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"They Die a Couple Of Hundred of Million of Us Off and Scien
Thu Aug 30, 2018 07:55

"They Die a Couple Of Hundred of Million of Us Off and Scientist Hears it."

Bitch facility of mind, to spot the hazard just up ahead that scientists hears rumbling but it is silent to others. The hazard that has been set to die a couple of hundred of millions of Americans off due to inhaling brimstone waste.

What can we wonder might it take to convince those who are set to be died off to listen closely to hear the hazard and act to do something about it before it is too late?

Bitch with his fault of stupid that has demonstrated rude, insult, irritate. But he is not so stupid to offend our good God Almighty. He was too stupid to even perceive that God even existed. He thought we were alone out here in the universe.

Judah, his wits focused on shaking the rest of our wits off with his permanent war terrorism states, knew quite well that God existed, but because of his terminal stupid, chose to offend our good God, the creator force of the human race.

Judah, who due to his suffering from his harsh desert days, became stupid in a peculiar way. That is he sharpened his wits to dominate so that he could abuse others with the secret plan to destroy as many of us, ordinary people, as he could, and because of enduring prolonged periods of suffering that produces stupid, became so stupid that he chose not to get un-stupid and so offended our good God with his Jewish claim that he has a right to genocide us.

Bitch, not that stupid. When he sees he has done wrong, he seeks to correct it best he can, get it right and not do the wrong again. He does not want to keep stupid in.

Judah on the other hand, he chooses to keep stupid in because it allows him to ignore ordinary rules and abuse others.

Bitch does not accept abuse of anyone. Judah, his plan is to abuse as many people as he can abuse. But might we note, what plagues Bitch and Judah is the fault of stupid, though Judah is not stupid to openly insult people as Bitch has proven to be?

Judah smoothes the people with a compliment, though he insults us with his assault against our family on earth every day. But the insult is hidden and not obvious unless one is aware of the insult of war that Judah is doing using our dollar bill.

Bitch wants to forget about the days and nights that produced the fault of stupid, whereas opposite Judah uses those days of suffering and trains his children in it so that they will be as nasty as possible to those that fall into their hands.

"You die for a compliment unless you take my bourse away. I always waste you because I'm authorized rich fair," Judee say.

Judah who authorizes himself and is trained by his parents to inherit the human race. Is there some perception that Judah has lost his inheritance by his stupid offending our good God?

Might we see as Father explained it is enduring long-term suffering that produces stupid?

Can we not hope that Labor will compare the two types of stupids here, Bitch versus Judah, and accept that Bitch's stupid will be corrected because his heart and mind is set in love whereas Judah's is stuck on stupid by choice and cannot be fixed because his heart and mind is fixed in hatred of us?

The simple command from Jesus, "love one another as I have loved you."

Will Labor not hear the words of Jesus and love each other enough to STOP THE WAR?

The prolonged suffering endured by living in a time and place where a useless person can take your life away and become rich overnight. Will labor not take the reward mechanism away that Judah uses to steal useful peoples lives away and advance useless people into high business and government offices?

The authority to issue money. The beginning and end of all political, economic and social life on earth. The Organizing Principle of Society. The power that drove some of our most highly educated to build atomic bombs to extinct us and destroy our world, the power of the purse. The force of hatred in our world driven by the force of Labor made available to Judah in the form of an income tax and the authority to issue our money. Will Labor not close it out?

Is there some perception that the power of bourse in Jewish hands will terminate our life forms if we do not take it out of Jewish private hands?

We've talked about Buddha and his ways of peace that Judah found hard to overcome. Father Baldec was the head of our 223 house when Buddha was here in the 5th century BC. Father Baldec who spoke to Moses in 1,500 BC and gave Moses the rules of the road, the Ten Commandments, to pass on to the Israelites.

Father Baldec passed in 200 BC. Then Father Christopher came in and sent Jesus to us to save us all.

The heads of the Jewish cannibal cult understood the message of Jesus and also knew where it came from. They understood that we are of an extraterrestrial nature. Might such an astounding fact help explain why they have been able to hold people in every terrain for thousands of years now?

If surveys are correct, over a third of us do not even believe that extraterrestrials exist much less we were created in our high-level life form by them. And Judah, who is aware of these significant facts, calls our creator force, "our breeders."

For 12 million years we have walked on earth. Reproducing ourselves generation after generation. A single small planet in a limitless universe. A simian life form. We existed with 35 others of our similar type 200,000 years ago. And that was when Father Kirsker found us so loveable that he chose to extend our time alive by gifting us with their very own high-level psychiatric genetics.

The other 35 simians are all gone, only we remain to carry on. Our 223 high intelligence genetics that has kept us alive through the storms that washed the other simians out.

Our first 12 million years on earth, our next nine million years, to live in the stars as full-fledged extraterrestrials. Will labor not take us to peace and let us go there now?

The thousands of years the Jews have held us from our peaceful journey to the stars. Only wanting to destroy us while still earthbound. Will Labor not let the Deuce go and take us to peace now? If not now, when?

Three Fathers from the beginning of our transition from earth-based life form into full-fledged extraterrestrials. Father Baldec from 3,500 years ago who guided Moses then Father Christopher who sent Jesus to our precious sweet Father H----- who is head of our 223 house now. Father is dying, He is in His last time with us.

King Harald who took the throne on Norway in 872 AD. Our precious sweet Father has been the head of our house since 800 AD.

Bitch rarely writes or says Father's name out profound respect and honor to the dignity of Father.

By mentioning King Harald of Norway who took his seat in 872 AD, might we surmise that the royals, the high people of society, knew about our extraterrestrial family then? Sure they did. They knew that Father Christopher had died and a new Father was watching over His kids.
Maximilian I (1459 – 1519)

Maximilian I who was born in 1459 and came on the scene 109 years after Sir Maximilian, our Galactican elder had arrived on earth in 1350 and conferred with the Centers of power of planet earth, extending an invitation to join the Federation.

"They had already perfected the predator relationship," Sir Maximilian said as to why the centers of power of planet earth did not join up in 1350 when the Galactic Federation of Light invited them in.

The European continent that has been under violent siege ever since weap Judah started to breed in the terrain of Europe in the 6th century AD.

"We had fun with the white guys. White children don't have any receipts so we have them beat you up," Judee says.

The incessant permanent warfare of the royals, Vatican and Jewish in Europe. The place that so many of us came from most recently. That the centers of power of planet earth turned down an opportunity to transition us into a high-level world 668 years ago and rejected it so they could keep their sports war in, will we in our time not act right and stop their genocidal treachery to us?

"I Urge you to give them a fall for their sin," God Almighty in heaven said.

Will American Labor not fall Rome, Berlin, Geneva and London and let God's children live in peace again? Will American Labor not recognize we are the land of the free and not the old world of rightlessness?

The peace of God that has been promised to us. Will American labor not let it come in?

The high-level kids we really are, equipped with the wits to sail the stars.

And so why has weap Judah and his collaborators kept the truth of extraterrestrials from us for so long?

For years Bitch attended Iowa MUFON meetings and finally, the late Jim King, head of Iowa Mufon blurted out the truth in an unguarded moment why the presence extraterrestrials has been kept secret for so long. Heres' what Jim said:

"You've been harmed," Jim King said in an unguarded moment of why the knowledge of extraterrestrials has been kept from us earth kids.

Now that weap Judah has reached all Druid with his nuclear waste disease, are we getting some idea of how long Judah has been on the path to harm us all? If so must we not end them harming us for free?

Bitch told a nice group at a Mufon meeting that if an atomic bomb went off in one of our cites, don't believe it was from the Middle East, it was built right here in the midwest, Rockford arsenal at Moline, Illinois.

Jim King blew his stack. He pulled out a sheet with a checklist like an airplane pilot would use and went down that list to berate Bitch with his suggestion it was nuclear weapons as to why extraterrestrials are here trying to gently wake us up.

"I tried," written on the tombstone of the late Dr. Abernathy.

Might the late Jim King's tombstone read, "You've been harmed?"

Will Labor not end this Jewish state comedic though deadly rule here?

Might we note under their friendly comedic style is a hatred that is outside of the ordinary person's mental facilities to gauge right?

"I bust you all satire," Judee say.

Are we not yet perceiving the burning hatred that they have for the rest of Gods kids?

Satire synonyms: mockery, ridicule, derision, scorn, caricature; irony, sarcasm.

Will labor not end their mockery, ridicule, derision, and scorn for us by taking the concession to issue our money away from them?

Our God is a good God. Our creators are responsible peaceful Beings. Have they not demonstrated they will not let an error they created escape the nursery where we are being brought up?

The Frankenstein monster the Galacticans knew they might create two hundred thousand years ago when they gave us our high-level intelligence. And now the Frankenstein monster, Judah on free bourse, is being died out by our good God above.

Those of us that survive this last nuclear war that Judah is waging against us, set for nine million more years of life form development living in the stars in peace.

The original Galacticans, who started the Federation 9 million years ago, they no longer exist. They died out from old age. We have their high-level intelligence 223 psychiatric genes and for those who survive this weeding out by atomic brimstone fire, will be the 4th Edition of Galacticans. Will Labor not give peace a chance?

"Druid always falls on force," Judee say.

Can we not hope and pray for an exception to that Judah rule?

All the Jews forces have fallen through, their children are not inheriting us anymore. If this is so, must labor not let them off right?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," God Almighty our Father in heaven said to us. Will Labor not help us? Will American not try it?

The STRIKE Labor that our precious sweet Father asked us about. Will Labor not try it? Will Labor not have forgiveness and mercy and say a prayer for Bitch instead of disparaging him?
Bitch mentioned in yesterday's post when he walked into Target the lights were all out in the store. He immediately read it as a message from Mercury that Judah had something set for him so he turned around and left the store.

He wondered, "did Judah have a terrorist bomb set to go off when Bitch walked down the aisle?"

Then while watching local evening news found this curious reverse facial speech:

"We just set him cage and our pedal rolled. After this one the governor is thrown."

Might that indicate that rather than a bomb in the store, they had some person ready to attack Bitch and using their algebra, get us both thrown in jail?

Bitch says "Thank you," to elders from Mercury that clued Bitch so that Judah could not get their cage on me.

After the second atomic bomb was planted in the sewers in downtown Des Moines and flooded out by Mercury, should that not have thrown the entire political establishment?

Is there not yet enough probable cause of wrongdoing by this genocidal Jewish tyranny state that American Labor will not STRIKE THEM OUT and put our grand juries in?

The students shot in the Florida school shooting by a team from Fort Campbell. Did some happen to read that two of the parents of the reportedly slain students are running for school board seats?
Alaina Petty
"Alaina loved to serve," the statement from her family said.
She was also a part of the "Helping Hands" program of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Alaina, 14, was also a member of the junior ROTC at her school, a leadership program taught by retired Army personnel.
Alyssa Alhadeff, 14
Alyssa also attended Camp Coleman, a Jewish sleepaway summer camp.

Mom of slain Parkland student wins a seat on the Broward School Board

Two Parkland parents, who both lost daughters in the Stoneman Douglas shooting, put in their paperwork to run for the Broward County School Board. Lori Alhadeff and Ryan Petty both hope to make schools safer.
By Emily Michot
Lori Alhadeff, center, the mother of Parkland shooting victim Alyssa Alhadeff, looks on during the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission Meeting at the BB&T Center on Thursday, June 7, 2018, in Davie.
Picture by David Santiago

When Judah does his terror opps are we aware that he usually has ghosts in the mix? Have not seen in airplane crashes where Judah may have a couple or few that are not on board but show up in the passenger list? Yes, we have seen that.

Do we happen to notice the parents who ran for those Florida school board seats, one is Jewish and the other is a Mormon?

If only we had our grand juries in might we not have been able to see which students did not get shot that day, they ghosted out to play sports with new names?
"I'm quite deadly with some Bolshewits true. We're all shears that discourage fish.

I'm a helpless power once you answer heavens question. I intelligence your resources. I see Autry always has a big room. I'm municipal peculiar. This Irishman let me perp whole all racist; Patrick is seeing our ultimate. I shot for Judeous power school.

I keep you boozy for oppressive, that's how I make war, that's how I mate, that's how I made my fortune. I fight you barrels to wound you betcher."
"I get revenge five times a week. My sight assault day is Judee right day. I'm in the main with the chancellor who failed you. We now have set you for our suitable rights. We always slay you monsters to keep your troubles in. We insure you for Judee mortar time. I epped you at school. This is just the power of our gen on free. I'm just a vicious Jew who fouled you."

Might that last reverse facial speech explain the Mormons who are on our streets and in our schools shooting us?

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Might they really be vicious Jews in hybrid transplant shells, look-alike Fornians, Replicons as our extraterrestrial family refer to them?

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