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Poison attack
Wed Jun 6, 2018 09:56

1023. Large scale poison attack (6/9/2018)

These days, I was heavily attacked by eye poison. When the dose is big, the eye having a piercing pain with a lot of tears. Then there is a hard feeling for the eye. I have to close my eye to rest from time to time. In the past, it was used to be one poisoned food.(e.g. candy) This time it is a large scale attack. At least five different vegetables were poisoned. Other food (like biscuit, cracker) were poisoned too.

My wife eats seperately from me. I think that was requested by the Feds for the convenience of poison. So we had different food. But this time she was affected too. I saw several times she using eyedrops. She became the target too.


969. Poison information for sharing (7/9/2017)


Sometime ago, I frequently felt a bloody smell from stomach after eating something. I abandoned the food and think that probably was a kind of poison eroded the membrane of stomach that caused bleeding. Now this news said it is a blood thinning agent.

One kind of poison is a popularly used by Chinese secret police. The symptom is there is itching in joint after eating the food. I allege it would end with thyroid cancer. I used to find it in Chinese candy and biscuit, Especially in date (fruit) and chestnut. They used to be given us as gift from people who came back from a China tour.

Another poison causes dim vision. I think it is derived from a mouse poison. In a box of "Rat killing bait" I saw the instruction said the bait killing mice by blinding their eyes. The symptom is it came with a lot of tears after eating the food. It used to be mixed in Chocolate as candy. It also can be found in vegetables. I also find it frequently in muffin and cake of a large food wholesale club. Last year my wife had a European tour. She brought back many chocolate, cookie gift box. I found they were all contaminated with that vision poison. I asked why she bought so many she said the "tax free store" was just on sale when she went there. That's the way how the Feds deliver the poison food to their target.

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