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"You Psychage Deal Makes You Odious. Psychage Leads Battle."
Mon Jul 2, 2018 08:27

"You Psychage Deal Makes You Odious. Psychage Leads Battle."
Thank you for those Tele receives about what Bitch is posting that keeps turning people off.
Bitch puts up what Judah says about us and it turns people off to hear such insults.
Bitch posted quick yesterday and didn't have time to use the daily post to look at it for a few hours before posting and left one thing in there that Judah said to the effect that his cult wins because we are not as smart as his kids.
Bitch apologize for putting that insult up, even though that is what Judah in his subconscious thinks about us.
Bitch is using his old desktop computer for this post, it is not on the wifi and so cannot post and then read and then correct. He should be up in another day with his laptop working as soon as he gets his battery charger delivered.
We had flash floods here and they wiped out many vehicles on our street including Bitch's van. Hopefully it can be recovered. It runs good.
Bitch watched local news and it was apparent the flash flood was not an act of God or nature, it was an investor sponsored disaster.
Here is some reverse facial speech that was taken during news broadcasts that covered the flash floods.
"Our new opps on insurance are set to fiend you everyday. This was all out of Mesa true. Pat you suffered great ruse. We always set Patrick to core him hostin'. We give you all ruin as a super arrest. My sludge pot I'm gonna do until I'm dead. It's washing time for my head because I was dolph. It's fun to geese life awful. To all shrimpy we're firebugs. We core you because we offend you right."

There was report of one death during the flash floods, a local sports announcer. Here is some reverse facial speech while they were talking about him:
"The interest rate gives me my direction. They were going to pull him eventually for sports so he left. We just cabbage you greatly. Ethanol is always the way a true sport fights. It's obvious I'm a barroom foul. He was so smooth getting whites out of here. He did homo sets all over the city. Bitch is on to us and our big threat and we still won. A mini-tard here saw my joke. This was an investment wet. He did some for Thompson so he had to leave. It's part of our rust bucket Jew fit.We awesome pooch well."
But what about the body that was found, does that not prove he drowned?
Can we imagine Judah going over to the morgue and selecting the body they were going to toss to be found and dressing it up as him? Or did they even do that much? Might it have been as simple as a Judee opper calling 911 with a false body report and all involved filling in paperwork so he could collect the life insurance? But wouldn't the insurance company know?
If the insurance company has been sporting with him might they have their specialist inspectors handle the paperwork?
Are we seeing how easy the cats have it when there are no mice grand juries in?
A house exploded due to a gas leak that was purportedly due to the flood and here is a curious reverse speech from a fire official about it:
"This was a true Martian."
Can we only wonder why the fire official would say such a thing?
Might the homeowners insurance covered fire damage but not flood insurance so the owner wired up the explosion so the homeowner could collect fire insurance because it was fire that could be claimed destroyed the house? Are we getting the homeowner would have had to of known the flood was coming and when?
Here's some more flood reverse facial speech from the flood reports: "Our bribes won us our great sport. If Bosco wouldn't have set so many we wouldn't have to disappear. We drown you with our foul. Dallas has now all fallen because we merch you. This was all some investment to screw you down, we always take you off right. The people all burn up in a fireous way because Judee say so." ~~~~~~
Might we consider those reporting the news all know this flash flood was Judee investment sport? Can we only wonder how many ways Judah may have insurance collected on this?
Maybe buy a bunch of late model damaged vehicles, put them right on insurance paper and report them flood damaged? Those who had expensive complete flood coverage on their houses. Would it not be interesting to find about that? Forewarning something was going to happen?
"Mesa," Bitch has been pulling out of reverse facial on and off for some time. Several times in recent weeks.
And here Judah tells us the investors that just did this flash flood with its vast amount of damage to us are operating from Mesa, Arizona.
Will we not pray for the thirty-minute breakthrough the Tele sender suggested long ago and that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and end their sludge sport on us?
That one of them said "the people all burn up fire-ous because Judee say so. Might he be chortling that even with us knowing what they are doing to us, merely because Judee say so, we burn up?
If only it were someone other than Bitch trying to convince you to save yourselves might Druid this one time have been dutiful and tried to save ourselves?
Will Labor not look past Bitch and his many shortcomings and try to save yourselves?
Judah, they and their hybrid transplant look alike Fornian shells are 2% of the population and are in collaboration with 5% Druid and hire 16% welfare to do their grip sport.
Their grips will respond to whoever will give them a check to eat. Will Labor not issue our checks so they respond honestly to us?
Will Labor not give us a general STRIKE and get this war off of us?
Here's some Tele receives:
"Their ruse-icals are so beautiful, they point Druid tear. 1.47 p.m.
Great rout us MOX. 1.49 p.m.
Con stan. 2.08 p.m.
He's lost the minnow. 2.20 p.m.
Your simples have failed, Europe is coring you. 2.23 p.m.
We'll never get to see your craft.
Mama it's burning my face, it's burning my fate. 2.41 p.m.
You should go on aid. 3.09 p.m.
It's unable set threat.
A pet it. 4.48 p.m.
They false opp racional.
Homos do chapel.
You're scum failed jet set to die. 5.07 p.m.
Shitty. 6.16 p.m.
He's laughing he could exterminate us.
F--king incredible thief. 6.50 p.m.
Thank you. 7.12 p.m.
F---, they're stealing my life.
Damn you, you're so ruptured and you keep falling me.
Get us all a peace deal. 8.02 p.m.
It's hunch. 8.05 p.m.
It's ill. 8.09 p.m.
They've pushed the button and you've one nothing accept excusing it for a big fall. 8.31 p.m.
They're giving you a whole electric die.
I want to hurt him on the blast. 8.34 p.m.
Stupid failed them lethal Rome.
No rights on grounding. 8.38 p.m.
The United Kingdom leads gent scorn.
A big score won't happen with a grand jury.
Terrible corpse on opps. 12.25 a.m.
You're helping us force them out, they're making us die weird. 12.33 a.m.
Your household he did some right psychage. 2.05 a.m.
Jews corrupt thieves. 2.09 a.m.
Psychage leads battle. 2.14 a.m.
Your psyche deal makes you odious. 2.21 a.m.
For racial deal you fall. 2.27 a.m.
Human rights are so sorry abandoned.
We leave you Patrick, f--k you all Jew time.
Get them out of here pronto.
Your race already fell. 4.10 a.m.
Pat, you still perceive us bad." 4.22 a.m.
Is that Pat' s problem, his perception of white people?
Is that why he keeps irritating white people with his posts, telling white people what Judah really thinks of us? Is that why he puts up so many shitty, hunch and ill posts?
If Mercury would drop him a post he would put it up. He would be happy to remain silent and put up a perfect post everyday with the extraterrestrial intelligence of Mercury to lead the way.
He's thankful for the Tele sends he receives that give us insight to what we are dealing with here.
Troubled by the Federation's simulations from two thousand years ago that predicted a third of us would die off now as the beast Judah goes into his underground shelter system.
Bitch, a forth level thinker going against millions of number one thinkers who hold the authority to issue our money.
"Your household he did some right psychage." 2.05 a.m
Judah knows all the people his targets are associated with. In every work location he has his opps that whisper in the ears of the workers the right psychage to produce animosity against his target.
Might we see how Judah sets people up to get taken off by falsing people who know the target and then offering rewards and help to get a target off?
The Judah media who set the peoples minds everyday. Everyone of them know this flash flood was an opp out of Mesa but is it not curious, not one of them told us the truth in forward speech?
Well if Bitch is a forth level thinker going against the number one thinkers who know how to hold simple people, should Bitch not just give up and accept that Judah will get his third of the human race died off as he goes away now?
That would be probable except for the fact that Father is still holding His kind angels in here.
"Damn you, you're so ruptured and you keep falling me."
Judee sends in Tele receives. Are we seeing that even though Bitch is so ruptured, merely by reporting the truth each day Judah keeps falling away?
The fact that Judah from the highest office of the United States of America set us on a course of extinction of the whole human race in an all out surprise nuclear war.
Are we appreciating that all the people living on the surface of planet earth have survived only due to the love of God?
Judah after getting caught red handed with his three hour attempted nuclear blast extermination of the people of America, and he is now finishing us off with his Jewish electricity waste.
That druid has done not a thing to help ourselves might we have to believe only God can save us now?
Judah, using our purse and the white face to race war our family at home and around the world. Is there not some way that Druid will get tuned in on this and end Jewish race warring God's kids?
"Pat, you still perceive us bad." 4.22 a.m.
Pat doesn't perceive white people as bad, he perceives white people as unaware of things that are important, and some appear to be so unaware that it is a loss of life form that will now carry us away from here.
Mercury doesn't perceive us as bad, elders merely say that we need to be "re-sighted."
But they also have warned us that because we are involved in sin our lives won't be spared.
Might we consider that for those who perceive we're now losing this wonderful life so many of us in America have grown accustomed to, we will act to STOP THE WAR and put our human rights in again?
That we have not acted to stop the war or put our sacred human rights in might that indicate that we just do not perceive the real threat that we are facing here?
What else could explain it?
An engineer out to sea has to check the main shaft bearings once an hour lest one run dry and freeze the ship up dead in the water.
This wonderful cruise ship we are on and Judah has taken the oil out of our shaft bearings and plans to leave this wonderful ship dead in the water with as little help as he can leave us in.
Will Labor not take over here and let this Jewish electricity crowd off?
"Mama it's burning my face, it's burning my fate." 2.41 p.m.
Bitchie heard a young girl say that yesterday afternoon as he was scooping the water out of his van.
Might it have only been the sun or was she sensitive to the elevated levels of radioactive dust in our atmosphere?
Our bibles that warned us thousands of years ago that we would die like flies on the surface of earth in the end times.
Is there not some sense that the end times are NOW?
The sickness that Judah has put in using a technology that is not well understood by those who have not looked into it.
Are we understanding that radioactive nano particles in our atmosphere will now cause our children to be born with a range of maladies that may effect them their whole shortened life? Are we aware that sterility is the prime one that will cause our heritage to die off now?
Judah the only party that can issue as much of our money for free, are we seeing how he cleverly put all sorts of money into the nuclear build up of both blast weapons and Jewish electricity that produces all the deadly toxic waste?
Are we not perceiving that Jewish electricity brimstone waste is the two of the one two punch he threw at us with his atomic genie?
First blast and that failed due to the love of God for us, and then the number two punch, his Jewish electricity waste that is sealing us out of life form now.
If only Bitch didn't have his odious side might druid have listened and tried to help us here?
So what's going to happen now?
If Druid will listen to Mercury, get smart and STRIKE THEM OUT, we have a chance to survive still.
And what will happen if we don't listen to Mercury and just keep funding the war for a couple of months more?
The understanding is that the Dreek will begin taking the righteous children of God out of America at the end of September and have them all gone by the end of February 2019.
And those who are here then, what will happen to them?
How about the line from the Star Trek movie," Left Stranded on a Burned out planet to die.
But what about all those smiling faces that give us their news, where will they be then?
Might they not be well enough connected with Judah to already have space reserved in the undergrounds where they will sit out the massive die off on the surface of earth?
7.55 a.m.
Bitch just finished watching international and then local and national news. Big surprise on international and national news found these reverse facial speech:
"They're falling me for my collaboration with Marlboro. My destination is Moscow. We fall stupid. For my seize-ee-ness Dale fell out. The port announced my ouster here."
Do some recall the fission enhanced Nike-Hercules nuclear missile attacks that were attempted against England that Bitch reported some years ago?
Might we connect the dots to see a picture with Judah nuclear war fighting American officials and the Duke of Marlborough as behind those attempts to smoke our family in England with atomic blast weapons?
Bitch has pulled "Marlborough" out of Judee reverse facial speech for years,thought it was the cigarette company.

After reading it today he sees now it is an office in England.
Have we noticed the large number of people who have been ghosting out both in America and other countries that Judah sports in, which is all of them?
And why are they ghosting by faking their deaths and others that Judah is ghosting by physically killing them?
Might we think of the strength of our American Bill of Rights which is bringing about the liberation of all of the people of America now? Might we consider it is at the state level that is bringing about the end of this Jewish tyranny?
That is, while the supreme court threw our Bill of Rights out at the state level in 1832 to sink our ship of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, many of our predecessors put our Federal Bill of Rights in in the state constitutions.

Illinois is a complete Bill of rights state. Understanding our Bill of rights, rather than the second amendment, that Judah is always promoting, the right to bear arms, might we see the real protections for us are not in bearing arms, rather protection is found in the 5th and 7th amendments that give us jury and grand jury process for protecting and preserving our lives, liberty and property affording us the opportunity to pursue happiness?
While Judah can sport where he fully controls the court process, in states that have rights that provide full jury and grand jury process do we see when the lawyers and not put to wonder if they will come under physical attack for pursuing a remedy for their clients they then can bring to light the sport of Judah guys and gals?

Might we see the need for Judah to ghost is that in a state that has the federal bill of rights procedure in a jury may hear what it is that he and she has done here?
Without Jewish terrorism in our world are we seeing the truth will come in then?
And what is the truth?
The truth is we were the kindest most caring hominids of the 36 hominids that roamed the surface of planet earth for 12 million years.

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