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"We're Run by Psychopaths, Evil Adjusted for Political Purpo
Sat Sep 1, 2018 08:52

"We're Run by Psychopaths, Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes." Dr. Edward Spencer.

"We're managed by psychopaths and it seems to me the psychopaths are being controlled by somebody, by something, some form. The Einstein terror has put us 120 years behind in physics, zero point weapons exist. The end result will be a major attack upon population centers in this push of intelligence off of humanity and knock us down and put us back into the bottle where we were for hundreds of thousands of years under the ice age civilization."

Here is a link to that 44-minute video of Dr. Edward Spencer who said that.

Attack on Humanity Explained by Dr Edward Spencer
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Ed Spencer is a medical doctor who in 1996 set out to find the truth about what is going on here in this mad world of war, genocide and planetary destruction. The extinction level event that we are fast approaching the end of with a third of the human race being destroyed by only one atomic artillery piece shooting from the crippled Jewish electricity plant at Hitachi-GE.

Can only one dirty bomb really be that deadly that it will kill a third of the human race? Yes, it is that deadly and we have had honest scientists telling us that for many decades now.

So why did we not do something to help ourselves? Might we understand it all returns to who can issue our money as to who will be heard and who will be made silent?

Dr. Spencer mentions in the video of being targeted by satellite beams and cell phone towers. He has been put through what those who try to help their fellow human Being face. He also has been smeared and villified for telling us the truth.

In the video, he gives his opinion that extraterrestrials are here to prevent us from being pushed by the psychopaths back into the ice age. That one thing, might that reveal that Dr. Ed is here to help us? Is he not giving us a truthful reading on why our extraterrestrial family showed up openly at this time in our history? Yes, Dr. Ed is telling us the truth.

Dr. Ed talks about pharaoh Akhenaten several times in the video. While it may seem to be a bit far out, he is revealing something that he has traced back from today to where the psychopaths moved into take over the world we live in today. Akhenaten was in office in 1350 BC. This is when the Jews first appear in the written records of Egypt.

Akhenaten is classed as a psychopath by Dr. Ed and he refers to him as a non-human intelligence. Bitch theory is that Akhenaten is a root of all the errant life forms in our world today. He may be a creation of the Babylonian rigid cipher of the desert.

That the Jews first appear in written history at the time of Akhenaten, is that just coincidence or could he be responsible for breeding the psychopathic behavior into their lineage?

The insane ones, the psychopaths that fooled us into believing that nuclear missiles were here to protect, while all the time they were built to wipe our race out.

Psychopaths that have proven they are insane, yet were they not some superior salespeople?

Rather than a non-human intelligence as Dr. Ed theorizes Akhenaten was, might we more likely guess Akhenaten was an errant life form that bred his desert dwellers cipher to take over the world?

In the video, Dr. Ed commented on our physics that is 120 years behind. Intentionally crippled by the "Einstein terror," he says.

"The Einstein terror has put us 120 years behind in physics, zero point weapons exist," Dr. Ed said.

The HAARP weather war that Judah has been waging to give us the range of serious weather conditions that have been costing us dearly.

Are we understanding those are zero point weapons? The power to unleash earthquakes. Might we understand that energy to cause earthquakes is coming from the zero point field that can be accessed by using time differentials?

Zero point fields are everywhere. The energy source that Judah is using to power his underground world while simultaneously using free energy from the zero-point fields for waging weather war on the surface of our world. Can we not get smart and power our surface world with the safe energy from zero point fields?

Will, we not end funding the zero point energy weather warfare that Judah is waging against us?

Dr. Ed suggests in his video that one plan of the psychopaths is to steer asteroids in our direction to crash them into the surface of the earth to kill us with years of no sun due to the ash from the asteroid's collision with earth.

While that may sound outlandish to some of us, might some of us think he may be correct? And using zero-point energy as they have for floods and earthquakes, might they be using the zero point fields and trying to steer asteroids to crash into the earth and kill us all with starvation?

Dr. Ed thinks it is a non-human intelligence that is driving the psychopaths that have taken over planet earth. Could the psychopaths be human intelligence that is merely errant? Might the psychopaths that are running planet earth be so crazy that an ordinary person observing what they are doing leads some to think it must be a non-human intelligence?

Might Judah be so crazy that those who investigate their thinking believe there is an alien intelligence from another sinister world that is controlling earth here?

The Evil that lurks within that has pretended to be our friends all the while setting the stage to destroy us in total here.

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists." J. Edgar Hoover (1895-1972)

As we are being died off by being cancered and made sterile, is there not some way to convince ordinary workers to end funding this ruin?

The Trojan horse of Jewish electricity plants. They told us that electricity from Jewish power plants would be too cheap to meter and all the time they wanted to get their atomic artillery in place to lame, sicken and kill us and our kids' pollution ways.

Will Labor not give them a fall for their sin?

Our good God Almighty in heaven above who said to us:

"I urge you to give them a fall for their sin."

Might we note, God did not command us to stop the war, He just warned us thousands of times to STOP THE WAR?

Do we note, Father didn't command us to give Jewish a fall for their sin, He just urged us to give them a fall for their sin?

Will American Labor not try to hear the love of our good God above and respond to His urging us to save ourselves?

Though might we also note, Father commands us to love one another?

Our extinction being accomplished by high energy invisible fields that will leave us unable to reproduce ourselves. Might such a sinister plan be so far outside of our thinking that some of us conclude that it must be an alien non-human intelligence that is behind such a conspiracy to extinct our race?

Might we just not believe that a human intelligence could go so far off the mark? Will Labor not recognize how far off the mark they are and stop them before we are burned out of existence?

J admits to his tribe behind white genocide.

First some reverse facial speech from this Israeli:
"I score you white people jolly. I strep you ailed. Einstein shoot you obviously. You out your ship. My company Ohio strip you Mormon."

Will Labor not put our grand juries in and help get Ohio directed Mormons out of our courthouses where they have been stripping Americans?

Will American labor not end outing our ship?

In forward speech this Jewish guy says:

"Fear wilds the people; Fear gentiles. You're gutless stuff. I like you, I don't hate you like the rest of the Jews."
While he says that in forward speech, in reverse facial speech he says:

"From Normandy, I threw opoly. My whole interest is hold orange right. I make the rules and possess you Norman. My papa ail by pushing war in your face. I'm clearly bastard rule you. I use police to annoy you."

For those who watch his false video, he goes on with his spiel and claims that Hitler tried to defend and help Germans but could not win it against the Jews.

Might we understand that Hitler was an employee of weap Judah brand? If we understand that might we understand he was never put there to do anything good For our family in Germany?

The Egyptian Pharoah Akhenaten was known to have a large number of children. The Israelis that the Egyptian captured at that time, might he have been shooting semen into them to produce the insanity that took over our world?

For those who watch that video of that Isreali speaker, look into his eyes and see what you think.

The truth is in the eyes
Cause the eyes don't lie, amen
Remember a smile is just
A frown turned upside down
My friend let me tell you

Will ordinary people not awake ourselves from puberty to perceive that the group that is successfully exterminating the wealthiest people to have ever appeared in the human record, us Americans, are an errant though highly focused human intelligence that privately holds the Organizing Principle of our Society in their hands?

To so deeply perpetrate a genocide the like of which has never fallen on the human race, might be it is the offshoots of Akhenaten?

Is the truth of our genus passing out of life form just too hard to believe and so we don't believe we are being destroyed? That there is not a word of this on the news, should that not tell us how serious it really is?

"I make the rules and possess you Norman."

Has the truth not ended Albert's fist for hire house? Will the Norman not free himself from the clutches of this unbelievable errant human intelligence of weap Judah?

Will labor not put an existence stipend in as our good God wills and bring Stosh home from the front?

If you read about Akhenaten he is described as a unisex, misshapen fellow. His symmetry was all out of whack. Might we recognize that would be due to having arisen from cannibal predators that morphed themselves backward with their selected sexual reproduction of killing off the most attractive, most useful, the best of us?

Are we aware that both men and women of the cannibal cult seek out the handsome and beautiful to put in merely because of being nice looking?

Will American Labor not awaken ourselves to the deadliness of these genocidal life forms that are human, though those who look into what they do cannot believe it is a human intelligence behind them?

It is a human intelligence behind them. It is an errant human intelligence behind them. It is a human intelligence that has removed themselves from our midst. Will Labor not help us remove this deadly errant human intelligence of omnicide?

The total wipeout of not only human Beings on the surface of planet earth, but the entire shut down of the surface of planet earth to kill all of the life forms here. Are we understanding that was the purpose of Jewish finance building over 150,000 atomic bombs, to destroy in total our planet and all life forms that dwell on the surface here?

Are Americans not aware of what dangerous type of intelligence we are dealing with here yet?

Judah breeds dangerous mal adapted orphans living frugally knowing that one day he may use them to take out useful members of our society.

The "sleepers" that Judah breeds into every terrain awaiting only the time they can be used to take out our useful people.

The murder of Jo Cox a member of parliament in 2016.
Labour MP Jo Cox, a mother of two, has died after being gunned down in an attack near Leeds. Police are pictured with a man near the scene CREDIT: HUDDERSFIELD EXAMINER/JOHN MATHER/SKY NEWS

Thomas Mair: Man arrested in connection with Jo Cox attack was a 'loner' with 'history of mental health problems'

In the slaying of Jo Cox might we recognize one of Judah sleepers awaiting a chance to strike for Judah? Will Labor, not end funding these orphan sleeper killers that are roaming loose in our terrain?

By killing those who wish to serve us are we seeing how Judah has gotten such a tight hold on the mild people?

The mass killing going on out here, must American Labor not end funding it?

Our extraterrestrial rescuers who have saved us from nuclear blast war but so far have not been able to overcome Judah mind control that has held us to fund dying ourselves off with our children in a brimstone waste war.

Thinking with good intelligence, was it not decided long ago that instead of a fight on the streets instead we would go into courtrooms and have the people listen to all sides to see how to straighten things out for us?

Is that not why the peoples' money was used to build the courtrooms here in the first place?

As we have these courtrooms does it not seem wise to use them to take the fight that is on the streets and put the facts into the courtroom to let the people decide on how to remedy it? Is that not what ordered civilized society is supposed to be all about? Yes it is.

If only England had a grand jury process in their law night they have uncovered what was behind the murder of Jo Cox?

Are we aware that American law is different than English law? That is are we aware that grand jury process was made the law of the land in 1791 when the deal was signed by the states delegates that created the United States of America?

But what about the grand jury that looked into Our Lady of Angels school fire that killed so many children and nuns? Did that grand jury not prove a failure to us?
On Dec. 1, 1958, a fire consumed Our Lady of the Angels grade school on the West Side of Chicago, killing 92 children and three nuns.

Why did they never identify the young man that was seen near the school shortly before the fire broke out?

Why did they not question the people who came shortly before the fire started and collected the coats for the homeless that had been stored in the basement?

Why was mother superior prevented by the lawyers from giving her complete testimony to the grand jury?

Why did the labor representative on the grand jury resign and not continue hearing testimony?

Might we figure it was because there was a whole bunch of money in the background that held that grand jury from hearing the whole truth?

Might we see it is the unlimited money of American Labor that is in Jewish hands that has been and is still able to nullify the great law of our land?

With bourse controlled by Judah, have we not witnessed even though we have grand jury process as our law, that we end up stuck like our family in England because our grand juries are merely sham operations?

Will American Labor take over the issue of our money and give us something other than a sham?

Our family from outer space that is awaiting our arrival in peace. How about some pictures of their spacecraft?

First, we start with a picture of our sun:

Do we notice the object sitting by the sun?

There it is. Can that really be larger than our planet earth?

Here's a close up:

Here's comparision:

Is it not absolutely astounding the size of spaceships that our extraterrestrial family manufacture?

Here's some more pictures of our family that is anchored near the sun to welcome us in peace to join the Galactic Federation of light:

Continued at:

Video 12.01 at:

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    • "We're Run by Psychopaths, Evil Adjusted for Political Purpo — Patrick Sullivan, Sat Sep 1 08:52
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