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"Pat We Need A Great Goal Not Jails." Tele recive 2.57 p.m.
Sun Jul 1, 2018 08:30

"Pat We Need A Great Goal Not Jails." Tele recive 2.57 p.m.

Pat using his 2002 Dell desktop with WORD to write this. It can't get on the wifi because it no longer has the Windows XP disks to open it up.

This is Sunday afternoon and last night we had a flash flood that washed away several vehicles on the street here, including Pat's 2005 Chrysler Town and Country.

The water was over 6 feet high from looking at the marks at the lawns and on the van.

Water came into Pat's room and his battery charger for his laptop that connects to the internet was on the floor and it stopped working.

Checked all the stores around here and they all had battery chargers, but only on line. Didn't find one that had a simple charger for the laptop.

Bitch has a second battery that is weak, and is hoping t will give enough time to post this to APFN, Simple Site and Face book.

He can copy this post to his chip and transfer it to the laptop.

Bitch checking out Judee reverse facial speech and many of them feel quite gleeful that they have held the mild people to wipe ourselves out. Some of them tell us in reverse facial speech they know they’re dead, but they will keep the steam in as ling as they can fool us.

So we'll put in some of their thinking that is coming from their subconscious, that is revealed in their reverse facial speech.

Also all the Tele receives that should have been in yesterday's post and did not have time for due to the limited battery power for the laptop that connects to the wifi and hotspot, here they are:

"Animal ruse pushing us sourcily. 9.45 a.m.

A racist guy with a lunattack. 10.04 a.m.

True law, throw it out. 12.36 p.m.

Searid'. 12.44 p.m.

Use all your score.

Thief rice out the dowery. 2.25 p.m.

An oreious foul. 3.34 p.m.

Pure life is quite abusive. 4.39 p.m.

They're thrown out for their stacking. 4.43 p.m.

Your ass they falsed.

Fear will rate you. 5.14 p.m.

Shrimp apped all orange with out them fighting. 5.58 p.m.

Press a motive.

You're conscious great. 6.12 p.m.

Oh my God he's a brillaint hostile.

Abuse has been cabled.

It's a nifty force.

They're just dumb criminals.

Faulty as a castle. 6.26 p.m.

Terribly threatened.

Circuit proves transferable fools.

Punishingly your day sold.

Race warred, get them out, it's rare.

Get them out, Oh my God it race warred. 12.10 a.m.

Cancer will top thee out, good luck. 3.30 a.m.

Tripoli abusive.

You embarrass the wholesome. 4.57 a.m.

Amazing overnight died your right fields. 8.28 a.m.

It's ratted. 9.06 a.m.

Can you fix us?

STRIKE THEM OUT for four eyes Auschious. 10.24 a.m.

They min us. 11.46 a.m.

Grease over failed it. 11.55 a.m.

STRIKE THEM OUT real statious.

Contact has raped us symbol course. 12.21 p.m.

They shame us by fiscal. 12.26 p.m.

Super tossed them well, tossed their jail. 12.35 p.m.

The goose had a great ruse set here. 12.38 p.m.

Pat, we need a great goal not jails." 12.57 p.m.


Would like to talk about Papa, our precious sweet Father who is the guiding force in our world. Our world, God's village on earth. One of 1,300 villages where high intelligent life forms are growing up.

Father has love and compassion for all of us. Father is all forgiving and merciful.

Father has love so powerful that it can make a grown man cry.

For those who have been reading Bitch posts, and I thank you for reading them, do you recall Richard who met God when they took his heart out and repaired it and put him into suspended animation at low temperature?

As he spoke of how God hugged him and he felt unconditional love as he had never felt in his life.

When Bitch thinks about the sweet kindness to Father it brings tears to his eyes.

While there may be some wholesome who are embarrassed at Bitch; God Almighty, might we ask, "why did He have His angels keep such a guy in?"

"He remained true to me, "Father said about His shill Bitch.

That Bitch has since he first began thinking about it and that was when he saw first hand and knew it was false he spoke against the war, any war, all war.

Might temporary embarrassment be small potatoes in comparison with hurting Father's children in war?

"Can you fix us?" A Tele sender asked.

Bitch, no, even as much as he'd like to. He can’t even fix himself so how could he fix anybody else?

Can God fix us? Yes God can fix us.

Might some ask "then why doesn't God fix us?"

How about when God said, "They've completely ignored me?" Might that issue of ignoring God as we are being perished explain why we need to listen to God if we want to stay alive in this nuclear brimstone waste war?

How about we look at some of Judah subconscious thoughts on what is happening at this moment in time to see what he and she are thinking of?

"You failed my procedure rice fall. Stuffed you well, great vest. I caught you ant trap, see you chased. Set you out great, passing you by with the kids. Our famous fall you real sweet. When you see our trespass of oss and how our wits smashed you, history will reveal your dumber wits who didn't achieve an even with our grade.

Concussion never fails to put a needle into fish. We hold you in a dust bowl with our righteous.

We shot ginger ale greatly. KhrushcJeb. We're going to stay tourist and do some more poor boom jobs. For Jew truth I beggish you. For whiteness I have a Braille that threatens. The Marsh man gave you a long fed, my bubble falsed you away. I ever fight you with my famous death wish."

Do those reverse facial speech seem to indicate that Judah have in fact destroyed the mild people of the north with industrial pollution that will die us off in less than 5 years from now?

Do those subconscious thoughts not seem to indicate they are pretty sure of themselves in relation to the ordinary simple working people of America

There are other Judah who have a different read, one in which they are aware they are finished in our world now. Here's some of what they have to say:

"We failed to Jupiter. My aggressor has failed and fell here; It's frozen me out. Our life ends bitterly for our childish fall here. It's a miracle turkey tossed us out.

Our true police force stumble us off us off of here; the pigeons will clear me for the interest rate."

Is it not interesting that Judah could be of both minds, easily wiping out the Druid people with little protest, and yet aware that at any moment, Druid could easily act and close Judah out?

A sneeze from Druid Labor and it will be pneumonia for Jewish war sports.

Will Labor not give us that sneeze with a general STRIKE for Labor to take over the authority to issue our money?

"I'm a basic Jew zoo that's sacked."

That's a reverse facial speech from a new Judah political star in the making.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the Organizing Principle of Society into the hands of Safe Labor?

If you ever face a trial who do you want on the jury making the decision of your life, liberty or property, the jury of ordinary Missourians that set Dred Scott free in 1854 or the robes sitting on the bench giving us their opinions that then becomes enforceable law?

The law they make that comes from their theory that they could ever fool us great. Will Labor not let them off right and bring the love of our good God in?

Just looking through Bitch notes and there is an assortment of what Judah is thinking. Here's some more of their subconscious thoughts that show up in their reverse facial speech:

"This white has gotten our spoof-a-reamee out because it's our fun. I always had potty to off you right. Jew weap you with a micro sear. My police are tumbled because I jagged you off. West world is gone because I degraded you to zero. You passed the Jew paper and let us push you in the mud mutt. Even with the professor's advice I war you out.

We have a cow fister right with some London heroes. I pinch hate you. I ass wipe insuring and that's why I'm faulty falling out of here. Our corrept always fools you right. My process spruce a man. I just give you a full arrest with a Mormon. I have a HUGE smart that sports you out of here and he's ported me out of here. Violence is how I condition your scruples," Judee say.

Bitch is going to try and post this today, and will if he has enough power to post. He should get a new battery charger delivered Tuesday. Paid $20 for two day delivery of it.

STRIKE THEM OUT Labor. Father loves us all, believed it!

God bless you. God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy.


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