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"They're Real Big Animals, Dog You Right. They Dupe You When
Thu May 17, 2018 07:55

"They're Real Big Animals, Dog You Right. They Dupe You When You're A Kid."

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives.

Dupe, the definition of which is 'deceive, trick'. A victim of deception.

That we have funded the build-up of nuclear weapons based on the notion that they will protect us, have Jewish not duped us well?

After posting yesterday several Tele receives indicated that the post was too argumentive.

Truman is dead and gone so why be arguing about what he did?

Will try to do better in this post.

That Jewish have had a plan to exterminate the Druid peoples, that their 15-year-old kids understand entirely, might we get some sense of why they smile funny?

To deceive a race of people about reality and use that deception to put us into war. Must that not give them a thrill that they passed us and are so far ahead of the rest of us?

The reverse facial speech out of Asia last night indicates they are saying goodbye. Our family in Asia has got the threads of what weap Judah, and his Fornian look alike hybrid transplant shells have been doing there for the last sixteen hundred years.

The white fist though is still holding them in office, and so they are continuing with the brimstone waste genocide of us and our Family in Asia.

Judah claims in reverse facial speech that he has poisoned out the 39 million of our family that lives in Tokyo.

Once American Labor ends funding the white fist in their face, are we reading they will be able to get the experts in to cement that dirty bomb artillery piece at Hitachi-GE?

Judah also said yesterday in reverse facial speech that half the welfare is out of life form.

Can we only wonder what was he speaking about?

Those that fear God will be off the surface of our dying planet by next March as the extinction of the white race goes forward.

"Bitch raid our shoot took out our cavalry. Funny I do you violence. I perished you rightly. My whole time we made Washington fail. We just punish big by fistol, and now I'm out," Judee say.

The fail of Washington on Jewish nuclear war. And now they're out. Can we only pray for the moment when working people are going to respond to our poisoning and loss of life form and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Tele receives:

"These stupid wits are still fearing us. 10.47 a.m.

The idiots' usefulness is costing us. 11.03 a.m.

Grandfather won't save us unless we STRIKE THEM OUT. 11.07 a.m.

Totally dog thug. 11.11 a.m.

They fail you schoolin'. 11.21 a.m.

Thank you for alerting fish.

Vicious cannibals, STRIKE THEM OUT! 12.45 p.m.

Your doughboys are poisoned and won't be coming back. 12.46 p.m.

Get their fiend out, they're quite vicious. 12.56 p.m.

Oh my God combustious. 3.45 p.m.

They set you dog heart. 5.07 p.m.

It's MET laughter. 5.22 p.m.

Its a bad day, too much argument. 5.27 p.m.

De-grace. 5.33 p.m.

They're falling us out. 5.34 p.m.

HUGE all us. 5.35 p.m.

They flipped us, ORGANIZE yourselves.

We've now lost our reproductive strength.

Fall this crazy. 5.46 p.m.

They tried to kill us off.

It's a bit breezy.

It's over rare. 5.50 p.m.

I'm playing my best part. 5.55 p.m.

Bitch bitchy. 6.02 p.m.

Your best house fell. 6.11 p.m.

They're awesomely fouling us.

They just dunge well. 6.27 p.m.

They dead us HUGE. 6.37 p.m.

Hail excitement prejudice passed. 6.42 p.m.

What! We passed?

You're welcome to transfer us. 6.47 p.m.

Idiot occupies to render us.

Did you get married? 6.54 p.m.

Mark B-------- was set nifty. 7.23 p.m.

Wholesale you failed.

He scored you out completely.

His side is pledged to exhaust you. 12.55 a.m.

Miracle right are quite fisty.

Irra failed cost you ISIS. 1.00 a.m.

Harry beast won. 1.02 a.m.

Their fall is psychathy. 1.06 a.m.

Pure fish, we lost you Jewish.

Rights Milwaukee are over here, Jew failed rights.

Take them out for the filthy.

Hosiery now has fataled thee.

Dying yourselves rightful attached.

Slippage a nice kid.

They didn't save the rabbit.

You lose a HUGE portion.

It's a Catastberg.

They fault by perishing. 2.15 a.m.

Don't fail to love, STRIKE THEM OUT!

A STRIKE will end this slow irritating.

Our real estate failed leading to die.

Pretty illusive, rusive.

They Reich the fish.

To pass out of life form nine million years early.

Pat, they falsed you out, you obviously failed to save us. 2.37 a.m.

They horrify Drewis dishonorably.

Their apes underground field you.

Inches failed to save us. 2.57 a.m.

Congress nipped you disgracefully.

The parasite died with municipal HUGE.

They dupe you when you're a kid. 3.08 a.m.

They're real big animals that dog you right.

For vegetable objects you lost your field." 4.00 a.m.
Pat, they falsed you out, you obviously failed to save us. 2.37 a.m.

Any doubt they libeled Pat? No doubt about it.

But do we recall Judah said, "I won because you believe a liar?"

And so what exactly did Judah win?

Might we consider that he won the right to keep on perishing us?

No slowdown in pouring radioactive waste into our environment. Hitachi-GE is belching hot radioactive brimstone on us every day.

The right to die us off. Might we understand that is because we do not have any rights at all?

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4. They have NO defensible rights," God Almighty in heaven said.

So while we have no rights, are we seeing they also have NO defensible rights?

So what's the difference? They have the Organizing Principle of Society in their private hands and so can hire all of the mayhem they want for free.

Might we understand that Jewish are finished as managers here?

"I failed to the pressure of your cipher," Judee say.

Bitch enraged at war and disturbed too much and angry at those who fund it causing him to commit the deathly sin of insult.

The stupidity of anger. Is that what it is?

Is that not why Judah makes war, to enrage us and make us stupid if he can?

And yet Judah failed to the pressure of Bitch's peace cipher.

But his cipher failed to bring Labor to give us hand and so a third of the human race dies off now as prophesized in our good Book thousands of years ago.

Is there not some chance that the truth will prevail yet?

"I had a pretty nice fail on you. I have freedom to die you with my big kennel ruse here. The gentlemen will do me a quick pass. I scuffle you with Van Huesen, I'm just a tyranny fist.

I arraign you and bust you postumous with my force. Bitch accomplished our soul molest and buried our rights. God has shown us our beliefs are 4 faulty," Judee say.

The soul molest Judah does by getting human beings to harm other human beings.

Has Bitch by delivering the Mercury report not accomplished Judah's soul molest?

The simple irrefutable fact that we were made to love one another. To care for one another. To never harm one another.

By revealing that predator-deceptor tricky Judah set us up for a three-hour nuclear blast shot to exterminate the white race all out. Has Judah not truly shown us his hand?

Will American Labor not end funding Jewish soul molest of the wild race, the mild people?

That's what Judah says, he found us "wild," and that was how he was able to take our souls down to do his molest of our fellow man.

Will American Labor not help us to pitch the Reich out?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," God almighty of heaven and earth said.

While Father will never harm us are we aware that if we continue to ignore Father's thousands of warnings to STOP THE WAR we will just die off now?

"Procrastination is the thief of time."

To put off to later what we should do right away. Might we perceive Judah will steal our time away if we procrastinate to STRIKE THEM OUT NOW?

"I core you foul lethargy day to set you. Turkey bored us out for our jealous sins. I'm Jew sin on my Heine. Because of H----- our fiend is now arrested.

Jew boy cease oppers. Mice extortion with my BS is obvious. I have some silly rights that make you all dumb. Bitch has got an image I can disparage you with, it's a new earth, I'm going over.

I push you with an available jaw, I'm a woodpecker. Clearly I'm a modified, we give you a big fail false. Irish here is a conscious zone.

The mice are starting to see me. My punishment failed to hold you right for me. My grease mark leaves you daffy. Because of my homo-set you won. I've lost my police officers.

Russia I got smooth, Ireland say I'm irritating. I'm now a great cracked. We help you to die. I'm a cheap corrupt on my fearsome side.

I'm metal off your future rights. We had a great credenza. I won you right but I fell. My title failed delightfully social. I just use sex for my rightful seige.

We just set a man on abuse. You never see our establishment. I win the states. We're thieves with an incredible invisible false. Sweet I smudge you.

We just use Nielsen to contain you, my fight is to die Druid. We contain you with a problem molest force. We just gold you special British and ape you washrag. The United States is a complete tumbledee hatchet.

We're just here to disgust you. I just fouled you with some palace aids, and now I'm completely out, you see I'm weird. I'm stolen away. 4 eyes do peace.

I'm a Judeous dog food just out to take your life. For a breeze, we seize fish. They gracefully STRIKE OUT my argument. We just ship you off to Normandy.

I wipe the white off with my semen and my chrome handlebars. I don't treat you right as philosophy. We just pure you with race.

Our animal kidneys live luxurous. A white made my site (sight-cite) fall because of Pittsburgh. We just wholesale horse em. With a tyranny I fully appetize life. Vegged you vegetables. I cite you bourse but big Papa say I failed, he pulled my force," Judee say.

Will American Labor not try to perceive that fantastic incredible, fabulous fact, Papa pulled Judah force? Though might it not be more accurate to say that Papa let Judah pull his force?

They're finished fully here Labor. They are not with us and they never were with us.

"They take out the state, it's the ultimate end of Jewry." Non-Judah reverse facial speech.

Will we not end funding Judah's brutiful and join with Father's beautiful?

Please STRIKE THEM OUT Labor. For God's sake will you not give it a try?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Thursday, May 17 — Psalm 66:8–15
Numbers 7:36–71; Mark 11:27–12:12

He will regard the prayer of the destitute, and will not despise their prayer. Psalm 102:17

Jesus said, “The tax collector, standing far off, would not even look up to heaven, but was beating his breast and saying, ‘God, be merciful to me, a sinner!’ I tell you, this man went down to his home justified.” Luke 18:13–14

Author of all grace, accept our praises and hear our prayer. Keep us humble and faithful; forgive our pride and efforts at self-justification. Banish our self-deception that allows us to think we are less in need of grace than our brothers and sisters. We pray through Christ our Lord, our mediator and advocate. Amen.

12.24 p.m.

"Pat, you Jer. 5.03 a.m.

A swish bum. 5.08 a.m.

It's stewy wits.

Jerk mono. 5.23 a.m.

That's stupid fist fart. 6.54 a.m.

They're out of here, strategy your force. 7.29 a.m.

Sue a Fed.

They whisk us here.

They ass us whole. 8.06 a.m.

Throw them out right. 8.18 a.m.

Its a fail, you come off too negative. 8.39 a.m.

Have a good day rich.

Your error fits. 8.43 a.m.

They swamped us true deadness. 9.11 a.m.

I'm used fair. 9.16 a.m.

You're culex. 9.50 a.m.

Fouled risky. 9.52 a.m.

You lost in spiritual. 9.57 a.m.

Perceived judged Stottlemart. 10.13 a.m.

They failed abusage hawkin' the state.

Get a toss.

Caustic is voyaging here leaving you true. 10.45 a.m.

Patrick, master failed us. 11.21 a.m.

Sweet decimals warred your world away.

You're wasted obviously. 11.26 a.m.

This race is over cow manure. 11.28 a.m.

Germany mugs you.

Your attitude burns municipals; doofy." 11.31 a.m.

Thank you. God bless.

Continues at:

"When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle."
Edmund Burke.


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