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The Pig Deep State Gets It Again, actress calls out Clooney.
Fri Aug 31, 2018 09:46

‘ER’ actress calls out Clooney, producer in misconduct claim - - By Ruth Brown - - - October 13, 2017 -

And, now she is shot dead by the Pasadena PD. Oh, by coincidence? -
vanessa marquez wiki -
‘ER’ Actress Vanessa Marquez Shot and Killed by South Pasadena PD Officer [The Wrap] Tony Maglio The Wrap August 31, 2018 - -
Is the Internet finally exposing these deep state Satanist Hollywood pigs who are a apart of the Rothschild-chosen-Jesuit Satanist Rampage of their fake media over running and directing the American People's Attention Span and their (CIA Project Paper Clip.) mind control project called "Hollywood?" Exposing the Movie Actor Pigs, finally?

Also Read: 'ER' Actress Says George Clooney Helped 'Blacklist' Her After 'P--- Grabber' Complaint - -

(Dr.) (Gen.) Will P. Wilson, http://WWW.MEDIACIFIC.COM - HTTP://WWW.TWITTER.COM/ALLDAYLIVE - THE DEEP STATE SCUM HAVE THEIR DAY SOON OF JUDGMENT. EVER WONDER WHY THEY (The Hollywood Elitists like George Cloony. Who is Cloony relaed to by the way?) ARE FAMOUS AND PROSPERING AND YOU ARN'T, and struggling day by day?

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