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The World's Economy Is Crashing
Mon Aug 27, 2018 13:11



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This Crash is unlike anything we have ever seen before.

While the Central Banks are propping up the markets world wide to prevent the collapse of so many Pension Funds two things are happening we have never seen before

1) As stated earlier all debt is denominated in US Dollars and so many currencies are now devaluing.

So in Turkey, for example, instead fo paying $15 Billion a year for debt they now have to pay over $70 Billion per year now and their Federal Budget is only $65 Billion per year.

This devaluation in reference to the Dollar is happening all across the globe.

Nations such as Argentina, Brazil, Greece, and dozens of others are now unable to pay on their debt - the are bankrupt.

2) The Central Banks had gone form Quantitative Easing - pumping Trillions and Trillions of Dollars into the markets and has now moved to Quantitative Tightening and pulling in US Dollars and raising Interest Rates.

What this means is that nations with devaluing currencies not only cannot repay their debt but cannot even refinance due to the lack of US Dollars.

What this means is that nation after nation after nation will now be forced to declare bankruptcy - OR - move to a Trade Payment System that completely bypasses the US Dollar like the new Chinese CIPS System - or Chinese Interbank Payment System just to trade for things like Oil and Food.

This switch away from the US Dollar will mean that the US Dollar will go up and up and up in value but not be used across the globe to do business with.

Any attempt to use the SDR to trade with instead of the Dollar will fail and the world will more than likely move towards Gold as the International Form Of Trade.

As for the US - We have NO Gold - only 8,000 tons of Gold Plated Tungsten.

We may not see the markets collapse but what we are sure to see as nations move away from the US Dollars prices will begin to go up and up as the US Compensates the collapse with more Dollars being printed - the Perfect Venezuela Scenario.

We will need to become more self- sufficient.

This has to occur. A Nation where 41% of all households are collecting some sort of Government handout can not exist for very long and is doomed to utter failure.

Exactly what is coming we do not know but with massive crops failures world wide this cannot be good.

President Trump is - however - in the back round trying to fix what he can - but it is all beginning to fall apart.

This can be evidenced by three things:

…a) Almost every Chief Executive at Goldman Sachs has been sacked in the last year.

…b) The New York Central Bank’s Roof caught on fire a few weeks ago while they were burning records.

…c) The Central Bank in Moscow caught on fire as more record were burned and data bases erased.


What President Trump doing is nothing short of a Miracle.

He is securing this nation from a Mass Invasion of African Muslim Refugees and finishing up some trade agreements other nations agreed upon 5-6 years ago.

His announcement about the New “DEAL” with Mexico is a Good Indication he is on track while his tweets keep the Loony left chasing it’s tail.



A few hours ago - as we stated would happen - a massive amount of Plasma broke through the Earths’ Atmosphere and is currently hitting the US Midwest hard.

Exactly what this will do to our Poisonous GMO crops as the Aquifers dry out is only a guess - but it does not bid well for crop production.

We will see this time and time again and it will increase in the future. We have the solution to maintain crop production and seal off our upper atmosphere - but so far no one is listening.

Please pray that the Powers in the White House come forward for the solution before we begin to see Huge crop failures and Hyper Inflation.



A Russian Ship pulled into a South Africa Port and as they began to peel off layers of Containers something odd appeared - radiation signatures of 4 US Made Nuclear Weapons disguised as Russian Nukes.

The Ship was detained for violating the 1995 Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Weapons Act and it was initially reported that 19 Cargo Containers contained Russian Weapons.

That’s a lot of Guns and Ammunition.

The Russia ship LADA was apparently headed to South Africa ot drop off some legitimate goods - then on to:

1).. Nigeria - to unload Small Arms and Explosive to blow a Pipeline just before the Nigerian International Pipeline Technology and Security Conference in Abuja, Nigeria 18-19 September at the Sheraton Hotel.

2).. Senegal - to unload Small Arms to the Senegal “Freedom Fighters” to retake the government for the CIA so they can continue taking the profits from drugs shipped from Columbia to Europe through Senegal.

3).. The Southern Tip of the Bahamas just south of Cat Island to unload Small Arms to help the “Bahama Freedom Fighters” retake the Bahamas so they can recapture the profits of Drugs running through the Bahamas and return it to the CIA.

4) Finally - To a US Port to unload 4 US Made Nukes provided by Saudi Arabia and run up the coast and detonate in NYC, DC, Chicago and one other location near, or at Langley, so the CIA West (Denver) can take over.

Further - a container load of Small Arms were to be picked up by the FBI for their ANTIFA Crisis Actors.

Neither Comey nor Mueller are aware of this - but they have done several operations like this themselves from 2007-2017.

As for the Sarin Nerve Gas on the ship - not sure what that was all about.



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Please pray for President Trump’s Safety

Your prayers just stopped something awful from happening.

The Wall of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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