in New Jersey?
May 07, 2018
A couple walking their dog in the notorious Pine Barrens of New Jersey may have had a brief encounter with Bigfoot.

The sighting, which took place last month near the town of Browns Mills, was reported to the Bigfoot Field Research Organization by a pair of witnesses who used only their first names, Dave and Tricia.

According to them, they were initially unnerved by a strange musty odor that they could not identify and left them so unsettled that they actually went back to their car and drove away from the area.

Shortly thereafter, Tricia looked in the rear view mirror and spotted "something brown on two legs and about six feet tall sprint behind the car."

When they quickly reversed the vehicle and went back to where the anomaly had appeared, Dave heard "branches snapping and a splash into the water."

On the drive home, the couple debated what it was that they had encountered and pondered if it could have been a bear or a person, but Tricia was certain that it was bipedal and seemingly covered in fur.

To their credit, they not only submitted their report to the BFRO the very next day, but actually agreed to be interviewed by an investigator and even took him out to the spot where the sighting took place.

Unfortunately, a fairly thorough search of the area failed to yield any evidence of the encounter, but the BFRO investigator who met with the couple found their account to be credible based on his interaction with them.

As one can imagine, the seemingly incongruous connection between Bigfoot and New Jersey has resulted in some ridicule about the story by mainstream media outlets yearning to make jokes about Sasquatch and Snooki.

However it's not altogether unlikely that the wilderness of the Pine Barrens very well could be home to the creature and the couple's description of feeling uneasy about a musky scent is in keeping with countless tales of Bigfoot sightings, suggesting that this may have been a genuine creature encounter.

Bigfoot Seen in New Jersey

As a scientist, I have rarely heard other scientists mention or discuss demons as an explanation for paranormal and supernatural phenomena. I have also rarely heard UFOlogists try to explain biblical angels of God as demons. Supposedly, if alien visitors kidnap and harm abductees without their permission, they are called demons. If they do so with our permission and help and/or heal us, they are called angels of God. In human wars between nations, the enemy is always demonized, and that behavior is linked to taking without permission and harming us for their gain. What do our souls have to do with this, other than providing a choice of which side you pledge allegiance to? Is there an unseen objective? Zoom out and study the forest instead of the bark on the closest tree. Just because demons have been recorded by our ancestors for millennia, and there is evidence that alien visitors have been on Earth for much longer, does not mean that this is a local phenomenon limited to Earth. . Thanks to MUFON CMS A couple walking their dog in the notorious Pine Barrens of New Jersey may have had a brief encounter with Bigfoot.

What do you think Dave and Tricia saw in the forest? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Shadows of human Beings destroyed by atomic bomb at Hiroshima

Worldwide UFO Sightings
Australia Triangle

Mt Gravatt East ó I was told there was to be a meteor shower visible from Brisbane between 3 and 3.30 AM, I set my camera on a tripod in the yard and aimed NE with my telephoto lens, I took over five shots with 30 second exposure, These orbs remained in the same spot but moved to form different shapes. They changed from large glob like shape to a stretched out horizontal V. They are clearly visible and a better view when zoom in. I believe they were stationary as the orbs didnít blur.
Photo taken on March 17, 2018 above California

Thanks to MUFON CMS

UFO Seen Over Western Beijing Throughout Some Areas Of Northern China
May 8, 2018 LUFOS Asia, Latest posts, UFO photos 1

China is not famous for UFO conspiracies not like in the USA where hit TV shows get inspiration from secret government cover-ups. However, when UFOs suddenly appear in the country as what took place on Friday night, a seemingly lack of information has made the existence of little green men the most suitable explanation.

Multiple residents allegedly saw the UFO on Friday night over Western Beijing and throughout the Celestial Kingdomís northeastern parts.

Videos and photos show a bright funnel in cone shape leading an apparent cork-screw tail behind it. The light is seemingly shining downward, then changing course sharply, and then finally disappearing.

Even though the strange incident was widely seen, the information is so limited. No official reports that can shed the light of the phenomenon and the people were just left with a few facts.

Since it was seen throughout a wide area below, the object must be high up in the atmosphere, according to the editor-in-chief of the Guokr science website Yu Jun. With the objectís high altitude, it was illuminated by sunlight that reached beyond the shadow of the Earth.

Yu explained that the UFO could not be a satellite launch considering its acute change in trajectory and the Taiyuan rocket centre in Shanxi made no launches on the night of the sighting. Beidou satellite can be ruled out as well since they are only launched from the Xichang satellite launch centre in Western Sichuan province as per Beijing News.

Chinese state media has no official explanations about the strange incident, but the UFO is not likely to be there unless authorised considering the highly restricted Chinaís airspace.

It is not known what does the incident means, but people in China can relax if it turns out to be aliens conducting their probe tests. After all, UFOs are the least of worries among Beijingers when it comes to the list of airborne threats in the city that include killer bees, flying catkins, sandstorms, and air pollution.

The picture above of two great fireballs in the sky is from Vera Beach, Florida of a CE-5 event. That is where the viewers had been visiting with our extraterrestrial elders from space and agreed ahead of time to meet there.

Might those be two hydrogen bombs in a controlled burn off? Here is a link to a video at you tube for your consideration. Check it out and see what you think?

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