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Elite's Hush Money Runs Out & Tey Are Squealing
Thu May 17, 2018 17:50


(1325) Elite Hush Money Runs Out & They Are Squealing - YouTube


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The Main Stream Media has lost it’s marbles again and began lying about yet another subject President Trump brought forward in his latest comments about Illegal Immigration.

It’s called Illegal for a reason Loony Lefties - because it is not legal.

Over the last 2 days our President has been meeting with the leaders of California try and control Illegal immigration.

As the Prisons across the globe dump their worst cases into America - thanks to the Democratic Loony NAZI’s - this nation is being destroyed from within.

Rapes, murders, child molestation is sky rocketing in areas with Illegal Aliens and we have had enough.

So as President Trump was speaking the Main Stream Media took him out of Context once again and began lying about him - again.

There are two types of Illegal Aliens now entering our nation:

1) Those who wish to live and work, raise families, and have a life.

2) A large Minority are the criminals from these nations here to kill - yes -kill and our prisons are filled with these Animals.

What President Trump is doing is sending these “Animals” back to their country of origin.

We the Tax Payers can no longer afford to house over 75% of our Federal Prisoners in California at over $200,000 per murderer per year. These Criminals - these Animals - need to be sent home and the Democrats be sent to Perdition As Soon As Possible.



Mount Kileuea in Hawaii is now erupting again - this time with more vigor.

Hang on folks.

We warned the people of Hawaii this would erupt really badly for weeks so finally the Evacuations began.

We warned Japan 2 days before Fukushima on 3/11 - no one responded.

We followed 4 Nuclear weapons for 30 days before one was used just north of Donetsk, Ukraine 5 February 2015 and then the Russians seized 2 of the 3 remaining Nukes - the Third One remains hidden in the Eastern Ukraine in a Coal Mining Cave.

We warned President Trump of what would happen unless he did as GOD asked this morning - and once again the White House refused to listen.

So now the Lefty Loony’s are up in arms over his comments about Serial Murders being Animals that our President spoke about last night and this morning.

Now it will get worse for President Trump - almost untenable.

What more can we do?




The Senate confirms the First woman Director of the CIA named Gina Haspel and the press said nothing. The First Female CIA Director - and Nothing.

Fortunately my Security Clearance is higher than hers.

We shall see what she does.

As for the Mueller “Special Investigation” what you are about to read will shock you.

Yesterday the EU launched a rebellion against the Trump’s Iran Sanctions. Basically President Trump refuses to pay Iran $1 Trillion Dollars a year and the EU is up in arms.


Well - it ties into Robert Mueller being given the Russian Hero Of The Federation” metal by President Putin way back in 2013. This NAZI Democrat Mueller has had allot of Russian ties for years.

Apparently a CIA Agent named Robert Levinson was in Iran gathering information about the Funding of the NAZI Democratic Party and how they were being used to start a World Wide Nuclear Conflict to kill 7 Billion Humans.

He was planning to expose these plans to the world but suddenly went missing.

Both Robert Mueller FBI Director and John Brennan went to Moscow to seek Russian Assistance in finding this guy and offered ungodly amounts for his reward.

The information he had would hang Brenan, Mueller, Comey, Hillary and yes - Putin - in this Collusion to start this war as the Bribes were huge in size.

In order to keep this information private President Obama began paying Iran Billions in Cash - calling it the “Iranian Deal.”

Iran has not had a Nuclear Weapon since Putin visited there after I visited his staff and expose their Nuclear Arsenal in late 2007.

President Obama sent bribes out in all directions calling it “Foreign Aid” as those “In The Know” rather than speaking the truth and be king killed began using these dollars to build massive underground complexes for them and their families.

So now Iran is threatening to expose all these Elites who have taken bribes to allow us to get the point of starting this massive war.

To try and cover up their bribes to assist the NAZI Democratic Party to take power and bring about this Massive Nuclear Conflict the EU Leaders are now initiating sanctions on European Based Corporations having business with the United States - trying to force President Trump to give Iran their $1 Trillion Dollars this month.

Remember - the US Corporation owns the EU Corporation meaning the President has the legal right to arrest all of the EU Leaders immediately for this Treason against the US.

So Russia - having “Repented” is now sending their fleet around the world to try and keep the Irish Fr/UK/US Union forces from staring this massive world conflict.

Nothing is by chance - not even this play on words.

How much of a roll the Chinese and India Leaders will play in stopping this Massive World Conflict remains to be seen.

When GOD got me involved in stopping this coming Massive Nuclear Conflict as an Ambassador I had no idea how far reaching this would be. It now involves many US Admirals, every member of the US Congress and Senate, 5 of the US Supreme Court Justices, the last 5 US Presidents, every leader of the DNC NAZI Party, and many world leaders in the UK, France and Germany and the Elites in Zug, Switzerland as well as many others.


Kick back, buy lots of food and medicine, and enjoy the show.

The actors are great and the Plot Twists are incredible.

These Shenanigans will continue just as long as President Trump ignores GOD.




Its time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety.

Be ready folks for what is coming.


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Dr William B. Mount

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