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Finally - A Real Man Emerges Form The White House
Fri Jun 8, 2018 15:12



Today at the G-7 Meeting President Trump told the leaders of Germany, France and Canada if they do not pull their tariffs on American Made Products we will put up Tariffs on products from their nations.

Further - the $Trillions of dollars that have handed into the Eurozone under the Marshal Plan since 1945 ended the day he took office.

Further - under the Initial NATO Treaties and agreements made in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s initiated by Colonel Terry Swan with the European Nations they will buy only weapons made in the USA and their own nations.

I have read some of the treaties and showed some here TV.

Further - Oil and Gas will be delivered through the Norwegian Pipelines and through US Oil Deliveries only to Western Europe.

The Tariffs by these Western European Nations against American Made Products, and the Nordstrom 2 Pipelines violates these initial NATO Treaties and if Germany, Sweden and France continue ahead with this Treaty Violation the US will pull their Military protection and more than likely close most of their military bases in those nations.

Further - if Europe wishes the protection of the American Military it will “Darn Tootin” pay for it.

Pretty funny comment since right now almost all Germany’s Home Made Tanks and all of their Submarines are -- Broken. Even the 5 Submarines the Germans sold to Israel were so easy to find off the North Korean Coast because their electronics are -- Broken.

The free lunch provided by the American Tax Payers to these National Socialist (NAZI) nations in Europe is over.

Nations like Italy, Poland, Hungary and Austria are rallying behind President Trump in his push to end this “Free Lunch” that has allowed fake elections of Child Molesters (Pedophiles) to take power across Spain, Germany, France and even into Canada.

The Elites Limousine Liberals across Europe are VERY angry but they know now if they come against Trump GOD will now stop tem in their tracks. So GOD has said it - so it shall be.

So President Trump has just announced he will leave the G-7 Meeting early to go to Singapore and prepare for his meeting with the Leaders of North Korea to end the Korean War once and for all.

President Trump politically destroyed These National Zozhaleests Macron, Trudeau and Merkel by exposing their lies in one simple sentence.

So after we have stopped over 20 assassinations attempts on President Trump he finally rises up to the Occasion.

All we have to say is


Finally - a man emerges in the White House



1) First - Facebook sells data to China - Including codes to access the B-1 Bomber electronic systems.

2) All B-1 Bombers are grounded because their electronics were compromised.

Even a little child can put this equation together.

Intel Geeks - If you don’t understand - ask your 3 year old. Not kidding.

There Are Consequences



1) Somebody was in Hawaii injecting chemicals into the Ground in April.

2) The volcano erupts in May, sending out Hot Gasses along the Fault Line the dumped chemical into.

Either the Loony Lefty Governor Of Hawaii will begin arresting those who were fracking in April for Treason or GOD will pour out HIS wrath on the Governor and his family. So HE has said it - so it shall be.

There are consequences Governor.



The Awan Brothers and their wives are now back in Pakistan as a US Court rules against them thanks to the Clintons.

Pakistan just lost Foreign Aid amounting to over $5 Billion Dollars a year.

I wonder if the leaders of Pakistan consider these 2 Awan Brothers worth $5 Billion Per Year in perpetuity or will they end up as Dog Food?

That’s over $67 Billion Dollars since 1951 - Terminated over 2 spies.

Muslim or not - Money Talks, BS Walks.

The US Does not have to pay one thin dime to dispose of these Spies and no International Incidences are created.

President Trump is a Genius.

There are consequences.


Thank GOD we have a real MAN in the White House.


Its time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety, sit back and enjoy the show.

Be ready folks for what is coming.


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Dr William B. Mount


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