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"You've Capped Their Ruse, Bring Us Brave Soldiers Back Home
Wed Jun 13, 2018 09:31

"You've Capped Their Ruse, Bring Us Brave Soldiers Back Home."

Heard that Tele receive at 6.31 p.m. Tuesday. Thought it was important so decided to put it up tonight at the early service page at Simple site.

When Bitch saw the war in Vietnam in 1966 if he could have gotten out of there, he would have. Not out of fear, for what fear could an American have sitting on a 300-foot long metal ship?

It was out of horror at being involved in something so wrong as war. Will Labor not hear the plea for the brave soldiers who are trapped in Jewish war sports overseas and take over the authority to issue our money and bring the brave American soldiers back home?

Thank you.

To be continued..... 6.53 p.m.

Wednesday 4.14 a.m.

Another restless night. After posting last night, couldn't get to sleep so got up and looked at the news and learned of the assassination of 43 year old Fernando Puron Johnston in Mexico. One of 113 politicians assassinated in Mexico since September of 2017.

Fernando held in place taking a selfie with woman while assassin stands along wall behind him

The Assassin approaches from behind

The flash of the gunpowder as the trigger is pulled

Assassin pulls the trigger inches from Fernando's head

Fernando begins to collapse as the assassin quickly leaves

Fernando lying on the ground wounded

Video 0.53 at

In less than a minute a young man cut down in the prime of his life.

Ambulance services were called but didn't respond. Fernando was driven to the hospital in a car and died along the way. Might we not recognize the mark of Judah?

And in Judah reverse facial speech he tells of treating Americans like he treats our family in Mexico. Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from Judah and end his barrel sport of politics?

The United States of America, the only large country to ever have real civil rights protection for everyone. That is until 1857 when the judges in Washington D.C. took them away from people based on the color of our skin.

A century and a half later Judah then succeeded in taking everyone's rights away from us. Will American Labor not put our rights in once again and prevent Judah from doing to us what he is doing to our family in Mexico?

The employment relationship Judah tells us is how he was so successful in pulling our rights off and cutting us down to size. Do we recall that Dred Scott was an honest working man held to have his Labor embezzled away from him by his master?

Might we see in that singular Labor case in 1857 the best example of how the employment relationship has been used by Judah to trick us out of the gift of our God-given birthright, our American guaranteed rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Has Judah not used his legislation concerning drugs to set us out of rights quite fine? Yes, he has. Has Judah not caused us to give up our right to be free of a search lacking probable cause a crime has been committed by demanding a drug test before employment? Yes, he and his criminal legislators have implemented laws for body cavity and body fluids taking searches lacking probable cause a crime has been committed.

Might we understand that our employees, politicians, public employees that our collective Labor makes good their paychecks are in effect making a criminal accusation against us when they demand a drug test of us?

His stopping motorists to take a blood test to prove we are not driving with alcohol in our systems. And getting away with it. Will Labor not put our rights in that give us the right to be free of giving evidence to be used against us as our American civil rights guarantee to us?

Will Labor not put our juries and grand juries in to hear the facts and end Judah judges making the call on how our rights are to be interpreted?

With our bill of rights in are we aware that we can unmask the false legislation his boursed legislators have passed into law with the executive signing and the judicial declaring constitutional?

Will Labor not end timid and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"I always make your bright opps go so you will listen to a dog," Judee say.

Will Labor not issue our money so that our bright opps can stay in to help us?

To do these things to protect our selves are we not aware that we must have the Organizing Principle of Society, the authority to issue Labors cash out of Jewish hands and into the hands of a Committee of the Whole from Labor?

But what about the baseball bat story that Judah has been using to easily frighten the stoy from acting to STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money away from Jewish who only make war?

06/12/2018, 12:35pm
City’s settlement with Bettie Jones estate is $16 million: sources
Bettie Jones and Quintonio LeGrier. | Provided photos

CHICAGO, IL — A tentative $16 million settlement between the City of Chicago and the family of a woman who was accidentally killed by a Chicago police officer who opened fire on a teen wielding a baseball bat. Bettie Jones, 55, and Quintonio LeGrier, 19, were fatally shot by Ofc. Robert Rialmo during an incident Dec. 26, 2015. The jury trial was just set to start.


Might we figure out that entire shooting and large mega-million dollar settlement with the family of Bettie Jones was to keep the baseball bat story alive to keep the stoy hostile to Bitch attempts to convince Labor to take the authority to issue our money away from Jewish?

From the beginning, the putting a metal baseball bat into that young man's hands that was chemicaled to act hostile and then calling the Chicago police to the scene to shoot him and also pre-planned to shoot an innocent bystander to get a legal case going to keep it in the news and on the minds of stoy workers.

Might we not perceive Judah staged the entire mental psychological warfare operation to keep the baseball bat story in Labors head to freeze Labor into not taking the authority to issue our money away from Jewish?

A previous case that a Federal jury awarded 44 million dollars to a shooting victim of Chicago police a year ago, might we surmise that was crafted by Judah to allow the city of Chicago to settle for 16 million dollars in this baseball bat case without it ever being heard by a jury?

Might we understand it allows them to say the 16 million dollars out of court settlenent is less than the 44 million awarded to another victim of Chicago police bullets so it is a good deal for Chicagoans that are paying all of the bills?

Knowing their tricks, might we not have more than an ordinary suspicion that the shooting of the young man with a baseball bat in his hands and shooting of an innocent bystander also was done with the intent to create a solid legal basis to carry forward with a civil suit so the baseball bat story would stay in the news?

The dog and the baseball bat, are they, not the two hot buttons that Judah is pushing to keep Labor from listening to Mercury who has advised Labor through messaging Bitch to STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money into the hands of a Committee of the Whole from Labor?

If that case had been heard by a jury might the jury have determined that Chicago police officer Rialmo intentionally shot Bettie, it was not accidental? Might a jury have connected the dots and concluded those police shootings were an Israeli psychological opp to deface Bitch by having a chemicaled young man using a baseball bat?

Might the jury have figured the shootings were all a staged event to get a baseball bat story in the news and keep it in the news? Have we not noted the many times Judah uses his courts for generating emotional effects in the people to get us to go along with whatever he is selling at the time?

Can we not hope the stoy will see this staged shooting of Bettie for Israeli psychological reasons for what it is and figure out how cunning are Jewish in their fooling us mild people?

About seven years ago Bitch asked Mercury elder, "when will the ordinary people all figure out what is going on here?"

And elder said, "2020."

Might we see the problem here is that we don't have until 2020 if we want to save ourselves from being perished out from inhaling brimstone nuclear waste?

"A fool incident let us bore you great. The dog has held out all gravity, I'll stay until you die. My foul insure is guaranteeing your passing. Scrooge opiate has allowed me to take you off the stage great, I bored your family," Judee say.

The 70% that will not figure it out until 2020. Might these factors explain why the Federation computer simulation experts 2,000 years ago predicted Judah would die out the mild people of the north in the process of dying off a third of the human race when it was time for the beast to leave?

Elders computer simulation experts 2,000 years ago, is not something to think about, they would have known that Judah would have much of our food contaminated with brain dull chemicals?

Many of the foods we the ordinary people eat from childhood. And in the product is dummy dust that prevents us from thinking as well as we might.

Is that really fair? Judah claims it is. For after all are we not aware that contaminated food products on our shelves and in our stores must be authorized by our elected leaders?

Judah worldwide in his reverse facial speech is reporting that he is completely dead, and only American Labor funded fist is holding him in.

"I'm all off but my mace from Boston says still crunch," Judee say.

If only John,Martin, Bobby, Malcolm or Harold had reported to us that Mercury, Mars Jupiter, and Venus has stepped in to save us, might Labor have tried the STRIKE?

Judah, as recently as January of this year letting himself get caught attacking Hawaii with a nuclear missile, Mars blew the warhead up 100 miles before it reached Waikiki, seen by hundreds and heard by more, and yet he Judah is putting up false alarms in many cities to try and convince Americans that it was a false incoming missile alert in Hawaii, trying to convince the people there was no nuclear missile fired at Waikiki.

What are we to think, that apparently his mental false is keeping Americans unaware of the significance of that nuclear missile attack against Waikiki?

"We take bourse out all the time, that's our whole attack," Judee say.

The numerous cities that have had false alerts of one sort or other since the Hawaii missile alert in January informing Hawaiins that a missile was in the air and coming in.

Can we only wonder how much it cost to stage those events and then put that propaganda on the air and into the news media? Whatever the dollar amount are we aware that American Labor paid for it all, it cost Judah nothing to keep right on fooling us?

Are we perceiving that bourse is the whole entirety of Jewish attack upon the children of God on earth?

"I believe I have ultimately crushed the West, I keep peace sport out forever. I put in a race war. I always win you with my false way opps, even with contact," Judee say.

The contact with our extraterrestrial elders that continue to pull all of the nuclear blast shots off of us. The contact that took that airforce KC-135 tanker out of the sky to prevent a nuclear blast weap from hurting us last week.

Might these savior acts of our extraterrestrial family be just too abstract for most ordinary people to perceive them?

Will it just take time until 2020 before it is perceived by the mass that we have been saved by our good God Almighty from being destroyed in a nuclear blast war?

Will it be adjudged in the future that it was a fool incident from 35 years ago with a video that caused Labor to keep funding the war that destroyed us all?

"With my rights you let me sport you, you let me molest you in my fool time. Pat, you lose your family even though Papa said you can stay," Judee say.

Pat's family being poisoned out at the genetic level, unable any longer to produce healthy children. Born sick due to being poisoned out while still in the womb.

And Papa, who knows best, said Pat is a nice boy who can stay.

Judah, are we not aware that Papa let him throw himself away from the rest of His simian children on earth for only making sports war?

Druid-Slav people who have ever failed to the mental of Jewish thinkers, now set to die in hell over the next five years inhaling brimstone waste.

It would be nice to say it isn't so, but facts are facts, we are set to be died off in the range of 95%. Mild people of the north, the single largest group to be died off as Judah goes into his caves.
The late Brian O Leary (1940-2011) who gives us a key to help us survive.

There Is Life Out There

Brian O´Leary PhD former Apollo Astronaut states, “The technological implication of UFOs is one reason for the secrecy that surrounds them. The way they can stop on point and move any direction they choose brings up a big question; what type of propulsion systems and operating characteristics are involved? If we know UFOs are real, one of the questions to ask is how they operate and how they get to where they need to be.

Given all of the official documentation and credible witness testimonies, we are able to question further and make reasonable connections. With the amount of effort and time spent to cover up the reality of UFOs, it is logical to assume that the ones responsible for the cover up have the same questions that we do.

How do they operate? Maybe more exists beyond the secrecy, maybe some questions have been answered and seized by those who control the money supply.

Anti-Gravity, clean energy, the list goes on and on. Even without UFOs, human beings have the scientific and technological capability to change our planet.

It’s time to start asking more questions, if we have alternative and more efficient ways of operating on planet Earth that could benefit everybody, why are they not being implemented and who is responsible?”

Former Apollo Astronaut Leaks Info on Mars NASA Leaking

Brian O´Leary stated regarding Mar’s Ancient Civilization , it looks like we do have life out there and I think the public is ready to accept it.

Did we notice the key that Brian gave us?

"How do they operate? Maybe more exists beyond the secrecy, maybe some questions have been answered and seized by those who control the money supply."

And who controls the money supply other than the genocidal Jewish that are being died off by our good God Almighty due to their weakness, their inability to accommodate others?

Those who privately control our money supply, might they not indeed have some answered questions about the control of gravity and free energy?

That they used American Labor money to assassinate Dr. Eugene Mallove, might they not know quite a bit about free energy? Of course, they do and they have known about free energy for a long time.

Mathematician Jon Von Neumann (1903-1957)
Who died at 53 years of age of cancer. In 1932 he presented a lecture series on continuous geometry that accessed extra dimensions. Jon was known to be researching the theoretical aspects of free energy.

Might the extra dimensions he lectured about in 1932 have shown him one of the keys to the theoretical basis of free energy? Yes, it would as we know now extra dimensions are one of the Four Elements of Free energy.

Continues at:

Gabriel Kron (1901-1968)
Who accidentally invented an electronic circuit that produced free energy. Whil

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