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"Our Children, We Have Now let Them Be Reached With Nuclear
Tue Aug 28, 2018 10:02

"Our Children, We Have Now let Them Be Reached With Nuclear Waste."

That is an overnight Tele receive.

Judah scientists are informing them that all Druid has now been reached with their brimstone nuclear waste. According to Judah nuclear war fighting scientists, all of our children will now suffer the effects of radiation diseases. Can it be true that only three more weeks of this nuclear waste war we are funding the nuclear war fighting Jews to wage against us, and our genus will be completely out?

That is the fact of life as difficult as it may be for some to receive the truth.

How can it be that we the wealthiest people ever have allowed ourselves to be put so low? Might it be the cages that we fund Judah to use on us that has allowed them to foul us so well?

"I just like to wash your peace gene."

His teachers in our schools that sniff out that one in a hundred of our naturally extra bright to neutralize them one way or the other. The secret files on each of us he holds that at any time anyplace we can be set upon in a manner that disguises the motive.

With unlimited free cash, his setting up every type of organization possible to lure us into joining it to read what our thoughts are. Every job site his look-alike Fornian Replicon hybrid transplant shells that pretend to be our buddies, all the time working to steal our property, liberty, our lives from us.

"We're shut professor, you don't have to worry about us." 7.22 p.m.

That Tele receive last night from weap Judah informing Bitch that they are shut. If they're shut, and anyone doubt it? Then why are they still waging nuclear brimstone waste war against us and our kids?

Might it be because it is free, it costs them nothing as American Labor is allowing them to issue our money to pay to prevent the dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE from being shut down?

What else might explain it?

Bitch deathly sin of insult that was due to his fault of stupid, that was produced by enduring prolonged periods of suffering as Father explained.

"It set you back aways," elders from Mercury said as to the effect of having such a fault.

And the effect on Druid of Bitch's fault was to slow Druid to reaching maturity to remove the threat of Jewish from us.

Mercury informed Bitch last night they redid the computer simulations from the time of Jesus that gave 80% to 20% odds that Judah would score the entire white race out of existence as part of the one-third of us that he would destroy when he went into his underground world to die off his weap cipher.

Their computer simulations done between 1840 and 1870 gave a 70 to 30 prediction that Judah would get us wiped out in these last days with us.

As the Jewish brimstone war of extinction has been waged continuously now for over 7 years, can we only marvel that our extraterrestrial elders knew at the time of Jesus how Judah would destroy our life forms when he went out, and that was 2,000 years ago?

"We're shut professor, you don't have to worry about us." 7.22 p.m.

Might that message from Judah indicate that it is a waste of energy for Bitch to rail about the jews and their permanent war because they are already done?

What should he be doing? Might it be to keep trying to convince the Druid to try and help us here?

"Why didn't you try it," God Almighty our Saviour in heaven asked American Labor about the STRIKE.

The worldwide web of deceit, political corruption, the violence of war that Judah has put in using the fist of our purse to hire the cruelly manipulated Euro male. Will American Labor not help us to pull Geneva out?

The very best rules ever put into law, jury, grand jury, no mistreatment at all. Guaranteed and made into the law of the United States of America in 1791. Tossed into the garbage can so Jewish could sport us all.

The sacred compromise made in 1789 at Philadelphia. "You want your United States and we want our rights." The state delegates told the constitutional crafters nice.

The sacred compromise that was made to let the United States of America begin. Our rights that were made the law of the land signed, sealed and delivered on December 15, 1791.

Only 8 years later the response came to our fabulous Bill of Rights in Marbury V Madison 1803 that began the judicial destruction of the rights of the people of the United States of America.

The far-fetched and preposterous claim that the supreme court would be the final arbiter of what is law and what is not.

Marbury v. Madison, a staged event by Judah of course, to set the tone for how he would fool us all big only 51 years later, in the Dred Scott reimprisonment to slavery case. Judah threw our jury system away from us. Setting the stage for Abe's Jewish war to be fought between forced registered and drafted Laborers.

Have most historians not found the beginnings of the nuclear warfighting war crimes cartel are to be found in Abe's Jewish war of 1861? The big war profiteers of 1861, the Rockefellers who got their start with Abe Lincolns war.

Rockefeller who lit the nuclear fuse in their University of Chicago in 1942.

The American branch of the war crimes cartel that started in 1861 and was supposed to end us all about a century later in an all-out nuclear war.

Will American Labor not help us to let the criminally insane off right?

God Almighty, our precious sweet Father in heaven, is actually a mortal like you and me. The office of God is immortal. Papa is in his last days with you and me.

"I'm dying," Papa said to His shill Bitch. A week later, "I'm dying," Papa said once again. Bitch realized then that Papa is dying and leaving our plane of existence. Precious sweet Papa is 2,200 years of age. Father was 200 years of age when Father Christopher sent Jesus to save us from our sins.

It was Papa who prepared our bibles for us two thousand years ago. And now sweet Papa is leaving us forever. And yet His last thoughts are with love for us, to try and save us from the sin of war, to save our lives. Father's urging us to fall them for their sin. The way that we might save ourselves from being perished out now are we aware is with a Labor STRIKE?

In His last days alive precious sweet Father is still lovingly caring for us.

The German Jew, Karl Liebknecht, put into words what Bitch intuitively knew:

"War is not aimed external, rather war is a tool to subordinate one's own domestic population to exploitation at the hands of the dominant class."

With words written like that, might we understand why weap Judah had his Nazis burn the intellectual Jews books up?

Karl, one of the 20% telling us what the 80% is up to with us. And Karl's reward? Shot in the back purportedly escaping from jail in 1919 at 49 years of age.

Why no controversy about what Karl said? Something significant as to whether or not we will survive much longer in a world filled with weap Judah war. Why nobody arguing that Karl was wrong or right? Why do we seldom hear of Karl at all?

Might it because if Karl was correct, then all the nuclear weapons built in America were built to be used against us?

The ships to carry planet-destroying nuclear weapons that are being built in the shipyards in Pascagoula Mississippi. Built by a spin-off of Northrup Grumman. Might the extraterrestrial abduction of Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker in 1973 have been a way for our extraterrestrial elders to encourage us to see how our money is being spent there?
A section of the Ingalls Shipbuilding Company showing various US Navy ships under construction

The nuclear missile attack to extinct the American race upon the lower 48 states of America in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011. Is that not proof that Karl Liebknecht was right with his theory that war is aimed at one's own domestic population?

At this moment the nuclear war fighting war crimes cartel is planning on a new round of building up more nuclear weapons. Will Labor not hire us some common law juries to help us determine who is sane and who is not?

One of the key differences between Jewish true law and American law. In Jewish law, judges determine who is crazy and who is not.

In American law, juries are to decide after hearing the facts who is crazy and who is not.

The many shooters that have been peppering us. If only our juries heard the facts to determine if they were crazy or not instead of Jewish judges, might we have learned what pills they were taking from their doctors' who gave them their prescriptions to fill?

Are we understanding the key ingredient to put us in such a bad way is the ability of Judah to assassinate us and get away with murder every day?

And how do they get away with murder and still roll on?

Might we understand it is because they can make anyone rich for free because they have the authority to issue Labors money and it costs them nothing?

The large bribes necessary to cover murder up. Might we see that American Labor gives Jewish the deepest pockets of them all for free?

Instead of a fight on the street that Judah enjoys doing to us, are we seeing that our good God above has had His angels give us the wits to match Judah's wits and take the concession to issue our money away from him and end the fight on the street?

The intellectual function of issuing money. The authority to issue money, the prerogative of the sovereign of a nation.

America, a Government of the People, by the People, and for the People.

If we are to follow the American creed will American labor not act as who we the people are, the sovereign of the American nation, and issue our money?

The jew, who took over what is the prerogative of the sovereign to issue our money in 1913, and is issuing our money still today. By his demonstrating a weakness, his inability to accommodate others, and going ahead and attacking us with extinction level forces, has he not washed his sovereign prerogative away? Certainly, he has. He has lost his permit from God to operate in God's village on earth.

Will American labor not issue our money and put the Godly existence stipend in so that our family in Pascagoula can live in peace and not have to build machines of war to eat? Will American Labor not help us to disassemble the Jewish genocidal nuclear war machine?

Are we seeing it is all in the issue of money that has allowed the Jew to take us down so hard?

Speaking of labors best friends, Labor leader Walter Reuther (1907-1970) that died when his plane crashed. The altimeter had been fiddled with. Can we only wonder how much it cost to do the whole deal to steal useful Walter away from us?

Whatever the cost is it not something to think about, it was all paid for from Labors pocketbook to steal that real friend of Labor away?

The guys who threw the bomb and shot the cops at Haymarket square in 1886 to alibi the right of the state to arrest, try and lynch labor organizers. From seeing their historical game plan now might we perceive that was all a weap Jewish opp to set labor down? Sure, is it not there M.O. obviously? Yes, it is.

Numerous Jews have stepped up and told us what weap Judah does and their reward? Karl Liebknecht arrested and shot by his prison guards in the back. Bitch was looking for the name of Jewish lady that helped George Jackson publish his book from jail.

Soledad Brother: The Prison Letters of George Jackson
George Jackson

He did a search of the internet and didn't find the Jean Genet except as a promoter of George's book, but from previous reading, she was a lawyer and after she helped George publish his book, she reportedly committed suicide.

3.32 p.m. UPDATE: Found her. Fay Abrahams Stender (March 29, 1932 – May 19, 1980)

Did she commit suicide? Might weap Judah have been displeased with her being a lawyer and exposing prison mistreatment?

Death and legacy
In 1979, Black Guerrilla Family member Edward Glenn Brooks, recently paroled, entered Stender's home in Berkeley, tied up her son, daughter, and a friend, and shot Stender several times for what he said was Stender’s betrayal of Jackson

Might Brooks have been a Fornian hybrid transplant shell that Judah sent to punish Fay for her exposing the cruel treatment that Judah does to his hostages in his jails?

George's book from a half-century ago that he wrote from inside a jail cell starting as a teenager.

Here's something George said before he was shot dead by prison guards:

"But I have lived too long in prisons not to recognize, as soon as the very first pages were translated for me in San Francisco, the special odor and texture of what was written in a cell, behind walls, guards, envenomed by hatred, for what I did not yet know so intensely was the hatred of the white American for the black, a hatred so deep that I wonder if every white man in this country, when he plants a tree, doesn't see Negroes hanging from its branches."

Will White America not pull the authority to issue our money away from the genocidal racist Jew and free our family in this new land of the free? Will Labor not end them smearing the Euro face with the sins Judah fist machine hires done?

"Real druid advance way." 4.31 p.m.

Will the real Druid people not step in and advance our way to 1215 AD and the right to a trial by a true jury and not one bribed by Judah? Will the real mild people not step in and give us our working peoples grand juries again as they were put in in 1430 AD to protect the ordinary people? Will the Druid not advance our way to 1689 AD with the legal provision of no mistreatment of anyone?

White Americans, as all others, now with the rights as our Russian family under Beria, Lenin or Stalin. Will American Labor close the Berlin, Geneva, London, Moscow Jewish gulag desks out of America right?

Russian Central Bank building goes up in flames
Published time: 24 Aug, 2018
As the fire broke out, ten people left the building ahead of the emergency crews’ arrival

As firefighters were been dispatched to the scene, the nearby streets were closed for traffic. The open flames were promptly extinguished by the firefighting teams, yet the building continued to emit thick, gray smoke for some time.

Can we only try to guess what papers the Jews burned up so that the truth would not reach us?

Maybe the bribes they paid to the local politicians who gave the go ahead to set the hydrogen bomb off in St. Petersburg?

A hydrogen bomb set off in St. Petersburg Russia and only 28 views in 5 years time. If it was a hydrogen bomb then why was St. Petersberg not leveled?

Could it be because our extraterrestrial elders stepped in and vented that hydrogen bomb shot to the 5th dimension?

The burning of the Russian central bank records the other day. Might they also have burned the records that reveal how much vodka was purchased for our family living in Chelyabinsk so they would believe the stories it was a regular meteor that shot them instead of a 300 kiloton kosher meteor from Judah who tried to blast burn all Chelyabinskians up? Has Judah analysis not informed us that his opinion is that whiskey is how they won? Yes, that is his analysis that whiskey is how they defeated us.

The things concerning our survival in a world full of kosher atomic weapons. What might explain why we miss seeing them so well?

The rude truth that they have fooled us into buying them the atomic blast and waste artillery to destroy us with.

Chelyabinsk blast

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Meteor Hits Russia Feb 15, 2013 - Event

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