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US Economy About To Fall
Tue Jun 5, 2018 14:52



The US and European Economies are about to fall apart as the entire system is reset.

Tonight we will discuss the who, what, when, where and how.

Tomorrow night we will discuss Marshal Law - what it is and what it means to us and our families.


First - you must have a system that protects you when you cruise the internet so when they come you are not rounded up like cattle and killed.

The Department of Defense (DOD) set up, and implemented, the Internet and then started companies like: Google, Facebook, Twitter and the Alphabet Company through SLAC National Accelerator Laboratories at Stanford University through one of their subsidiaries: The US Department of Energy.

These companies were started up to not only brain wash us through sounds, frequencies and ads but also to track everything you do and everywhere you go and then sell the data to compromise everyone - even the President.

Information Security is a joke and will remain so until those who run these companies rare locked behind bars with NO internet Access.

The Communications Department of the Department of Defense (A Corporation Owned by the Royalty in London) also runs the White House.

The DOD is also now bringing in United Nations Troops - mostly Arabian Muslims - who hate Americans to implement this New Marshal Law.

When you buy Virtual Shield not only does it shield you from being traced when you bounce around the internet but they are the only “VPN” that sell not sell your data. In fact - as you go from site to site the data is erased.

This means when you go into stores like Macy’s and JC Penny’s your phone will not be pummeled with Texts and Ads from these companies.

Further - You have seen how impossible it is for me to write a story without having Virtual Shield up and running and turned on - words changed, paragraphs moved around etc.

So now on sale you can have this for about $2.75 as month.

Pretty cool - it will keep you out of big trouble in the Very Near Future.



1) WHO: The economic reset was set up way back in 1944 when the Bretton Woods agreement was established by the Rothchild’s Banking System. The Chinese Elders agreed to take the mantle after America and bring their new system to China in the 2010s’

Historically: First we had a Gold Standard - being with Spain, then Portugal and then France using Gold to buy power.

The Mantle switched to the British Pound in and then to the US Dollar after WW1 really.

Now the Rothchild’s (World Council of 45 Members) will move the center to China and after 70 years to - I believe - Brazil.


WHAT: The New Financial System will convert to primarily Digital Currencies using something similar to the Bit Coin as Cryptos may be force to merge.

Gold Backed currencies will also be used as Illegal Drug Sales, buying a Prostitute and the other wonders of the Underground Markets run by Lucifer must have untraceable funds.


When: The time to fully implement these changes seem to be in Late September to Early October. First the Euro will fall as the Pig’s Nations economies (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain) fall apart - ripping the Holy Roman Empite Bank (Deutsche Bank) apart.

Of course - if Deutsche Bank did as GOD has asked them to do this will be stopped dead in it’s tracks - but they foolw their GOD Lucifer.

To bad, so sad.

Approximately two weeks after the fall of the Euro the US Dollar will fall. Marshal Law will be implemented and we will have a New Economic System.

It will be a long, drawn out process and President Trump was put there to soften the landing.

As for the Elites now attempting to destroy Planet Earth - those Political Leaders I have spoken with feel that this type of Drastic Change is necessary to arrest the Evile People now controlling the planet.


The leaders of Russia, China and the US are in full cooperation with this plan.

This is why President Trump is now planning to meet with the leaders of these nations in Vladivostok (Russia) in September - right before the “Fall.”

Pray the Nuclear Weapon being brought in by the Elite Rothchild’s does not go off there.

We are already seeing this being implemented as there is a World wide Shortage of US Dollars that began around 2014. The slack - of course - is being picked up by the Chinese Yuan.

The Federal Reserve Bankstas have apparently been shrinking their Balance Sheet since 2014 to force the Global Economic Collapse.

The first casualties seem to be Argentina, Turkey, Venezuela and Mexico.

What you see there is coming here.

Further - as Oil is now flowing in Mass Quantities the oil companies are artificially raising the prices to such out of the public everything they can get before the collapse - like a Gigantic Tax on everyone.



The reset may last around 90 days so be ready folks for what is coming.

…..a) Food

…..b) Water and a Water Filter

…..c) Toilet Paper

…..d) Ammunition - I Prefer Bear Spray

…..e) Heat for your home. As the sun changes and Chemtrails get destroy our Ozone - be ready for Hotter Summer and Colder Winters.

…..f) Communications with you neighbors.



Watch as the exposure of exactly what the Rothchild’s and their Satanic Dominions comes forth.

Cenex Cement

Clinton Foundation

Mitt Romney’s wife

The list goes on and on



Keep President Trump away from Singapore and do not meet with ANYONE without a barrier under the table so he cannot be shot with a CIA Heart Attack Weapon in a pen - the kind the CIA boasted about in 1975 in the US Senate Report COUNTELCOPRO.


Its time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety, sit back and enjoy the show.

Be ready folks for what is coming.


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Dr William B. Mount

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