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"We Appreciate You Closed the Dud Judas. Show Me You Got the
Thu Sep 6, 2018 10:48

"We Appreciate You Closed the Dud Judas. Show Me You Got the Stuff to Deal With This."

Closed dud Judas but failed to open the force of American labor. Labor remaining supine as we are washed out of life form never once attempting to take the concession to issue our money away from the Jews. Will Labor not act and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Now less than two weeks to go before it will be determined if the majority of Americans will sicken and die over the next five years from inhaling radioactive waste.

A horrific death coming in upon Americans and yet from reading comments on the web, it seems that some Americans are not aware of our scheduled departure out of life form yet. Passing out of life form even with two thousand years of our bibles warning us how brimstone would get us when the beast departed from our world.

And to think about it, could it all be changed in only 6 hours time with a general STRIKE?

That's what Judah tells us, 6 hours of a general STRIKE and he will turn the authority to issue our money over to a Labor Committee of the Whole.

So why hasn't American Labor responded to our plight as we are almost completely set to go out of life?

Why is it that Patrick saw so clearly 53 years ago this November that we were going to be perished in a nuclear blast war?

Patrick so limited in some ways and yet able to see as a teenager the nuclear blast war that was set to perish us all. Isn't it funny how some people see things in different ways?

"I can't do anything about it so why even think about," is something Patrick heard over the years when he would bring up the fact of the coming nuclear blast war.

"You lost your values on missile psyching." 3.17 p.m.

Judah terrorist with his scientific elite building us into a world that could be destroyed in a few hours of good shooting with nuclear missiles. Put his missiles on hair-trigger alert and had his Jews in Moscow, Berlin, London and Washington spend their time doing all they could to bring the nations to nuclear war.

Might the missile psyching have been what caused Patrick to lose his values and insult his fellow Americans?

His intelligence in 1965 was a drop out in high school but high enough to see the end game while the majority of Americans apparently didn't seem to notice that we were the living dead already.

Judah had set us to be destroyed in total and few had told us what was set for us.

Easy for a 17-year-old to figure out we were set to be destroyed in a nuclear blast war, but not so easy to figure out that our extraterrestrial family was here with us holding Judah from pushing us off.

It took Bitch 32 years more to figure out that extraterrestrials were the only reason we have remained alive as Judah has tried continuously to die us all off with his great atomic blast wars.

"If you ever grasp how stupid you are you'll be amazed," Brainiac said to Patrick in July of 1997 when he figured out that the reason UFOs shut down the nuclear missiles at Minot Air Force base in 1966 was because they were nuclear blast triggering devices.

The ship Lusitania was a triggering device as is a nuclear missile in a launch tube. Just one nuclear missile launched at Russia would bring on the third world war that would be over in just a few hours leaving America a smoking ruin.

"My Lord failed to force you to push us," Judee say.

Judah and his children, well aware of our good Lord above. Aware that Father is from an advanced extraterrestrial civilization that is in peace and never makes war.

Why has our Lord failed to force us to push Judah?

Might it be because our Lord does not force anyone?

"I urge you to give them a fall for their sin," our sweet Lord said to His simian kids.

"I died them truthful, they're no friends of mine. They have NO defensible rights," our sweet Lord and God said.

God Almighty who died the Jew truthful so why is it that Druid Slav has not responded to try and save ourselves as the Jew is perishing us and our kids?

"I set your rights for a Jutiful offense."

Judah who is Jutiful to finish us off with his brimstone crush, so why don't we respond and be dutiful to ourselves?

What might it take for us to set our rights in place so that Judah cannot do his Jutiful crush?

What are the words, that will bring American Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT and stop their crush?

"Sooth me. Wake me when they've struck," our sweet Lord said.

Bitchie can't wake Father because Judah is still winning making us dead.

Judah claims he found us "wild," and that our roots are "child" as to why he has so easily been able to destroy you and me.

Bitchie, not witted enough to perceive what the bible was years ago. All the preachers thumping the bible that have been supporting the worst of the Wall Street war machine. Giving Bitch the perception that the bible is nice words used by the cunning to deceive us and make us think they are good.

Yet who would ever imagine that the bible is actually words from an advanced extraterrestrial civilization to guide us to come on up and be extraterrestrials ourselves? And Judah using the bible to fool us pretending that he is good when he is the false one.

Is there even one person that comes to mind that has been able to explain the large truth of the bible to us? Bitch has yet to find anyone in history that could see the truth that we are the children of an advanced extraterrestrial civilization.

Psalm 107:26 They mounted up to the heavens, they sunk to the depths; their courage melted in their anguish. 27 They reeled and staggered like drunkards, and all their skill was useless. 28 Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble, and He brought them out of their distress.…

Will American Labor not cry out to our Lord to bring us out of the distress of Jewish permanent war and genocide of us?

Will American Labor not stop this genocide of us?

The crop reports are coming in; we are being destroyed with our kids.

"They're ghosting off to fail us finally." 4.37 a.m.

Shooting their lawyers, judges, municipals. Their professionals who have been found out for sporting with them.

Will American Labor not take over the concession to issue money and bring this shooting to an end?

Their thousands of years in the harsh desert environment that taught them how to cheat and lie and be no friend to us. Will Labor not end this die we are in?

Our precious sweet Papa in heaven above. 38 light-years away in the direction of the North Star. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT so that Bitch can wake Papa up with the good news that America is finally at peace?

Might our world be the Star Trek episode that never was because it was just too fantastical to conceive of?

We all worldwide equipped with 223 high intelligence genes. Made in the image of God. Made to be loved and cared for not imprisoned beaten up or put into warfare.

Will labor not clean the scoundrels outright with a STRIKE?

The missile game they play to terrorize us. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and call their bluff?

Is it not clear that Sir Casper has ended their missile terrorization of we the children of God in our world?

The Jews and their missile psyching of us. Will Labor not step in and take our purse and end their terrorism on earth?

Return, O faithless children, I will heal your faithlessness. “Here we come to you; for you are the Lord our God.” Jeremiah 3:22

Will labor not return us to our good God to heal the faithlessness to close the eternal war of the Jews out right?

Will Labor not end funding the Jew who uses our money to hire his cruelly manipulated poor fist to make war?

The Druid and Slav so debonair, set now to die out breathing the poisoned air.

And all it will take to save us here is a general STRIKE to STOP THE WAR.

The North American continent being poisoned out. Is it just too big of a thought that we don't even want to think about it?

We ourselves animated into our high-level intelligence form by a race of peaceful extraterrestrials that are always here. Is it not something to think about, Judah had knowledge of this fact for thousands of years?

"A preferred body form," is what elder said as to one of the reasons we were chosen to be gifted with our high-level intelligence genes. Just the right size for conventional flying saucers to buzz around the universe in. Elephants are sweet but their body form is not preferred as is ours

Judah who casually blew off elders rules when they were given to Moses 3,500 years ago. The decisions made by Judah to ignore our creator's rules then that was never revised and now have blown Judah off for all time. Judah's inability to accommodate others. The weakness that has finished him off with us forever more.

Will Labor not let them off right?

Judah who came to the land of the free and threw our fair rules out. The same guy that threw God's rules out three and a half thousand years ago.

Will labor not put our fair rules in once again and throw Judah fist true law out?

Will labor not recognize where we are and put our good God's rules in His village once again?

Will labor not reject submitting bids for any new lethal injection chamber construction? Will Labor no reject building Lethal inhalation chambers?

That Judah has turned our atmosphere into a lethal inhalation chamber for all of us, will we not act and close them out? Will Labor not let the errant life forms off right?

Tele receives:

"You're over late. 6.36 p.m.

They're falling missile.

Wall and bench are your problems. 6.48 p.m.

It's fair, it's finished. 6.50 p.m.

They fist you's fine. 6.59 p.m.

They outrage us hard. 7.01 p.m.

You're on your own. 7.18 p.m.

How many kids you got?

Autry died for your switch.

I threw the whole human race out. (Judee of course)

Show me you got the stuff to deal with this. 2.47 a.m.

We appreciate you closing the dud Judas.

Close your lifeless.

My Lord failed to force you to push us. 3.01 a.m.

A STRIKE force is envious.

Duddy washed them on amperes. 3.26 a.m.

Diapers challenged and your voices failed. 3.29 a.m.

You crippled them, their stage. 3.36 a.m.

They're ghosting off to fail us finally. 4.37 a.m.

Insects sight you. 4.38 a.m.

Gifted misfits." 5.09 a.m.

The final assault and heinous battery upon the mild people of the north. Now underway with brimstone waste.

War, the ruse of the Jews. Their sucker punch with nuclear blast weapons that took us away.

But why are we stlll here if their hydrogen sucker punch took us away?

Are we understanding we are here only because our good God had His angels keep us in?

Will Labor not take Stalin's Jewish circus out and bring God's circuits in?

"Contact has rolled mutual right," Judee say.

Rolled mutual right but as of yet not activated labor to help us.

"Jew useless intimate is wiping your air, I'm taking out your economy," Judee say.

Will labor not reject the Jewish child's game of using intimate to wash us away? Will Labor not take over our financial and end Jewish taking our economy out?

If their Jewish electricity was merely costly we might we be able to deal with it. But that it is genocidal are we not aware we must take it out?

"I threw the whole human race. I'm perpin you. My rumors hold you right on vegetable opps," Judee say.

About 8 Billion of us human beings on the surface of planet earth and yet 160 million Jews and their Fornian look alike hybrid transplant shells threw the whole human race. If only our roots were not child might we have been able to see their face? If only rumors failed to hold us on vegetable opps might we have taken the organizing principle of society away from the Jews?

"I won because you believe a liar," Judee say.

If only we had not believed a liar might labor have helped us to try and survive?

"Our optimist usually sports you away," Judee say.

If only we let our faithfulness in our good God in might we not be able to close Judah sportster out?

"War is all a contrivance." 11.38 a.m.

In that simple sentence might we not be able to figure out that Wall Street is fooling us?

"We vegetable greasy. We're taking you brutal into a ditch great because that's Falseberg," Judee say.

Over 7 years of burning nuclear waste to poison out the North American continent, Refusing to put boron into the feed water to turn that nuclear reaction off.

And what do we see other than the same people sitting at the top of government burning up you and me?

Have we wondered how hypnotism works? As a theory, Bitch speculates that it is a natural thing that allows us to turn off part of our brains when we are being eaten by a big animal.

Might that explain why we have not tried to help ourselves as we are being eaten alive by weap Judah monster?

Has the monstrous side of Judah somehow gotten us to accept that we must be eaten now? Might we all be trapped inside a spell that we might recognize as hypnotized? Might it be fear of Jewish that has kept Labor paralyzed?

Will we not pray to our good God to give us courage and free us from the spell of Jewish?

Bitch preparing this post while watching television and news of a quake on Hokkaido Japan that registered off of the scales. Serious destruction there.

Numerous Judee speakers quite pleased at the level of destruction they have been able to put in there. Here's a few things they said in reverse facial speech:

"This is Jew Weissmuller fist ya for fun. This is my absolutely stupee, I'm, just mousing away. We use a dog for our messin'."

Johnny Weissmuller (1904 – 1984) known as Tarzan in the movies. Will American Labor not end funding Jew Tarzan and his fun ways?

Here is a reverse speech of a victim of that earthquake:

"Druid abuse great."

Will Druid not take our purse away from weap Judah and end the great abuse of the children of God on earth?

Our elders from the Federation that know of tens of billions of extraterrestrial societies in the universe. And what do all extraterrestrial societies have in common?

They all use velocity power sources for their civilizations. The tap into the motion of our universe. And what is the outcome of using free energy velocity power sources? All of the societies are incredibly wealthy.

How does that compare with planet earth using Jewish electricity combined with coal, oil and gas that is poisoning our air above and our water below the surface of our planet?

Have some of us noted reading that worldwide 80% of us are living below the standards of basic life? Might we see the effects of Jewish having control of our energy sources and how it has set us back?

The assassination of Dr. Mallove in 2004 right after he issued his letter to the world explaining that free energy is real and scientifically proven. Might we want to appreciate that velocity power supplies of unlimited free energy are basic technology of the next higher order?

While Judee is happy that he has kept God's free energy circuit out of our world by assassination both physical and character assassination, what are we to think that tens of billions of other worlds have velocity free energy power sources serving their civilizations?

The deadly mess of Jewish electricity waste that has already poisoned out a third of the water on our planet and is now closing a third of the human race out. Can we only wonder what happened to our wits? Can we not do better than coward efforts in the face of our certain extermination from life?

Judee wants to play with our wits and so he tumbles us with force.

If we understand this must we not serve ourselves by taking Judah's force away from him here?

"We cite you puris on public roll," Judee say.

The easiest felons to identify and bring in. Might we consider are those on our public payrolls?

Will Labor not show some civic responsibility for the crime wave Labor is funding and we are enduring here in this country and put our grand juries in to clear the puris from the public rolls?

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Is there some understanding that we have a good God above who wants us to survive

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    • "We Appreciate You Closed the Dud Judas. Show Me You Got the — Patrick Sullivan, Thu Sep 6 10:48
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