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Trump Tells Google - Shape Up Or Break Up
Fri Aug 31, 2018 13:16



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This morning Jane woke up and said “Dang” I can see better.

Thank you Coach Jimmy K.

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This morning President Trump Tweeted that Google, Face book , Twitter and other Social Media will straighten up and stop Censoring those who tell the truth on their Websites and Video Channels or he will proceed to break up the Major Social Media Monopolies.

These 4 Nukes sitting in the ship Lada headed for the US would not have even gotten that far had it not been or Social media censoring our channel so many in the Intelligence Community did not learn of the plot until it was almost too late.

If the Lada didn’t peel off 12 Connexes of material in South Africa the Russian Satellite never would have detected what it did.

It was shear luck they were found - thanks to Social Media Censorship.

If this is allowed to continue, or if 4 more are on their way, then all of those in DC - Congressman, Supreme Court Justice, Secret Service, Park Police, Tourists, Ambassadors, those in the FBI and CIA stationed at Langley - all will vaporized somewhere between 14 Sep - 20 Sep of this next month.

17 Sep +- 3 Days.

Unfortunately I am too busy dealing with the VA and their serious threats over my using Poisoned Inhalers to find out if there are 4 more on the way.

Fortunately - President Trump is actually doing something about it by warning these Social Media Monopolies that under the SEC rules and Regulations Censorship is destructive to a Corporation and therefore they may loose their license to operate.

Please pray that President Trump has the Hoodspa to follow through with this one promise.




1) Gave the US Military a 2.6% raise next year. This is the biggest Pay raise in 7 years.

2) Secured the World Soccer Cup will be held in the USA in 2026

3) Terminated the $200 Million Dollar yearly aid package to the Palastinians - Finally.

4) Ends the $230 Million Dollar a year Syrian Rebuilding Project.

5) Signed an Executive order to help Small Businesses set up retirement plans for their employees.

6) Renegotiated Trade Agreements with Mexico since NAFTA Ran Out 1 June 2018 - a Little Thing the Main Stream Press left out

7) Renegotiating Trade Agreements with Canada since NAFTA Expired 3 months ago.

8) Ordered DHS to not renew Green Carsds to those who came here to work who are not on Welfare.

9) Convinced FORD Motor Company not to build a very large factory in Mexico.

You see - all of the Current Tariffs were set up by President Clinton, were then cancelled under NAFTA, and then re-initiated when it ran out 1 June 2018.

These Tariffs were set up by the Clintons, not Trump. He is just renegotiating the Mess the Clintons left behind.

Dirty Main Stream Press - Lying Again, right?

10) (As Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie Schumer of the Demon-Cratic Party are praising Drug Dealers) The President ordered the arrest of yet another MS-13 Gang Member was arrested for brutally killing an American Teen by hacking him up with a Machette.

So - Overall the President is moving forward on allot of things - wouldn’t you say?



Editors of several Medical Journals clearly stated that Vaccines cause more harm than good.

Whether it’s anti-depressants making people become suicidal or chemo therapy spreading cancer the solutions to your health problems are no longer found with Big Pharma.

Ina new study the results are very clear; Anti Cancer the HPV Vaccines raises your risk of contracting Cervical Cancer/

Of course - the Vaccine Industry has it’s own Hit Squads and they have already threatened to kill the Doctor who broke the news - Dr Lawrence Palevsky.

Pray that these Murderers in the Vaccine Industry are neutralized immediately and permanently



A company that understands Guerilla Marketing


Please pray for President Trump’s Safety and that he fully understand the need to do as GOD has asked him to do

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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