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US Heat Wave Caused By Sun Spitting Fire
Tue Jul 3, 2018 12:40


As we have described earlier as the Chemtrails stop, and the Ozone has been destroyed by these Chemtrails funded by NASA, and the sun enlarges we are going to get some pretty bad micro storms.

Tomorrow the Eastern US and Southern US will bake.

Temperatures in Bangor Maine alone will exceed 95 Degrees as Humidity hits 65%.

The temperature and humidity is causing communications to actually slow down

Staying indoors with your Air Conditioner on in the North East may not be an option as power outages aboud.

In Vermont alone we can see several power outages dotting across the state.

We said it would begin - what - a week ago?

The sad thing about having GOD show you what is coming is that you can get a little down.

The good thing about this is that we get to warn people before a disaster hits and there will always be a place for us in the news.

So hunker down and prepare for anything as more ANTIFA Paid Federal Agents get arrested across the nation.

If you are diabetic - these Electromagnetic Bursts will make your blood sugar skyrocket - just like Cell towers, Transformers and other electromagnetic interferences.

Yup - Diabetes is brought on by living near a Local Cell Tower.

Bounce the frequencies up to 2 Million Hertz in 5g, build more cell towers because the range of your Cell Phone decreases, and you not only get cooked but you get diabetes according to a recent research paper published by Associate Professor Madgda Havas, Trent University.



1) Due to the FBI/FEMA and DHS Agents causing riots now as ANTIFA across the nation - the nation of China is now warning it’s citizens not to visit America as tourism rapidly declines - thanks to these Federal Agencies.

Pray they are immediately defunded


2) Yet another child is completely immobilized and destroyed by a Vaccination.

Dr Bob Sears gave out a Vaccination that cause complete Paralasis in a child and now he is under “Permanent Supervision” by the Private Corporation called the American Medical Association because he let the information leak out.

These vaccinations are now destroying about 1 in 62 children in the US - effecting our economy in a huge way.

Pray that the American medical Association is defunded immediately and permanently and it’d directors Paralyzed for life.


3) Due to the Commercial Farming of meat that was forced onto farmers years ago by the FDA over 62% of all meat now contained “Super Bacteria” that is resistant to Antibiotics.

This will effect US meat exports for Decades to come.

Pray the FDA is defunded immediately and the Directors paralyzed permanently for life.


4) Major banks in China are now dumping the dollar to prevent the further destruction of the Yuan.


5) About 2,500 German Protestors are now blockading Ramstein Air Force Base there due to the recent tariffs by the US.

As the US pulls out of Germany - and the rest of Europe - we shall see their economies fall apart. SO GOD has said it - so it shall be.

Thank Angela Merkel and President Macron.



1) Walmart stops selling Impeach 45 gear as their sales plummet over their left wing leaning. Remember - Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, etc are all subsidized with OUR TAX DOLLARS.

So this Anti-American Stand is coming directly from the US Corporation.


2) As we stated earlier - YEMEN was, and is, a Live Fire Range and a place that the US Run Strategic Communications Laboratory (Owner of Cambridge Analytical) has used to test it’s PSYOPS Programs on TV and on the internet.

Pleae pray that this company is immediately defunded and it’s leaders are immediately Neutralized for life.



There are over 20 military suicides a day - and according to Jim Willie - caused by our soldiers being raped - man on man.

This is what 50 years of liberalism has done to our military.

Pray that those US Military Generals allowing this to happen are destroyed immediately.


Please pray for President Trump’s life - especially tomorrow and that YOUR FAMILY is ready for what is coming.

Dr William B. Mount


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