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The Storm Has Arrived - And The Elites Are melting
Wed Jun 13, 2018 13:50



After the Lucifarian Child Molester Canadian Prime Minister’s Eyebrows fell off during an Anti-Trump Speech


After seeing Angela Merkel sitting with Adolf Hitler and a 15 year old Macron kissing his 40 year old teacher - we used to call that Child Molestation


That video of Hillary and Huma Abadeen torturing and murdering that little girl should clue us all in as to how evil these Deep State leader really are and how much they must hate our President right now.

It should be clear to everyone that these world leaders are not who they say they are.

That interview with Noble Gold was something yesterday - and it brought forth the real battle going on here in America.

This is who, and what, President Trump and Vice President Pence are up against to re-stabalize the World’s Monetary System.

These Lucifarians are powerful, they are rich, and their entire Power Structure is coming down as we pray that they are neutralized Immediately and For Life World Wide.

Wherever these cowards are hiding they are being exposed and brought down.

He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat.

Even the head of the United Nations Lucifer Trust said once we unite against these Fallen Angels they must then leave.

So today


This is why you are so very important - it is your prayers that are literally changing our planet as you hear and read this - YOU.



1) Robert Mueller - Son of NAZI SS Leader Heinrich Mueller - and Special Council of the Attorney’s General - has just announced that Defendants no longer have the right to see evidence against them. He has gone insane - openly insane.

Like how daddy said to Adolf Hitler - “We will make a Hell on Earth”


2) US Special Forces, led by a Lucifarian - are now planning a Special Gas Attack - a real one this time using I believe a very new and toxic gas just developed - in Western Syria in 22 days (+-3 Days) as forces loyal to the Deep State send in more armed combatants to this region.


3) The world leaders - except those in the G-6 of course - are fully supporting the Peace Process in Singapore and the re-set of the World Monetary System.


4) Robert De Niro - a man born a girl like PM Trudeau of Canada -had a Girly Temper Tantrum on stage ranting and raving against President Trump at the Tony Awards and the popularity of his movies has hit the toilet over night as other actors told him to “Get Lost.”


5) As the Justice Department (Under Jeff Sessions) hires 300 Prosecutors it has also just busted an Internet Child Sex Offender Ring under Operation “Broken Heart.”

What this really means - since “Insiders” have child porn imbedded into their hard drives when they get Stock Tips from the Deep State - the Justice Department just arrested 2,300 key members of the Deep State.

Once they begin talking the other 35,000 + can be arrested as GITMO in Cuba gets a Face Lift.

Further - as the Illegal Aliens are sent home from our Federal Prisons - there will be plenty of room for those who are trying to literally crack this planet in half.



5) In Sweden Anti-Muslim Immigrant Democrats soar in the polls. The age of brining in Muslim Terrorists into their country is coming to an end.


6) China‘s Central Bank, in cooperation with the US and Russian Central Banks, has pulled in the reins on credit - Liquidity Injections - overnight as they prepare for the summit in 2 days in Singapore.

Pray this Summit in Singapore between the World Financial Leaders goes well for us the Little People.




Apparently the meting between President Trump and King Kim Jong Un of North Korea went very well. Apparently Kim Jong Un spent 4 years in a private school in Bern Switzerland being raised by a woman named Ruth Bell - a Presbyterian Missionary - who later married Billy Graham.

In 1992 Billy Graham and his wife became the first religions leaders who were allowed to preach in North Korea unabated.

So the leaders of North Korea are Christian - which is why the Rothchilds wish to destroy this nation and kill it’s leaders.

There in Switzerland the leaders of 150 nations gathered in 1973 to write the Lausanne Covenant to praise GOD and sign this covenant.

So in 2011 Kim Jong-Un became the Supreme Leader of North Korea and has been working with both Donald Trump (Now President) and the Russian Special Forces to not only feed his people but to protect him from assassins.

In the last 7 years over 300 old “Pro-Chinese Guard” have been removed form leadership positions in North Korea.

So as the Main Stream media portrays the leader of North Korea as a Retarded Fat Boy Demanding War” - he has actually been working with World Leaders to put an end to this insanity.

Within a few days the world Leaders of China, US and Russia will meet in an undisclosed location to work out the Coming Economic Reset.

We are asking everyone to be ready for a supply chain disruption.

We may also see all Credit Card Systems go down for a bit on Friday.

Remember - GOD does hear your prayers and this can all be changed in a moment.

Thanks to the cooperation between the two leaders President Trump sent over a man named David Beasley - who was appointed the “Food Programme Director” - who has been coordinating Food Shipments into North Korea to help feed the hungry children of this Hermit Kingdom.

King Kim Jong-un has been secretly praying for this meeting with President Trump for 7 years - and here it is.

Folks - do not let up for even one second in your prayers to take down those Luciferian and his Minions.

We know who wins.


It’s time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety, sit back and enjoy the show.

Be ready folks for what is coming.


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