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"Druid, He's Got a Sight to Go Koresh. Heroin Opps Took Away
Sun Sep 2, 2018 06:17

"Druid, He's Got a Sight to Go Koresh. Heroin Opps Took Away the Gentlemen Basic."

Those a couple of overnight Tele receives. David Koresh who had his home invaded outside of American Law and was burned to death by the forces of Jewish along with 79 of his followers.

"Outside of American Law?"

No grand jury process to test the government's allegations. Strictly done in-house by clerks who scheduled and carried forward with that military mass death operation.

Will Druid not put our splendid law in once again and get the Jewish true law out of America?

In yesterday's post Bitch spoke about the grand jury and how if England had grand jury process it could have uncovered what was behind the death of Parliament member Jo Cox. And only after posting did he go and do some reverse speech of Jo and what did he find other than Jo Cox was a sport. Here is what he put up yesterday at APFN after putting his daily post up.

Might Jo Cox Not be Dead? Might She be a Ghost?

What might lead Bitch to suspect that conclusion?

He went and watched a video of her speaking in Parliament and read a little of her reverse speech. See what you think:

Here's a little bit of what Jo Cox said in RS:

"I shoot for the Prime Minister to get you outly. My shoot set you rightly for my homo-sets. Germans are bas, I'm set right for battery here. I shake you hop step. We just bore and stiffel. I just set you right here forcee. We trespass right on noodle. We just have psychology rights to put you down. We're war with a cell-is right. I just psyche you with the right images and that's how I run your city because I'm stupid."

What do you think? Might her past have caught up with her and she stepped one step ahead of civil process?

Bitch mentioned her in a post today and how England does not have a grand jury process as we have in our American law. Judah also has taken our coroners' grand juries out. Might a coroner's grand jury not easily have spotted Jo as a ghost? Sure they would.

Will American labor not put our rights in and end these sports on us?

Thank you. God bless.

Continued at:

A young man was convicted in Chicago recently of the death of Hadiya Pendleton. Reverse speech indicated to Bitch when she was purportedly slain in 2013, she was actually a ghost.

Might our coroner's grand juries not find the ghosts that are escaping justice? Certainly, they would. Might that explain why Judah took the coroner's grand juries out and put his clerk medical examiner in?

Does Judah not tell us that he controls the forensics? Yes, he does.

"They're all public welfare people."

That Tele receives from yesterday's post. Is there some understanding the people who are directing and implementing the war of extermination against us are that public welfare people riding on public paychecks?

"Letting your political existence go is extremely small." 11.32 a.m.

Our political existence in a new land, a land that was supposed to have tossed the old world Euro-sports, spirit out.

"They're falsing us out of here completely. 6.30 p.m. I don't know why the people put up with this stuff, you're gone." 1.21 a.m.

But if we have a God and God is good is God not supposed to get the extinction brand off of us?

DECEMBER, 1969 28

An excerpt from a letter George Jackson wrote giving his thoughts about the question if there is a god or not.

"Forget that Westernized backward stuff about god. I curse god, the whole idea of a benevolent supreme being is the product of a tortured, demented mind. It is a labored, mindless attempt to explain away ignorance, a tool to keep people of low mentality and no means of production in line. How could there be a benevolent superman controlling a world like this. He would have to be malevolent, not benevolent. Look around you, evil rules supreme. God would be my enemy. The theory of a good, just god is a false idea, a thing for imbeciles and old women and, of course, Negroes. It's a relic of the past when men made words and mindless defenses for such things as sea serpents, magic, and flat earths."

How many of us may have been in agreement with George on the question of whether or not God existed at all? Does ordinary human logic not deny there is a good God when we live in genocidal Jewish tyrannies worldwide that destroy these creations that are purportedly made by God?

Would God not stop the jews from destroying us if he truly were a good God?

George Jackson, who was shot to death by a prison guard, a bright guy who saw things in the reality of the prison world he lived in. He was slain at 30-years of age.

Bitchie was twice George's age and Bitch, like George, didn't believe there was a God above. And then one day God spoke to him.

"God said: "They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death."

This nation of vast imprisonment, torture, execution chambers and perpetual war. Might God want us to be the ones to end funding it all?

If we are not willing to help ourselves, in what way should we expect God to help us at all?

If ordinary people for whatever reason are unwilling to organize to throw a bunch of duds, thugs, and bums out of our political organizations, then what and who are we? If we refuse to help ourselves, in the face the love of God for us, then should God step in when we accept serfdom for ourselves and our children in our land billed as the land of the free?

Who would ever imagine that our God is from an advanced extraterrestrial civilization that has lived in peace for 9 million years?

Who would ever guess that our bibles were crafted by the Galacticans using their database of 87 million years of history?

If surveys are correct, over a third of us don't believe that there are extraterrestrials visiting us. Might we only ponder the magnificence and glory of our good God above?

What are we to consider in that Judah, the top ones, have known of our extraterrestrial relationship for thousands of years?

Our good God Almighty who loves us all equally and unconditionally. Our Father in heaven who is all merciful and forgiving.

"I will never harm you," Father said.

"My kids, treat them super nice. Be kind to the babies of the forests."

The indelible mark of love that Father has put upon us all. Will American Labor not wake ourselves and STOP THE WAR?

"Remember....Remember." Elder said to Bitch several times.

Remember what? Were we reincarnated? Is that what it is?

Instead of reincarnated, might we understand elders are helping us to remember who we were before weap Judah bred his warons into our community of love and turned us into a community funding hate, imprisonment and perpetual war?

Bitch was weeping yesterday at the sad fate we have delivered ourselves to. Our children sterilized and our brand to go no further now. Stosh out bombing the world because he can't get a fair deal in der homeland.

Judah still smirking because he's outsmarted, Bitch. Jewish able once again to hold Druid to be pulverized. If only we had our grand juries in might we have been able to save ourselves from them?

The cruel world of permanent war that we live in. If we silently keep funding it is there any way we that should we blame God for our mess?

Using our need for electricity that allowed Judah to install his atomic artillery to wash us out completely. Will Labor not help us to close these genocidal Jewish electricity plants?

Do we really not know that we have lost our children yet?

Have the baffle wits of Jewish really confused us so that we do not perceive our passing out of life form now with our kids?

Bitch asked Mercury elder last night "how many civilizations are here now?"

"Twenty-six," elder said.

Here are pictures of just a few of those advanced peaceful extraterrestrial civilizations that are parked nearby to welcome us in. These were in yesterday's post:

First, we start with a picture of our sun:

Do we notice the object sitting by the sun?

There it is. Can that really be larger than our planet earth?

Here's a close up:

Here's comparision:

Is it not absolutely astounding the size of spaceships that our extraterrestrial family manufacture?

Here's some more pictures of our family that is anchored near the sun to welcome us in peace to join the Galactic Federation of light:

One extraterrestrial civilization that is now anchored near our sun that has built a space world many times bigger than our planet earth.

Can we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for sending all of His angels to welcome us into peace in our sector of the universe?

Will American Labor not spirit us in the truth of peace and get out this false world of Jewish sports war?

While many extraterrestrial civilizations are here to welcome us into a permanent peace, if we continue to fail and fund Jewish sports war and genocide, might they be taking the righteous to safety?

While there has been much ballyhoo about America and "We the people," if we want to be true to ourselves, was it not started by the elite as many other countries are?

The banter about freedom and liberty. Was it not shown to be false by our state starting with unfree Labor? Was the most vicious form of Labor racketeering, slavery, not enshrined and protected in our first laws? Yes, it was.

Did the drafters of the constitution not toss out a Bill of rights that was introduced in Philadelphia in 1787? Yes, they did toss out the bill of rights that was put forward at the constitutional convention in 1787.

Might that rejection of making provisions of rights for Americans indicate that once they got old king George cut out of his share of the pie, it was going to be business as usual in the new land of America?

Looks that way doesn't it?

The rights that the state delegates demanded in 1789 to be in the constitution or no United States of America would be created. The sacred compromise that was made that our Bill of rights would be our law that allowed the United States of America to be created. Signed sealed and delivered in 1791.

The all-white Missouri jury that rejected the vicious rights of the Labor racketeers and freed the working man Dred Scott in 1854. The racist decision of the supreme clerks in Washington D.C. that accepted as law the vicious Labor racketeers ways, kidnapped Dred and returned him to the vicious labor situation as he was in before.

Druid and Slav law both in as the heart of our Bill of Rights. So good it even freed a slave peaceably in the new United States of America. Thrown out by the clerks on the bench so that the war on Labor could go on.

Might we see the hand of our good God Almighty has set us now for our new nation, a nation not brought in by the elites as usual, but brought in by the ordinary simple working people?

One of our top labor leaders, Willaim Sylvis who was assassinated by poison in 1869. And why did they make William leave at only 41 years of age? Might it have been his simple explanation to workers that we must have a seat at the table where money is issued from?

That Jewish have privatized 100% the issue of our money into their hands. Might we not perceive that is why we are perishing now? Have the Jews not committed genocide against us enough that we will not try to save ourselves from this last genocide that they are doing to us with brimstone waste?

Our good God Almighty so high above us that He has not been detected by some of the brightest minds on earth. And yet some of the Jewish may have understood the extraterrestrial nature of God for thousands of years now.

Buddha, a top mind of 2,500 years ago and still today his teachings are guiding us on how to live in peace and harmony with everyone. And yet, even with the angels speaking to him, he never divined the existence much less the nature of God.

Might we only today try to perceive how mighty and wondrous is our good God? God who has sent the spaceships that are anchored near our sun.

Will we not pray that ordinary workers will perceive the love of God and try to save ourselves from this tyranny state of permanent war in and on our world being waged by our purse held in the private hands of Jewish?

Tele receives:

"Get this Jew off of us. 9.57 a.m.

You're entitled. 10.20 a.m.

We encourage you to fair this.

You're threatened. 10.23 a.m.

Genius struck. 11.30 a.m.

Genius sure riser, he's done.

The white people have got to act on the nice boy or he will no longer assemble you. 11.36 a.m.

Home opps abuse you. 11.47 a.m.

Hos siege us. 11.50 a.m.

STRIKE their viciously out.

They're obviously out. 11.56 a.m.

ORGANIZE this species. 12.00 p.m.

Their semper core us out.

They don't treat you so fairish. 12.19 p.m.

Their dupa wrench is all Jew.

Somebody spurred ya.

They're boursing us fairly lifeless. 12.33 p.m.

Your place is minimized stupid.

You've fallen out the pura-state, quickly now put something in. 1.14 p.m.

Patrick, my muss with you is over. 1.15 p.m.

The white guy's made them failed. 1.49 p.m.

They're passed. 1.57 p.m.

Their bench warrants are all closed up for criminal officers.

It always upset me common lethal. 2.17 p.m.

Fear fault thee. 2.30 p.m.

You've been mica'd out. 2.36 p.m.

Stupee here is keeping us with cash. 2.53 p.m.

You made them go right.

I would not have been nurtured for not having it. 6.12 p.m.

Nothing but goose theory, Nixon needs his miracles.

By pulling your rights off they set you for sets.

I always let em go on bread and water.

They're moving your field real tight with insults.

They've pushed the button and you've done nothing. 6.28 p.m.

For impoverishment they had to be sore.

They're strictly unsaleable, strictly unskilled.

Get them off, they've lethaled us in a monstrous way.

They pushed the button on this field.

They gift us 20% they pushed out.

Jew falsed them out of your true place.

It's your kennel rape fisters now pounding the man.

You inherit now.

They organize theft, organize yourselves now.

Patrick helps you out of this place New Hampshire.

It's maddening, they sick your life up.

It is such a hideous that the white are doing to us.

The whites will gradually be destroyed slowly staged; its war.

There has to be something done, we die in a corrupt sale, they die us vicious.

They die you on basic complete force.

Jew falls a safe rate.

He nails you symphony. 2.31 a.m.

They assist you off of this field.

Burn to hold you's in.

The uranium check shut us.

ORGANIZE, Jew really can shiv. 3.00 a.m.

You're refused, canceled.

They like to anger and be beast falsive.

Heroin opps took away the gentlemen.

The Martians make them go basic.

Druid, he's got sight to go Koresh.

Help me, it's awfully clear they make us stupid.

Your courage is cheer." 4.28 a.m.

The key for the Jewish to take over the world. Might we find it was when their clerks on the bench defeated free labor in 1857 when they turned a jury freed man back to his master? Was that not just about the last chance to peacefully free Labor and prevent the war between the states?

The Rockefeller war profiteers and so many others that arose from the blood of the Americans. The Rockefellers university of Chicago that lit the nuclear fuse on their campus in 1942. Will Labor not give peace a chance?

They've tried so hard to destroy us but here we are saved only by the love of our good God.

Continued at:

"Gutless stuff," the Jew boy called us. Will Labor not

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