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"We've Got Wonderfuls Here That Obviously Miss Us."12.12 p.m
Thu Aug 9, 2018 08:02

"We've Got Wonderfuls Here That Obviously Miss Us."12.12 p.m.

That is a Tele receive from yesterday's post. The wonderfuls, our extraterrestrial elders who have spared us from Judah nuclear blast extermination of us. They miss us Labor, they have a place set for us at the table of the Federation.

Our extraterrestrial family that has lived in perfect peace for 9 million years now. Why can't we live in peace? Why must we be the ones to fund and fight all of the Jewish sports war and genocide in our world?

Why must we be the ones to slay our kind?

European people who for over a thousand years have been destroying each other. Long before there was an America to run to and hide away from the criminals that controlled all of Europe, both East and West, white destroying white because of a Jewish mattress in the lands of the mild people of the north.

Was America not the promise to be free of the Jews and their permanent war of genocide against all the rest of God's children on earth?

The United States of America, the land that could not be created because our diligent founding fathers would not let it come into existence without a written Bill of rights in it.

"You always let me take your rights away from you," Judee say.

Can we only wonder how many of us must have our rights to life, liberty, to own property violated before we as a group will recognize just how important our rights are and will act to put them in once again?

How many of us can we only wonder will need to lose a father, mother, son or daughter, brother or sister, relative or a friend to the sport of the Jews before we will realize how important our American bill of rights is to us?

The desert-dwelling oil burning tyrannies that are all in the control of a Jewish mattress with their look-alike hybrid transplant shell Fornians running every kingdom in the Middle East. Will American Labor not take the Jewish mattress off of us and let our advanced technologies of peace come in to save our economy, health and us here?

The weather war that Judah is waging against Americans and our family worldwide using HAARP technology. Must American Labor not stop funding Jewish war upon us?

Our extraterrestrial family that Father sent on to watch over us, care for us, advise us how to save our lives from Jewish sin. WIll white people not try to save our lives as Judah moves forward with his genocide of us?

"We advise you well, STRIKE THEM OUT," Father's Mercury angels said.

"I urge you to give them a fall for their sin," God Almighty our precious sweet Himself said to American working people.

"But why Bitch," you ask?

Bitch ain't no Martin, John, Harold, Malcolm or Bobby.

Might it be because Bitch supported Martin, John, Harold, Malcolm and Bobby and that is why God found a use for His Bitch?

Bitch, who as a 17-year-old boy found himself on a ship called a destroyer before he knew what it was all about. Just another unaware young boy, a native son traveling the world doing the wrong deeds. Only a year and a four months before President Kennedy had been slain.

The draft was in effect at the time, 18-year-olds were required by law to sign up for the military draft. The control of the United States of America was already in the control of the international Jews who only make war and perpetrate genocide.

Threatening us with a 30-minute absolute destruction anytime day or night. Our planet already mined by Jewish with tens of thousands of atomic bombs.

Their theory that they needed to be able to destroy us to save us. Will Labor not let the godless Jews off of Americans and with it free our beautiful nation and world from their blight?

The reset of our economy they are doing now and successfully setting American workers for a lower wage scale. The destruction of America the beautiful. Are there some who do not believe we are being wiped out fair?

"Jew tricks have failed us all and this long ass war is going to take us out." 8.46 a.m.

The truth of that Tele receive from yesterday. Can we only wonder will we be taken out in one large smash to come or will it be by the thousands of wounds that Jewish are doing to us every day?

The organized criminals operating at the most significant level of opportunity, Jewish Fornian politicians that hold every office on our nation. Will Labor not put our grand juries in so that we can hear what they did and still do and end it?

Federal prosecutors make a big ta-do about a political rackets guy who allegedly did some insider trading on Wall Street. Would it not be more interesting to see what Congress's mouser profile looks like?
Jefferson Parish woman ordered held in jail in death of husband, JPSO Sgt. Troy Smith
Former JPSO Sgt. Troy Smith, left, was found suffering from a gunshot wound to the head on June 17 and later died. His wife, Shantel Wagner, has been booked in Smith's death after initially telling authorities that he had tried to kill himself.

Louisiana has had several state constitutions since it was part of the Louisiana purchase from France in 1803.

Some had no bill of rights in them. The 1974 Lousiana state constitution that is in effect now does have a bill of rights in it. It does not follow the Federal Bill of Rights. It allows for a criminal information to arrest and hold in jail without a grand jury indictment.

And what is the difference between that and our Federal Bill of Rights?

Our Federal Bill of Rights requires a grand jury to decide if a charge should be made and if one is preferred, what the charge will be.

Sargeant Troy Smith who had financial difficulties who shot himself with his own gun and now his wife is locked up in jail with a $500,000 dollar cash bond.

Can we only wonder how that will affect his wife's finances now?

The late Troy and his wife Shantel were already in difficult financial circumstances. Without our full Federal Bill of Rights in might we see how many of us could be busted economically when our bill of rights is not in?

With our Federal Bill of rights in are we seeing Shantel could carry on free and when a coroners grand jury is convened she could talk to all the jurors sitting there and tell them what happened the day that Troy shot himself?

Being free she could have continued to work that little job that paid the rent. Might that little job be filled when she is finally left out of jail?

When and if a coroners grand jury is finally convened, might they have to seek Shantel living out on the street? Can't we not see how important rights are by this example here?

The supreme court in Washington D.C. that made a decision in 1833 that our Federal Bill of Rights do not apply at the state level.

Will American Labor not get ahold of the authority to issue our bourse and reject the supreme court's 1833 decision and put our Federal Bill of rights in at the state level for all 50 states?

Will American Labor not get ahold of the authority to issue our bourse and give the Supreme court opinions all the authority of a fine country clubhouse chat? Have they not demonstrated that they are absolutely no friends of honest free Labor?

Will American Labor not act and shut this reasonless genocidal Jewish tyranny state down?

"We had fun with the white guys," Judee say.

Wil we not pray that white get bright and STOP THE WAR TODAY?

"Get Smart," our extraterrestrial elders said to us. Will American Labor not get smart and STRIKE THEM OUT?

All the bribes paid to the legislators to always put in legislation against workers. All the bribes paid to judges to determine it is all constitutional.

Will Labor not use our Labor money to hire us some better legislators? Some more favorable opinions? Some good news?

"I urge you to give them a fall for their sin," Our good God Almighty spoke to us.

Will Labor not give the organized group of criminals operating at the most significant level of opportunity a right retirement and let them off right?

The sealing in the extinction of the mass of the white race to be completed in about 6 weeks. Will Labor not step in with a STRIKE and cut them off at the pass?

"It's about over because Judas shooting is not comfortable here." A Tele sender said.

Must American Labor not act and STRIKE THEM OUT and end the discomfort of Jewish shooting once and for all?

The genocide they train their children to perpetrate against the rest of God's children on earth. Will working people not stop funding it now?

"They played you guys brilliant."

Can we only wonder who that Tele receive came from?

By using Bitch's crazy talk when they drove him temporarily insane by having so man cruelly manipulated poor people try and kill him day after day did Judah not play Bitch's fear brilliant?

Jewish guns inside of America who have shot us down like rabbits in the field. Might living homeless and having a price on a guy's head cause him to talk crazy a bit? Did Judah not play Bitch's stupid brilliant?

In dealing with Bitch and his fault of stupid have they not demonstrated their brilliance in holding the mild people of the north?

Might the brilliance of their play explain why they have been able to use their mattress on the mild people of the north for over a thousand years now?

Can we not pray that Labor will show the same brilliance and help us to close their permanent war out?

"Jew tricks have failed us all and this long ass war is going to take us out." 8.46 a.m.

Has there ever been any other fate of a permanent war state than to exhaust and collapse itself?

The fires in California and other parts of the West. Might we consider that is a natural event that was enhanced and stoked by Judah to produce the worst effects? Are we seeing those fires is one of the ways that he is using to exhaust our state as he goes away?

Will American Labor not STOP THE WAR?

"A STRIKE will save 50%." 2.20 p.m.

Is there some acceptance that it is true that we are set to die out of life form in the range of 95% of the mild people?

"You're probably quite adequate."

Has Bitch not proven adequate to deliver a message that can save our lives if only you will try it?

The STRIKE Labor that God our kind precious sweet Father asked about.

"Why didn't you try it? Father asked.

"Incredible fails foul rule us." 3.07 p.m.

They shot our family at Hiroshima and then Nagasaki and determined they would need 64,000 amounts of those single blasts to give all Americans the same treatment. Is there anything more failed and foul than that?

President Harry Truman signed the documents that put the extinction of Americans by nuclear blast war on the paper.

Will Labor not give them a fall for their sin?

"Judah has failed to save his life."

Is it not perceived that Judah shot himself right and failed to save his life when he opened up with his great balls of fire in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT, take the Organizing Principle of Society away from them and into your collective hands and let them off right?

"They set thee maturely." 9.42 p.m.

Will we not demonstrate the same brilliance and maturity that Judah has and close them out as equal intelligence Human Beings?

Jesus said, “As you go, proclaim the good news, ‘The kingdom of heaven has come near.’” Matthew 10:7

Will American Labor try to recognize that the kingdom of God has appeared now in our times openly with contact from our good God above who reigns Supreme over the Galactic Federation of Light? Will Labor try to recognize as the good book says that the kingdom of God has come near?

The Lord filled Zion with justice and righteousness; he will be the stability of your times, abundance of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge. Isaiah 33:5–6

Will American Labor not bring us into the abundance, salvation, wisdom, and knowledge of our good God above?

"I just pushed you on hydrogen, it gave me a good theft time."

Their hydrogen they shot at us in the middle of the night to extinct our race. Will Labor not listen to the urgings of God and give them a fall for their sin?

"The whites have made us powerless," Judee say.

Merely by reporting the truth of what they have done and their longtime plan to smite us out of existence with hydrogen bombs. Will whites not now let them off right and put our fabulous American Bill of rights in once again? Is it not seen that whites have made Judah powerless from now on?

"The boy in Iowa, his mother died because I keep you confused. I won because you believe a liar," Judee say.

Will Labor not challenge weap Judah for the bourse so that rumors no longer can be used to set us to die? Will Labor not reject the words of the liar Jews and give us a win for peace?

"Police on proper bourse, once you get it we're all out because Bitch advise you of our itchy," Judee say

Will Labor not bourse proper so that our employees can have a good spirited life too?

"Scientist told you about our Pittsburgh weird. Casualty holds my roots. Yosef is still sporting his bombs," Judee say.

Will American Labor not end funding Yosef and his worldwide bombing campaign using our Labor dollar to do it?

As long as I hold Druid out of the stream he can't cause me trouble. I'm set to go away. Bitch out right big our fistol. Chalk fall us all early. I know with my fist I fumbled and that's the game," Judee say.

Will Druid not STRIKE THEM OUT and get us in the stream?

They victim us, they contaminate us with their Jewish electricity hot radioactive waste. They use diplomacy to hold us to foreign false rules.

Has the Mercury report not folded them truthful? If so will Labour not now get the bourse set so they can't asphyxiate us any further with their nuclear brimstone waste?

"He fooled your white guys and cast you fail." 12.11 a.m.

Will Labor not fold Jewish brilliance out with a general STRIKE?

"He's trapped us with nuclear waste." 2.57 p.m

The seriousness of what Judah has done to us all. Help us, help us, will Labor not help us now?

"It's open house while they're falling us." 1.33 p.m.

Jewish bombing and shooting, burning and flooding in every terrain. Can we not hope that American workers will stop funding it?

"He lost his threat." 2.34 p.m.

Judah's hydrogen threat to kill us all in a few hours time. His sneak attack from the Soviet Union with his intercontinental ballistic missiles. Will Labor not close them out right now?

"Babushka will be leaving us because we're known to screw peace," Judee say.

Will Labor not put the existence stipend in so that Babushkas children have a right way to start?

"Put an existence stipend in with something in it for everyone. Consider it a God-given right," our good God said.

Will Labor not listen to our sweet Papa and try to help us here?

Judah's world full of armies marching around on parade showing off their newest weaps. Will American Labor not step up here a close this long-running bad Jewish joke out of our world with a STRIKE?

Tele receives:

"They're volting our race here. 5.54 p.m.

White's out fear. 7.04 p.m.

You taught me. 7.17 p.m.

Leave this parasite state, it's closed up.

Germ war your baby. 11.24 p.m.

Chromium smashed us.

They now rebel, thereafter you lost your rules.

Your baby's scored as a fish.

They've pushed the button and you've done nothing. 2.15 a.m.

They saved our lives and it has failed to save us. 3.12 a.m.

Keep faulting them Juviously. 6.26 a.m.

Help us end." 6.46 a.m.
Sir Casper and his diligent vigilant team of Martian specialists that pulled the thousand intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles off of us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.

Might we have to concede that Tele sender said it right, "They saved our lives and it has failed to save us?"

Continues at:

Will we not try to recognize the well-crafted ruse using extremism terror that Jewish hav

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