"A General Strike Will End The Serial Here. They scored You
Sat May 19, 2018 11:41

"A General Strike Will End The Serial Here. They scored You Off."

The serial of sports operations that Judah is carrying on. Knocking down planes to kill large numbers of people for insurance collections, steal their businesses and properties. Silence some of his co-conspirators. Put in civil, Labor, environmental activists plus die off UFO researchers. Ghost a few of his people out by pretending they were on the plane. Collect some cash for his lawyers that will represent the plaintiffs in the courts. Did we miss anything here?

Maybe his investigators will uncover something that will then be used to write a statute, passed by the legislature made into a law to invade peoples privacy even more?

Maybe a sales tool to help close a deal for the sale of newer model airplanes?

Will Labor not give us a general STRIKE to end the serial here?

CBS NEWS May 17, 2018, 7:35 AM
Slain Pennsylvania teacher was warned she wouldn't live to see end of 2018, reporter says
Investigators in suburban Pittsburgh now say the shooting death of a 33-year-old former teacher likely was a "crime of passion." Rachael DelTondo was shot multiple times in her mother's driveway on Sunday. Investigators believe she knew the shooter.


Here's some reverse facial speech from news reports of that school teacher's shooting death:

"Judas has fears dole fly off so he describes as passion. We stage your metal right to soft-pedal you. A nice bunch were site clawed off, police helped out. She did a rash of men.

-------- held a session on us. Death chawse. I'm in true to a turtle web. Sold my fins for an election fail. Bruised was the cause the rocket took him out, and Mormon said she had to leave.

We had a two-bit cylinder force here. -----a-well snuff her out. She rolled some gentle gent and got fouled here. The chef Manson was refused for boom boom puffal site.

The psychic pulled the error out and revealed the ruse. I object to you having rights. The glorious states left us leap right on out. Cannibal rights were for bail.

Enormously our app is harsh shooting you. I do double play with fists. You accept my act we set you out fast. Godfather is truly my foreign. The police were all fresh to preserve the fallen. B--- holds you threats."

The importance of civil rights.

This next story about people who rented cars that Hertz reported was stolen. One customer arrested was held for 12 days in jail suffering a couple of assaults while held.

Investigation: Hertz customers arrested after rental vehicles mistakenly reported stolen
Friday, May 18, 2018 09:01AM
A national rental car company is being forced to pay tens of thousands of dollars after mistakenly reporting some of their vehicles stolen which has led to the arrest of paying customers.

In this Action News Investigation, two victims describe the humiliation of being wrongly accused and the fallout from their arrest.

Watch the report from Investigative Reporter Chad Pradelli on Action News at 11 p.m. on May 17, 2018.

Here are some subconscious thoughts from the reverse facial speech that may help explain what happened here:

To read these facial reverse speech click on the link.

To read these facial reverse speech click on the link.

To read these facial reverse speech click on the link.

To read these facial reverse speech click on the link.

Bitch put those reverse facial speech with a link to simple site where they can be erased if there is a problem with putting them up. Once on APFN, they are permanent and cannot be erased.

Labor can put our rights in once again. Will Labor not do that and end these arrests that are faulty?

Do we see without rights in how easy Judah can get us in a cage by making a bad, incorrect report and then putting his Jewish police to grab us off of the street?

If a corporation makes a report of a vehicle stolen are we aware of our American law the police may not make an arrest until a grand jury hears from the parties involved to determine if the vehicle was actually stolen?

Do we understand why Jewish do not want us to have our rights in? Are we understanding they want it to be easy to get us into their cages for sport?


That innocent man spent three months in jail because a clerk was mistaken about a ten dollar bill he gave for his food order. It was real and not counterfeit.

Will Labor not protect us from these sorts of terrible things falling on us?

"I object to you having rights," Judee say.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT, put our rights in and overrule Jewish objections?.

Majory Stoneman Douglas officials are LYING to parents of dead children as they fight release of shooting video
05/18/2018 / By JD Heyes

And why do the school officials, who are all public payrollers, not want to turn over the videos of how that school shooting went down?

Might it show the professional shooters that came from Fort Campbell to machine gun our children down?

The school shooting in Texas Friday. Are we not aware the police have to be in on these school shootings for them to happen?

Will we not pray that we come out of puberty and get mature real quick and STRIKE THEM OUT until Labor takes the authority to issue our money away from Jewish?

If we lose our electricity and it is not restored for a period of time might that not be quite a blow to us here?

Without our electricity in the hottest months of the year might many of us not die off like flies?

That American Labor is involved in sin by funding Jewish sports wars and genocide. Are we aware that because of our involvement in sin God will not save us?

Many of us, our lives filled with plenty every since we were born. Never once missing a meal. Comfortable lives with heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. Refrigerators that keep our food stored nice.

Are we aware just how dependent we are on electricity?

To lose it nationwide for an extended period of time. Is there some awareness of how radically such an event may change our lives?

The attack from Pittsburgh in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with 3,200 three hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads that Jewish tried to close us out of existence with.

Has Judee somehow handled Pittsburgh in a way that Druid is no longer concerned about that attempt to extinct our race?

Our physical existence being closed out of here now. Millions of Fornian Replicons driven out of the Middle East and Africa and put on Social security in America to provide the fist to shoot us out. $4200 a month to take care of their families handed out to them to set them up for the next generation of sporting Americans out.

"Goober shelter me," Judee say.

Our cruelly manipulated poor children used to burn down the Middle East and Africa creating tens of millions of displaced people as war refugees. And God almighty who has personally warned Americans thousands of times to STOP THE WAR.

"They've completely ignored me," God Almighty said as Americans finish ourselves out of existence now funding all of the war in our world.

Will we not pray that American Labor will act responsibly and take the authority to issue our money away from Jewish sports people?

"For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all ways." Psalm 91:11

Bitch, focused upon nuclear war since he first thought about it seriously in 1965. He sought out extraterrestrials in 2005 because he knew the plan was to burn us out of existence in a nuclear blast war.

Extraterrestrials he learned had kept him alive all throughout his life.

Judah knew from being told by extraterrestrials in 1930 that supermen would show up, in the end days to help warfighting Jewish throw themselves out of here.

And so dutiful Bitch did just that when he reported that Mercury informed him in October of 2011 that Jewish attacked America with 64,000 Hiroshima atomic bomb amounts of blast, heat and radiation force in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.

Extraterrestrials also gifted Bitch with psychic powers that enable him to read some reverse facial speech. Bitch has used this extraterrestrial psychic gift to try and inform Americans of how we are being forced out of life form by Jewish.

Jewish, with their perfected false, their smooth that has always worked on Druid, handled the Pittsburgh nuclear blast extermination and Americans are back to ignoring all of the signs that we are now set to be died out HUGE.

All signs indicate that Jewish and their collaborators are set to take us out finally with a June storm of wreckage in America.

And official Washington, how could they let this happen?

Might we consider they have places in the undergrounds so they and their families will not feel the loss of material goods and services?

Do some think it not true that overnight they will be gone from our midst?

The vastness of the kidnap-torture-die operations that arise from Washington. Is there not some understanding they have an escape route off of the surface of our planet to get into their long-term homes underground?

That they keep machine gunning our children down in school. Might that give them some assurance that we will do nothing as we are finished out right?

Europe that has for the last thousand years plus been the base of the Jewish fist men and women that have kept our world in war. Europeans repeatedly attacked with nuclear missiles to wipe out as many mild people as Judah could get in before Judah is gone from our world permanently.

Judah cipher being died off underground while God Almighty lets Judah keep his tissue.

Druid, funding war on the surface of planet earth, are we aware that Judah is dying us off in a way that we lose our cipher and tissue both?

Over 7 years of continuous fissile products coming from Hitachi-GE onto us and our fields. Will there be any that will claim, "I just didn' know" as we silently like lambs die ourselves out of life form inhaling brimstone waste?

Must we not use our 223 high-level intelligence extraterrestrial genetics to save ourselves this time?

"I won because you believe a liar," Judee say.

If we put real extraterrestrial thinking to use will we not easily see that Judah is lying about Bitch?

All the rumors, the whispers, the false made up by Judah barn crowd that may have had a moment that they met Bitch somewhere along the road of life. And they tell a lie that is believable to some guys and gals.

The fact that our good God almighty said of Bitch, "you're a nice boy," should that in and of itself not give a clue that Judah is lying about Bitch?

"He remained true to me," God said of His shill Bitch who insisted that his money not be used for kidnap, cage, torture die sports that Jewish like to do.

God doesn't call me Duke, Earl, Baron, king, the prime minister, or president.

"My Bitch," is how God refers to His shill here on earth.

God's Bitch that revealed the wolf right so that the sheep could get a look at him and his methods to get a bite.

And now the wolf has his kids' machine gunning our kids down in school as the way he intends to bring them into office now.

Might we understand that when Labor has the authority to issue our money in its hands the videotapes of the school shooting will become public knowledge?

While it is obvious what is going on might we wonder why Labor continues to refuse to act?

"Why didn't you try it," God said concerning the general STRIKE to take the concession to issue our money away from Jewish.

The jailers that get 4% of the insurance package for the guys' and gals they help die off. The police that get free bourse checks from Judah made good by Labor for doing opps on us and our neighbors.

The officials that get a piece of all insurance deals that Judah does in their neck of the woods.

A perfected genocidal tyranny that continues undisturbed in its extinction of the western world.

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," God almighty of heaven and earth said.

The radioactive corrosive that is eating our lungs and marrow away. Poisoning our children even before they are born. Sending us to early graves.

Will Labor not give us our grand juries so we can end their play?

God is good, Father loves us all. Father will never harm us.

Father wants us to come on up and live in peace with the rest of His children in the universe.

Our route is already known. We are a species that has a time in existence of 21 million years from our beginning to end. We are now 12 million years old as earthlings. For those who survive this nuclear war, our next and final 9 million years will be as extraterrestrials.

In 30 million years our species will long be passed when the Federation packs up and moves from where they live now. Our elders in the Federation know when stars nearby will present hazards and so they plan their moves long in advance.

We will have already been gone for 21 million years when the Federation moves its home base due to nearby star events.

While such knowledge may seem quite fantastical, might we consider how advanced is the technology and understanding that our extraterrestrial elders have?

Might we consider that we are just babies here in comparison to our family above?

Might we consider that our elders are giving us a chance to be extraterrestrials just like they are?

The sins against humanity that Judah orders perpetrated on a daily basis against our family on earth, all funded by American Labor. Must we not STOP THE WAR?

Testimony was recently given of destruction of evidence that was paid for by the American taxpayer. And what was Congresses decision? To vote to install the destroyer of evidence into high office.

A genuine threat proven to have done wrong and installed anyways.

Will American Labor not choose to reject this horrifically wrong situation?

They're ready to escape the surface of planet earth to sit out their days in their safe comfortable undergrounds.

And we on the surface set to die out like flies.

Judah reported in reverse facial speech that when Druid did not act by April he feels he now has us dead. He feels that his mental is so strong over Druid that he and his children will now at their leisure be able to selectively pound us out of here.

And yet he knows how perilous is his situation with only a few hours and he will be closed outright with a general STRIKE.

Though as long as Druid does not challenge him to issue our money he can buy all the sports war he wants to.

One of them yesterday in RS said that they are now setting their new management team and rules in place.

That Druid failed to respond to continual shootings in our schools and on the streets Judah thinks that he has us frightened enough that we will not even try to challenge them now.

Though Judah claims that Druid has ever failed to save ourselves from Jewish wits and hits.

Apparently, according to Judah, Druid is not dutiful.

Jewish ever are dutiful and are moving ahead with their duty to wash us out of life form now.

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