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"It's Sewer, I Tossed You Well Stumped. You Cleared Us. We F
Thu Jul 5, 2018 08:57

"It's Sewer, I Tossed You Well Stumped. You Cleared Us. We Fell Obviously," Judee say.

Finally after thousands of years, Judah and his hosiery fell.

Clear obvious to all who have taken the forty minutes needed to figure it out, the dubious bunch are out.

"I'm with Mercury, you're out," a non Judah said to a Judah high-level guy.

Will American Labor not end Judah and his hosiery fouling us?

God Almighty, our precious sweet Father in heaven above, had His angels with us all the time that we have been growing in His village on earth.

"Love one another. My kids, treat them super nice. Be kind to the babies of the forest," Just a few loving thoughts from the beautiful heart of our precious sweet Father.

Will American Labor not turn our faces to God and try to save our lives?

"You disparage my shill that is trying to convince you to save your lives," God said.

Might we think of Bitch as analogous to a telegraph operator in the old Wild West?

A band of desperadoes is headed our way, and the telegraph lines are blazing with information to help ourselves before they get here.

Bitch going around the town telling everyone who is living there of the terrible days just ahead and what to do to help ourselves, and the desperadoes have people already living in the town falsing Bitch, and so the people take no precautions at all.

Bitch, disturbed from all the wars he has been in, a bit unbalanced and instead of being cool, has a tantrum and insults the town people.

The telegraph lines still blazing telling of the wreckage the desperadoes are doing as they move closer to the town that Bitch is in.

If Bitch is telling the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, then why have the preachers not gotten behind him and told the people of the necessity to stop the war?

Might the preachers be part of the forward group with the desperadoes that have insinuated themselves among the innocent people and are doing all they can to hold the innocent people for the desperadoes plan?

Will Labor not accept as the fact that Bitch is analogous to the telegraph operator and is revealing the plan that if not halted is going to wipe us out grand?

But why did God our Father send a fourth-level wit to inform God's people of the plan that the desperadoes have to wipe us out of this land?

Might it be that God just wanted someone who was able to operate the telegraph and courageous and outspoken enough to tell His people of the secret desperadoes in their midst and their deadly plans?

As God has the plan, not the telegraph operator, might we understand that God wanted someone who was not afraid to tell the innocent of the plan the desperados have to wipe us out?

Bitch, still receiving messages from Mercury and informing the innocent of what is coming our way.

The annihilation of the majority of the white people now less than a few months away.

The great wealth, the comfortable lifestyles we enjoy. You're not trying to tell me that the desperadoes are going to take it all away and replace it with a wretched America?

Not only are they going to do it, but they are also succeeding in doing it every day.

But why does God, with His unlimited power, not stop them from harming us?

Might we better ask ourselves, "why would God help us when we can help ourselves?" Or why would God step in to help us if we are not willing to try and help ourselves?

As God had had His angels hold us in and prevent our extermination when Judah attacked us with his big nuclear blast fist, if we are not willing to do anything to stop the wrong that we do every day by funding the killing of His children at home and abroad, why would God save us if we will not listen to Him to act and try to save ourselves?

"Why didn't you try it," God asked about the STRIKE that will let Judah pass into history now and forever more.

Will American Labor not respond to God's question about the STRIKE, "Why didn't you try it?"

The one thing the Jew cannot stand is a peaceful general walkout by Labor with the demand that a Committee of the Whole from Labor issue our money.

God is all loving, all forgiving and merciful. Will American Labor not throw off the vicious fraud of weap Judah and bring the sweet merciful love of our good God in?

The story out of Thailand of a group of youngsters trapped in a cave and finally rescued. That the media worldwide is playing the story so large, might we not surmise it is part of Judah mind control stuff?

Certainly, it is. All staged based on recommendations of the Israeli psychologist.

Can we only wonder what does that Israeli psychologist know about our mental that is allowing them to hold us still froze into funding all the sports war that they enjoy so well?

Whatever it is will we not pray to God to free our hearts and minds to His tender love for us all?

Father, who has been God our Father since 800 AD was 200 years of age when Jesus walked among us. Father prepared our bibles for us so that we would have the information we needed to live right and transition ourselves into peaceful Beings so that we can live in the stars with our extraterrestrial family.

King Harald of Norway took his throne in 873 AD. Might we figure that the royals of that time knew of our Father in heaven above? Might that be why they named their baby boy who would be king the same name as our good God above in the stars?

Heaven, located 38 light years away in the direction of the north star. The home where we will find our Galactican creators. The extraterrestrials that 200,000 years ago gifted us with their high level 223 psychiatric genetics.

The Supreme Council of Elders of the Galactic Federation of Light is where our precious sweet Father sits and decides what will happen in His village on earth.

Father, who loves us all equally and unconditionally wills that His simian children live in peace and not war. For assaulting His simian children, Genocide Father has willed that Judah must die.

Father, wondrous beyond all measure is dying Judah weap cipher but leaving his tissue in. A thousand years in the basement and then Judah will return as friends to the fold of the human race that will be in outer space for the thousand years by then.

The "Metagorical transfiguration" the transition that God has His angels performing here in His village on earth to afford His simian children the opportunity to come on up in love and peace and join with the rest of our breed, the 223s that we are part of.

70% of the members of the Galactic Federation of Light are 223 high-level intelligence Beings.

Can we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for his merciful, compassionate love for us, His misguided but only need to be re-sighted in peace children on planet earth?

"Guided missiles and misguided people," the right Dr. Martin alerted us to the mission package of the weap Jew.

The royals that Judah has roaming our streets gunning us down into defeat. Will Labor not let them off right and give us our new package, our perfect days in peace?

Jesus sent from the Federation to teach us to love our fellow people.

The lies, the falsehoods that Judah put on Jesus, The beatings, the scourging, the thorn of crowns they made Jesus wear. The cross they crucified Jesus on. For the love of Jesus will American Labor not close out the bomb?

Has there ever been a Star Trek show that comes near to the wonder and magic that our good God Almighty has put in for His simian children on earth?

If there is will someone not tell us about it?

The patience of our good God above to afford us the opportunity to discover for ourselves the right way to go, with God stepping in giving us a hand when He sees we are going the wrong way.

Father Baldec, our good God in 1500 BC, called to righteous Moses to set His children free. He gave Moses the Ten Commandments, the big one, "thou shalt not kill."

Judah, have we not seen that he blew Father Baldec's message off?

Father Christopher our good God then sent sweet Jesus in two thousand years ago to mend our hearts and minds and souls. To teach us to turn the other cheek, forgive, have mercy and live in peace.

Judah's response to God's love then? To nail sweet Jesus to the cross.

And now the third Father of our house since then, our God that is of our time, precious sweet Father H-----. His wonder so far above our ordinary life that many think He is only a mythological construct and that such a wondrous Being could not exist. But He does, and He loves us all.

Bitch wits never perceived Father and did not believe He existed, a "mythological construct," is how Father described what Bitch thought God was.

And here instead, God Almighty is a Being of flesh and blood like you and me, with millions of years of love and peace to guide us.

"I'm dying," Father said to His Bitch.

A week later, "I'm dying," Father said again to His Bitch.

Father now sleeps 75% of the time. Father is dying and leaving our lives. Our Father since 800 AD. His love for us He has until His dying day.

Will Labor not hear the love of God our Father and STOP THE WAR TODAY?
The children of error, the Fornians that Judah bred in hatred. Have they not been able enough to have tricked the ordinary children of God into committing mortal sin of war? Have they not kept us funding their sports war? Yes, they have regrettably.

Judah, in his cunning way, has set the economy so that it pays in war. Might we perceive that it is control of the economy in his private hands that have let Judah pull our stature with our family down so far?

"There will be peace one way or the other," Elder said to Bitch.

As peace is certain in God's plan might we understand the only question is, "will it be the peace of intelligent Labor or the peace of the grave?"

Those who reject Bitch and his warning passed on to STOP THE WAR, might Judah have convinced some to think it is nothing and just let it pass by?

Might it have been the imprisonment of Labor leader Eugene Debs that broke his health and sent him to an early grave that convinced some Americans to not interfere in Judah war plans?

Or might it have been the example set by the Alcatraz torture deaths of the pacifist Hofer brothers in 1918 that caused some Americans to remain silent and let Judah make war?

The authority to issue our money. Held in private Judah hands since 1913. Has it not proven to have died us all off?

Yes, it has. The January 13th nuclear missile attack against Waikiki, Hawaii. Can we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God above for having His angels from Mars stop that shot?

Sir Casper and His diligent Martian team that has pulled every nuclear missile shot that Judah has attacked us with.

Have some of us read Casper the friendly ghost comic books? Casper started in the late 1930s. That Sir Casper is the name of the Martian, who directed saving us from the attack with 3,200 three hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011. Might we figure the big people in the 1930s already knew of Sir Casper the friendly extraterrestrial that was sent by precious Father to spare our lives?

Superman and Casper the friendly ghost, both started in the 1930s.

Might we perceive that they were sent to those thinkers at the top who saw what was going on then? Do we recall that Father informed Judah of everything He was going to have His angels do to end Judah sport of His kids on earth?

"I died them truthful," Father said of letting Judah exercise his right to die himself off.

From that might, we derive that Father informed Judah that supermen would be here at the end and Sir Casper would pull all of Judah's nuclear ballistic missiles off of God's kids?

But what kind of Superman is Bitch that has a fault of stupid and is only a forth level thinker, How did God ever plan to get rid of all number one thinkers with such guy as Bitch?

How about this thought Labor, it just entered Bitch's mind as he was watching a group of Jews falsing the people on television news.

Might Father have used a fourth level thinker like Bitch to out Judah as a way to show to all of his kids that Judah is not all that smart as he claims he is?

If a 4th level thinker can figure Judah out, might that not indicate that a whole lot of other people can figure out Judah sport also? Certainly.

"I hold you on error wits for displeasure. I'm doing my best wreck because my management's not coming back in for what I did to you," Judee say.

And what did Judah do to us? Did he not poison our atmosphere to where we are now set to die off the majority of Americans over the next 5 or 6 years and sterilize those who may remain alive through it all?

But how could this happen, where is God to help us now?

How about this thought from Judah that may help explain just how seriously bad he has set us by putting us out of the right sight by us accepting by our silence him making war?

"You lost to my foul contemptible, and so your error lets me put you away," Judee say.

The foul contemptible that bribes in his political officeholders that sit and sport us out. Will Labor not recognize the error of war as a social institution and close it out of our world now?

Might we try to think of all the honor there was in defeating Germany to throw Hitler out?

While that may be so would it not have been easier to just cut Hitler's paycheck off from Wall Street to stop the war?

The financial tools that are held privately by Jewish that now are perishing the children of God.

Will American Labor not listen to our elders from Mercury who advise us to, "Get Smart?"

How about the words from our good God Almighty to us: "I urge you to give them a fall for their sin?" God Almighty of heaven and earth said.

The absolute imbecility of war. Made even more imbecilic by it going on in a nuclear-armed world.

"I won because you believe a liar," Judee says as he dies our children and us off fair.

Bitchie, the telegraph operator listening for words from the number one thinker's Papa sent in to guide his children to safe shores.

But why didn't Papa send a number one thinker in to try and convince us to save ourselves?

Father sent Harold Washington (1922-1987) in who calmly and clearly explained to us why we need to get rid of nuclear weapons.

A number one thinker was Harold the Good. Might we wonder why we didn't listen to him and get rid of the nuclear weapons in our world then?

Martin told us that we needed to get rid of nuclear weapons and the war they serve. Why have we not listened to him?

"The merchants took out our light bulbs, that's how they stole us," a simple workingman in Kansas City said in RS.

Might that help explain why we seem to be a bit unknowledgeable about such important things as how to preserve our lives?

"What war," a 28-year-old said to Bitch when he said he was doing nothing else until the war was stopped.

"My children die for lack of knowledge," God said as we now perish enjoying ourselves and having good times.

Will we not pray for that 30, minute breakthrough that will lead Labor to STOP THE WAR and put out the Jewish zoo?

Our world paralyzed by go no-go zones inside of America and around our planet. Do we understand that Judah puts them in as part of his pleasure and fun, his pure sport of God's kids?

Will Labor not take the private control of the financials of the United States of America away from Judah and put them into the hands of American Labor?

Continues at

President Kennedy took the authority away to issue our money from Judah and gave it to the US Treasury, but regrettably, he was shot, and President Johnson gave the United States financials back to Judah who holds the total purse of Americans privately.

The end times we are in now. The end of the beast in our world. And what did Judah do other than take his best shot in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with 64,000 Hiroshima bomb blast amounts of force right over our heads? Will Labor not close them out right?

To stop the vast wreckage tha

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