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[ jew imf replacing wooden nickles with wooden nickles ? ]
Mon Jun 4, 2018 05:35

[ the jew imf replacing wooden nickles with wooden nickles ? ]

Are the jewish money changers, with their monopoly over wooden nickles in most countries (except Iran, North Korea, and several other middle east countries), are the jews discussing the replacement of the wooden nickel called the "usa dollar" with a wooden nickel called the sdr (special drawing rights) ?

"IMF calls for dollar alternative"

Perhaps it is important to note, that when the jewish freaks are calling something the "special" drawing rights, the jewish freaks are probably refering to something that is actually the "unspecial drawing rights", similar to the jewish freaks calling the "uncivil" rights act of 1964", an act that discriminated against the majority in a "democracy", the "civil rights act of 1964".


Recent history shows that the demise of the usa dollar has been controlled by the jewish money changers in the privately owned jewish central bank called the "federal" reserve, and now the international bolshevik communist gypsy jews want to replace the unpegged wooden nickel called the "usa/petro dollar", with a different unpegged wooden nickel with a different name.

Using wooden nickels is a form of slavery, because if the jewish freaks are allowed to pay the "gentiles" for goods and services using unpegged wooden nickels, then the "gentiles" are doing free slave labor for the jews.

A more appropriate name for the jewish "federal reserve act of 1913 (usa)", is the jewish "wooden nickel act of 1913".

The usa freak congress is too stupid to repeal the wooden nickel act of 1913 and print their own wooden nickels, and too stupid and greedy to use wooden nickels that are pegged to a commodity.

If the usa and other countries began using wooden nickels that were actually pegged to a commodity (as a wallet convenience), such as being pegged on par to traditional goods in a public market such as cotton, then there is NO NEED FOR A jewish CENTRAL BANK ?

This jewish sdr b.s. has been discussed by others - the jewish freaks are wanting to replace one unpegged dollar with another unpegged dollar ?

The following link has a book for sale that discusses real money...

"The Gold, Silver, and Hourglass Standard"


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    • [ jew imf replacing wooden nickles with wooden nickles ? ] — FRIEND OF GOD, Mon Jun 4 05:35
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