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"Because I Went At You With My Hydrogen I'm Basically Shot
Fri Jun 29, 2018 10:54

"Because I Went At You With My Hydrogen I'm Basically Shot," Judee say.

"Contact will make us well, end falsin'." Tele receive 3.14 a.m.

The contact from the universe that has welcomed us into peace. To live with our extraterrestrial elders in a world of plenty at peace. Will Labor not make us well and bring us into contact with the love of Father?

Does it not seem strange that we hold in war and atrocity and sickness coming in upon us due to poisoning by brimstone radioactive waste?

The orchid threat that Jewish maintain combined with the fault of stupid of Bitch speak.

And what about the Federation's own computer simulation specialists from two millennia ago that prophesized that a third of us would return to dust when it was time for Judah beast to go away for good?

"If you ever grasp how stupid you are you'll be amazed," 'B,' said to Bitch when it broke through when he was 49 years old that the plan all along was to wipe us all out in a surprise Jewish nuclear missile attack.

"Virtual dusting blew you off." Tele receive. 5.06 p.m.

Can a prayer not be said to help the truth break through that Bitch has not dusted anyone? How about a prayer that Judah lies are perceived for what they are, lies and nothing more?

Is it not something to think about, Jewish kids have known since early on in the atomic age about the "First Ten Minutes," the plan for them to get into protected settings during a surprise nuclear attack as they wiped the Druid people out?

If only BItch were not such an accidental scold can we only wonder might mild people have tried to save us?

For those who have succumbed to Jewish mental control of embarrassment and shame by showing pictures and telling stories, the only real shame and embarrassment in Bitch's life are from the nearly four years service that he was on board a U.S. Destroyer.

And his excuse for that lapse in judgment of joining the Navy?

He was seventeen years old and didn't know you know the truth that war is a false.

"You sold pencils for us rightly," Judee say.

Do some of us remember the veterans tag days with them selling pencils to earn some money? If they were so revered for serving us in war, was it not strange that so many of them were left with no income when they returned home and lived out on the streets?

Once Judah got hold of the authority to issue our money has he not been consistently real mean to the little fish? Yes, he has, does he not make a sport of homelessness? Yes, he does.

The truly brave Americans in the day in any war. Might we think of the Hofer brothers who refused to wear an army uniform and were sent to be tortured to death in Jewish Alcatraz prison?

Might we see the true brave Americans were and are the pacifists who will not serve Jewish war disease?

The torturers, the prison camp builders the war makers, the liars, thieves, and murderers. Can we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God Almighty that Father had His angels let them throw themselves out of here right?

Shujhaat Bukhari: Pakistan militants blamed for journalist death
28 June 2018
Leading Indian newspaper journalist and editor Shujaat Bukhari was killed by a Pakistan-based militant outfit, police have said.

Bitch read in reverse facial speech the other day that the hiring of the slaying of Mr. Bukhari came from Israeli occupied Washington D.C.

The Jewish weap house ordered it reverse facial speech indicated.

Are we perceiving the worldwide bloodshed is coming from the same source, Jewish control of our money?

Once we see their M.O. is it not obvious how they operate in every terrain against us? For those who are tuned into their cipher are they not obvious with their terror attacks? Yes, they are obvious.

Their official spokesperson in any country comes out and names the terrorist group that did the slaying. Do we understand the fist worldwide is all kosher in any and every land?

They might call themselves Islamists, or Christians or any range of names of groups they make up. Boko Harem, might we recognize is merely another name for Judah guys?

The five journalists killed in Mayland Friday. Are we recognizing Judah police shooting there?

But didn't the shooter sue the newspaper there for defamation some years ago?

Is that Judah not clever how he disguises the motive for the killings?

Can we only wonder what was Judah's motive for that deadly attack?

Bitch read some reverse speech, and he found something he has found in reverse speech for the last few days. "401.'

Might one of those dead reporters have been working on a story about the robbery of 401 pension plans?

Are we aware that Washington congressional sport has been dropping retirees and stealing their 401 pension funds?

He even found one reverse facial speech that said "senator," indicating the shooting was done to keep one from being outed.

"401 wits are covered."

A reporter said that in RS when talking about the shooting of the journalists.

If only Labor gave us our grand juries would we not learn the truth here? Yes, we would.

Do some us we recall the Lane Bryant Tinley park massacre where 911 received a call from a lady clerk that was hiding in the back room when the shooter was killing the people in the store and 911 told her to try another number, Cook county instead of Will County as her store is a few hundred few away from Will county?

Do we recall her sad ending, the shooter learned from 911 she was hiding and shot her too?

Is Labor aware that when Jewish have the authority to issue our money they have their police mass murdering us?

But then again, do they not have their doctors lawyers and accountants mass murdering us also? Yes, they do and every other occupation you can think of.

While their police make a lot of noise when they opp us, might we consider for really big numbers it is food and medicine that puts us in? Yes, it is.

Is it not something to think about, only one meal can take our lives either in minutes, hours, overnight or in some months or years ahead depending on how Judah decided to make his victims die?

The three to five years suffering until death from only one pumice, old basalt meal.

Will Labor not get the Jewish chef out?

Might Labor want to think about the gift that God has given to us by having His angels operate on Bitch in 2007 and take the cancer out of his pancreas that Judah slipped in from only one drive-through lunch he had while on break from clerking at the tire shop?

The pain of pancreatic cancer that tells a sufferer that it is better to go out of life than live with such pain. Will Labor not take the authority to issue our cash away from Jewish and end the molest in our food?

"We hauled Iowa with basalt, and he made me go," Judee say.

Will ordinary every day working people try to realize that Judah is closed out for his nuclear genocide blast and now brimstone waste die?

"You failed to give the wise fish a view," Mercury said to Bitch.

Will we not pray that the wise fish gets a view and prevents us from being utterly destroyed here?

Bitch believes war is bad and it's going to take us out with a fool fist here, I want you to end their war bad Labor.

Like most everyone else in America I was raised on Irving Burlesque, and I want you to see me on my simian side and not my accidentally stupid never intentionally rude side.

The nagging, persistent troubling thought though, the rightless white have always died when Jewish commanded us to.

The greatest single genocide Jewish have done was to the mild people of Eastern Europe a century ago using American Labor money to get it done.

60, million that lost their lives to Jewish sports. And now the mild people of the West set to go out in even bigger numbers this time.

Whatever it is will we not pray that God gives Labor what it needs to take the authority to issue our money into the hands of Labor?

Can we only wonder what does that Israeli psychologist know that holds wealthy people into destroying ourselves?
While thinking about the lane Bryant Tinley park massacre of a decade ago, did some hear about the Bucks County Pennsylvania explosions?

There have been numerous explosions since early April of the year.

June 28, 2018
Bucks County has been rattled by mysterious early-morning explosions over the past three months, drawing federal authorities to the investigation this month.
June 28: Police swarm two properties in Milford Township, serving search warrants linked to the blast investigation. They arrest chemical company owner David Surman Jr., 30, of 2470 Old Bethlehem Pike.

Here is a local Judah Fornian lookalike shell hybrid transplant guy who is part of the deception in Bucks County. Here's a couple of things he said in reverse facial speech:
"Our waif ain't usable with our goose packages. This is to fool white people because chalk made us."

So what is going on in Buck's county with the numerous explosions that have been waking people up there? And what might it have to do with the Tinley Park Lane Bryant massacre from a decade ago?

For those who are aware of our extraterrestrial elders MARKING locations that have atomic bomb attacks scheduled to be set off, might we surmise that Bucks Country is set for a hydrogen bomb attack?

The numerous boom booms in the area. Are we perceiving that is Mercury showing us where Judah plans to do a big hydrogen opp?

Might we understand the arrest of the fellow here is an attempt to throw the people off of understanding that extraterrestrials from Mercury are MARKING Bucks County?

And what does Bucks County have to do with the Lane Bryant Tinley Park massacre?

Lane Bryant is headquartered in Bucks County.

Are we getting a connection with those that do massacres in our shopping malls using local police and officials to get them done also have access to the tens of thousands of hydrogen bombs we bought them? Now that their time is done might they not be planning on a big going away party by bombing us?

Here is some reverse speech from officials in Bucks County that may help us understand their motives here:

"I'm task faulty here; we're just feasible thieves. Our lecherous arson ways are crumbling with our ruse. I'm just nursery dinkin' now. This was all terrorist. We're just here to can you false.

This goose empowers and leaves us take him out. Angels lethal my core right. I'm going to Bruisevelt you while I'm leaving. Our jets clear threat. The angel has conked us because we're devils. I have a goose package suicide, this kid out me now. State officials racket is false, and now you're seeing me. Our analysis is shutting a nice guy will hold us."

Bitch has posted previously at APFN about the booms that indicate that nuclear bomb attacks are scheduled for Bucks County. He reads the extraterrestrials MARKINGs, the booms that have been waking our family up there.

If only we had our American grand jury process in after the Tinley Park massacre a decade ago, might our grand juries not have uncovered the plans to do a nuclear bombing in the home base of Lane Bryant, Bucks County Pennsylvania?

Judah who put together the First Ten Minutes for his cannibal cult kids to be able to survive the nuclear war that he planned to put on the mild people of the north.

And now mild people with our own nuclear survival plan, might we call it "the Last Three Months?" Or how about, "The Final Three Months?"

The peace that will come to our world one way or the other. Will it be the peace brought on by a general American Labor STRIKE to close Jewish issue of our money out and get their nuclear and conventional war stopped, or the peace of the grave from inhaling nuclear dust?

"I won because you believe a liar," Judee say.

Will Labor accept the truth of the love of God for all of his simian children on earth and end letting the liar Judah hold us to war?

The false guy that pulled our rights out. Pulled our juries and grand juries out, so he has no opposition as he fists the rest of God's kids and us out.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and put our Labor Committee of the Whole into issue our money and end this dangerous, menacing foolishness here?

The plea to try and save your lives. Will Labor not give us the answer to the question God asked about the STRIKE His angels advised us to do to get Judah out and Labor in, "Why didn't you try it?"

Is it a little thing like fear?

Whatever it is will we not pray to God that American Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR? Will Labor not reject Judah's orchid threat and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"We core you out of rights so we can take away your right future. We just make you do cheap on human. With industry, we sport you harassment. Whites have all failed bolts.

You leave Judee foul you with our sports every day. Our bruise sealed you out of contact. We just put a child into core rate you. I beggish you. I just had full establishment rights. Forever now they've miniaturized us. If you focus right I'm quite dead. My first fail waves, then you see doubles.

I search you out with my holy shears; I got your detail right; core mutt. My states pop thee; I rule thee Reich-a-ment, saw you in two pieces. You let us have bourse, so we held. Elmer Fudd defiled us here.

I'm completely out for my hole-a-time. I did my app because I'm completely deaf. For my gentleness, I smother you true. Our sympathy is a hatchet to make you go. I bust you rubles with a highness," Judee say.

While looking at the international news, a report of a fire that killed many in Kenya came on the television.

An official came on and said this in reverse facial speech:

"This was done by choice; Mumbailty"

Mumbai had a plane crash the other day so can only wonder why it was found in the reverse facial speech from a speaker concerning a fire in Nairobi Kenya? Might we guess they were both done by the same insurance collection specialists?

Worldwide terrorism carried on by only 2% of the human race of the surface of planet earth. Will Labor not end funding the deuce, the foolish 2%?

Yesterday Bitch mentioned about judge Raymond Myles in Chicago that was silenced by gunfire ending him ever giving us a testimony about the opps he did.

Found this from an RS of a broadcaster that knew about judge Raymond:

"Raymond is obviously out of time for debts."

The insurance packages on debtors that had judges on the bench fisting those held in jail in.

Will Labor not take over the issue of money so that judicial opinions are just that, opinions, views expressed just part of their theory? The country clubs suggestions that Labor can finance or not?

The Federal courts decision the other day that Labor unions cannot take dues out a workers paycheck unless the person wants to be part of the union and pay for representation.

Some are calling it another legal decision to take representation away from workers.

If we look at the big picture, that is the one that held us in place while master Judah attacked us all out to extinct our race with a three hour 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of atomic blast, heat and radiation force, might the question of paying forced union dues or not be far down the line of things we could most usefully be thinking about?

But what about it, should the union be able to take forced dues for representation?

Continues at:

Do we recall the courts have held a worker has no say in how his income tax is to be used, that is, as it is used for the death and destruction of Jewish sports war, the genocide of the human race, and a worker has no say so in how our Labor dollar is spent?

All the court decisions about who can do what with Labors money. Might we try to recognize that everything devolves around who it is that has the authority to collect and then issue Americ

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