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What Senator Jeff Merkley Saw at an Immigrant Detention Center for Children Phone: (202) 224-3753 show these images

Tomy Robinson arrested for being a journalist?

Hawaii beware of FEMA barges
seismic activity/ earthquakes/ scalor waves/ false flag

Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain
The Blood on Bergoglio’s Head – Argentina’s Ghosts
Jorge Zorreguieta. died daughter 'suicided'
CDAN is telling us that Queen Maxima’s sister, Ines Zorreguieta was “suicided” this past week because she had discovered her father’s cache of films, and was starting to go through them all.
Her fatal mistake was talking about it to her Hollywood “friend.” That’s when the Argentinian Government caught wind of it and came in to try and collect everything related to those videos.
But I think the most stunning part of this is that a record was kept – not only of all the elites in the films – but of the names of all of those victims on film.

Those volumes with both the abusers’ and victims’ names are now missing.
CIA and The Vatican, is it so surprising that they would work hand-in-hand?
Michel Chossudovsky’s testimony against him is absolutely devastating. sister of deceased priest and torture victim Orlando Yorio in an e-mail to the journalist Horacio Berbitsky. “Now he’s achieved what he wanted.”

“He,” for Graciela Yorio, refers to a power-hungry man who betrayed her brother and the Hungarian Jesuit Franz Jalics to Argentina’s mililtary dictatorshop. A man who did nothing to stop the two faithful from being locked up in prison for five months and tortured. “He” is Pope Francis, then still known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio, provincial of the Argentine Jesuits.

Sen. Jeff Merkley denied entry into one migrant detention facility, claims he saw kids caged in another

Sen. Bob Menendez tweeted in response to the senator's story, saying he shared a similar experience in being barred from gaining access to a detention facility. He said that Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen "owes us answers." conservative/2018/06/real-robert-mueller-docs-show-he-let-4-innocent-men-rot-or-die-in-prison-to-protect-a-mafia-source-3383782.html
four men — Louie Greco, Henry Tameleo, Peter Limone and Joe Salvati — because, he said, exculpatory evidence that had long existed was just “fodder for cross-examination,” one document shows.

#1 Who Do You Think You Are?
(subtitle: Are you a U.S. citizen?)

#2 Where Do You Think You Are?
(Are you in a federal territorial place?)

#3 What Do You Think You Are Doing?
(Are you engaged in commerce?)

#4 Who Do You Think You Are Dealing With?
(Is it soveriegn government, or a private actor?)

#5 Who Do You Think You Are, Part II?
(Subtitle: Are you a resident?)

#6 Where the Rubber Meets the Road
People wonder what has gone wrong with our country.
(First, 3 things:
One cannot understand the legal system in America today, without first understanding what is in these handouts;
One cannot understand society in America today under the rule of law of that legal system, without first understanding what is in these handouts;

Some people will read the following paragraph, will think it preposterous, and will read no further. These are "some of the people that you can fool all the time".)

See how 300 million native born Citizens of America abandoned their Citizenship, their nationality, their constitutional protections (State and National) and contracted away their unalienable Rights.
These White Papers go a long way toward explaining what passes for government in our country today.
FREE DOWNLOAD: Download the FREE one-page SUMMARY below showing what passes for government today. Here is WHY Americans are having such trouble today, having to overcome all of this that was done, without their knowledge or consent !

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in his 1935 State of the Union speech, described the "New Deal" as "to substitute the appearance of reality for reality itself."

This is a sleight-of-hand trick! It's a double-bag move! Parse this statement out . . . .
The New Deal ... substituted (i.e. REPLACED) ... reality (i.e., the REPUBLIC) ... with some mere appearance of a Republic.
The Republic ... was replaced ... by something else; by some NEW Deal, that merely LOOKED LIKE the Republic, BUT WAS NOT the Republic!
SO WHAT WAS IT? How was the New Deal implemented? It was not just a few legislative acts and some work programs that came and went, back in the 1930's. This "substitution" is still with us today (!), and is at the root of what is wrong with our country today. (Can you name even one way that the New Deal affects your life today ??? The New Deal is essentially hidden from you (by deception (a.k.a. fraud)), because you would certainly rebel against it if you knew about it.) (☺ And thus, most of the people are fooled all of the time!)

BIG HINT: Today some 300 million Americans, one by one, but en masse, have:

abandoned their individual sovereign character,

abandoned their native born Citizenship,

abandoned their native born State,

abandoned ALL of their constitutional protections, State and National, and
contracted to waive ALL of their unalienable Rights.

As a result, they are now treated as foreigners in their own country! See White Papers 1 through 6 below.
Art. IV, Sec. 3, Cl. 2 of the Constitution of The United States of America grants unlimited Power to Congress to operate the territories. CLEARLY this unlimited Power could be used to do anything, including to fabricate and operate such an "appearance of reality" "substitute" for the Republic. But this Power, and the resulting "appearance" could only operate on federal citizens (i.e., U.S. citizens) (wherever they reside) and/or within federal territory. It would be unlawful (indeed, it would be unconstitutional) to exercise Art. IV Power within the several States, or to make such a resulting "substitution" within the several States, or upon native born Citizens of the several States within their respective States.
The above FREE DOWNLOAD, and the supporting White Papers, explain a great deal of the historical, political and legal state of affairs that operate around us and upon us (and against us) today.
Here is a perfect EXAMPLE, and a brief one, illustrating how the substitution of just a couple of words can lead to catastrophic legal consequences (every man is presumed to know the law).

The Constitution of Nevada was drawn up with Art. I, Sec. 16 as:
"Foreigners who are, or who may hereafter become Bona-fide residents of this State, shall enjoy the same rights, in respect to the possession, enjoyment and inheritance of property, as native born Citizens."
SO, ARE YOU A FOREIGNER, in your own State? OR, are you a native born Citizen? Are you a resident? [i.e., a resident foreigner (a resident alien)], or are you a native born Citizen? You can't be both. The two "persons" are at opposite ends of the political spectrum. Foreigners are NOT members of "the People", and have no Rights except what are granted to them (by the People). (as for example, in the Constitution of Nevada)
Indeed, foreigners that reside in the country are to be controlled, for the protection of the native born Citizens.
"It is an accepted maxim of international law that every sovereign nation has the power ... to forbid the entrance of foreigners ... or to admit them only ... upon such conditions as it may see fit to prescribe." Fong Yue Ting v. United States, 149 U.S. 698, 706 (1893)
Residents can be deported at will ! (see Fong Yue Ting) (Frankly, you should read this entire case. The whole illegal immigration issue has already been solved, 120 years ago, ... but who knows about it ?!)
"upon such conditions" means that ANY conditions can be enacted and enforced upon foreigners who are residents within the State. (This is literally a recipe for totalitarian government (as long as government keeps up the appearances of a Republic, and can fool the native born Citizens into going along, and being treated like mere residents).
The term resident is referred to some 5,000 times in the Nevada Revised Statutes. The term native born Citizen is referred to ZERO TIMES !
The near universally demanded "government issued identification" cards ARE ONLY ISSUED by the State TO RESIDENTS ! (see Fong Yue Ting) Issuance of an ID card to someone who is "not a resident" is PROHIBITED in the Nevada Revised Statutes! (at NRS 483.250 (7.))
Sounding familiar ?
And so, year after year, generation after generation, the controls upon resident foreigners get stricter and stricter, all in accordance with international law and the law of the land. (... what happened to the native born Citizens ??)
Here's the question again. "Are you a resident?" Do you really know who you are? Historically? Politically? Legally? (The public school system (i.e., the government school system) does not teach this. Even the law schools do not teach this!)
This is a part of what has gone wrong with our country (and which, indeed, has been deliberately done).
And, all the whoopla on television about Democrats and Republicans is all part of "the appearance of reality" and is designed to distract you from ever learning about what's on this web site.

White Papers
All White Papers are in .pdf form.
Who Do You Think You Are?
Subtitled: Are you a U.S. citizen?
If you are a native born Citizen of one of the several States, and you answer, Yes, to the question, "Are you a U.S. citizen?", then you have literally just expatriated! You have just contracted away all of your unalienable Rights, and abandoned your native born State (your nationality), and all of your Constitutional protections (both State and National) thereunder.
By your conduct (so it must be your intent), you have just adopted a federal citizenship, founded in the District of Columbia (which is NOT one of the several States), owing direct and immediate allegiance thereto, and agreed to become completely subject to the exclusive legislative jurisdiction of Congress, wherever you may reside, with only the privileges granted to resident foreigners! . . .

Where Do You Think You Are?
Do you live within an "administrative division" of a federal territorial "place", which is under the exclusive legislative jurisdiction of Congress? (for example, "Nevada")
Or do you live within one of the several sovereign States of The United States of America? (for example, "Nevada")
What ? You mean there are two "places" with the same name !!?? How can this be ?? . . .

What Do You Think You Are Doing?
Are you engaged in commerce? which is under the exclusive legislative jurisdiction of Congress?
Are you passing negotiable instruments (notes (i.e., Federal Reserve Notes)) from hand to hand in ALL of your daily transactions? . . .

Who Do You Think You Are Dealing With?
Is what passes for "government" today operating in sovereign capacity, where you owe a duty of allegiance to it?
Or is it operating privately, and commercially, doing business with "residents"?
Do you have a duty of obedience to a purely private organization, no different than "Sears Roebuck", that is deceiving you into believing that it is "government"? . . .

Who Do You Think You Are, Part II?
Subtitled: Are you a resident?
Are you a resident foreigner, with only the privileges granted by government?
Or, are you a native born Citizen, with unalienable Rights and the constitutional protections of "the People" of the State where your were born and of "The United States of America"? . . .

#6 Where the rubber meets the road!
Driver's License - Are you really required to have one?
Registration - Are you really required to register your vehicle?
SUPPOSE that the only way to get a driver's license, is to go to the DMV and declare yourself to be an alien!
Well, that's what you did! ... when you told them you were a "resident".
A Driver's License or a state ID Card are some of the lowest common denominator government documents. But the state only has authority to issue these documents to:
a) persons making a use of the highways for a "gainful purpose"; that is, making money on the highways (i.e., commerce),
- OR -
b) aliens who "reside" (i.e., resident aliens) among the People; among the native born Citizens, commonly called "residents".
So, the statutes have to deceive the People into making a self-declaration that they are mere "residents" instead of native born Citizens or members of the People.
This handout examines the details of how this deception is perpetrated in the Nevada Revised Statutes. (You will find that other states have similar schemes, although the language is different in every state).
This deception is nothing short of the Biggest Con Game in History . . .
If you need help understanding these documents, please contact us at

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