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The Mother Of All Wake Up Calls
Sun Sep 2, 2018 11:54



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If you are an investor and what you hear right now does not scare the pants off of you then you need to hear it again.

This is why everyone who has anything is buying as much Gold and Silver as they can


In 2014, under our last Glorious Leader and Savior President Barach Insane

Obama a bill was passed, and approved, by the G-20 Nations that all of the money in your bank accounts belong to the banks.

The FBI later stated - although this has been pulled off of Google (Censored) but not scrubbed from Federal Court Cases - everything in your Savings Deposit Boxes belong to the banks.

If a bank is seized by some FASCIST US Department - you loose everything.

OK - maybe you have a couple thousand in your bank account and millions in your 401K or other savings arena - like through a Brokerage.

Name one brokerage not owned by a bank - thanks to our last President - and name one Brokerage that is now allowing you to deal with their bank?

We have been asking around and this is what I gather - YOUR Investments, including most Pension Plans invested, belong to a Bank and all IRS reporting requirements are done so using Banking Forms.

1) Bank of American - Merrill Lynch

2) Wells Fargo - Wachovia

3) Goldman Sachs Bank - Goldman Sachs

4) Chase Manhattan Bank - Whoís entire wealth was stolen form the Russians - Chase Investments

5) Capital One Bank - Capitol One Investments

6) USAA Bank - USA Investments

Do you get the picture?

When the RESET occurs and bank accounts are zeroed out - what do you think will happen to your investments?

Your CDís?

Your Mutual Funds?

All owned by banks - everything is owned by banks.

After our last Demon-Cratic President was elected he worked hard to set this up - to set you up.

Every dime you have in an investment company belongs to the Bank that owns the Brokerage - at least thatís what the Federal Courts and the FBI think.

OK - So Noble Gold Investments can turn my investments into Gold and Silver, so what?

If you trade with Gold and Silver - every sale of Gold and Silver over $600 now reportable and Taxable to the IRS on an IRS Form 1099.

This is why YOU need professional sevice.

Maybe store your gold in a Secured, Insured Vault with Noble Gold Investments so you can trade without IRS involvement.

Maybe we all need to wake up as to what these Politicians are doing to us?

Thatís why we all need a professional and take charge of our own investments.

As for Social Security - ever tried to live on $1,200 a month?


Besides - as of 1 October 2022 according to both the Social Security Agency and the US Air Force they go away - vanish - POOF!

What comes after is a Universal ID Card - a Biometrics Card using your Face, Iris, and Fingerprints as ID and your Computer Chip.

It will not be pretty as one virus will terminate the entire banking system.


So hunker down, consider putting your investments in your own hands, and be ready for a systemic credit break down for at least 2 weeks - perhaps as long as 3 months.

Yesterday morning the IMF decided to stop supporting the Indian, Malasian, Brazilian, Argentinian and many other currencies. This means at least 12 major nations are about to switch off the Dollar and Default on their debts.

So my 1 October almost 3 Billion People will be trading exclusively without using the US Dollar.

So what happens here in America?

That all determines whether President Trump does as GOD has asked him to do. If he complies with GOD - this will be a soft landing and about Ĺ of all Pension Plans will go down over the next year and the dollar will loose about 50% of its value world wide.

If President Trump continues to do as he is doing - it will be a very hard landing indeed.

So maybe we need to pray for the President really hard.


There is a whole lot more news out there, like TESLA not making Spare Parts, All Federal Pay is frozen next year and the Main Stream Media is caught in lie after lie - but none is so important to US as to where OUR dollar is headed.


Please pray for President Trumpís Safety

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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