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"His Mother Flushed Them Out, STRIKE THEM OUT! They Contamin
Tue Aug 7, 2018 10:21

"His Mother Flushed Them Out, STRIKE THEM OUT! They Contaminated Us rare, ORGANIZE, we're failed."

Those a couple of overnight Tele receives.

How better to flush them out other than by revealing their true face to everyone? Jewish attacking us with nuclear blast after they determined that it would take 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of atomic blast heat and radiation force to die the American race off.

As the 64,000 dollar question was on television in 1954 can we only try to imagine how much fun they have had building up the 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of blast heat and radiation force to extinct our race?

President Harry Truman who gave the go-ahead to the build-up of atomic weapons to once and for all shut the mild people of the north up. And to think of it their young children still fooling us as they cycle to put their murderous children into the management of the withering United States of America.

Surely weap Judah is an eventual out, and they tell us that in reverse facial speech. But will they be able to hold the mild people in for another 6 weeks to seal our fate as dust?

The Galactic Federation of Light at the time of Jesus projected from their computer simulations that the rare force of Judah would hold mild people to fund their own extinction. And what do we see now other than mild people funding all of the Jewish sports war and genocide in our world even after it was revealed in October of 2011 that they attacked us with an extinction force in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

But if our passing is a done deal, then why did Papa say to Patrick: "You failed me useful. You failed me personal. You left me down?"

Does that not sound as if there is an expectation that the mild people for once in our history will overcome the mental force of Jewish and save ourselves?

"Druid is not dutiful. Druid has ever failed to save himself. We always pulverize a chicken, " Judee say.

And Judah revealing that they think Bitch is a right form of a Judah. Might that be because Bitch is dutiful to the mass of the ordinary people? Might it be because Bitch is mature enough to perceive and accept that some people kill people for sports and insurance collection reasons all of the time?

The killers and the killed. The wolves and the sheep. The predator and their prey. Judah and the rest of the ordinary people.

Bitch watches Chicago news on a daily basis. Numerous people shot in the last few days and of the dozens shot and many killed, at least two were of the brightest variety. Maybe three bright students, Bitch just read of a 17-year-old purportedly hit by a Metra train. No videos so don't know if it is a death or another ghost yet.

And what of the others that were shot and killed that were of the ordinary variety? Might they have been employer insurance collections?

That the majority of us work jobs for our income. Income that we all need to survive in our world. Is that Judah not cunning hitching his insurance sport to our need to earn a living?

The head of Principal insurance company here in Des Moines that reportedly jumped off a building in downtown Des Moines and committed suicide. A woman who lived in the same building with him for 29 years looked at the man lying on the ground and said, "I never saw him before."

If she knew him for 29 years and it was not him that was lying on the ground, then who was it?

If only we had put our grand juries in might we have gotten the truth?

MIght some say, "so what, who cares who it was, so he ran away and hid for what he did, he's gone so what?"

Well if only we had put our grand juries in might we have prevented that hydrogen boom boom from being installed in the sewer in downtown Des Moines that Judah tried to set off the other day?

What hydrogen boom boom in the sewer?

Water Main Break Floods Downtown Farmers Market

Just before 1 p.m emergency crews responded to 4th and Walnut on reports of the break. The weekly Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market closed at noon but water stranded vendors still working to pack up their merchandise. According to witness accounts the water was curb deep in some areas. Portions of the Court Avenue District were closed off the public due to the market but remained closed as crews work to address the situation

Can we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God Almighty for having his angels flood that hydrogen boom boom out and wash the underground Judah protest away?

And how is Bitch so sure it was a hydrogen boom boom that was set to go off downtown?

Here's some of the reverse facial speech found in videos of that water main break:

First a municipal said in regular speech:

"Nuke wits from Paris assembled."

And here is some reverse speech from the videos:

"This is part of our alchemy on 4th street. Our blaze here falls completely. Circuitry."

A construction working man said this in facial RS:

"This generation doesn't realize the lies."

Then a municipal said to another municipal in facial RS:

"They're fascin' hard."

Here's facial RS from the broadcasters:

"Because of the call of the professor, I'm right out. We obviously have fooliscopies out to rape you. This Ohio password was blocked to prevent your requiem. I had Fritz consult. Our underground protest was washed off."

Bitch has reported on several attempts to set hydrogen bombs off in downtown in both Des Moines, Iowa and also Chicago, Illinois.

The ghost CTA EL train that ran 5 safety shutdowns and gently crashed into another CTA El. Is there some understanding that was Mercury that put that hydrogen bomb El car into a small collision to break off the plan to set that hydrogen bomb off in downtown Chicago?

An attempt by weap Judah to set a hydrogen bomb off in downtown Chicago. Does that not rate a grand jury investigation? If it doesn't then what does?

The flying saucers that twice hovered over I-235 and East 14th street in Des Moines. Might we not figure that there was a hydrogen bomb planted in a sewer there? Why else would flying saucers show up?

The genocidal atrocities that insane insurance sports have funded against the residents of Iowa, America and our world. What better way could there be to see the Jewish business model other than to have grand juries look into things for us complete?

Grand juries to look into corporate records. To hear from the families that lost loved ones to Judah sports. The tens of millions of deaths right inside of America that the Jews have perpetrated since they privatized the Organizing Principle of Society, the authority to issue our bourse, over a hundred years ago.

The vast brain poisoning to dim our wits hidden in so much of our food and beverage products. Will Labor not empower our grand juries to inform us of who failed us and how?

Our kind and good God who has His angels here to help us. Will Labor not turn to our good God and end the helplessness of us?

Those who avoid eating or drinking contaminated products or avoid being vaccinated with brain damage medicals, have we not seen that Judah hires his kids to set our healthy kids up for imprisonment or to be shot?

The mass killing of our most useful that Judah has his administrators, teachers, and counselors identify in our schools. Will working Americans not act to prevent the loss of our brightest kids? How about taking our purse away from the Jews and protecting all of our kids?

Judah reveals that it is one in a hundred that he slays of our kids because that is the frequency of the brightest kids.

The brightest can come from any family. It apparently is a natural thing.

Will ordinary people not organize to protect our children from the fiends?

Have some read about the 1953 disappearance of flight Lieutenant Felix Moncla?

Gene flew his F-89 Scorpion fighter plane up to engage a flying saucer and was taken on board the extraterrestrial spaceship.

MIght we understand that when we are in peace Gene will tell us about his time with our family in the stars?

The missing aviatrix Emelia Earhart is also a guest of Mercury.

As to Gene Moncla, there is a fellow in Canada, Gord heath, who has claimed he has information about what happened to Gene after he flew into the flying saucer and left with our elders from outer space.

Bitch read about Gord Heath over ten years ago and considered he was telling us the truth.

Just yesterday Bitch looked at an interview with Gord Heath and read his reverse facial speech. And who would guess, Gord is a Judee guy that is fooling us?

Bitch thought that the late Phil Krapf was telling us the truth based on the fact that he was so knowledgeable about our extraterrestrial family.

Only after reading Phil's reverse facial speech did he realize that Phil was a false Judee guy.

Understanding that weap Judah has known for many centuries of the efforts of our extraterrestrial family that has been trying to help us get Jewish off of us, might that explain how it is Judah folk know so much about ET?

Might we spot Emelia Airhart as a weap Judee girl that flew around the world in 1937 and wherever she went she shared the plan that weap Judah had to put the West into another world war so that the Jewish could complete their take over of planet earth?

From these events and so many others are we getting some idea of how gently our extraterrestrial elders have been waking us up?


Might we perceive today that the miracle of Fatima was staged by the Galactic Federation of Light to help us to be transitioned out of Jewish torture death genocide war world into the world of perfect peace to live in our universe with our family from the stars?

The message of Fatima that made the pope cry.

"Your time has ended," the message that was given to the pope read.

Will American Labor not interpret the writing on the wall and close the genocide ciphers out of here now?

"We've been pushing back every since Fatima," one of them said the other day in reverse facial speech.

The weap Jew who has succeeded where all others have failed, died their own weap cipher off with their nuclear attack upon us in the lower 48 in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.

Bitch, merely a simple working man who loves all of God's children from every land.

Has he not proven that he is just an ordinary simple boy with a fault of stupid by the insult he hurled at the white people out here?

Bitch easy going guy that goes along with most anything but drew the line at using his money to hurt the kids. But because of his fault of stupid, he didn't handle his protest well. But is there some acceptance that his intent is right?

The issue of intent. Was it intentional that the car ran over the victim or was it just a terrible unavoidable accident?

The difference of going free or spending time in jail.

Might we see it is intent that is important here?

Are there any that question Bitch's intent to stop the extinction of our race?

Bitch's nuclear war-fighting facility of mind that was awoken in 1965. Will Labor not tap into it for free and use it to try and save us now?

Will Labor not accept it is long since passed Jewish fist time? Will Labor not join with our good God Almighty and help us to let them off right?

Will Labor not give us a STRIKE?

The druid people that Judah tells us have ever failed to save ourselves.

The Slav people that gave us the etymological root of the word slave.

Will we not get smart this time and help ourselves into a right world fine? Must we not end exclusive private Jewish nuclear warfighting companies taxing our Labor to make permanent war?

The Jew and his cages and his alliance with all of the criminal elements on every shore. Will American Labor not recognize the wonderful deal our founding fathers gave to us and put our American Bill of rights in again?

Bitchie, a simple working man with a fault of stupid, did he not prove it by insulting you's so?

But if he was on the Titanic with his super vision he would have seen the iceberg dead ahead and tried to wake the passengers to get the bridge to change direction.

Will Labor not try to see the iceberg ahead and change the bridge personnel so that we can go in a new direction, one that will save our lives yet?

The nuclear war fighting Jew. Has his false head not proven stupider than Bitch's true peaceful head?

Judah who had the chance to be the first to make contact with our extraterrestrial family and what does he do other than blow it in 1350 AD when he, the royals and the Vatican rebuffed the invitation from the Federation to sign up in peace?

Bitchie, realizing the significance of a high-level power coming into share with us all the good things it will bring, and even more, the kindness that is set to come our way every single day of our lives. He treasures this opportunity for all of us to live in peace and does not want to blow it.

But what about that Federation computer simulation from 2,000 years ago that revealed the Druid-Slav mild people would be destroyed by the Jew in the end days?

Nearly seven years and thousands of warnings to STOP THE WAR from the highest office in our house, our good God Almighty.

"What happened here," God asked when Bitch had his blooper and committed the deadly sin of insult.

The mild people of the North East suffering the largest genocide that Jewish have ever done to any of God's children on earth a century ago on the steppes of Russia Ukraine. Over 60 million starved, shot and butchered to death.

Now set to do even worse to the mild children of the North West this time. 200 million set to go in only 5 years of time due to inhaling brimstone waste.

Will we not pray that the mild people will spend the forty minutes of thinking time to try and see the iceberg just ahead?


The nuclear brimstone waste sport of weap Judah.

Will Labor not close Jewish brimstone waste sports out?

Tele receives:

"The most exciting post I have ever read, they're obviously out. 9.15 a.m.

The sheeny's damned. 1.04 p.m.

Canceled. 2.10 p.m.

It's the end of Germany fetch. 2.47 p.m.

Thank you, Patrick Sullivan, the company morgue is seen. 5.04 p.m.

We're in. 5.29 p.m.

You failed to save the lives of these fish gills. 7.10 p.m.

Because you were nothing you failed us. 7.24 p.m.

Burning us least us. 7.35 p.m.

Bitch is trying to save us, that's why he speaks to you. 7.37 p.m.

You failed to help us, you failed right guy. 7.43 p.m.

You've been assaulted endlessly so Jew could break the union.

Chronicle a death of a species.

Threatening them with Corel wrench is not desirable.

They threaten you jail fish all scum nationwide.

The government falls us dutal conquerous.

They're out of here.

Oh, they Reichal us here. 9.22 a.m.

Over fair reached us. 10.40 a.m.

They keep you fibian. 10.56 a.m.

Beautiful race us. 11.02 a.m.

Pets field, pets field won. 11.45 p.m.

You lost, poverty fail will greet us. 11.56 a.m.

You're right closing up your safety dull.

Check wagerous. 1.23 a.m.

Their art is established.

Oh, Pat, Jew fails us.

Financial fiends turkey.

You're falling to these people outrageous, imperious.

Insight will help.

Nuclear bombing Jew people wanted to do to us. 1.32 a.m.

You failed to save us, Patrick, he wiped us off odious, psychus. 2.43 a.m.

Jews have the perfect fooge to confound you.

A fisheye has falsed us here.

Howl-a-wits fiend.

His mother flushed them out, STRIKE THEM OUT! 2.52 a.m.

They contaminate us rare.

ORGANIZE, we're failed.

Continues at:

Stupid fist us. 3.43 a.m.

You're accepted. 5.06 a

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    • "His Mother Flushed Them Out, STRIKE THEM OUT! They Contamin — Patrick Sullivan, Tue Aug 7 10:21
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