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Soon to Occur Investment in Plasma Aqua Farming Technologies
Thu Jun 7, 2018 23:24

June 08, 2018 Soon to Occur Investment in Plasma Aqua Farming Technologies - Reply to:

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On Thu, Jun 7, 2018 at 10:48 PM, Will P. Wilson wrote:

June 07, 2018 To whom it may concern:

Very soon, we, that is whom ever may be receiving this e-mail from me, Will P. Wilson, will have the option to be an equity holder in a company, and a group of companies, that will be providing (Manufacturing.) of the Hydroxy Gas, Browns Gas, Pantone-GEET, (Etc.) Plasma Water and Air Filtration, and Aqua Agricultural Applied Technologies.

Technologies that soon will be creating higher aqua culture and plant growth by more then eight times of the speed of growth and up to four times the size using only naturally applied Plasma Physics to all Agriculture and all Water and Air (And, Soil.) and Human, Animal, and Plant, Applied Plasma (Technological Break Through-s.) Treatment.

And, that this soon to be a much more recognized technological sector will also be playing a key part in nationwide and worldwide water treatment for all sectors of municipal, commercial, and private sector water applications.

Including (And, not excluding all other areas of water and agricultural applied uses.) that will soon also be commonly recognized in all the worldwide cannabis industries, as well.

The goal of this e-mail message is to inform us, that soon that these emerging technological sectors will soon become a more commonly accepted agricultural and municipal water and air research and development endeavor will be involving future county and state legislation and administration policies, laws, regulations, revenue, commerce, and employment.

Imagine, that soon that the following enterprises will be working with this technological spectrum and creating new applications and uses.

That this evolving and unique industrial and commercial realm will also be including Aqua Culture (Agricultural and Farming.) of Seaweed and Kelp that are now also considered to be naturally occurring, and organic food sources that can play a key part in the removal of nuclear contaminates from the human, the animal, the plant, and the soil.

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    • Soon to Occur Investment in Plasma Aqua Farming Technologies — willpwilson 908, Thu Jun 7 23:24
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