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Pooch Holds Like a Band-Aid that Hurts; I Just always Take Y
Thu Jun 14, 2018 09:13

Pooch Holds Like a Band-Aid that Hurts; I Just always Take You Off," Judee say.

Now we have lost much of our genus to nuclear radiation diseases. All the while we are pushing our selves and our children out of life form inhaling radioactive Jewish electricity waste.

Could Judah analysis be correct, "whiskey" as to why we lost the West?

Bitchie up and out of bed with his computer turned on at 1.55 a.m.

Yesterday he overslept until a little after 4 a.m.

Only about the third time in six years and eight months that he has slept past 3 a.m.

It was because he was up until about 11 p.m. the night before making pictures from the video showing the assassination of Mexican politician Fernando Puron Johnston.

Is that Judee not tricky, has one of his Sayans get the attention of the target to take a selfie and has a guy walk up behind him and shoot him in the head while the target is distracted.

"I'm a force Geneva with a Berlin weap. H----- wouldn't let us roll fair so I'll take you off with a MOX true," Judee say.

Papa who wouldn't let Judee roll his great balls of fire fair by having His angels pull them out of the sky when Judah shot them at us. Can we not say a prayer of thanks to Papa for not letting Judah destroy us fair?

And how fair is it to destroy us when we are funding war and genocide?

The sin of war that Labor funds and has funded generation after generation. All of the genocide that Judah wants to shoot, American Labor paying for it ever since Judah got hold of the authority to issue our money.

The International Workers of The World that rejected funding war.

The IWW, the only Labor union to make it a point to refuse to serve war. Its leaders smeared, imprisoned, hung and shot by the state. Framed up and executed for crimes they had not done.

Might we think of the longtime assault against Labor when we think about the Haymarket staged event, where Judah invited workers to rally, and set a bomb off in the police ranks killing seven of them?

Has Judah not always known how to make ordinary working people look violent?

By attacking and killing police did it not serve to smash the Labor movement then? Yes, he did using the power of public opinion that allowed the state to frame up innocent workingmen that were only looking for fair treatment, safe working conditions and decent wages for their Labor. Seven workers sentenced to death and four of them lynched by the courts of the state of Illinois.

Might we understand the police that died were shot by Judah guys tasked to get a high score on them to inflame public opinion against workers? Certainly. Are we not aware now of how cat wits work in real life?

Might we see with Judah continual putting baseball bat stories in his press today how he is falsing peaceful Bitch as he falsed workers in 1866 when he shot and bombed seven Chicago policemen to death?

Might we recall Judah used the same violent trick to break the peaceful protests against President Abe Lincoln who was forcing a draft to get the labor needed to fight for the sports investment war he started between the states in 1861?

The Boston riots that he lynched some people of color that had lived peacefully together with everyone else. Might we see how Judah put that on the face of the people who did not want to be drafted into Abe's war?

After the riots that Judah put in, it polarized the peaceful people and separated us based on color.

Might we think of what Judah says, "Always opp racial?"

And so today Judah plays for public opinion that Bitch is the bad boy that wants to hit people with a baseball bat. And so Judah hires people to go out and hit people with bats so that he can put the stories in the newspapers and on his television news sports shows.

Judah cuts an elderly woman's head off as part of disguising the motive for her death. Might that also be to horror the people to fear us and hold us paralyzed? Sure, can we not spot Judah terrorism when we see it now?

The mental force of Judah, say what we may, is it not holding us to burn ourselves away? Yes, it is, in fact, it is holding Labor to fund all of the wars in our world including the Jewish electricity brimstone waste war that has already died out much of our race.

Our kind, beautiful precious sweet Father in heaven above, heaven located 38 light years from earth, Father wants us to live, and so Father has given us a second chance to get it right.

The thrill kill cult that gave themselves the mission to assault the other children of God on earth. Will working people not try to realize that our wondrous good God had His angels afford Judah cult the opportunity to march themselves out not unlike lemmings off of a cliff?

Their rabbis' that taught them from childhood to do stinking things to the other children of God. Will American Labor not end letting them issue our money?

Will American Labor not try to perceive just how wondrous is our good God in heaven above?

"I died them truthful," God Almighty said.

Father had His angels tell Judah in the 1930s that he would send His supermen in to help Judah walk off of the cliff with his thrill kill cult and he did.

"They're no friends of mine," Father said.

Judah and his thrill kill cult now absolutely dead, so what might explain why Labor has not helped God's children yet?

Not unlike a dead venomous snake that's head has been chopped off, Judah still bites and poisons our lives and kills us with his ruse sport. Will Labor not try to recognize the thief, liar, and murderer is dead and gone and STRIKE THEM RIGHT?

Was that not quite a ruse holding a guy for a selfie to shoot him in the head?

John 8:44 You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

Leslie Avraham Harman, 1914 February 23, 1992) was an Israeli diplomat and academic administrator. in London in the United Kingdom, he received a law degree from Wadham College, Oxford in 1935.

Leslie was the Israeli ambassador to the United States when Judah tried to sink the USS Liberty in 1967 and force America into a nuclear war with Russia.

Will Labor not join with our savior and help us to survive this waste war?

Though running against stupid guys like Bitch have the Jews not given us a solid bash right?

Bitchie talking stupidly about hitting a guy with a bat and so Judah puts out a false report that a guy was hit with a bat and so Bitch cheers because he thought it was the guy that shot him in the eye with a blinding laser beam.

Nobody was hit with a bat, but stupid BItch cheered because he thought it happened to the guy that shot him with a laser beam in the eye.

Might it have been the gum that Judah's grandfather gave to Bitch when he was a five-year-old boy?

Might it have been the years of drinking alcohol that so slowed Bitch's thinking down that he walked himself into a Judah pitch?

Will Labor not try to realize that Judah is using Bitch anger mistake to take the West out permanently?

The same anger Bitch had after Judah tried to abduct him from his home with two foreign policemen directed by a Jewess who showed up at his door to send him for a view of Poland and then to Moscow to be finished off by his Russian Jews.

Do we recall when BItch had that anger moment he called you's all an offensive name?

How stupid was that?

Bitchie angered that working people give Judah free money that he uses to hire the cruelly manipulated poor to come and assault Bitch and kidnap him to kill.

That working people are paying every check to finish our kids and us off, that working people are paying to assault themselves, then how stupid was BItch to be angered because working people are paying to attack him?

That is, if working people are not intentionally paying Judah to attack Bitch, they don't perceive that they are paying to attack Bitch, then what right would Bitch have to be angry with working people who just don't perceive that they are the money force behind the assault the Jew hires to push peace people out?

If working people are paying Judah to poison out themselves and their children, then how could Bitch ever be angry with working people for paying Judah to assault him, if they are, not perceptive enough to get it that Judah is destroying them and their kids?

Will working people not have mercy and forgiveness on Bitch stupid and get the paper off of Judah?

The North America Continent that we call home being poisoned out in a way that will wipe our genome out. Jewish that have underground hotels that they will be in as we die out of life form on the surface.

The stool culture with their excrement wits leaving us now to become the mole people next. Their news articles about snakes in the toilet and the car air vents, their perfected ruse with their baby sets. Goo goo, goo goo.

And yet what are we to think, they have never once in their history failed to get over on the mild people of the north either east or west? Did they not create the etymological root of the word slave by caging Eastern Europeans and putting them to unpaid work? Yes, they did.

Might that not be it, they continually blow our wits out?

The candle flame that gives us light so that we can read and study at night. Has Judah thrill kill cult not perfected how to blow our enlightening lights out right? Yes, they have.

Use a woman to hold a guy in place to let the other Judee sneak up behind and snap a cap off into our heads. Will Labor not end funding Judah thrills and sport?

This marvelous food supply we have now being poisoned out in a way that it will leave us sad.

Will Labor not try to look ahead and understand that God has warned us thousands of times to stop the war and is trying to prevent us going off of the cliff lemming like Jewish thrill kill cult kids did?

Their rigid Rabbi thinking based in hate. Will Labor not recognize Bitch thinking is flexible and based in love?

"You have a limited range, operate within it," elder said to Bitch years ago.

Is Labor seeing from that why we need Labor to get into this? Might we consider that when we have 160 honest members of Labor issuing our money we will not have a limited range?

Didn't Papa say Bitch will be OK because his thinking is based in love? Yes, Papa did say that years ago when Bitch was accidentally stupid but never intentionally rude, and insulted his fellow American workers.

"You're not to rule, electrify them, enrich them," Papa said as to what Bitch's role is in Father's village on earth.

Our 100 trillion dollar economy that we will have once we are free of Jewish and their thrill kill cult and their genocide war factories.

Will Labor not put the brutal foul lame failure to thrive violent Jewish management out of our lives, out of our beautiful nation?

Instead of the love lives of the stars, or talking the sports scores will we not spend the forty minutes of thinking about how we will keep food on our tables to try and survive this Jewish electricity nuclear brimstone waste war?

The history of Judah whenever and wherever they were thrown out of always leaving the people as harmed as was possible.

Is there not an inkling yet just how seriously harmed Judah is leaving the mild people this time? Is there not yet some comprehension that Judah is leaving us harmed out of life form this time?

Papa who had His diligent magnificent angels keep Bitch boy in. Is there not some way to get Labor to listen to the good advice from Father's angels to convince you to try and save yourselves?

Judah who has a line of BS that he uses to hold his line of credit in for the checks he writes that American Labor makes good.

Will American Labor not reject Judah's line of BS and end funding his free checks?

The authority to issue our money. Are we not aware that Judah is holding it privately and in a few more months will have died off the mild people Completly both east and west?

The storm clouds ahead. Will workers not try to see them and set us on a new course?

Every alarm bell ringing and has been ringing ever since Judah started the huge banker build-up of his atomic bomb stockpile.

Will Labor not listen to the only one that can save us now, our good God Almighty?

"Try to perceive me, I love you, I want to save your lives," God Almighty said to American workers who are funding our die.

"I won't save your lives because 2+2 =4," Father said.

"Settle it with bourse " elders suggested as to how to close out the tyranny of Jewish in America.

Jewish who snuck the old world European autocrats in to chop our heads off and shoot us down as they did in the old country. Will American workers not recognize that the American brand is the land of the free and shut their gulag assassin state down?

"Revere your mother," Father said to BItch.

Father will guide us Labor but you must decide to not let our labor be used for war but only to make peace in our world.

"You can't keep a good man down," it's been said. Might we understand Judah knows that and that's why he shoots us in the head?

"You can't cheat an honest man," it's also been said.

Will Labor not give us the honest man of peace and close the dishonest man of war out?

Are we perceiving that if we hold the dishonest man of war in for only a few months more we will cheat ourselves right on out of our life forms?

"Entertaining in a silly stupid sort of way," Sir Maximilian said as he looked at pictures of Bitch in his silly stupid ways.

Will Labor try to recognize Bitch is merely another ordinary simple workingman, an American native son who saw their fun, their war sport first hand and did what he could do to get the gun out right?

And it is not only past tense, it is what this native son is doing to get their gun out right NOW!

Judee tells us in reverse facial speech that it was as "easy as taking candy from a baby" getting us to give him the concession to issue our money. Judah claims that with Americans he crafts his words to speak to us like we're three-year-olds. Will Labor not close them out for their hostile abuse of us here and end their contempt for those they think are three-year-olds?

Will American workers not try to realize that there is no future for us at all if we don't stop the war?

We're all going away sometime, some are going away now. Others, the majority, the two out of three earthlings that survive this brimstone Jewish nuclear waste war, will carry on for nine million years more as extraterrestrials and then die out of life form naturally due to the old age of our species.

"You left me down," Father said to Bitch because he has not been able to get any help from Labor and that has allowed Judah to fist us and our kids with Jewish electricity brimstone waste disease.

Bitch exposed to nuclear weapons at 17 years of age in 1965, saw they would be the death of us. Bitch didn't believe there was a God above so the only hope was to get Americans together to get the nuclear weapons out of here.

Might we consider that has been a total failure? With Congressional sports funding a new round of nuclear weapon building might we say we have failed completely?

That we are dying out inhaling Jewishly created hot radioactive particles is that not the proof in the pudding that we have failed completely?

Nuclear weapons that there is no defense against except living underground. Will Labor not end funding the Jewish mole peoples sports?

Can we only wonder how has Judah held ordinary people out of seeing his true offend? Will we not pray ordinary people see the Jewish atomic offend and will STRIKE THEM OUT?

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The tens of millions of Americans that Judah has murdered ever since he took over the authority to issue

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