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"He Fooled Your White Guys and Cast You Failed. The Circuit
Wed Aug 8, 2018 07:57

"He Fooled Your White Guys and Cast You Failed. The Circuit Will Save Us."

A couple overnight Tele receives.

By poisoning our oxygen has weap Judah not truly cast us failed?

By showing white guys a picture of a pooch has he not truly fooled our white guys and prevented outing him with a STRIKE?

But on the bright side, will the circuit not for sure save us?

Yes, the circuit will save us. With unlimited clean free energy drawn from the perpetual motion of our planet and universe will we not all be able to live with great wealth? Yes, we will.

The projection of the Galactic Federation of Light computer simulation experts who at the time of Jesus Christ predicted that Judah could succeed in dying off a full one-third of the human race when he went into his undergrounds to die off his disgrace. Is it not astounding how accurate were the computer simulations of the Galacticans two millennia ago?

They knew then that Judah would slyly build brimstone generators to poison out our planet and disguise them as Jewish electric power plants. Is that Judah not a sly guy? Is he not certainly a lousy guy to do such a terrible thing to us especially after all the wealth we have showered on his Duece 2% cult?

"We had fun with the white guys. White children don't have any receipts so we have them beat you up," Judee say.

"Babushka will be leaving us because we're known to screw peace," Judee say.

That is from memory as can't find the notes of the exact wording that Judee said about Babushka leaving him because he is known for screwing peace.

God Almighty wants the gen of the Jew off for our own children's sake. Will American Labor not act before the Jew succeeds in scoring the white gen out of existence?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off. They did not bend in the wind so they will break in the storm. Ethically they're criminals. They have no defensible rights. They're no friends of mine," God Almighty of heaven and earth said.

Since Iowa girl skipped out for mousing some Iowa kids another ghost rider has come to the attention of the public. Young 16-year old Jake Wilson of Laporte city Iowa. Missing now for three months.

What the ordinary people may need to brace ourselves for is the fact of police sporting and mousing with Judah kids. The tens of millions of ordinary people that the Jews have slaughtered in America in their hundred plus years of holding privately the organizing principle of society in their deadly hands. Are we perceiving some of the cops have been sporting with the Jewish finance bench? Might we understand that is how they fool us with their searches for the missing?

Is there some understanding that Jews train their children from the youngest ages to set our little children up to be imprisoned or slain?

Bitch only in recent years learned of the Jews practice of breeding psychopathic killers into the mass of the ordinary people over centuries and then using these deadly sleepers to set us into war so that they can destroy us when the time is at hand.

Are we understanding why they took the white mans law away from the white man and put us into Jewish anarchy rule? The white man's law that set Dred Scott free only to have the Jews re-enslave him and claim the white made them do it. Though might we note, we had not been made aware in 1857 that the white appearing judges on the bench were really Jews in Fornian Replicon hybrid transplant look alike shells?

The white mans due process of law that took many centuries to finally become our national law of America. The law that Jews threw into the garbage and put in their True law. The law of Jewish when they dominate other people.

Their law that says their clerks' on the bench make the decisions rather than our juries of the people. Their law that says their prosecutors make the call on what to charge people with rather than our law that says grand juries make the call on what to charge people with or not charge them at all.

Our law that says a grand jury must first hear the states charge and approve an arrest instead of the Jews law that clerks arrest based upon suspicion and imprisons until proof of innocence.

Does Judah not tell us he is exactly opposite to us?

That our original law that said a person is innocent until proven guilty where Judah has our law now that we are all suspects and must prove our innocence instead of Judah having to prove our guilt.

Is it not pleasant to think that in only hours of a general STRIKE the Jews will be out of American rule and with it the world will be finally rid of them after thousands of years of their abuse and molest?

Their hybrid transplant look alike Fornian shells that they put into every terrain. Though has their secret sexual life strategy with their innerspring 5th columnists not proven a winning hand?

Bitch didn't discover them until he was in his 60s. And that was only because our extraterrestrial elders gave him training in reading the reverse facial speech. Now he can find them in whatever shell they are in.

It is so strange to see what appear to be generic white people and in their reverse speech, they tell of how much they want to harm white people.

Our family in Asia is now aware of the Jewish hybrid transplant Replicon force that took over their nation using the communist face of their force.

Can we only wonder might the innerspring 5th columnist Jews topple in Asia before Americans throw them and their filthy mattress out?

Jew tells us he "Hikes us." Might we think of Mao and the long march?

Our family in Japan that was put into war after Jew shells killed large numbers of real Japanese leaders in the 1920s and 1930s to set Japan on a path of war with the plan to have America crush Japan.

Now as the war-making Jew shells leave Japan they have set Tokyo to be died off inhaling nuclear waste. They pretend there will be an Olympics in 2020. Are we understanding that is merely show business to keep the people fooled on how seriously we are being poisoned out of life form?

For over 7 years now they have refused to stop the nuclear chain reaction at Hitachi-GE that is poisoning our oceans and our fields and our atmosphere.

For an example might we try to see how they are fooling us if we think of remodelers coming in to redo a house while one end of the house is still on fire?

Little robot fish swimming around inside of their big Fornian dirty bomb and yet they refuse to put boron into the cooling feed water.

Might we see those little robot fish as analogous to a pendulum on a hypnotist's charm?

Their melting ticking time bomb spewing brimstone waste to knock out a third of the human race.

And what are we to consider they have over 400 more Jewish electricity dirty bomb power plants running in our world?

Might we consider that they are pretty good at deflecting us from looking into what they are doing? Can we not pray that Labor will perceive that their news is a ruse to hold us in for their kill shot on us?

Their Jewish business model of getting hold of the authority to issue our money then put their corruption on the bench and in the state house and every office in our nation so they can shoot us and collect insurance packages on us.

Will Labor not help us out?

Missouri just voted to reject a law the legislators created and passed that said workers do not need to pay dues to unions that represent them.

Missouri voters reject ‘Right-to-Work’ ballot proposition
Posted: Aug 07, 2018
By Associated Press
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri voters delivered a resounding victory to unions Tuesday, rejecting a right-to-work law against compulsory union fees that had been passed by Republican state officials but placed on hold for more than a year after organized labor petitioned for a referendum.

National and local labor unions spent millions of dollars to defeat Proposition A, hoping to reverse the momentum against them from a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling and the adoption of similar laws limiting labor powers in other historically strong union states.

Union membership in Missouri stood at 8.7 percent of the workforce last year, compared to 10.7 percent nationally, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Nationwide union membership rates have been steadily falling for decades and are now less than half of what they were in 1978, when Missouri voters last defeated a right-to-work proposal.
Associated Press reporters Jim Salter in Chesterfield and Summer Ballentine in Columbia contributed to this report.

Unions that spent 15 million dollars to get that initiative on the ballot and passed. Might we note that as usual, the kosher supreme court was on the side of smashing Labor? Must Labor not get hold of our bourse and end the supreme court weaponizing their opinions and views?

When Labor is issuing our money might there be no bribes for the legislature or bench to put such laws into effect?

Though the obvious weakness of Labor in America, Union Labor only about 10% of our workforce. And what about the other 90% of workers? Should we not have fair representation too?

Will the 10% of union Labor not join with the 90% of non-union Labor and STRIKE THEM OUT and take over the issue of our bourse to give us all representation in God's village on earth?
Some years ago there was a plane with a doctors group and their families on board that were reported all killed in a crash of their private Pilatus turbo airplane. Reading of the crash there was a report of a man who saw the plane go down and rushed to help the passengers and he reported there were no bodies anywhere to be found?

With that in mind, can we only wonder about the plane that dove head first into a California shopping mall parking lot the other day?

August 7, 2018, 6:55 AM
Five people died in a small plane crash reported Sunday in a Santa Ana parking lot. FOX 11's Mario Ramirez reports. Media: FoxLA

Three of the victims — Floria Hakimi, Lara Shepherd and Ghanadan — were real estate agents for Pacific Union in Danville

The group left Sunday for the Tom Ferry Success Summit in Anaheim, California, a business conference popular with real estate agents,...........

The FAA and the NTSB are investigating the cause of the crash.

The plane is registered to a San Francisco-based real estate consulting company, Category III, according to an FAA database

Can we only wonder what happened there?

From looking at the story might the indications be that was not a drone controlled ghost flight, rather those people were on board?

The company they worked for, Category III. Here is some information from their website:
Category III is an aeronautical term which refers to a combination of highly trained pilots and sophisticated cockpit avionics working together to safely land an aircraft in zero visibility conditions. There is no margin for error. Strict reliance on exceptional training and proper equipment functining is crucial. We value this metaphor and work to bring Category lll precision approach to our clients to deliver better results for all aspects of complex real estate value extrications. This dedication to precise performance differentiates us and our clients from the competition.

Category III’s mission is to create high-quality, value driven services to all of our clients. We do so through a variety of business lines and life-cycle products that work in seamless integration to maximize results and returns. We work with owners and offer comprehensive options such as direct acquisition, debt and/or lien removal, removal of value impairment factors, and work to secure profitability. This focus re-positions the asset for economic viability and performance. For our investment clients we perform due diligence investigations that yield high-value inside information about potential asset targets. We enable our clients to enjoy a superior competitive edge in making investment decisions and smart choices for growth.

Illinos Managing Real Estate Broker Corporation license # 478-025998

California B – General Building Contractor Corporation license #969602

How about we look at some of the language Category III uses to advertise for prospective clients?

"precision approach

value extrications

precise performance

value driven services

business lines and life-cycle products

seamless integration to maximize results and returns

We work with owners and offer comprehensive options such as direct acquisition, debt and/or lien removal, removal of value impairment factors, and work to secure profitability.

This focus re-positions the asset for economic viability and performance.

we perform due diligence investigations that yield high-value inside information about potential asset targets.

Illinos Managing Real Estate Broker Corporation license # 478-025998

While it is nice to have the crash experts from the National Transportation Safety Board look into what happened there, would it not be wise for us to have coroner's grand juries look into it from the human side? From the insurance collection side?

"We perform due diligence investigations that yield high-value inside information about potential ASSET TARGETS."

“Category III is ahead of the field in identifying opportunity and how to capture it”

Hilary Newsom, President
Plumpjack Group

"removal of value impairment factors"

What could that indicate? Might a homeowner late on a mortgage payment be a value impairment factor that needs to be removed to satisfy the investor?

Will Labor not try to get ahead in the area of capturing opportunity and take over the authority to issue our money as our good God wills?

And the little guy that didn't let Chernobyl wipe the smile from his face.

Will American Labor not take our extraterrestrial family's advice, Get Smart and STRIKE THEM OUT, STOP THE WAR and help us to shut that Jewish electricity dirty bomb down before we all have Jewish mumps?

Tele receives:

"Jew tricks have failed us all and this long ass war is going to take us out. 8.46 a.m.

They're out of here.

Jew naturally rices well. 9.05 a.m.

You failed. 9.09 a.m.

Pest field, pest won. 11.45 a.m.

You're right closing up your safety dull check wagerous. 1.23 p.m.

Their art is established.

Oh, Pat, Jew financial fails us.

Financial fiends turkey.

You're falling to these people outrageous."

Bitch just noticed he put some of those Tele receives up already.

Here's some new ones:

"It's already won. 1.07 p.m.

It's open house while they're falling us. 1.33 p.m.

He lost his threat. 2.34 p.m.

Error failed you well. 2.46 p.m.

He's trapped us with nuclear waste. 2.57 p.m.


We're funding our own fade weakness.

It's an error toll. 3.33 p.m.

They corrupt bauxite. 3.37 p.m.

You're fair with your past. 6.38 p.m.

You failed to save us, Patrick.

Pat closed them here for corrupt thief. 8.03 p.m.

Heal contact. 8.07 p.m.

Freedom. 8.16 p.m.

Terre Hulk. 8.53 p.m.

Wretch hits. 9.08 p.m.

Take basher out.

He fooled your white guys and cast you fail. 12.11 a.m.

Get ornery now. 2.54 a.m.

The cats allowed fistols.

Sight last fall.

The circuit will save us.

Pat is striking out faulty." 3.22 a.m.

God does not press us Labor. Father loves us all and we have free will to do whatever it is we want with our lives.

Continues at:

Bitch addresses this to Labor for it is Labor that will decide if we have more war or finally have peace in our world.

That our good

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