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America In Denial - Will The Deep State Win?
Fri Aug 10, 2018 12:51

Our number one question form our callers is - I have a relative wand friend who refuses to believe what is happening to our country.

America is in total Denial about what is coming.

We all know that America's God is the TV and if anything contradicts the TV then they cannot handle it.

Look up - see the Chemtrails. Yet these TV Worshippers cannot.

Look a Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, and Pink an Ann Coulter - All of them are born men and both have huge Adam's Apples.

Yet your family and friends see the same thing you do but cannot process it.

This information is meant for you.

If you wish to help them then buy extra gold and silver, extra food and Water filters so when times are tough then you can help them.

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