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Dark Star Rising
Fri Jun 29, 2018 15:53


Before we can get rid of those Deep State Elites we must first understand who they are and what they believe in.

We have been studying their philosophy to try and understand why these Elites wish to destroy Planet Earth and to this end we can report exactly how the think and how to neutralize them.

We as Humans need to unite and cast them aside like Dirty bath Water.

1) First - These Elites are led by Fallen Angels - who believe they are the Light Of The World - the Bright ones.

They believe that we, as Humans, need to follow the Hindu Philosophies and close all love and contemplate and Meditate on the Vast Emptiness Of Space.

We must disconnect from society, to turn off our minds, and wonder these Vast Empty Places to find our place in the stars.

We must live in small communes run by the Elites and live in, more or less, communal housing units and share everything - accepting the status quo as we are schooled to the age of 10, chipped, and then work until we die.

Contentment will be found in our Meditating the Vast Emptiness of our Universe and our souls.

Our suffering and Our Pain - such as a Tooth Ache - gives these Fallen Angels Great Pleasure.

Studying how we die - not curing our Cancer or MS or Alzheimers. Etc. - allows these Fallen Angels to learn how to Sneak Back Into Heaven fight to take back what Lucifer feels is his.

To this end these Elites will direct their energies to making this happen world wide - from overtaxing us into the poor house to destroying crops to kill 7 Billion of us.

Even the US Space Program is oriented on how to literally blow GOD up - to fight and win back Heaven.

Once this is achieved we will serve Lucifer without question.

Once we have traveled out of our bodies and experienced this Vast Emptiness we can then be initiated into the fold and become an Enlightened Being.

If you do not believe in this - and worship this Vastness and follow Lucifer the God Of Light - then you are dark in heart and spirit as They Are The Light.

Again - after a mighty war just after we enter this New Age Of Aquarius (Vision by Carl Yung) their Christ will be born into Jerusalem Fully Grown and teach us this New Philosophy.

Right is Wrong

Lies are the Truth

Black is White

Red is Gray

These are the beliefs of those currently leading our Planet - who run the world.

Funny - they are all supported with OUR TAX DOLLARS


2) Opposing this point of view are those who study the philosophy of Chrishna - apparently an Alien who inhabited Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and fought off some bad guys in India and left this planet.

Chrishna taught that we need to explore this Vast Emptiness with Love and help our neighbors - not pull into one’s self but to learn ot give.

These leaders believe that nations should have no boarders and our very homes and wealth should be shared among everyone - except they get to keep their homes and their wealth.

A perfect little Utopia serving the needs of the Few.

The needs of the Few over the Needs of the Many.


3) Opposing the total destruction of this planet are the few at the top who believe in God and that there are Consequences for our actions.

As the Chosen Political leader of the United State Corporation President Trump is now leading the world down a path of No War and arresting those who are committing Murder and the destruction of this planet.

Further - the Evil of the other Major Political Leaders like Merkel, Macron and Trudeau - are now being exposed for all to see.

To this end President Trump is now considered by the Fallen Angels that bring us light:


The first thing the President set out to do is to stabilize our Boarder’s and our monetary supply - a direct conflict with these Deep State Elites.

So what end he will deal with the likes of Comey, Mueller, Hillary and the rest of those who have been trying their hardest to start a Full Scale Nuclear Conflict is uncertain - only that we are still at war with those who wish him dead and wish to destroy Planet Earth.

What we need to is to pray that these Deep State Allies of Lucifer are Neutralized Immediately and Permanently.

Further - we need to pray that OUR TAX DOLLARS stop funding them immediately.

If you wish to know just how important this is - just look at the Test Case in Venezuela - here over 40 Million People are now having their Water cut to the point where the are given barely enough drinking water.

So again - YOU are the most important audience on this planet right now as we pray to stabilize this madhouse on Earth.



1) The Department of Justice announced the conclusion of a year long study concerning deaths of patients in America using Prescribed Opioid Products.

The study concluded that Govenrment Health Care has lost over $2 Billion due to fraud concerning these Prescription Drugs.

Apparently over 600 people, including 76 doctors, have been indicted for these crimes of Fraud.

One doctor alone allegedly defrauded Medicare out of around $112 Million Dollars and distributed over 2.2 Million unnecessary doses of Oxycodone and Fentanyl.

The deaths from these drugs amounted to over 64,000 in 2016 and more than 70,000 last year.


2) Apparently a Child Sex Trafficking Camp has been discovered in Arizona. Here children of Migrants are sold into Sex Slavery for those who exploit children.

The group occupying this place near Tuscon posted online photos of Children in restraints being tortured and rapes repeatedly.

We shall see where this investigation goes


3) Judicial Watch has just released 29 pages of FBI Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting Documents clearly showing the Treason both Clintons and Loretta Lynch committed - and the Clintons and Loretta Lynch are still not in jail.



1) The Indian Rupee is crashing hard as the Indian Central Bank works to stabilize their currency.

There are currently about 68 Rupee’s per dollar.


2) The Chinese Yuan (Rimnimbe) seems to be falling in value as they try to stave off a huge decline in their Trade Surplus.

Many stores that seel primarily Chinese Made Items - like Toy-R-Us are closing their doors permanently and there is no one to replace them.

So as the US Dollar rises the Chinese Corporate Debt owed to the United States becomes harder and harder to pay off.

Fueled mostly by borrowed US Dollars they are coming due between now and the end of 2019 at a time where sales of Chinese Made Goods are falling off sharply.

How long Red China can hold off the debt they owe remains to bee seen.

So in response to this Looming Economic Crisis in China they plan to ban the Internal Sale of Short US Dollar Sales.

This ban of the sale of Short Term US Dollar Notes may be a Death Nail in the Chinese Economy.

Exactly how this plays out with the coming Gold Backed Yuan we shall see shortly.


4) Deutsche Bank is doing so badly it’s stocks may be kicked off the European Index of Economic Indicators - which may be the Death Nail in the Holy Roman Empire Bank.



5) Tesla Bonds are falling hard as we get a look into the Building of the New Tesla - it’s being done in a tent.

If they had build a facility 1 floor under the Desert Sun it would have been cool and comfortable to work in.

Instead they are working under a tent with no Air Conditioning in the Hot Desert Sun.

Elon Musk stole the company, conned his investors, took the money, diverted it, and never intended to build the Electric Cars and he is still not in jail.

Pray he pays for his crimes immediately.


6) Finally - Congressman Maxine Waters has been told to shut up or go to jail - so she reported she got Death Threats so she will stop speaking publicly trying to incite Rioters.

She does not live in her district, is ineligible to be in Congress, but Paul Ryan refuses to remove her.

Pray the Congressman Paul Ryan is removed from Congress immediately.


It’s time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety, sit back and enjoy the show.

Be ready folks for what is coming.


These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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