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Putin Shocked At Size Of US Military Budget
Thu Jul 5, 2018 15:16


Combined with all of the separate appropriations and added expenses made up on a Computer what we see is a budget of around $1.5 Trillion Dollars a year with an estimated cost - including our Underground Complexes - perhaps over $6 Trillion Dollars per year.

To determine exactly what needs to be saved and what needs to be trashed the Russians have called an Open High Level Meeting in Moscow with the Directors of several departments in Congress to go over this spending.

First, though, President Putin has asked that these US Leaders go to the Hermitage in St Petersburg Russia to fully understand Russian History.

In 2007 I had a Personal Tour by a University Dean and Director of the Art on Putin’s Staff to fully understand Russian History and Philosophies. After a day there one really can grasp what Russia is all about.

So it appears that the Mighty Russian Empire and American Empire, as well as the Chinese, are now ready to cast off these Evil Minions and relics from the old NAZI Party now surrounding the Democratic National Party Headquarters and move in the Direction of Promoting the GOD of the Bible across the planet.

This, of course, will mean the defunding of much of the United Nations and perhaps moving it to some Desert Island where they can do not more harm to our planet.

As for the Enemies Of GOD - like the leaders of Iran - God will now begin taking Iran apart piece by piece in rapid order until they turn back to GOD. So HE has said it - so it shall be.

Pray this happens quickly.

As for this European Experiment of uniting Europe under Lucifer - it is done as well.

Pray the Break Up is painless and causes only the evil to fall hard.

When India begins to follow the Living GOD their economy - ready now for the Trash Bin - will l also come in line.



1) Facebook, another US Government Funded Corporation - is now blocking not only Pro-Life posts and also has declared the Declaration of Independence as Hate Speech.


2) Iran is about to go Bust as one of their Diplomats was just arrested for planning a bombing in Paris.

Keep in mind that is was Diplomats from their DC Embassy that placed a Low Level Nuke at the Washington Monument on the 28th of April back in 2008 and drove away in a car with the license number 987-JFK.

The Russian Briefcase Nuke was later found that night and removed by agents of the FBI, disarmed, and disposed of.


3) The European Parliament has voted down the Internet Copyright Censorship Bill.


4) Finally - Ceylon Cinnamon has been found not only to help control Blood Sugars but also to be a mild anti-biotic and help one loose weight.

Thank you Get The Tea for the best Ceylon Cinnamon in the world.

So the “The Girls” came over today and used our Denas Pain Relief Store Frequency Machines and they had already eaten their Ceylon Cinnamon and left Very, Very happy.

Happy Girls, Happy Wife, Happy Life



The VA: Not only are doctors trained not to treat those who were injured as a result of Physically Injuries incurred while on Active Duty they are now firing IT Techs aND replacing them with an IBM Program called “WATSON” - which is now determining who gets treated and who does not.

So in order to make money off of OUR TAXES thousands of IT Techs across America are being fired and replaced by a Simple Computer Program.

If the Artificial Intelligence Program “WATSON” determines that you are to old or infirmed and serve no further purpose to society then you will not be treated and allowed to die.

If “WATSON” determines it needs to steal all you own as a Disable Veteran and place you into a Rest Home - you will be arrested and placed in the home. I have seen this happen twice.

I have also been threatened to have this happen to me if I keep telling the truth on TV and on the Internet.

What is very sad is that several years ago we watched an 86 year old Navy Veteran who served in World War 2 on LST 124 die after he hit his head because it was determined that he was no longer any service to society despite the fact that he ran 2 Gas Stations at the time.

Further - the VA is still selling Military Records worldwide for money.


2) The US Forest Service. Once a huge profit making outfit that supported thousands of communities through logging - has stopped making money and currently not hiring Foresters.

Isn’t it funny that the US Forest Service is hiring hundreds of people and now of them are Foresters?

Pray that our entire Government is reconfigured immediately to serve the people of this planet.





We are looking at the Universe through the Earth’s Perspective rather than through the Universe’s Perspective.

For example: We cannot see the loose bolt in the center of the Rotor on the President’s Helicopter because we do not know how, or where, to look. Instead the Maintenance Men rely on their instruments rather than their Intuition.

So it appears that our Super Duper Top Secret Space Program run out of Bethesda Maryland by the Advanced Technology Department of Lockheed Martin - Dubbed “Skunkworks Productions” - has a lot to learn about physics.

First of all - the Big Bang Theory has been proven false simply because many Galaxies seem to be moving closer to the Milky Way not farther away so our entire physics is based on a false precept.

Secondly - this theory does not explain the other Universes operating parallel to ours that vibrate at a different Time Ratio - as can be seen as Sprites now appear across our skies, able to change their Time Ratios to absorb excess amounts of energy.

Only something very powerful could move these large, highly charged life forms across this time Barrier.

Thirdly - the “Universe” has always been here but seems to be more effected by Sonoluminescense than anything else --- frequencies.

In other words - frequencies formed galaxies out of basically Energy Clouds.

“As Above So Below” in Mathew 6:10 actually states “Let come the kingdom (King) of you, let your will come, as in heaven (Orano) so on earth.”

As the Bible is decoded what this means in Physics is that the Universe is so much more complex that what we now understand.

In Quantum Chromo Physics it is theorized that “Hadrons” are the smallest particles and that 3 can make up a Proton.

This is so off based it is not even funny.

Considering the interactions to Electrical Forces vibrating at Frequencies unreadable by Humans it is more likely that particle much smaller than this exist and that it is the interaction between these Very High Frequency particles that now control the interactions of our Slower Moving Particles.

We are literally swimming in a sea of Highly Charged Particles so tiny as to be immeasurable and unseen by anything we could ever imagine and it is this interaction among these particles causes “Gravity.”

This is Gravity as we see it.

String theory is a Joke - which means the basic concepts of Theoretical Chrono Physics are also wrong.

Further - as one gets larger or smaller in this Universe the current pattern we see is duplicated over and over again.

An Electron may, indeed, be an entire galaxy and our Solar System may be an atom.

As one Increases in Frequencies one tends to cast off the Material Wants and merges both Body and Soul with one another and this separativeness tends to go away by the laws of vibrational frequencies.

IE- We share everything so as above so below.

This is why using Radionics causes instant communications across galaxies among different species and people. You are literally pushing and pulling on Very High Frequency Rates.

Further - it is the interactions of several frequencies combined that creates these life forms at higher frequencies and they are now changing our life here on Planet Earth.

It’s this formula of changing frequencies that creates life.

Modern Top Secret Science at Lockheed Martin states that the sun vibrates up 3 Harmonics and down 3 Harmonics. This could be anything but true.

Our sun causes vibrational Frequencies that go all the way up and all the way down in the Energy Realms and this is why some species can “Tag Onto It” with a Hexagonal Configured Stargate and come out the center of our sun - represented by a circle with a dot in it.

Thus there needs to be a real change in how we look at our Universe in order to move forward beyond Lazers, Mazers, Phasers and Nuclear Power.

So: “As Above and So Below” not only refers to the Larger Universes as a whole and the Smaller Universes as a whole but also their actual structures

One then must also understand the life forms now currently existing in higher and lower vibration realms.

Destroying this planet out of anger to watch things die to in order to understand how to “Fight Your Way Back Into Heaven” limit’s the Fallen Angel’s (& Lockheed Martin’s) ability to fully understand our science in this time and harmonics and at this frequency.

To fully understand these things one must learn to build and create - to redo Planet Earth - and watch life form, not die.

Only in this way can one fully understand these Interdynamics that run our Electric Universe.

It is so very simple when one sees the entire Universe as a whole.

0x0x0xx0xx0 Asci

Morse Code on Steroids

So to put forth the theories in Quantum Chromo Dynamic is to focus in a microscopic point and try too see the entire universe.

Or - in colloquial terms - to look at one hair on an elephant and try and see the Planet Earth from this one hair.

For example - the Human Brain works as a receiver and transmitter vibrating as frequencies that are both readable and unreadable with our basic Stone Aged Technology we now possess.

The idea of using 5G to not only fry Humans and to conduct Mass Murder and also to shield our planet sets up vibrational frequencies of Pain that will, out of necessity, destroy those who are creating this pain.

It is not a matter of one species destroying another - it is a matter of the entire Universe being set off balance and trying to Re-Balance Itself.

For example: The Human Mind sends out, and receives, thoughts at both different frequencies and time rates - things currently immeasurable by our leading scientists.

Suppressing Human thoughts through the purposeful creation of things that create pain - like 120 volt transformers at 60 Htz - also sets up a frequency disturbances at every level across the Universe.

The destruction of those creating this harmful technology from “Carma” is actually the Higher Frequency Universe trying to rebalance itself.

So let’s look at a few recent developments:

1) Ford Nucleon powered by a Nuclear Pac - who’s actual builder I met - Not so good.

Especially after the building of the Tacheon Generator in 1931 and the Water Powered Motor used in 1941 in the P-51 Aircraft.

2) The Nuclear Powered Jet Engine - Bad

3) The creation of Nuclear Weapons - Very Bad

4) The use of Nuclear Weapons - Very, Very Bad

These weapons released Huge disturbances in Harmonics across the entire Universe.

Once you can understand the basic concepts behind the vibrational effects of lower harmonic particles with higher harmonic particles (Gravity) and the time ratios as expressed through sonoluminescence can one then truly move forward at Skunkwork Productions.


Please pray for our President’s Safety and to protect your families as the sun changes and from the coming economic changes and Financial Reset.


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