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"They Died Us Here Quite Domestic. You're Closing Up Your se
Mon Jun 11, 2018 06:56

"They Died Us Here Quite Domestic. You're Closing Up Your selves; You're Closing Your Site Here."

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives. And how are we closing ourselves up here?

With America's financials in Jewish hands are we not perceiving they are doing all they can to leave our economy as screwed up as possible when they are gone from America and in their underground shelters?

With our Labor force sick and dying, might our economy take a hard hit with our able Labor force not on the job any longer?

The exterminating force of high background radiation. We sense nothing until a tumor or other malady appears. Otherwise, high radiation is only detected by instruments to give us readings of radiation counts per minute.

Bitch has been looking at the background radiation data trying to make some sense out of it. The only publishing about it that he has found is Veterans Today giving background radiation counts. He looked at the EPA data, and it would need to be explained as to what exactly the data is telling us. Here is from Veterans Today most recent post about high background radiation in America:

Max Normal Safe Level
The United States is a very radioactive country. No monitored cities are below the MaxNormalSafeLevel; all monitored cities are above safe level.

Records of Total Gamma Radiation are easily accessible with a computer and a fast Internet connection at RadNet, a directorate of the EPA. [1]

RadNet simply presents the data. It is up to you to decide how much radiation is too much and what to do about it.

Use a fast InterNet connection or run the look-ups as a background task. Either way, you get the data yourself.

Good luck on your efforts. As they say, “It’s complicated.”

Conclusion. The amount of Rad in the air now Dooms Humanity to a relatively quick Extinction.

The conclusion Bob Nichols gives from presenting the background radiation readings, Conclusion. The amount of Rad in the air now Dooms Humanity to a relatively quick Extinction.

The understanding from reading Judah reverse facial speech is exactly that; we are now set for a relatively quick extinction that is set to happen over a five year period.

The final seal in of our extinction will be done completely in a few more months.

Judah scientists are reporting to him that our mental is already affected by the high levels of background radiation. Our wits and our children's wits are slowed down due to the high radiation background. Our children in the womb are being effectively poisoned now due to the high background levels of radiation from Hitachi-GE.

Hitachi-GE goes on poisoning our environment every day. Might we consider it will keep murdering us until we stop funding it?

Regular private flights leave Des Moines International airport most every week taking Judah sports to their permanent and last home in the mountains of Montana. There to be died off by God Almighty.

Fleeing us regularly as some of us are awakening to the terrible fate that Judah has set for us.

The "Stoy," as the one Judah lady referred to us as, the anagram for "Toys."

Do we recall she said to Bitch, "You easily frighten stoys?" 11.33 a.m.

And yet without the stoys, a plane could not fly, a truck could not roll, and a train could not carry its load.

The tyranny government that Jewish put in could not operate without the force of the stoys. The permanent force of Jewish war and genocide could not exist for a day without the stoy giving their consent.

And how do we give our consent? Is it not by letting Judah continue to issue our money? Yep, that's it.

Druids, failing to perceive the evil plot to destroy us in a nuclear blast war and now failing to perceive our destruction in a Jewish electricity nuclear waste war.

God Almighty is speaking to American Labor to stop destroying our selves, so far to no effect.

Our good God so far above us, might that explain why the stoy cannot even perceive the magnificence and wonder of Father?

The charlatans and imposters that Jewish employ. Will Labor not try to recognize this and end funding their sports score?

Jewish who gave themselves a mission thousands of years ago to destroy the other human Beings with a special emphasis on killing the mild people of the north. The people Judah found that were already rich, and he determined that was because mild people had developed the unique value of cooperation.

The wars of the last century focused on being fought in the terrain inhabited by the mild people, Europe both East and West.

"You're-a-peon." is how Judah folks say the word for the continent that was the earlier home for many Americans.

Eastern Europe that gave the laws that a grand jury had to hear it all, from both sides before the state could act in any touch manner.

Trial by jury of one's peers and never cruel or unusual punishment. Western Europe made those laws.

All three provisions made the law of the new land of America. Americans, as many societies before, thrilled by sports, good food and entertainment and brew, left our beautiful individual protective laws to go by the boards.

Lucifer was just waiting the chance to ravage the sheep when they're not focused on their survival. Distracted by the baubles that American wealth has to offer.

"That I played with you proves I have no wisdom," Judee say.

The Stoys, like Judah, calls us. His toys that he has played with for thousands of years. Will American Labor not try to see the lack of wisdom that Judah has demonstrated by continuously assaulting the high-level life forms we are and close them right?

The last genocide Jewish will ever do to the children of God on earth, the Hitachi-GE Jewish electricity waste die. Set now to take away one-third of the children of God on earth.

Will American Labor not try at least once to stop the war before we are completely done?

"The majority won't be around," is how elder described what things will be like in America if we fund war and genocide for just a few months more.

War, the enemy of all humankind held in place primarily by the Labor of American workers.

Jewish war genocide sports people funded 100% by American workers.

"Dent you void," Judee telepathically said when he saw BItch walking into the store.

Bitch who doesn't have a mean or vicious bone in his body and never agreed with spanking kids, much less capital punishment. Wants the prison houses closed down, doesn't accept the concept of punishment at all. Does not believe in revenge, the eye for an eye tooth for a tooth that Judah believes in, and yet Judah lies have put a dent in him so hard that Americans keep destroying ourselves and paying for all the war genocide sports in our world.

What else can we do other than pray that Labor will perceive how late is the time and act to end Jewish crimes against the children of God on earth?

"Ethically they're criminals. They have NO defensible rights," God Almighty said of Jewish who are exterminating us in their well planned and lavishly funded series of nuclear wars that they have implemented on us.

As a note of something that caught Bitch's attention, from the time that William the Stinker invaded England in 1066 until the English response in 1215 to put the Magna Carta in it was 149 years.

When American Labor becomes the issuer of our money in 2018 from the time of Labor leader William the Useful's death in 1869 is exactly 149 years. Coincidence?

William Sylvis who urged Labor to have a seat at the table where our money is issued from. Poisoned and stolen away from us at only 41 years of age.

Is that not a curiosity, the abuse of Judah of our English family from 1066 until a response, 149 years later and William briefing us in 1869 and 149 years later the answer arrives with God Almighty expressing His will that Labor issue our money from now on?

The root of all governments, found in who has the control of the Organizing Principle of society, the authority to issue money, held privately worldwide by Jewish hands.

Is it not something astounding that it took sending God's angels in to brief His simian children on earth about the fundamentals of government?

The "Abstract Receipts of Labor," the angels shared what money is.

What else can we do other than pray that American Labor will listen to our elders from outer space, "Get Smart, STRIKE THEM OUT " and issue the money for God's children on earth?

Our elders from outer space, can we not recognize them as the angels that our good God sent in?

"You left me down," Father said to Bitch as His children keep perishing ourselves out.

"You failed me useful, you failed me personal," Father said to Bitch earlier.

Is this then to be the end, the third of the human race died out in the next five years from huffing in Jewish electricity waste?

Is there not some way to convince American Labor to buy some boron and put it into the cooling water of Hitachi-GE and stop the chain reaction that is producing the deadliest waste ever to assault humankind?

The Lockheed B-1 bomber that had an engine fire that melted the rear of the jet's engine components and caused an emergency landing in Midlands Texas.
The emergency landing of a B-1B Lancer bomber at Midland International Air Space Port in Midland County, Texas on May 1st reportedly involved heroic action on the part of the crew to save both the aircraft and a potentially stranded crewmember following a serious ejector seat malfunction.
The hatch lid is missing where the weapons officer attempted to eject from the disabled B-1 bomber.
A similar type of ejection seat that failed to launch the offensive systems operator officer out of the disabled bomber.

While the Air Force said in its press release that incident was still under investigation, and also noted that the safety investigation board findings “are protected by the military safety privilege and are not subject to release.”

Might we make a few educated guesses what may have happened there with the engine fire that sensors indicated was not put out?

That the B-1 bomber did land safely might the sensors have given the flight crew incorrect information, and the engine fire had been quenched?

If the offensive systems operator had successfully launched himself out of the B-1 bomber would the rest of the flight crew not have ejected themselves also? Was that not the reason they chose to fly the plane into a landing, because the offensive system operator's ejector seat failed to energize and safely eject him? Yes, it was.

If the flight crew ejected, the offensive systems operator would have been stuck and have gone down with the plane and have been killed.

Can we only wonder, might there have been an extraterrestrial component to this engine fire event of that B-1 bomber?

As we know about the nuclear-tipped cruise missile attack upon America August 29, 2007, when Bush Cheney was in office, do we recall that it was ET that saved the day by taking hold of that cruise missile that was fired by that B-52 bomber out of Minot North Dakota to Barksdale Florida flight and was shut down and the other 5 nuclear-tipped cruise missiles were switched off by ET?

Might ET have been involved in this B-1 bomber making an emergency landing in Midland Texas?

Might ET have noticed the engine fire that signaled a problem to the flight crew?

If so might ET also have disabled the offensive systems operator's ejection seat also?

The sensor that indicated the engine fire was still burning. Might that sensor have been controlled by ET, and the engine fire was out, but signaled to the flight crew that the engine was still on fire?

But why might ET do all these things, first notice an engine fire then hold the offensive systems operator into not being able to eject out of the bomber and then giving a false reading of a fire still burning in the engine?

Might there be a multiple of things ET was signaling in bringing this B-1 Bomber down early?

Can we only wonder what that B-1 bomber crew was practicing when they had the engine fire?

Maybe practicing atomic bombing an American city?

If the flight crew had bailed out, might we understand that ET would have then turned on the offensive systems operator's ejection seat to let him escape that doomed airplane too?

Sure, do we recall that our elders never take life? That is a fact. They are Perfect pacifists.

Might that B-1 bomber engine fire event have been a chance for our elders to do a MARKING, a meta-transiliatory communication to us?

That the United States Airforce in Jewish banker genocide control has already proven its stuff by attacking us with nuclear missiles already, should we not open our eyes up to just what the truth is here?

The fact that the safety investigation board findings of that B-1 bomber emergency landing “are protected by the military safety privilege and are not subject to release," should that single fact not bring us to put our grand juries into seeing just what happened here?

Do we recall when the Minot airforce B-52 bomber attacked us on August 29th, 2007 with six nuclear-armed cruise missiles the only cruise missile shot they got off was shut down by ET and taken into ET control?

And do we recall the consequence of that was that Steve Fossett faked his plane crash to allow the air force to mount the biggest search in their history for the missing nuclear-tipped cruise missile?

Do some remember the Airforce pretended they were looking for Steve who ghosted out and went to Canda?
Steve Fossett (1944 missing September 3, 2007)

"Hi, Steve."

Will Labor not become mature and take this genocidal nuclear waste threat off of us here?

The wonder of God's love for us. Will Labor not end funding the dust that Jewish are doing to our beautiful nation and us?

Lockheed Martin Awarded $929 Million Contract For Hypersonic Weapon To Counter Russia, China
by Tyler Durden
Sat, 06/09/2018 - 09:00
Lockheed Martin, the defense company behind F-35A Lightning II, a fifth-generation combat aircraft, won a $928 million contract April 18 to develop a hypersonic missile for the U.S. Air Force that will travel more than five times faster than the speed of sound to overcome Russian and Chinese missile defense systems.

"Your vicious mandate is done." A Tele sender said to Bitch some weeks ago.

Bitch, who has done all that he possibly can to get some help to stop the war, a pacifist who opposes all of this punishment that Jewish do with the collaborators they put on us, and yet Judah the famous salesman has that Tele sender convinced that Bitch has a vicious mandate.

And how can that be? Might Jewish really be able to fool mild people all of the time as they claim?

Might the proof that mild people are easy to fool is that we have built and paid for all of the genocidal machines that Jewish have made to put us in with?

Will we not pray for a breakthrough and that mild people will STRIKE THEM OUT and end buying our genocide?

Might we not want to think about the facts that while Father loves us all and wants to save our lives, that because "2+2=4," Father will let us go because of our lack of awareness, concern, our unwillingness to stop funding war and genocide against His simian children on earth?

Just a note of what American Labor is funding, Judee shot Bitch the other day with his satellite microwave beam.

Bitch just looked in my notes; it was Tuesday, June 5, 2018, it was on from 10.01 a.m. until 10.25 a.m.

Don't recall if Bitch mentioned it before. Bitch requests that you stop funding shooting me Labor.

Continues at:

It was from one of his older satellites, it took about ten minutes to get up its power right. Still put Bitchie out of action for a couple of hours though.


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