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That they can forge a person's name on everything They Steal
Wed Jul 4, 2018 09:00

No wonder that they can forge a person's name on everything that they Steal, and make them homeless and then jailed, and the person then realizes that there doesn't exist whatsoever, a system of justice of any kind in this entire country. Our country is on the verge of a different kind of civil war.

A war based on circumstances where the person takes a sniper rifle with a silencer and finds his own justice?????? and ???? Now you decide where Amnerican Justice Going??? NOW. And Let the world know now.

Former CIA Officer Exposes Clinton Charity Fraud as Biggest Scandal in US History (Video)Sunday, June 24, 2018 -

Kevin Shipp Clinton Charity Crime Syndicate Nexus of Everything -

Toby Keith- call a marine -

It may be really hot here, with every known insect, snake, lizard, tick, bird, cockroach, spider, and who knows what else known to man, but the people are strong, tuff, church going here, they help one another here, and there are literally churches on every corner of this county. The people here are not backward here like the rest of the world tries to think of this part of the country. They are actually smarter then most of the people back there.

These are really good people here and even the meth heads are polite. And, this place could easily be part of LA, but even with the street drug problems, and the jails being over filled, there are a lot of really good people, a hell of lot more women who are ALL caring, loving, and nurturing. A far cry from that of Sick-attle, where there are literally a thousand men there for every man hating lesbian. I have women friends here. I never had a female anything back there except the nut case honey trap that got me set up to be arrested two years ago by the Gambino Washington State Crime Syndicate.

Even with bugs (Here), poison ivy, snakes, cockroaches like you would never believe, and some as big as birds, ticks yes, every tick known to man, (We found though that by putting Boraxo around the edges of the walls that this keeps almost all bugs out of the commercial space.) I would much rather be here then there (The Northwest Crime Family Controlled Northwest United State). It is nice to be able to take off to one of my Fort Smith hang outs and have the means to actually talk with one of my real and only women friends. And, yes, even the few lesbians here are very polite, and they are considerate of everyone here. And, no gay anything here. In the entire Oklahoma, Arkansas statewide areas. And, lots of pot smokers, and some really good pot
growers here.

There is actually an actual balance between men and women here. Not Kidding.

Until they want to mess it up. Get it? THEY. Not we, not us, not me, not you, but the THEM. THEY ARE MORE THEN REAL. AND, all over this planetary matrix. Controlling the entire matrix.

I was apparently awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor in 1971 while serving in the US Marine Corp. Under extremely classified circumstances. And, my memory was erased to keep me from being able to realize who I really am. But they cannot make me forget my enlisting into the US Marine Corp in September of 1967 under delayed entry and my being sworn in that day at the age of fourteen. Little more about who I am, I have been an author (Of several hundred books.) many thousands of news reports, (Created some very big companies.) more then two thousand one hour educational documentaries, ( - - - willpwilson - - July 4, 2018 Posted by (Dr.) Will P. Wilson, on to the Message News Board - - - - mediacific alldaylive willpwilson - - -
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Toby Keith- call a marine -

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    • That they can forge a person's name on everything They Steal — willpwilson 908, Wed Jul 4 09:00
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