[ the july 4th national comedy show arriving soon ]
Mon Jul 2, 2018 05:37

[ the july 4th national comedy show arriving soon ]

Apparently, there was a "war of money" in the early usa colonies...

"The Currency Act" (1764)

It can be presumed that a predecessor to the federal reserve bank of england, a privately owned jew bank, controlled the fiat money in england in 1764-1775 ?

Nowadays, on july 4, single-tooth-bobble-head-idiots in the usa do a commedy show that involves waving little american flags while watching fireworks, while they celebrate their independence from the loans at interest and/or taxes on the wooden nickles of england.

Nowadays, the usa freak congress gives control of the usa money to the jews using the federal reserve act of 1913 (a.k.a the wooden nickel act of 1913).

The previous two national bank charters in the usa had "terms", such as a term of 20 years, and were not re-enacted when the charters ended, but the wooden nickel act of 1913 does not have any "terms" listed, hence, the wooden nickle act of 1913 does not need to be periodically re-enacted by the usa freak congress.

According to the following link...

First National Bank (1791-1811) (supported by hamilton, opposed by jefferson)
Second National Bank (1816-1841) (supported by clay and the banker wigg party, opposed by jackson)
Thrid National Bank (a.k.a. the non-federal non-reserve bank) (1913-present)

"Bank of the United States"

The "federal reserve act" (ch. 6, 38 Stat. 251 , enacted December 23, 1913, 12 U.S.C. 221 to 522 ), is said to have been surreptitiously signed by a less than full house on Dec. 23rd, but the following unvetted article says that is a myth...

"Debunking the Federal Reserve Conspiracy Theories (and other financial myths)"


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