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Here is a Link to a Video of a Young Lady Riding her bicycle
Wed Jun 6, 2018 07:20

Here is a Link to a Video of a Young Lady Riding her bicycle on the way to work who is stopped, searched and handcuffed, caged and held in the back of the squad car while the Oklahoma City police officer calls to see if there are any warrants on the young lady making the lady late for work.

Oklahoma City

The cop pulls in front of the lady and claims there was a call of a girl fitting her description that was looking in windows.

The lady then produces an ID card.

Hands her ID to the police officer.

Then he handcuffs the lady going to work and locks her into the back of his squad.

Then he holds her ID card while he is talking with the 911 dispatcher.

After several minutes 911 was unable to find any warrants on the young lady and the squad door is unlocked and then the process of taking the restraining handcuffs off.

Taking the last handcuff off.

Looking at her watch the lady is now aware that she is late for work.

As the lady is picking up her backpack and the things that were in it are on the ground, the officer readies his handcuffs for his next stop and search.

Bitch found several reverse facial speech that she said to the cop that came from her subconscious. Here they are
"I'm glad your corporation's off and God folded your sight (cite-site). I mock your deafness and gyps. You falsify beautiful. Another hawk wit that's failed nice. Cable them out of here because they're wicked. I can't believe you're such a force of lunatic. Your geno-rights are in."

Are we aware that ID card is the one big tricks that Judah used in his communist-ruled countries to get a gigantic police kill in on the mild people of the north? Are we aware being asked to produce identification cards by authorites is a mental way Jewish use to subordinate the inhabitants of countries they take over?

The young lady that was made late for work purportedly was stopped because of a call to 911 of a girl matching her description looking into windows. Might the probable cause for the stop cuff and search be suspicion of window peeping?

The call that purportedly came in to 911, might that have been miss Judee doing an opp making the call because the attractive Druid lady made her jealous? Can we only wonder was there really a call to 911 at all?

Might the Druid lady have an employer insurance package on her and that cop was there to get her to step right to complete the catch?

That is now that she has quietly submitted to be taken into captivity easily cuffed and released might she be primed to be handcuffed again sometime and insurance collected out right then?

Do we see how Judee likes to set us ahead of time for us to step for him so when it comes time to harvest us we go quietly as the mild people in Eastern Europe went when Judah took their lives from them when he put communism in using the checkbook of the West?

Do we understand that with our rights in we cannot be harvested easily by Judah kids?

With our rights in might that lady hire a lawyer to bring what was done to Her to a civil jury trial for false arrest and imprisonment? Might we get 911 dispatch record to see what they said?

Might the person who made the telephone call to 911 claiming a bike riding woman was looking into windows not have to give his or her side of the story that caused that woman to be stopped, cuffed and taken into physical custody?

Are we understanding Labor that with our rights in Judah cannot do his sport to us?

Are we aware that police working for Judah target and do false stops and arrests based on the size of the bribe that Judah offers them?

Here is a video of a cop who was fired for revealing to the lady he stopped that the police administration directed the officers on the street to write tickets for tinted windows. She is the daughter of Senator Jon Lungren and that caused the story to become news.

. .Bristol officer fired after pulling over Sen. Jon Lundberg's daughter
By: Javion Simmons
Posted: Dec 18, 2017
Nate Morabito, WJHL - BRISTOL, TN (WJHL) - A Bristol, Tennessee police officer is out of a job after speaking his mind on camera about a controversial department policy
Sen. Jon Lundberg (R), District 4, told WJHL he shoulders some of the burden.

"I'm not responsible, but I'm involved and I feel badly," Lundberg said. "I feel really badly."

Sen. Lundberg says he regrets calling the police chief after Phil Kiersnowski pulled over his daughter last month. The officer ticketed Samantha "Sam" Lundberg for a window tint violation, but during the traffic stop criticized the police department's window tinting enforcement and urged Lundberg to get her father involved.
"I am going to give you a citation, because that's only because the admin's on our a**," Kiersnowski said while trying to mute his microphone during the traffic stop. "One phone call from your dad will probably save us a lot of heartache."
VIDEO 11.47 AT

Do we see here Labor with our rights in ordinary jurors can hear all of this and straighten things out for all of us?

Cops being forced to write tickets they know are no good, and officer Kiersnowski was fired for revealing it.

And if we get a ticket for tinted windows ticket, miss going to court and are we aware they may issue an arrest warrant for that?

With our American bill of rights in are we aware before the bench issues an arrest warrant it first must have the authorization from a grand jury that there is probable cause that a crime has been committed?

There is a police civil lawsuit case unfolding in Chicago, instead of an individual being locked up for ten minutes or so, numerous people were falsed, staged and framed, convicted and held for decades in state prisons.

Controversial ex-Chicago cop expected to take the Fifth at trial over wrongful conviction

The stop and frisk policy that has produced so much upset with so many people. With our rights in might, we understand it is easy to end it?

The demand to frisk someone, or search their things, are we understanding in American Law there needs to be probable cause to do such things?

If we have that part of it right, then might we understand there needs to be a criminal accusation to produce probable cause?

The threat of physical abuse and arrest involved if a person doesn't comply with the armed corporate clerk. Have we not seen the coercion involved that Jewish love doing to all of us? Have we not seen enough Jewish bribed police state killings, that we will not put our rights in to straighten it out?

A criminal accusation, are we understanding that can be a libel and a slander if it is both oral and written. Are we aware a civil jury can determine the facts and issue compensation for a false libelous or slanderous accusation?

Police departments making arrested persons' pictures dressed in prison garb public before a grand jury has even looked at the allegations. MIght that be Jewish degenerating and degrading the hostages? Will Labor not put our rights in so that juries and grand juries can give us refuge from Jewish police state sins?

Will Labor not put our rights in and end state corporate clerks making malicious false criminal accusations that violate us as we go on our way?

Might we want to think about this, the Oklahoma City police officer who pulled the lady off her bike who was peaceably riding to work doing no wrong and was shackled and held by the threat of assault and deathly force to comply with the armed clerk that was equipped with the potential to take her life away from her in a blaze of gunfire, and there may be no remedy in law if our rights are not in?

Should an innocent person put to such a terrible encounter not have recourse to a jury trial to see what happened there? If she lost her job for being late should her wages not be made good for being falsely accused and arrested causing her to be late? Might we want to think about what we saw in that video happening to an innocent person on her way to work happens across this nation every day?

Do we understand armed or unarmed clerks are public employees, paid by the taxpayer and serve based on the peoples' trust and are to be kept on the payroll only when they obey the law?

Might some say, "what's the big deal," he only held her for less than 10 minutes.

Might being late for work knock her down on the scoreboard at work?

Might being late have affected her chances for promotion, might it even get her fired?

The police officer in Tennessee who blew the whistle on police being sent out to write tickets to motorists based on window tint and was fired and lost his income source?

Rather than a civil service decision concerning his worker rights, should that officer not have the right to a civil jury to decide if he should keep his job rather than the public payrollers who pressured him to write tickets/?

Might we understand that everything the Jew does is to get us mentally subordinate so that we are easier to set sport and ultimately kill?

That Jewish people in America have murdered by some estimates 30 to 40 million Americans in their hundred and five years war using Labors purse to get us done and put in. Should wise people not act before we personally and individually get caught up in one of their sports opps?

That Jewish people have murdered so many tens of millions of Americans do we understand that is why their counsel initiated their all-out genocidal attack in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, to exterminate our race in a nuclear blast war?

That Jewish nuclear war fighting sports and their nuclear war fighting lobbyists in Germany are still attacking us with nuclear missiles and bombs, is there not some way to interest American Labor in a sale for peace? Must American Labor not stop funding the nuclear missile attacks against us?

Here is a video of a nuclear warhead pulled out of the sky by Sir Casper and safely brought down. The claim, of course, is that it is a meteorite coming in.
Meteor 2018 LA (ZLAF9B2)seen from farm between Ottosdal and Hartebeesfontein North West South Africa
Video 0.08 at

Here's Bitch comment at that video about that nuclear warhead being safely burst off:

A missile-delivered nuclear warhead in a controlled burst off? Who would have the technical ability to pull a nuclear warhead out of the sky and safely burst it off?

Might our Martian friend Sir Casper and his diligent team not have saved us again?

Might a question be what is holding earthlings who have survived repeated nuclear blast attacks from acting to take the authority to issue our money away from the international bankers?

Epic meteorite illuminates skies over China (VIDEO)
Published time: 2 Jun, 2018
That is a nuclear warhead being burst over the heads of our family in China:

People's Daily,China

Incredible moment: A meteorite was captured in the city of Jinghong, southwest China's #Yunnan Province on Friday and lit up the night sky.

8:23 PM - Jun 1, 2018
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Video 0.09 at

Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end these continuous nuclear missile attacks against our family and us around the world?

Will American Labor try to get a view that perceives our extraterrestrial elders are with us all of the time to guide us and help us survive?
“It is time for the truth to be brought out behind the scenes. High-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about the UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense…. I urge immediate Congressional action to reduce the dangers from secrecy about unidentified flying objects”.

Former CIA Director Vice Admiral Hillenkoetter (1897-1982), signed statement to Congress, August 22, 1960. _

Have some heard about the signals from extraterrestrials that are coming out of a Jewish cemetery in Pine Bush New York?

Filer’s Files #22 – 2018 – ET Beacon Is Broadcasting in NY
Posted by: George Filer in Filer's Files June 4, 2018

Bruce Cornet –

What has disappointed me ever since I discovered something extraordinary coming out of the ground near Pine Bush, NY, especially after I published this information on my The Cydonia II Report website in 1996, is that few have realized the value what my discovery holds.

The History Channel may have been censored by the government from presenting this find on UFO Vortexes in 2008.’

When I conducted a 24 square mile magnetic survey in 1992-1995, I discovered powerful magnetic pulses coming out of the ground at three locations around the Beth Hillel Jewish Cemetery along Rte. 52. These signals were as high as 18-20% of the total Earth’s magnetic field, and were clearly not natural. The History Channel team measured a magnetic signature next to that huge tree of 1.7 gauss!

Thank you for your interest in my discussion about the Pine Bush UBO, which demonstrates how ET communicates if not by the SETI waterhole frequencies between 1,4220 and 1,666 megahertz.

Alien Beacon Is Broadcasting from New York

Dr. Bruce Cornet writes I think you are correct that an Unidentified Beacon Object (UBO) represents an alien Visitors navigational beacon.

Beth Hillel Jewish cemetery where those extraterrestrial signals are coming from is now closed to the public.

The distance is about 80 miles from Beth Hillel Jewish cemetery to New York City. Can we only wonder who is buried in Beth Hillel Cemetery?

After the extraterrestrial signals, emanating from Beth Hillel cemetery were revealed, the cemetery was closed to the public.

Might it not be interesting to see the names on those headstones?

Might we find many Jewish names that were involved in the creation of the nuclear blast and brimstone waste extinction force that Jewish have put on the children of God on earth using America, Germany, and Russia primarily to extinct us?

Might we consider those extraterrestrial signals that are coming from that Jewish cemetery in New York are a MARKING, a meta-transiliatory communication to us?

Are we getting some sense of how our extraterrestrial rescuers are choosing to speak to us?

The large amount of extraterrestrial activity in Pine Bush New York for many decades now. Might we perceive our elders are MARKING the burial ground of the nuclear war fighting Jewish hobbyists that directed the building of the atomic extinction force from the financial center located in New York City?

Continues at:

The first generation of Jewish nuclear war fighting crowd that are buried in Hillel cemetery. Might their children of the next generation

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