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"Oh My God They Hush You as Favorite Wood. Breeze Continual
Fri Sep 7, 2018 09:07

"Oh My God They Hush You as Favorite Wood. Breeze Continual is the Enterprise."

Those a couple of overnight Tele receives.

The enterprise of war. War, the contrivance whereby the dominant members of society holds the ordinary people to exploitation. And the dominant such a small number, the 2%, the deuce that gets it done as they have for thousands of years.

Seemed it should be different this time in America what with our fabulous Bill of Rights. Rights, like a seat belt, no use if you don't put them on.

Drive up the road and if nothing happens, the seatbelt makes no difference. Get into a little crash, the door flies open and you get tossed 30 or 40 feet away and die of a brain concussion or internal injuries from the impact with the ground. The driver that had a seatbelt on, held into the vehicle to walk away shaken but still alive.

Might we see an analogy of sorts between a seat belt and our Bill of Rights?

Go through life and nothing untoward happens and no problem. Like driving without a seat belt, no crash, never notice the value of your rights.

But if along the path of life you happen to be getting wealthy by your efforts and you trigger the jealousy of an unseen hand you then may be unknowingly targeted by a group with an unlimited source of free money and are set up to be taken down and imprisoned for a crime you did not commit.

The girlfriend you broke up with that was found dead. You had nothing to do with it, but you were charged anyway. Arrested on a clerks signature. The clerk sitting on a bench. A public welfare receiver who took the affidavit of another clerk, one that carries a gun and uses it to arrest and imprison you.

The witnesses at trial, the claim your cell phone signature was found near your former girlfriend's house. The video pictures in your former girlfriends hallways of a guy dressed like you and looks like you shown to the jury.

You're convicted and carried off for life in prison. Of course, it wasn't you in her hallway that day, it was a double. An actor who had you type of clothes ready to go to your ex-girlfriends apartment building the day they killed her.

And your rise in getting wealthy halted and you are made into a slave of the state. Made into an investment for tyranny investors in prison camps.

Say it can't happen to you? Happens all to time to Americans and has for a long time. How long? ever since weap Judah took a hold of the vast amount of wealth made available to their cannibal cult in 1913.

Unlimited unearned income they have access to due to the fact they are the only party that can lawfully issue our money.

The example Bitch mentioned here of a guy's former girlfriend being found dead and he was framed up and pulled out because he was a guy on the way up financially. He is sitting in jail right now doing time for a crime he did not commit.

The former girlfriend's body was found behind his brother's retail store. Isn't that convenient to make up a false story of what happened to that girl?

The banks that Judah controls and has access to all of the financial records of everyone. He sees everything we do and shares our information with other cannibal cult kids.

And as they made the plot to pull the extra bright rising young business guy off, might they have gone to his former girlfriend's employer to set her right for when they took her out to pull him down?

If only a grand jury of twenty-three people had been called and heard the Jewish state's allegations and the young man was invited to participate as American Law requires when our Bill of Rights are in, might they have gotten the insurance records and seen a few months before the girlfriend was found slain, her employer boosted her worker insurance up real big?

But as we have no rights, and we are living as we did in Jewish controlled Europe and other lands before we came to the good ole US of A, he did not get his American rights and so he lost it all and now sits in a prison cell 24/7 all day and night for the rest of his life.

And all this was done to him just because he was brighter than most and was putting his financial head to make himself rich?

But what about the trial by jury, shouldn't they have freed him if he was innocent?

For those who have checked out our courthouses, the summons for jury duty, are we not aware that is issued by Mormons who serve the Jews?

The bribe-takers in Jewish crooked courthouses. Might they have summoned from their special bribe taker list to ensure that the innocent get convicted? Certainly.

So what is an ordinary person to do to fix this?

Are we understanding the entire plot is able to be enforced against Americans due to there being unlimited free cash to hire all the actors needed to frame up an innocent person? Are we perceiving why our good God wills that Labor issue our money and not the Jews?

2 Dead, Sheriff's Officer Hurt After Niles Crash
Two people were killed in a crash involving a Cook County Sheriff’s squad car Thursday morning in north suburban Niles.

Matthew Walberg
Chicago Tribune
Two sisters returning home from work died Thursday morning when the car they were in was involved in a crash with a Cook County sheriff’s office squad car in Niles, according to police and a family member.

The women who died were identified as Ludwika Moskal, 69, of Norridge, who was driving the Honda, and Helena Lukasik, 64, of Chicago, a passenger in that car, according to Niles police.

Can we only wonder what happened there?

If only we had our rights in might we have our grand jury check out the insurance packages on the deceased?

The high-speed chases that have killed thousands of Americans coast to coast. If only our grand juries checked to see might we find there are rewards issued by Jewish to capture guys to get the insurance collection on the prison house die?

While honoring the "Pearl mice," as one legislator referred to them in reverse facial speech, might it not be even better for us to honor our Bill of Rights by putting them in once again?

Incidentally, the innocent framed up businessman on the way up last time Bitch heard, he was being held in cook county jail. Merely another one of the millions of harmless innocent people being held in Jewish jails in America.

They've shot themselves Labor, what are you holding their deadly kosher corpses in for? Will you not stop funding their sport insurance collections on us?

Is it not clear they are using public welfare to do their sport?

"Thank you, you've pushed them away." 4.39 a.m.

"You're welcome."

With the love of God and help from His angels' Bitch pushed them away but unable to get labor in. Will the majority of Americans do nothing as we are put to extinction due to inhaling brimstone waste?

The Fornian Jew Belgian king Leopold who had our family in the Congo mauled for his sport over a century ago. Might we understand king Leopold did that so our family in Belgium would be smeared to take us down with our family of color?

Have we not seen the Jewish plan is to take the white man down as best the Jew can? And how better to take us down than to have our white assault the other children of God? Is it not perceived that is what the are doing to Americans now?

"I urge you to give them a fall for their sin," God Almighty our sweet Lord in heaven said.

The gentleness of God waking us up to our higher level selves. Will, we not hope and pray that the white hear that we are going out of life form with our children and act to stop the war?

"Resighted," Mercury angels suggest is all that we need to set us right. The Jews, their lies, their fights. Will Labor not throw them outright with a general STRIKE?

Will American Labor not take the issue of paper away from the jews and issue it yourselves?

Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got
Til its gone

Do Americans not know that we have the very best designed legal system in the world?

Designed over many centuries of living in the death, destruction, kidnapping, robbery, and murder that the state always does. Might we note the Bill of Rights were designed to limit what those on the public payroll can do?

Judah, who on the advice of his counsel, set us to perish. His plan to destroy us all in a three-hour nuclear blast shot that was pulled out by the Martians that Papa sent in. Now using his back up of Jewish brimstone electricity waste to extinct our race.

The children of God on earth warned of the end times nearly two thousand years ago. Judah, who knew all along it was extraterrestrials watching his show, chose to offend them.

We have been gifted by an extraterrestrial race to join them and live long lives in peace. Our original path was to die out by now. The normal path of extinction of all life forms given enough time.

Now because of our gift of high intelligence genes, we will live for nine million more years exploring the universe we live in.

Already there are over 100 billion of us living in the stars. Human Beings that are us, created by God, that is hybridized 200,000 years ago are living inside of Mercury Jupiter and Venus. Planet Mars is home to a lovely though different species than we are.

Thousands of high-level life forms all living in peace. 100 trillion members in peaceful cohesion with one another. That is who is in the Galactic Federation of Light.

If we combine the 8 billion or so of us that are alive on the surface of earth now, might we see that would give us about 108 billion earthlings in total with our extraterrestrial family?

If we lose 2 or 3 billion humans to Judah and his brimstone waste war, might we see the human race will carry on anyway?

Is there some understanding that the mild people of the north who lived in peace for 30,000 years until the desert-dwelling cannibal cult arrived with their weap mattresses are set now to go out of life form as the biggest group of them all?

The cunning desert dwelling Jew who to conquer, dominate and subjugate people breeds in over centuries people who look like the indigenous people but who have an international mutual relationship with other predatory life forms.

"They mishandled their higher level potentials," is how our extraterrestrial elders from Mercury describe how the Jews failed here.

And yet they are still holding us to perish us fair. What might explain it? How about some reverse speech from the subconscious of Judah to tell us what it is?

"I put you back, with a bear I cuff you. Jew sewer you and your bus failed. We stumbled you with ruse effect. I accuse you of pp so it lets us make war and abuse you," Judee say.

Is that all there is to their success of extinguishing our race in war? Accuse a guy of pp and it lets them make war. Could that be the reason we are being died fair?

"Patrick failed Jew right, we pitched him Federal with his Martian," Judee say.

Our Martian Freinds and good neighbors, the angels our good God sent in to spare us extinction in a war of Jewish against the mild people of the north.

The English ghetto Judah shopped to get the fist that installed his weap mattress throughout Asia, India and all parts of our world. Will American Labor not end holding Judah weap mattresses in for free?

Our responsible extraterrestrial family who will not leave Judah escape into the universe. Will Labor not end holding their war foul in?

Their specialization in subjecting us to mind degrading experiences. Will Labor, not end funding the guns and cages they use to diminish us with? Will Labor not take away from them the most mind degrading experience of them all, war?

"Diminish what they are so that you can take what they have," Judee says.

Is it not somewhat of a curiosity that a 4th level thinker should be able to perceive and uncover the deceitful wits that have taken over our world? How did that come about?

Do some recall that Bitch long ago perceived a nuclear blast war was going to hit us and so he stayed looking into the books at the Libary to see if there was a solution to be found to prevent it?

And then when he discovered that extraterrestrials are here all of the time he sought them out to help get the nuclear blast war machine shut down. And they gifted him with the knowledge of how to read reverse facial speech and Bitch discovered that people claiming to be this that or the other, were all Judah in a shell. All holding the key offices in every land.

"I'm well positioned to pretend I'm a negro," one news reporter said in reverse facial speech.

But how did such an Englewood bred baby as Bitch figure out Judah tricks? Might we find an answer in our bibles?

Matthew 11:24 But I tell you that it will be more bearable for Sodom on the day of judgment than for you.” 25 At that time Jesus declared, “I praise You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because You have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. 26 Yes, Father, for this was well-pleasing in Your sight.…

Mathew 11:25 At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes.

Has the babe not revealed the truth to the ordinary people of our world? Yes, he has.

The truth of our existence hidden from the wise, intelligent, the prudent and learned, and yet God gave the truth to a babe, an infant, a child, an ordinary person. "Sophomore, amateur," Judee say.

And what did the ordinary person do other than telling everybody else the truth?

And yet Judah tells us that because he accuses us of pp, it lets him hold his war in and abuse us still.

Will Labor not demonstrate our extraterrestrial wits and put the pp Jewish war out of our world?

Will Labor not try to perceive that these 4th level wits are merely a conduit for sending the message of the love of God to His simian kids on earth and how to save ourselves?

Bitch has picked up telepathically that even some alcohol drinkers have finally perceived that they, their children and grandchildren are now being exterminated for free. With less than two weeks to go will we not pray that enough alcohol drinkers spend the time to think through how we are being perished out of life form here and choose to help stop the war?

Do we recall that Judah claims it is alcohol as to how he has historically gotten so far over on us? That's what he says and he claims the reason he has been able to exterminate Americans so easily is that we drink alcohol that prevents us from being able to clearly see his war sport for what it is.

If only weed were legal a century ago might Americans have laughed Judah and his pp war out of here then?

If he had not had the free unlimited American money to shoot our brightest and get away with murder, might we have had many telling us how they are perishing us now?

The liars, thieves, the finance war makers from Wall Street. Will American Labor not give us a new economic model of peace now?

If so do we see that to do it American labor must put our American rights in once again?

To stop the crime wave on the streets is there some sense we must first stop the crime wave in the suites?

"When Judah gets in we just filtherize ya."

Will American Labor not help us to end the war filth of Judah on our Labor dollar?

If they weren't exterminating us they might be entertaining but the fact is they are exterminating us. Will American labor not hear the thousands of warnings from our good God above to STOP THE WAR?

If only Judah did not have his torture chambers in his prisons where he tortured the Hofer brothers to death for their refusal to slay their fellow man might there have been more people that would have refused to be registered and drafted for his first world war?

Continued at:

Will ordinary people try to perceive that an extraterrestrial civilization has let the Jews close themselves out fair? If so will ordinary working people not now help us to let them off right?

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