"CONTACT Is Suitable To Prevent Us Dying Here. You're Uncons
Fri May 18, 2018 05:25

"CONTACT Is Suitable To Prevent Us Dying Here. You're Unconscious Here."

A couple of Tele receives that are sharing some truth with us.

Set to be died off in MEGADEATH numbers and we fail to put in our rights. Will we not pray to God that Americans become conscious of what we need to survive before we are permanently done out of life by Jewish war upon us?

"Even though they're suspending our restaurantly we're taking you out desertly. Even though they took my bash room away they passed you out. I just ace you up to cast your rights, now I've fallen.

Casualties are indispensable for my exist, so I war you. I die you whiskey, suffer you, that's my force. Alcohol ever failed you. We violence people so you don't pester our compass. Windy relates how I povish you boys.

Seat belts were a great event in our rice bowl. With war we harass you, that's our biggest molest deal. You just let me judge. I used my baby to make you fail right and suffer.

I have a significant sight and now you see my temperature. Hearts have a social way and forget reason, ditch is real life. You let me perish you.

As long as you failed we're going to shoot some more mortgage here. Without my municipal, my bruise die is off. You lost your people to Jew rackets and obviously lost your age.

You ignored I'm a true threat.

Bitch molest me to die now. We tug you fool since Columbus time. We abolish you because we always appetize you. We used the federal with a peace bond to get them off fine.

Our R. S. siege you. It's a hapless Patrick, we're leaving you because we're going in. Because of your fall schedule Patrick you die my municipal.

It's dog with Chesterly we're leaving you mented. Pat, you were so sweet for Rachel it kept our fortune in. After Jew falls I drop. I failed sub squidilous. Because you failed to hear the words that were said you're dead.

You've been cost by a grease fool here, we hold your will. You STRIKE and our St. Nicholas we leave. Our spirit is a dura-fail. I just shoot force bingo on you.

We embezzled you out, perjure all Judee. Jew error has fully thrown me. Because I'm not an Affa fit we make war here. Our counsel got famous with Loomis.

I'm over now for my Gerry New Hampshire. I'm out with my faschin because I was vengeful. Our best app falls out a fall. I've got a judge opp with a package force.

The pharmaceutical corrupt state is a Jew force. With a satchement I hold you for arrest for a corrupt waste. I void a boy that's popular, that way I get my shakes.

A STRIKE will end our bruisen. We took the Martians off to fumble you. We push down on the ostrich to sight easily then wash. Once you get my bourse account, I'll settle," Judee say.

Is it not evident the bourse account of Jewish is the purse of American Labor?

Before they shut our electricity down must American Labor not take the bourse account away from genocidal Jewish?

"They just use you to bruise you white guy." Refugee in Thailand.

From that might, we understand that our family worldwide is plagued by Jewish violence in every land?

Bitch mentioned the other day about the shooting in the Philipines and found the reverse facial speech that caught his attention. Here it is:

"Jesus is centered in the Philipines and cored my rights away."

Jesus who taught us mercy, forgiveness, love one another.

The 85% of the population in the Philipines that is Christian. Might they be ready for something other than mass deaths from state shootings?

Here is a reverse facial speech from an ordinary person on the news:

"They just perish you wolf; it's unsuitable."

Will we not pray that Labor will now take the unsuitable perish away from the wolf and turn it into un-financeable too?

Father wants us to survive Labor. That we have completely ignored God Almighty as we foolishly perish ourselves out with our children funding all of the war and genocide in our world that weap Judah enjoys doing, should we not try to act to save ourselves

Must we not choose to no longer remain without our God-given American guaranteed rights in force?

With the woodpeckers of the Chimney Store in office that calls us "wood" should we not try to do something to help ourselves survive?

"Why didn't you try it," God almighty of heaven and earth asked American Labor about the STRIKE.

"Pat, you were so sweet for Rachel it kept our fortune in."

The child that Judah got a hold of through DCFS and when she returned home she was waving a pendulum in everyone's eyes and calling herself "Rachel."

The video that Judee set Bitch up to star in that he has used to close Labor's ears to Bitch plea to try and save yourselves.

The video that Judah is using to hold Labor to funding war and genocide in our world.

Early this morning Bitch looked for one of Judah's reverse facial speech where he said in effect that from childhood he puts pp in our heads and then uses it to sport us our entire lifetime.

As with the Philippines reverse facial speech, he does not know if he wrote it down or is in one of his tape recorder files.

It is such a significant reverse facial speech, though when Bitch is taking what they say on television he takes so many of them, often it is only later he realizes the significance of some of the reverse facial speech.

With that in mind, that Judah would go to all that trouble and expense, which cost him nothing, labor gives him unlimited free money for his sports operations, to get hold of a child and hypnotize that child and give the child a different name and have camera set up and gets Bitch invited to a place he never was might we not figure that the pp issue is pretty powerful signal in the minds of Druid people?

If Bitch can find the exact wording that Judah said of how he puts into people heads from childhood a pp signal that he then uses to sport us out with for our lifetimes, he will post it.

Might we think of the supposed White house scandal when the secret service guys hired prostitutes for sexual services when they were in Columbia?

Is there anyone beyond three years old wit that could be in the slightest interested in what someone does with their cash and body in Columbia?

Might we see sex is one of the things Judah uses his news media to put false signals in to fool you and me?

Though, has it not worked? For that matter is it not working as this is being written? Are we not without our rights? Are we not on the receiving end of an all-out nuclear war of extinction? Yes, we are.

"He gets his jollies, he likes fiddling around with kid stuff." 5.23 a.m.

The rescue that our kind Father from the universe gave to us, Our gift of life in a nuclear-armed world all set up by Judah to exterminate the Druid force.

"Intimentary." 5.14 a.m.

The intimate that Judah uses to manipulate working people to keep funding poisoning us out and failing to stop the war. Might that be a useful defining word, the ment of intimate, "Intimentary?"

Will the dog and the diaper hold druid to defeat once again or not in a contest with Jewish ment?

Are we aware that we will have that answer in less than two weeks from now?

And what happens then? Are we aware that the background radiation is high enough now to begin taking our wits away from us?

The peaceful plentiful world we can have when American Labor can be convinced to end funding destroying us. Will we not keep praying for the thirty-minute breakthrough where Labor steps in, STRIKES THEM OUT and takes the authority to issue our money into the hands of Committee of the Whole from Labor?

Tele receives

"They're coming after resource. 12.25 p.m.

Push them away, you're on mouse bad. 12.43 p.m.

We've been shot lethal.

Vitamin, mush their vitamin.

Muster your court. 2.56 p.m.

They've mushed this street, they've mushed us stupid.

Bank robber's selfish.

Patrick gave them a police die.

They 'barnish you with Judeful relations. 3.10 p.m.

Get your lifers folded. 3.14 p.m.

Your appiness failed to save us Patrick Sullivan. 4.06 p.m.

They're tearing the wits off of your state. 4.51 p.m.

They've exterminated us and we've done nothing about it. 5.17 p.m.

They've shot your station statchious.

Corrupt failed. 5.45 p.m.

Thank you. 5.45 p.m.

A mouse just died for your politics.

They're folding us up embarrisingly. 6.15 p.m.

The 'ossed us great. 6.16 p.m.

Plenty of strong bribes nailed us off tuna fish. 6.20 p.m.

You're just dying yourselves off, the son of a bitches are tossing us. 6.26 p.m.

Pitiful life principle way, Principal is fashing us wholesale.

This day here they conned us.

Close up this veg, heal us.

3 months burned to death.

The army's out. 8.22 p.m.

Curse you mumps. 8.28 pm.m

You fire Patrick and I'll do you nicely. 8.36 p.m.

War jamming fell.

Shot us paralyzed.

Bankrupt he dangerously has wrenched us.

The boy reminds you, STRIKE THEM OUT! 8.49 p.m.

Patrick, you failed us cipherish attitude.

Thank you for sightish.

Arch dead.

STRIKE THEM OUT and Jew sudo full leaves you. 9.10 p.m.

They're leaving you a jail Palestine here.

Patrick, they chored down. 9.23 p.m.

Patrick takes them out.

Authorize this stuff, RISE US UP!

Vegetable better get free to do it, the doors open.

Beautiful deface Jew doing forcing here.

He always muzzled in Jewish states.

Julie Anne is really pressing your lives away.

It's squeamish and Patrick messed them.

-----, force her out of here, she's nailed us greatly.

The hawk is killing us.

Parashoot Muncie. 9.50 p.m.


They're sporting ale. 10.40 p.m.

Idiot poached puppy side. 10.42 p.m.

Recognize a sale here for dooms, they'll waste you off. 10.50 p.m.

Cored your rights, rifled Deuce.

They handled Pittsburgh.

They're filthy seekers. 11.p.m.

Their abuse effort is rightful. 11.12 p.m.

The son of a bitches burned us up and their overhead squashed us out. 11.16 p.m.

It's fossil. 11.22 p.m.

Simpatee. 11.24 p.m.

It's a threat war.

ORGANIZE your sightful, ORGANIZE your right yourselves.

The white people are being destroyed and doing nothing about it.

The doughboys are pitched for sinful.

Let's get them out. 11.34 p.m.

Goober went wrench.

They set you whore to debase you on a kid. 12.03 a.m.

They guy's stolen life in. 12.08 a.m.

They just waste you.

Pitiful swordsmen die us.

For corrupt regime, we're sealed.

He's scrimmaging forniously.

They didn't know Bitch would show their racket as small bites.

Their lethal goes away, close their owl. 12.18 a.m.

Get some right bulbs, set Judee out. 12.21 a.m.

You guys can play weak but they're out for officially vicious.

A baby holds Missouri honorably, it's made your lives fallen down.

They tossed you out with London types.

He's out of race already, lgal he soda pop he pitches us.

They're rising up a future sale.

Pat wants to stop their useless force.

The faulty bourse has nearly lost your sphere.

They're permanent humbugs, you saw their dog fail false; their freedom cost you.

They toll by prejudice.

They've fallen us out thieves.

Our national bank is ridiculous to their chemical sport.

They mess us free.

They're real deadly tissue and in a week you're sold out of here.

A camel degrades.

They toss you out Federally.

Bitch is a wise one but failed.

They have 16 million barrels of oil stored up and they raise prices.

Pittsburgh gut you with Volkswagen and an investigation is stupid because with sport shooting nothing happens.

Patrick at this moment you are fused, you didn't get them off and they are bringing in a BIG fight.

They set the rules offend.

Average boys perish away.

It's an awesome Mexico they're conducting here.

They got the noble prize for making the history of war.

C------- and insurance will set you back some.

RISE us here spirit.

This is extinction in a most horrific way.

They dying you with a Judah field at a considerable pace.

Have you told the others you're steered here?

Business, their business is shooting, it's quite molesty.

With missiles, they're dying the whole place off.

Their famous has cycled, America is shred failed.

Patrick, you failed life here.

They rice you whiskey no matter what you do.

Electricity off is quite serious.

Rotten police are stumbled.

Total they're doing us off.

Toss them out griefous.

An extraterrestrial group is trying to restore us.

Zero is completely opposite and fails here.

Short errors here. 2.38 a.m.

They bust you morgue.

They know how to destroy populations.

Their officials are rape for sale.

Stroke will be a rightful die for us. 2.45 a.m.

Germany folds on a BIG lunge.

They cable awesome, burned us up Palestine.

Mostly Jew despot deputize.

They scored you guys guilty.

His aim from Iowa is to scream vowels at us.

He's pushing us out of sphere.

Harsh investment throws you off this place.

They nailed us seriously, fold up their sheriff.

Patrick, you suffered lethal here. 3.07 a.m.

Contact is suitable to prevent us from dying here. 3.13 a.m.

You're unconscious. 3.23 a.m.

For sinners, it's goal vital to take you. 4.26 a.m.

Get a hand to get us through. 4.43 a.m.

Intimentary. 5.14 a.m.

We're cowsive.

Through fears, they died us off.

He gets his jollies, he likes fiddling around with kid stuff. 5.23 a.m.

Cool, pretty oppolis force.

Sheer telepathy took them out. 5.27 a.m.

STRIKE THEM OUT of here or they'll rice us silly. 6.28 a.m.

Thank you for steering us. 6.31 a.m.

We're naked and he's going to harm you." 8.04 a.m.

A telepathic message from extraterrestrials in October 2011 that informed Bitch that Judee went for it, reached for the brass ring attempting to extinct our race with a three-hour thermonuclear blast shot. Will Labor not join up with our extraterrestrial elders and bring us into the Galactic Federation of Light?

"You perish and the menace will go." 8.17 a.m.

Are we perceiving that the menace of war is going to go one way or the other, either we take responsibility for our sins and take the concession to issue our money way from weap Judah and quit funding sports war or we perish and the war comes to an end on its own?

Will Labor not take the war out so that we can get a chance to survive?

"I perish you off with my child side even though contact released you. I'm Dreekal with my power. Patrick air policed us, he sees our unrighteous," Judee say.

Mentioning the Dreek, might we consider Judah is aware of how Father will help His righteous to be rescued if our planet goes into a full brimstone die off?

The "Drork" are the communications specialists for the Federation.

BItch asked if they would clear a software block Judah put in my desktop computer some years ago and they put some signals in and opened up the software block for Bitch.

Bitch thanked them and then he heard a bright chipper voice that sounded like a young man who said, "you bet!"

The Drork are insectoids. Pleasant and most cheerful Beings. They wear snazzy bright blue uniforms with a white helmet that has a small antenna on it.

Father sent them in to help with the rescue of His simian children on planet earth.

Might this message be from Father?

"You fire Patrick and I'll do you nicely." 8.36 p.m.

How about it Labor, how about join with the Federation and God's love above, fire Patrick and move into a world of peace and plenty?

Have we not had enough of Jewish banker and insurance rule?

Will Labor not let Father do you nicely?

If so will Labor not have faith in a great and good outcome and STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Continues at:

1.04 p.m.

"Tyranny breeze clear thee off. 9.10 a.m.

You fouled your decimals. 9.21 a.m.

Circy will fall them dumb.

Patrick unassisted got them out of here. 9.46 a.m.

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