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"We Freeload Off of The Alcohol Effect. A French Murphy Ouch
Fri Jul 6, 2018 09:44

"We Freeload Off of The Alcohol Effect. A French Murphy Ouch our Rights," Judee say.

Those from the subconscious found in a reverse speech from a woman who claims she was punched and beaten outside of a Blues club in Chicago.

Woman Seriously Injured in Beating Outside House of Blues
The beating occurred during a concert at the venue on Sunday
By Lexi Sutter
"We're raising a politan. They're state fries. Gloria ---- always got a percent. A French Murphy ouch our rights. We freeload off of the alcohol effect. We're civilized with a freebie officer."
"We use this for officers to see hermit dangerously. Forever I weap to just challenge your rights with images."
"Staged drama we just get two bites in. Safe way we arm druid. I'm a fine ravel for equine sex. "

A totally made up story about getting beat up outside a Blues club in Chicago. Hollywood make up artists to paint her face up to look as if it is bruised and has stitches. And why does weap Judah stage such false stories?

Do we see a multiple of reasons why Judah staged that false story showing up in the subconscious of the speaker and revealed in reverse facial speech?

"We use this for officers to see hermit dangerously. Forever I weap to just challenge your rights with images."

Are we seeing in every opp that Judah does one aspect is to harm the hermit?

Our rights, can we only wonder how a false story challenges our now failed rights?

Might the appearance of brutality and violence on her face somehow make us less brave to want to demand our rights? Can we only wonder what that Israeli psychologist knows about our psyche?

"We freeload off of the alcohol effect."

If only we would have learned as children that alcohol is a chemical warfare agent in the hands of weap Judah when we were children might we have been inoculated properly to keep our wits free of the alcohol effect?

The gift of reading the facial reverse facial speech to uncover the truth of what we are looking at. Elders from Mercury that gifted BItch with the psychic ability to read reverse facial speech to be able to listen in on the subconscious of weap Judah and ordinary people also.

"A French Murphy Ouch our Rights,"

Might that be in reference to Bitch family arising in France and then traveling to Germany and then onto Ireland before making it to the land of the free, America?

Judah rights to kill us as he sees fit. By the French Murphy revealing they attacked us to extinct us all might that not make Judah rights ouch?

Bitch had some things in today's post he put up at Simple site test page and found that some of it disturbed some readers so some of the reverse facial speech has been removed from this next story of two children found dead.

Here is a story of two Missouri children that mysteriously died with no signs of foul play on them.

2 young children found dead in Clay County
July 04, 2018

Two young children were found dead in Clay County under mysterious circumstances shortly after noon on Wednesday.

Details are sketchy, but the children, sisters under the age of 5, were found outside a residence by their mother. They were not breathing and were nonresponsive, according to Capt. Will Akin of the Clay County Sheriff's Office.

The mother ran to a neighbor's house, and the neighbor called 911. Nearby neighbors did not wish to comment.

Bitch watched a couple of video reports to try and get an idea of what could have stolen away two healthy thriving toddlers.

The speakers in the videos did not know what stole the children away but did guess what may have happened. Here is some reverse facial speech from the speakers:



So we see the authorities don't know, but at the subconscious level, they are speculating on what killed those two children.

Do we note the subconscious reveals that Missouri is a "------ -- --- ----?"

"We got five ways to get your baby, extreme heat is one way."

The intensity of the microwave beam that Judah has shot Bitch with for over a decade that leaves him unwell for days. The two heart attacks they gave him that would have killed him if Mercury did not step in.

Might a satellite have given those babies a few minutes of extreme heat and died them? Does that appear to be one guess of the authorities on the scene? Yes, it does.

"The wee house has a ------ spray, ------- weap management."

A few years ago there were some odd deaths in an African village and there were claims by the locals that drones had been in the sky before the villagers died, Claims that it was a chemical warfare attack were pushed aside as conspiracy theory.

Might we note the subconscious here is speculating that something sprayed those children causing them to die? Satellite spy to pick the target, the children sitting outside? Do we note RS indicates that Missouri allows the inhabitants to be assaulted by investment forces?

"Missouri is a ------ --- ---."

Will American Labor not give us our grand juries and help us get ------ out?

Here is some more reverse facial speech from some of the videos Bitch looked at last night and again today:

". Pat Sullivan STRIKE Me and show you Jew is truly dead.


While looking at another story of a child that died came across what the child's mother said in reverse facial speech:

"Jew special perp me. I'm not coming back, its a waste of my time. Be brave way just STRIKE THEM DEAD!"

She gave birth to a perfect child who was glowing with the radiance of God and he was stolen away before he was 6 years old.

The genocide that Judah is perpetrating against Americans. Will American Labor not join together and shut their operations down right?

"When I take out a baby the West is rolled forever."

The children, our children that are supposed to carry on after we are gone. Will Labor not try to protect our children that are being scientifically destroyed by weap Judah, his ------- management, ------- and -------'s nuclear, biological and chemical warfare hobbyists?

Will Labor not end free funding Morgan and company to stop their assaulting us?

Here's a story of a 58-year-old woman who died in jail in Waterloo Iowa after serving 16 years for an attempted robbery of a convenience store.

public safety roundup
WATERLOO – A Waterloo woman who was sent to prison in a 2002 convenience store holdup has died while serving time.
Yvonne Myrna Joshua was serving a 25-year sentence for first-degree robbery, and at the time of her sentencing her defense attorney said the punishment amounted to a death sentence because of her poor health.

Joshua died Saturday at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, according to a statement from the Iowa Department of Corrections. She was 58.

Authorities said Joshua and her husband, Robert Earl Joshua, walked into the Kwik Star on West Ninth Street wearing Halloween masks around 3:30 a.m. on Oct. 15, 2002.

The husband was brandishing an umbrella made to look like a rifle, and a customer tackled him. During the struggle, Yvonne Joshua slashed at the customer's neck with a box cutter, leaving a scratch.

The two were detained at the scene until police arrived.

Robert Joshua was also arrested, but his charges were dismissed in 2004 after a psychologist determined he suffered from mental retardation, a seizure disorder and depression.

Will American Labor not put our good God's existence stipend in and close this deficit sport of Jewish prison camp building out of here?

Will Labor not let our spirits and souls come alive again by getting Jewish out of management here? Can we not reconnect with our common bond of humanity before this Jewish tyranny state destroys us fair?

Can we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God for having His angels afford Jewish the opportunity to shoot themselves off right?

A poverty-stricken woman in 2002 puts a Halloween mask on and her husband shapes an umbrella to look like a rifle and she serves a long term in a harsh Iowa prison and dies there never free again in her life.

While Judah the year before the Halloween mask heist blew a building in downtown New York city killing thousands while ghosting a thousand insurance sports people, a few dozens who moved into Des Moines living with new names now.

At the personal level, Bitch has got no problem with those who ghosted out and are living nicely now in Des Moines or anywhere else, what Bitch has got a personal problem with is the harsh treatment of the little poverty-stricken lady with the Halloween mask who got 25 years that turned into life with a death sentence for her. Does it not hurt our spirit to let such heartless and cruel things keep going on?

An impoverished woman gets 25 years for an unarmed try to get a few receipts of Labor from a convenience store cash register. While Judah mouses his convenience store clerks for insurance collections. Where's the justice here Labor?

God has had mercy on us all, the people who are still funding the Jewish sports war. Will Labor not accept the mercy, forgiveness, the love of God and act now to STOP THE WAR?

Might we not do well for ourselves to think of the last words of Jan Hus, "Christ son of the living God have mercy on us?"

While reading about Waterloo, Iowa, happened to find a political story concerning unsubstantiated allegations made against a city council member. Here for your consideration:

Margaret Klein denies she threatened colleague
TIM JAMISON Jul 3, 2018

WATERLOO — Councilwoman Margaret Klein said accusations she threatened a colleague were part of a "political witch hunt."
Logun Buckley claimed he overheard Klein at an estate auction Saturday say, "If I was in a dark room with Pat Morrissey with a knife, I would stab him."
Waterloo City Councilman Pat Morrisey

Black Hawk County Supervisor Chris Schwartz, Buckley's fiance, said he would swear under oath he heard it too.

Buckley is a political activist who had led protests against those who share different political views, Klein said. Schwartz was Morrissey's campaign manager during the last municipal election.

Morrissey has called for Klein to resign.

How are we supposed even try to contrast political sport of allegations made calling for an elected official to resign with a poor lady in Waterloo wearing a Halloween mask who suffers and dies in jail for her convenience store try in 2002 after serving 16 years of harsh time?

"This is a fasci nation, it has proven unsuccessful. It is unsustainable except by force. Put them out, they're criminals," God Almighty in heaven said.

Will we not pray that Labor will hear the words of our good God and take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and company?

Principal that chose Iowa to sport from. Might we understand the big reason is because of the horrid situation of civil rights?

The supreme court in Washington D.C. who in their sport theory decided the Federal Bill of Rights did not apply at the state level nearly two centuries ago. Iowa does not follow our Federal Bill of rights. It allows officials to sport life liberty and property taking away the pursuit of happiness of any who might fall into one of their many traps.

Have we not see how easy it has been to pick off our useful when we don't have our Bill of Rights in? How could we miss the mass shootings on our streets?

Judah not only picking off our useful but anybody they decide to pick off because our civil rights are not in.

Will Labor not revive the promise of the new land to live peacefully with all of our fellow men and women on earth? Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Must Labor not put our Bill of Rights in once again?

Will Labor not put our rights in so that we are hard to molest and abuse? What's wrong with that?

The ounce of prevention to prevent the woe due to false words. Will Labor not show the good sense to step up and protect everyone here by putting our American Bill of rights in?

Words and allegations that can ruin a man or woman's life, young or old. Will Labor not give us our civil rights protections?

Are we recalling the hoopla to toss the king of England out in the revolution of 1776?

If so do we also recall that when it came time to write a constitution, the crafters rejected a demand to put in a Bill of Rights in 1787?

And what happened in 1789 other than the United States Constitution was rejected at the state level.

The sacrifices the first Americans made to challenge, indict and then toss old King George right out. Will Americans of today not rally to the flag and put our great state in and revive our beautiful nation once again?

Wil Labor not reject Jewish sports true law and put the American Bill of rights in once again?

Attacking us with weather war, city after city put to great loss. Attacking us with satellite beams. Can we only wonder how many have died from space-based beams?

Messing out our children with Jewish brimstone electricity waste. Will Labor not hear the love of God for His simian children on earth and STOP THE WAR?

Will Labor not bring us into God's orbit and get these Jewish killer Satellites out of orbit?
Bitch's van and a neighbors vehicle that got caught in Judah weather flash flood sport.
New KIA Floated away from the flash flood.
Chevy with Mazda on top of it

Water came in and wet bitch's battery charger that was on the floor and that is what caused the failure of it and loss of laptop computers. Took out his keyboard but that dried out and is working again OK.

IOWA — Within the last three decades, flooding in Iowa has cost $18 billion, according to the Des Moines Register.
Flood Damage Costing Iowa Billions
POSTED 5:18 PM, APRIL 29, 2018,


IOWA — Within the last three decades, flooding in Iowa has cost $18 billion, according to the Des Moines Register.

A study by the University of Iowa says some counties have been hit as many as 17 times in that span. Those who conducted the study say the state needs to look at investing in flood prevention, but it would take $10 billion over the course of 50 years to fix.

Continues at:

When we no longer are forced to spend trillions of dollars to build the machinery of genocide might we not

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