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Part 2 of 2
Wed May 16, 2018 15:28

What should be known is the reason the FBI/CIA think that Deripaska can be used as they see fit. And for some reason he seems to feel he must comply.

My thought is it looks very likely this reason has to do with the kidnapping of my identical twin son David Leonard Johnson born May 2, 1973. Look at for a picture of my son right after he was kidnapped that time, in 1985

Why would that go together with Deripaska? David was purchased by a Russian Mogul is that connected to Deripaska? Get Oleg to answer under OATH what does he know about my son and his heritage of the House of David/ House of Stuart.

Most people in todays world do not know what significance the House of Stuart is supposed to be on the throne of Great Britain, let alone the Covenant Blessing of the House of David. The House of Stuart is the House of David which carries that Covenant to this day.

The one on the throne in Great Britain should be the one who carries the Covenant Blessing of the House of David.

Windsor's do not carry the Blessing. This type of information is what has been called Above Top Secret to keep it from being known by the public.

Previous comments about friends of Deripaska:

Litvinenko was bring out proof who was a pedophile:
The report by the High Court judge Sir Robert Owen concluded that Mr Litvinenko was murdered by former KGB agents Andrey Lugovoy and Dmitri Kovtun, almost certainly on the orders of the Federal Security Service (FSB).
It said Mr Putin and Nikolai Patrushev, the then head of the FSB, “probably” sanctioned Mr Litvinenko’s death, and Mr Putin certainly expressed his approval after the event.

December 2006 Scotland Yard’s Det Insp Brian Tarpey and Det Serg Alan Slater went to Moscow in search of evidence on a trip that did “not run smoothly”.
Boris Berezovsky, an exiled Russian oligarch and critic of Vladimir Putin who knew Mr Litvinenko, and David West, the owner of a restaurant where the two men frequently met.
oleg deripaska mafia

Lugovoy and Kovtun

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    • Part 2 of 2 — scantv77, Wed May 16 15:28
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